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St. John's
Mt. Pleasant Protestant Cemetery

Section R (Rows 1 - 3)

St. John's City District,

PENNEY Sarah nee Warford 1881 1955    
PENNEY Gordon W Dec 26, 1910 June 20, 2007    
PENNEY Marjorie July 24, 1912 Oct 17, 1987   Not my will but Thine, O Lord.
DAY Alexander 1868 1954    
MERCER Alice (Day) 1900 1989    
MERCER A Eric 1898 1989   Peace, perfect peace.
YOUDEN Philip   Jan 1st 1955 74 years  
YOUDEN Rebecca   Feb 25, 1971 29 years Not lost to memory or to love, but safe in our Father's home above.
RUMSEY Marion A Feb 22nd 1906 Feb 9th 1955   Erected by her husband and family.
BILLARD Caroline   Mar 3rd 1955 88 years RIP. Erected by her son.
BENNETT Frederick T 1888 8 Feb 1955   Father.
NICOL Marion L 5 Oct 1928 22 Jun 2004   Daughter. Rest in peace.
TIZZARD Frank 1914 1955   Husband of
TIZZARD Gladys Cleary 1915 1996    
SIMMONDS Orestes   June 8th 1955 67 years On that resurrection morn, soul and body meet again. No more parting, no more weeping, no more pain. Erected by his wife.
SIMMONDS Mary Rebecca Chafe   Feb 3rd 1961    
BROWN Henry 1878 1965    
BROWN Hannah 1889 1984   Hannah [Matilda] Brown
CHESTERTON Beatrice June 1914 June 1955 41 years [daughter of Hannah Brown above]
CHESTERTON Baby        
NOSEWORTHY (Charles)?   (22 Feb 1975)   Able Seaman. [All very difficult to read]
NOSEWORTHY Jacob May 26th 1875 Aug 15th 1955   Husband of Marie Noseworthy. ??? Eyes have seen His glory and His grace.
BEMISTER George E   June 17th 1955 54 years Father.
BEMISTER Marion M   May 3rd 1957 54 years Mother. In death, they were not divided.
TRENCHARD Maisie 1926 1998    
TRENCHARD Hayward 1888 1955    
TRENCHARD Elizabeth 1890 1972    
AITKEN Harriet Jane 1884 1955    
AITKEN Lillian Elsie 1909 1986   Rest in peace.
WEBBER Eric H   June 14th 1956 35 years Accidentally killed. Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above.
COFFIN Wm Douglas 1879 1955   and his wife
COFFIN Ethel Winnifred 1894 1955   Ever remembered by Hazel & (Mona)?
WISEMAN J        
HODDER Ellie Grace July 13, 1898 Feb 3, 1980   She died as she lived, trusting in thee, O Lord. Grant her a home in thy kingdom is the prayer of those who loved her very much. Her family.
HART Sarah Hannah   May 26th 1962 86 years Beloved wife of George Hart. On that bright immortal shore, we shall meet to part no more. Erected by her children.
ROBERTS Flora Irene Aug 12, 1918 Feb 20, 2008    
ROBERTS Russell Bonnell Feb 7, 1915 Oct 20, 1955   The Lord is my shepherd.
STEAD Fredrick 1889 1956    
BLACKWOOD Capt Job 1886 1955   and his wife
BLACKWOOD Elsie May 1888 1959    
HORWOOD Belinda 1895 1980    
HORWOOD Stewart 1890 1955   Ever remembered, ever loved.
WOODLAND Baxter Aug 20, 1912 Mar 13, 1977   A dear husband. Also his father
WOODLAND E John Oct 31, 1880 Dec 22, 1955   Rest in peace.
MEADUS Mary Harris   Feb 25, 1956 72 years Wife of H T Meadus. Also
MEADUS Henry Thomas   Dec 10, 1963 84 years Forever with the Lord.
MEADUS Hector 1912 1978   We shall meet again.
