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Forest Road Anglican Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's East District


Complete Listing of Visible Headstones as of 2008

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K L N O P Empire Ave Cremation Columbariums

Alexander George   December 18th 1851 24 Years   son of William Alexander of Campbelltown, Argyleshire, Scotland
Andrews John Charles   Sep. 13, 1881 21 Years   children of John & Mary Ann
Emiline ???????     5 Years   children of John & Mary Ann
Sophie ??????     3 Years   children of John & Mary Ann
Sophie Emiline     2 weeks   children of John & Mary Ann
Angel Jane   June 15th[?] 1857 ?? Years Samuel erected by Jane Bolt in memory of her mother
Angel [Unknown]         erected by Sarah Angel [white marble slab]
[Unknown]         erected by Sarah Angel [white marble slab]
Barrington T. H.   December 21, 1851 36 Years   Rector of St. John's
Batson John   Aug. 7th 1907 72 Years Charlotte erected by Charlotte
Bendell Bessie          
Bond Elizabeth   ??? ??th 1853     erected by John ????? Bond
Bursell Sydney   Feb. 20th 1955 73 Years Janet  
Janet   Sept. 17th 1967 70 Years Sydney  
Burton Jane Edwards   Nov. 2, 1872 70 Years George Bollard Burton [only daughter of John Keith; married 1844]
Burton Elizabeth Frances   December 1861[?] 64 Years   [second] daughter of the late George Burton; [married John DeGrave Ryland in 1828] [same headstone as John Degrave Ryalnd]
C C. J. F.         [small stone cross]
C E. D.         [small stone cross]
C M. S. E.         [small stone cross]
Carter Emily Charlotte   ??? ?? 18?? 12[?] Years   daughter of Joseph & Mary Ann
Carter F. J.Weston ??? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? Years   barrister at law
Carter Peter Weston   Feby 11, 1871 65 Years   for many years Chief Stipendiary Magistrate St. John's
Carter Sarah   Feb. 15th 1874[?] 67 Years Robert [white marble slab]
Carter Sarah Jessie   ??? 5, 1860 2 years    
Carter Sidney S.   5th Nov. 185? 60 Years Peter W. Chief ????? Majistrate, St. John's
Catherine A. S.   22 Dec. 1864[?] 42[?] Years   eldest daughter of above
Chafe Eliza   March 29th 1908 58 Years Charles  
Chafe George Elliott   June 18th 1908 15 Years & 6 Mo's   son of Levi and Lizzie
Chafe Henry   June 22, 1868 61 Years    
Edward   March 26th 18?? 13 Mos   his children
Elizabeth   Feb. 16th 1860 1 year & 8 Mos   his children
Samuel   Jan. 6th 1852 2 Years & 6Mos   his children
Chaplin           [single grave outlined in concrete]
Chaplin           [double grave outlined in concrete]
Clayton James   June 18[?], 1890 38 Years Mary Jane native of West Bromwich, England
Mary Jane   Aug. ?? 1886[?] 33[?] Years James  
Cochrane Elizabeth J.   April 20, 1865 29 Years   second daughter of Mrs. G. Clarke
Combden Clara E.         [white cross]
Julia E.         [white cross]
Cook John   May 12th 1863 66 Years Hannah erected by their daughter M. Taylor
Hannah   Sep. 7th 1878 74 Years John erected by their daughter M. Taylor
Cook Mary Janet   Sept. 19, 1872 3 Months   children of William & Anna
John Douglas   May 19, 1873 2 Years   children of William & Anna
Coyell Thomas   Jan. 16, 1862 73 Years Elizabeth [captain]; native of Stokeinteion[?] Head, Devonshire, England; [died at home on the Southside]
Elizabeth   Jany 29 1880 91 Years Thomas  
Crane Julia Ann   Sep. 30th 1934 86 Yrs 4 Mos Archibald  
Crossman Aaron [Oct. 19, 1863] Nov. 10, 1864     children of W. [William] S. & E. [Eliza] D. Crossman
Amelia [Aug. 3, 1866] June 10, 1867     children of W. [William] S. & E. [Eliza] D. Crossman
Aaron   Jan. 14, 1880 [8 years & 9 months]   children of W. [William] S. & E. [Eliza] D. Crossman
Crowdy Charles James Frederic   June 24th 1852 1 Year   [celtic cross]
Crowdy Edward DeSuarres   Nov. 17, 1845 2 years and 4 months    
William Morse   January 23rd 1857 25[?] Years   Lieiu in the 32nd Regt., died at Licknow E. F.