HOUGHTON Nita Evelyn (Meadus) Apr 2, 1910 June 14, 1996   Always remembered.
WHITE Frederick June 12th 1892 May 12th 1956   Born at Greenspond, BB. And his wife
WHITE Clara 1894 1963   We shall meet again. Erected by his loving wife and two sons.
FRY Isabel D nee Tobin July 27, 1914 Mar 6, 1955    
LEWIS Hugh Albert Jan 31, 1902 April 23, 1956    
WHITE Sarah Jane March 3rd 1890 April 27th 1956   Fondly loved, deeply mourned. And her husband
WHITE Edgar Oct 18th 1887 June 12th 1963    
COOPER William April 28, 1905 June 26, 1956    
COOPER Clariss June 15, 1909 May 1, 2000   To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
WHITE Allan L   28 Oct 1956 Age 76 Private, Royal NFLD Regt.
FOWLER Ernest   6 Mar 1957 Age 72 Private, Royal NFLD Regt.
PENNEY John        
NOSEWORTHY Elsie Muriel Dec 26th 1909 Feb 17th 1959   Beloved wife of Alexander Noseworthy. I am the rusurrection and the life.
WISEMAN Louise   Feb 24th 1959 62yrs,8mos Darling wife of Willis Wiseman. When the morning breaks, we shall meet again.
WISEMAN Willis   Sept 12, 1964 70 years A dear father. Ever remembered by his family. Rest in peace.
BISHOP Barbara 1885 1959   Those we love never die.
BUTT William July 21, 1885 Nov 27, 1961   Rest in peace.
BUTT Wm 1885 1961    
ROBSON Barbara G Apr 14, 1936 Oct 9, 2006    
ROBSON William F Sept 9, 1936 Feb 18, 2004   Loving memories last forever.
MURRAY Beric M July 11, 1934 Oct 24, 2002   Love eternal.
EALES William J 1918 1993   Life's work well done.
SQUIRES Olive Lavinia Apr 5, 1940 Aug 9, 1999   Ever remembered, ever loved.
CRUMMEY Pte. Jeremiah   March 30th 1959 68 years His toil is past, his work is done. He fought the fight, the victory won. Erected by his wife Nellie and family.
ROLLINGS Harry F Mar 8th 1885 Oct 11th 1957    
CLARKE William T   May 26th 1957 88 years  
MELENDY Charles M 1885 1957   Asleep in Jesus.
ROSE Anna Gertrude Dec 2nd 1916 Dec 13th 1956   Beloved wife of Ambrose Rose.
ROSE Ambrose Dec 20, 1911 Aug 19th 1984   Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
WILLS M        
PERRIN E        
AVERY Sandra B Jan 30, 1959 Nov 15, 1987   Ever remembered, ever loved.
GINN Millie 1898 1991    
GINN Susan M 1873 1956    
WILLIAMS Wm T 1916 1955    
PIERCEY Henry M Aug 31, 1894 Sept 3, 1970   At rest.
PIERCEY Lulu V Oct 26, 1902 Feb 3, 1985   At rest.
JONES Richard   Feb 22nd 1968 93yrs,6mos A day of duty done, a day of rest begun.
JONES Mahala   Jan 6th 1956 78 years Beloved wife of Richard Jones. There shall be no more pain.
LEWIS Dorothy May 1921 2003    
MORRIS Bertha 1889 1955   Always in our hearts.
DYKE David J (Johnny) July 15, 1929 Dec 23, 1954   Ever remembered, ever loved.
PENNEY Ella Maud   Dec 21st 1954 42 years Beloved wife of Abram Penney. The years may wipe out many things, but this they wipe out never. The memory of those happy days, when we were together. Erected by her husband.
RANDELL Cluney M   Dec 6th 1954 64 years Not lost but gone before, Where joy reigns unconfined. Thence Lord thy spirit pour, on those left here behind.
RANDELL Trixie   Feb 24th 1979 85 years Wife of Cluney.