Dambrill Jane   March 1st 1852 85 Years John [same headstone as Miriam Elizabeth Withycombe]
Down Roger   Sep. 10, 1863 70 Years   erected by Roger Down in memory of his father
William Samuel Peckford   Nov. 26, 1863[?] 14 Years   his son
Drover Mary J.   April 20, 1937 87 Years and 7 Months Archibald  
Archibald   1910 69 Years Mary J.  
Ebsary William   Jan. 11, 1855 57[?] Years    
Selina Julia   1862 ?? yrs   daughter of William & Belinda; erected by John H. Ebsary
?????         children of John & Eliz. who died in infancy
Edward Charles   Dec. ?? 1871[?] ?? Years    
?????   ??? ?? ???? ?? Years    
English Elizabeth   ?? December 1849 ? Years    
Field P         [single grave outlined in concrete]
Ford Elizabeth Eliza Sept 30th 1804 Decr 11th 1891   John  
Ford William Hartery   Sept. 29 1871 20 Years    
Garland Harriett   23rd Dec. 1897 75 Years   Mother
Sophia Bartlett   June 11, 1924 77 Years    
Thomas P.   22nd March 1894 62 Years Sophia Withycombe  
Godley William Thomas   Apr. 27, 1910 64 Years   [from London, England.  First married Sarah Ann Murrain.   Later married Selina Randell/Rendell from Heart's Content. A son from his second marriage was Frederick George and he died 26 Oct 1913.]
Frederick George   Oct. 26, 1913 20 Years   [his son]
Gosse Elsie Rose July 11, 1887 June 22, 1914     daughter of James & Mary Gosse [small broken white marble slab]
Graham Thomas   Sept. 23 1855 26 Years    
Peter   Aug. 13th 1850 16 Years    
Dougald Alex   Dec. 6th 1854 2 Months    
Grant John F. C. Jan. 15, 1913 July 13, 1963     [John Frederick Collier Grant, son of laura & Frederick] [married Florella Elsie Bursey]; [same grave as J. Flora White]
Grant Laura W. Decr 1st 1880 Novr 5th 1933     [maiden name Laura Wilkie Collier]
Frederick G. Decr 11th 1873 July 11th 1936      
Grimstead William   September 9th 1855 62 Years    
Charlotte   11th Novr 1861 77 Years    
Groves Guy   May 31, 1912 2 Years   youngest son of William & Ellen
Groves James Cyril   Feby 19, 1919 20 Years   eldest son of Wm J. and Ellen
Harris Nickola ???   18??     erected by Mary Ann Harris
Mary Ann   1865[?] ?? Years    
Harvey Douglas Roy 1947 2007      
Hoyles Newman Wright   February 1840 63[?] Years   for 30 years a resident mercchant of St. John's and Colonial Treasurer of Newfoundland
Newman Wright   1899 19 Years   his son who perished in the Western Ocean
Anna Brown         his daughter wife of John ???Cooke
Catherine         his daughter
?a?e?aie   1855 4 Years    
Lucretia Jean   September 25th 1862 15 Years    
Anne Row   October 25th 1861 43 Years    
Lucretia   January 21st 1862 85 Years    
J F. T. I.         [small stone cross]
Jennings Bertha         died in infancy, children of Geo. and Mary J. Jennings
Henry         died in infancy, children of Geo. and Mary J. Jennings
Effie         died in infancy, children of Geo. and Mary J. Jennings
Jennings Terrence G. Oct. 23rd 1891 June 23d 1903 12 Years   youngest son of George & Mary
Johnson Frances Maria   June 17th 1860 37[?] Years Rev. G. M. Johnson  
Johnson George Magness 1853 1935     for 25 years judge in the Supreme Court
Jones Mariam   August 6, 1908 42 Years    
Kent James Robert   Dec. 23, 1860 3Yrs & 8 Mos   [son of] William & Charlotte Kent [William J. Kent was age 40 in 1867. Charlotte Kent nee Martin died May 5, 1916 at age 85, buried in section DG, Their son William James is buried in section E]
Sarah Jane   Jan. 7[?] 1861     his sister
Knight Ann May 25th 1820 May 2nd 1906     born Exeter, England
Knight James Luke   Aug. 18th 1875 48 Years   native of Exeter, Devonshire, England
Lamzed John     88 Years Elizabeth Cap.
Elizabeth   15 Nov. 84 Years John his widow
Langley Richard   ?? August 1859[?]      
Samuel   20th August 1850 31[?] Years   eldest son of the above
Legallais Alice Maud   11 Feb 1854 16 Years    
Lewis John Brinklow Feb. 13, 1921        
Joan Elizabeth July 10, 1922 Dec. 31, 2006      
Long[?] Marion   May 13, 1889 3 Months   daughter of W. J. & Mimmie ????
Mar??????d Mary   Junw 2nd 1892 87 Years Rev. William [small white marble slab with celetic cross]
Marshall John   April 27th 1902 48 Years   husband
Thomas   Dec. 2nd 1904 25 Years   his brother
Menchinton Anthony   March 22nd 1866 75 Years   native of Somersetshire, England
Menchinton Grace   Jan. 26th 1882 84th year    
Menchinton William   June 10, 1866 69 Years   native of Somersetshire, England
Morris Sern     3   [double grave outlined in concrete]
Joan     2   [double grave outlined in concrete]
Motty Nicholas   Feby[?] 15[?] 18?? [45 years] [Sarah Stone] Sarah; [Deceased was a native of Dartmouth, Devon, England, the widow of the late Capt. Nicholas Motty]
Mugford Elizabeth Sarah Batten   Feby 13th 18?? ?? Years Charles born Bareneed, died at St. John's
Murray Denny   8th August 1861 6 Years and 4 Months   son of Capt T. A. L. Murray
Noonan Mary Ann   Feby 7th 1870 36 Years J. L. Noonan [Married at the Anglican Cathedral, Sep 22, 1853]
Noseworthy Nina Gertrude   Aug. ?2, 18??      
Pearcey           [single grave outlined in concrete]
Pearcey           [single grave outlined in concrete]
Penny Albert   July 2nd 1912 65 Years Susannah erected by Susannah
Phillips Mabel Edna   Sept. 18, 1915 2 Years 2 1/2 Mo's   child of Ernest and Ethel
Pike William S.   Aug. 27th 1908 83[?] Years   husband
Pope Henry   March 2nd 1895 60 Years    
Sarah   Decr 20th 1935 92 Years    
Prowse D. W. Sep. 17, 1834 Jan. 27, 1914   [Sarah Ann Edleston]  
Prowse Jane Woodley   18th April 1858 26 Years   of Robert & Jane Prowse; [sister to D. W. Prowse]
Prowse S. A. E. Jan. 15, 1832 Feb. 21, 1914      
Pynn George   ??? ? ????      
George   ??? ? ????      
Rendell Elias   Feb. 22 nd 1862 61 Years   native of Saldon, Devon
Emma Elizabeth   Aug. 15th 1859 12[?] Years   youngest daughter of Elias Rendell
Rendell[?] Elizabeth[?]   Dec. 15th 1866[?] 60  Years   [white marble marker with engraved cross]
Robe Alexander Watt   April 1849 56 Years   Lieut Colonel Royal Engineers, erected by his sorrowing sisters XVII July MDCCCXLIX
Rowe Samuel William Bickford   Sep. 9th 1849 ? yr & 8 Months   son of Thomas and Anne Rowe
Ryall Ann   Jan. 9th 1880 56 Years Thomas  
Ryland John DeGrave   May ?2 18?? 61[?] Years   third son of ; [same headstone as Elizabeth Burton]
Sheppard Annie Evelyn   Sept. 23, 1914 18 Months   child of Kenneth & Jennie
Simms James Junr   June 12[?], 1855 37[?] Years    
Smale Elizabeth   Feby 22nd 1861 60 Years   erected by William Smale in memory of his mother
Snow Thomas F.   Sept. 8, 1876 14 Years    
Stabb Anne Carter   19 May 1868 72 Years Ewen  
Stabb Catherine Sparkes   2  April 1886 57 Years   sixth daughter of Ewen & A. C. Stabb
Stabb Charles George   24th Jany 1862 29 Years   third son of Ewen & Anne C.
Stabb Ewen Nov. 20th 1797 3rd April 1872     born Torquay, Devonshire; died St. John's, Newfld.
Stabb Henry John   1892     died at St. John's [casket style granite gravemarker on the ground]
Stidstone Thomas   May 7[?] 1861 62 Years Ann Roberts native of Devonshire, England
Ann Roberts   Nov. 6th  1859 62 Years Thomas  
James   Jan. 4th 1864 24 Years   their son
Stone           [single grave outlined in concrete]
T. M. B.         [small stone cross]
Taylor Elizabeth Ann   Feby 3rd 1860 83[?] Years William H.  
Taylor James   Feb. ?? 1889 58   Cap. [white marble slab] [masonic symbol]
Thompson Jessie Eliza 6[?] July 1786 17 July 1869   George Theodore youngest daughter of the late Thomas Covell
Thorn James         erected by Ann Thorn ...... husband [white marble slab]
Tunbridge Mary Blakeney   February 3rd 1861 48 Years    
Vail Mary Alice   September 28, 1863     infant daughter of N. R. Vail [casket style gravemarker on the ground]
Warren Ann   6 Jan. 1885 81   [casket style gravemarker on the ground]
Warren Jane E.   May 4th 1890     [large cross]
Warren Louisa Jane   April 10th 1881   John H. Warren