HART Hedley George   Nov 17th 1954 24 years Son of the late Eric & Annie Hart. The blow was hard, the shock severe; We never thought your death so near; And only those who have lost can tell, The pain of parting without farewell. Erected by grandmother Sarah Hart.
DICKS Albert   Oct 31st 1854 78 years Thy will be done.
NORMAN Beatrice 1904 1979   Mother
NORMAN John W 1926 2001   Son.
NORMAN Francis 1902 1954   Merchant Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
UNKNOWN         Weathered, wooden cross.
MORGAN Frederick 1901 1985    
MORGAN Susan 1903 1954    
GOODYEAR Amelia (nee Efford) 1917 1989    
EFFORD Helena Maud 1897 1954   Mother.
EFFORD James 1897 197?   Father. The blow was hard, the shock severe; We never thought your death so near; And only those who have lost can tell, The pain of parting without farewell.
EFFORD Catherine Kay 1933 2004   Lovingly remembered.
KENNEDY Harold H Aug 7, 1911 May 25, 1954   Loving memories last forever.
VAIL Agnes 1882 1954   Ever remembered, ever loved.
NORTH Mildred J 1915 1993    
NORTH Arthur S 1912 1995    
NORTH Violet 1895 1981    
NORTH Isaac 1891 1973   I am the resurrection and the life.
NORTH Henry 1930 2007    
NORTH Robert R Oct 25, 1935      
NORTH June E May 20, 1946 Sept 16, 2006    
DAVIS Benjamin I   May 2nd 1954 78 years Also his wife
DAVIS Sarah Norris Aug 18th 1878 Dec 18th 1958   Thy sun shall no more go down for the Lord shall be thine everlasting light.
HEBBARD F        
CANE Charles J   Feb 20th 1954 65 years And his wife
CANE Emma Maud   May 5th 1955 68 years Until the morning breaks and the shadows flee away.
DAVIS William E O 1894 1954    
DAVIS Bertha P 1898 1979   What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
FORD William   Feb 19th 1954 85 years Father, in Thy gracious keeping, Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
WARFIELD Jane 1898 1985    
WARFIELD Hubert 1883 1970   Fond memories linger every day, remembrance keeps them near.
ROBERTS Joseph H   Aug 23rd 1964 78 years They live with us in memory and will for evermore.
ROBERTS Mary   July 5th 1953 71 years Grant them, O Lord, eternal rest. Erected by their daughters.
DYKE Ellen Nov 24, 1890 Nov 13, 1951    
DYKE Samuel Mar 15, 1880 Aug 15, 1961   Peace, perfect peace.
REYNOLDS Jacob   Oct 4th 1956 85 years Also of his wife
REYNOLDS Asenath Lewis   April 29th 1953 76 years  
HUNT Jesse   Nov 25 1952 80 years Beloved husband of Elizabeth Hunt. The road into the sunset is one we each must tread. And though it brings us sorrow when a loved one goes ahead. Still there is comfort knowing we will meet again some day, When grief and pain are over and the clouds have rolled away.
ASH Emma 1876 1952   Waiting beyond.
CHAFE Solomon   5 July 1968 age 84 Private, Royal NFLD Regiment.
CHAFE Solomon 1889 1968   Father.
CHAFE Sarah 1887 1978   Mother.
STRICKLAND Kay 1919 1996    
KING Ann 1909 1988    
KING Adam 1883 1953    
LINTHORNE Ada E (nee Peach) April 6, 1901 Nov 9, 2000   Ever remembered, ever loved.
LINTHORNE Robert   25 December 1952 age 59 Private, Royal NFLD Regt, WW 1.
COLLINS Mary Ellen   Jan 27th 1953 64 years Beloved wife of Henry Collins. Forever with the Lord. Ond precious to our hearts is gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.
COLLINS Henry   April 17th 1958 70 years Not dead but sleepeth. I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.