wife of the Hon. John H. Warren, died at St. John's., Newfoundland [casket style gravemarker on the ground]

John. P. (sic) Hon.   28th April 1885     died at Torquay, England
Warren Louisa Jane   April 1842 8 yrs 3 Mths   erected by John & Louisa in memory of their children
John Henry Charles   Jan. 1859 8[?] Years   erected by John & Louisa in memory of their children
Reginald Sydney   Sept. 1860 8[?] Years   erected by John & Louisa in memory of their children
Flora Emeline Caroline   May 1861 12[?] Years   erected by John & Louisa in memory of their children
Warren William   May 14th 1856 65 Years Jane  
Jane   Nov. 6th 1951 56[?] Years William  
Jane Neck   Oct. 31st 1838     their daughter
White J. Flora E. (Grant) 1913 1995     [same grave as John F. C. Grant]
Williams Annie Florence Gribble Oct. 17th 1874 April 14th 1956   Robert  
Williams Philip Owen November 26, 1912 May 16 1932      
Williams Robert   Sept. 15th 1941 72 Years    
Willis Richard   Feb. 25, 1866      
Winsor Elizabeth   ?? Sep. 1869 56[?] Years    
Winter George   ? April 1859 87[?] Years   [large slab on the ground]
Mary   ??? 11, 1859 82 Years   [large slab on the ground]
Wishart Isabella   5th May 1850 42 Years Robert  
Withycombe Miriam Elizabeth   January 31st 1852[?] ?? Years   daughter of John Dambrill Withycombe, [same headstone as Jane Dambrill]
Wood Mary   June 2nd 1892 87 Years Rev. Thomas Martyn Wood  
Wood Thomas M.   August 16th 1881 74th Year   Missionary of the ?? Rector of St. Thomas's this City and for several years Bishop's Commissionary and Rural Dean of Avalon; 50th year of his Ministry in this Diocese
[Unknown 1] ?e???e ???a?????e          
Harriet   July 8, 18?? 73 Yrs    
Mary Jane   ??? 8, 1886      
[Unknown 2] ?????   Dec 8 18??     [white marble slab]
[Unknown 3] [Unknown]         [single grave outlined in concrete]
[Unknown 4] [Unknown]         [small metal tub with flowers]
[Unknown 5] [Unknown]         [casket style gravemarker on the ground with engraved cross]
[Unknown 6] [Unknown]     ? Months    
[Unknown]   Feb ? ???? 12[?] Years    
[Unknown 7] [Unknown]         [single grave outlined in concrete]
[Unknown 8] [Unknown]         [white marble slab]
[Unknown 9] Georgina   June 28th[?]  1886[?] 37[?] Years   [white marble slab]
[Unknown 10] [Unknown]         [single grave outlined in concrete]
[Unknown 11 ????? Anne   ??? 22 18?0 7 Years   [small stone cross]
[Unknown 12] Percy Dec. 26, 1873 Jan. 29, 1874     son of Lieu ??riton [small stone cross]
[Unknown 13] [Unknown]         [white marble slab]
[Unknown 14] [Unknown]         [white marble slab]
[Unknown 15] [Unknown]         [white marble slab]
[Unknown]         [white marble slab]
[Unknown 16] [Unknown]         [small white marble slab]
[Unknown 17] [Unknown]         [broken white marble slab]
[Unknown 18] [Unknown]         [white marble slab]
[Unknown 19] [Unknown]         [single grave outlined in concrete]
[Unknown 20] [Unknown]         [slab lying on ground]
[Unknown 21] [Unknown]         [white marble slab with engraved cross]
[Unknown 22] [Unknown]         [small white marble slab]
[Unknown 23] [Unknown]         [broken small white marble slab]
[Unknown 24] [Unknown]         [top of broken slab]
[Unknown 25] [Unknown]         [slab lying on ground by fence]
[Unknown 26] Mary[?]     ? Years   [slab on the ground]
William[?]         [slab on the ground]
[Unknown 27] [Unknown]   1883[?] 50 Years   erected by D??? Abraham[?] wife of [white marble slab]
[Unknown]     7 Years   [white marble slab]
[Unknown 28] [Unknown]   Sept. 27, 18??      
[Unknown 29] [Unknown]         [white cylindrical pillar]

This section of the cemetery has many unreadable headstones and unmarked graves.

Transcribed by Craig Peterman (September 2010) from
photos taken by Don Tate & Craig Peterman (2008)
with some notes from Geoff Martin (2010)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 31, 2016)

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