WHITEWAY Alice Feb 5, 1940 Oct 14, 1992   In God's care.
GRAY James Miller Feb 14, 1894 Sept 11, 1953   Born Dundee, Died St John's on board M V London. Husband of Jean Bate, Father of Kathleen and Jimmy. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
NEWHOOK Jim May 29, 1940 Apr 2, 2008   Gone but not forgotten.
NEWHOOK Hazel (Spencer Decoste) Sept 26, 1915 Dec 6, 1995    
SPENCER Frederick 1914 1953   Royal Navy.
SCOTT Robert April 26, 1939 1953    
WHITEWAY Mildred   Feb 25th 1953 39 years Wife of George Whiteway. Also her husband
WHITEWAY George   May 13th 1979 74 years Ever remembered, ever loved.
BUSSEY Alice   Sept 26th 1953 70 years  
BUSSEY George A   Oct 20th 1963 75 years Ex Head Const. A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home that never can be filled.
GOODYEAR Reginald   April 5th 1953 57yrs,6mons Husband and father.
GOODYEAR Bertha May   March 28th 1977 76yrs,5mons Wife and mother. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.
NOFTALL William G   April 12th 1953 58 years  
NOFTALL Susan W   Sept 10th 1969 79 years  
RAINS Mildred W   Dec 21st 1961 43 years Till we meet again.
WHITEWAY Arch June 25, 1940 Feb 13, 2001   The call was sudden, the shock severe to part with one we loved so dear. Barbara & family.
HODDINOTT Ida May 1880 1953    
HODDINOTT Lemuel 1875 1945   Ever lovingly remembered by their children.
FRENCH? Lousi???        
?OWE E F        
PERCHARD James 1876 1954   Father.
PERCHARD Bertha 1879 1958   Mother. Ever remembered, ever loved.
GARLAND Sara 1904 1955    
GARLAND Harold 1907 1989    
WHITEWAY Frederick R Aug 4, 1903 Aug 18, 1994   Husband of Selina Whiteway. At rest.
WHITEWAY Selina Florence Jan 15, 1909 Feb 20, 1979   Wife of Frederick Whiteway. At rest.
BUTLER James   14 November 1988 age 78 JX 208923, Able Seaman, Royal Navy, WW 2.
BUTLER James 1910 1988    
BUTLER Baby Mary   1956   The Lord shall give thee rest.
CLARK Mary Ann Moyse   April 1st 1956 70 years Wife of John A Clarke.
CLARK John A 1885 1959   Peace, perfect peace.
ANDREWS Frank A   4 June 1956 age 33 Private, R C O C.
ANDREWS Augustus 1889 1958   Rest father, rest in quiet sleep, while we in sorrow o'er thee weep.
ANDREWS Minnie 1895 1964   We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best.
RASMUSSEN John        
KING Mary 1882 1957   Peace, perfect peace.
LAMBERT Thomas   Oct 28th 1956 74 years Veteran of World War 1. Rest father rest in quiet sleep, while we in sorrow o'er thee weep. Ever remembered by the family.
LAMBERT Elizabeth Oct 15th 1883 June 22nd 1969   For all of us she did her best, May God grant her eternal rest.
DODD Frederick J 1918 2002    
NORRIS George 1882 1959    
NORRIS Jessie Anne 1884 1961   What we keep in memory is ours, unchanged forever.
ELLIOTT Zipporah   Nov 30, 1957 81 years On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more. Erected by her daughter Phoebe Abbott.
GORMAN Susannah 1888 1978    
GORMAN Egbert 1884 1959   Peace, perfect peace.
RYAN Ella May Feb 1, 1914 June 18, 2005   Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
KERR Kenneth J June 13, 1925 July 28, 1998   Master of Arts Historian. History commits us to nothing other than inquiry. Marc Bloch.
FIFIELD Wilson Aug 17, 1923      
FIFIELD Annie Aug 5, 1927 Apr 10, 2008    

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2013)

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