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Treasury title


Community Names M - R

The editors and publishers acknowledge with sincere thanks the many who contributed to "The Treasury of Newfoundland Stories". Here are their names. Those marked with a * are contributors whose submissions were chosen for publication.


Makinson's Manuel's, C.B. Markland
McLean, Mrs. Daniel Hiscock, Mrs. Douglas
Metcalf, Mrs. L.M.
Parsons, Mrs. Elizabeth
Marysdale, C.B. Marystown, P.B. McIvers Cove, N.D.B.
Conway, Mrs. Richard Brinton, Michael
Cheeks, Mrs. Vincent
Mills, Mrs. Mary J.
Pike, Miss Violet
Pittman, Mrs. Addie
Pittman, Miss Emma
Pittman, George of Wm.
Pittman, Miss Marion
*Pittman, Mary
Blanchard, Mrs. Foster
House, Miss Clara J.
Merasheen, P.B. Millertown Milton, Trinity North
Rose, David Elliott, Mrs. James Blundon, Mrs. Raymond
Monroe, T.B. Mooring Cove, P.B. Moreton's Harbour, N.D.B.
Ryan, Mrs. James Dober, Miss Theresa
Nolan, Joseph V.
Nolan, Miss Lizzie
Nolan, Mrs. Luke
Nolan, Mrs. Martin
Jennings, Giles
Small, Mrs. Audrey
Mount Carmel, Salmonier Mount Pearl,
St. John's West
Musgrave Harbour,
Fogo Dist.
O'Connell, Patrick Blundon, Mrs. William
Dicker, Mrs. R.
Saunders, Mrs. Ethel
Smith, Miss Ann Marie
Smith, Mrs. Dorothy
Mouland, Mrs. Thomas
Musgravetown, B.B. New Harbour, T.B. New Melbourne, T.B.
Chaffey, Mrs. Kate
Saint, Mrs. Rex
*Butt, Mrs. Graham
Hefford, Mrs. Lewellyn
Higdon, Albert E.
Higdon, Miss Joyce
Higdon, Mrs. Robert
Thorne, Mrs. Alfred
Williams, Miss Beatrice
Driscoll, Mrs. R.
Woodland, Mrs. Herbert
New Perlican T.B. Newtown, B.B. Nippers' Harbour,
Green Bay
Burrage, Mrs. Albert C.
White, Mrs. Mamie
White, Willis
Boland, Mrs. Arthur
Way, Miss Sophie C.
Foote, Mrs. Edward
Noggin Cove, Fogo Dist. Norman's Cove, T.B. Norris Arm
Snow, Mrs. George H. Piercey, John W.
White, George
Hynes, Mrs. Myrtle
Menchenton, Bruce
Norris Point, Bonne Bay North Arm, C.B. Northern Bay, C.B.
Harding, Wayne Wagg, Mrs. Clyde March, Mrs. John
Noonan, Miss Loretta M.
North Harbour, S.M.B. North River, Clarke's
Beach, C.B.
North West Brook, T.B.
Ryan, Mrs. Thomas Long, Mrs. Danile
Neville, Mrs. Luke
O'Brien, Mrs. Dan
Cooper, Mrs. Samuel
O'Donnell's S.M.B. Old Perlican, T.B. Old Shop, T.B.
Hanlon, Mrs. John Rodgers, Mrs. Lawrence Hynes, Mrs. Edgar
Openhall, B.B. Pacquet, W.B. Parson's Harbour
Hermitage Bay
Barker, Miss Josephine
Moss, Miss Bride
White, John
Gillingham, Mrs. George James, John
Marks, Mrs. Catherine
Perry's Cove Petty Harbour,
St. John's West
Pilley's Island, N.D.B.
Kelloway, Miss Jennie
Reardon, Robt.
Chafe, Mrs. Hilda
Chafe, Henry Holden
Chafe, Mrs. Ray
Guest, Miss E.
Guest, Mrs. E.
Howlett, Miss Beatrice
Howlett, Mrs. Robert
Walsh, Miss Agnes
Anthony, Master Ernest
Anthony, Mrs. Pearce
Point Au Bay, N.D.B. Point La Haye, S.M.B. Pool's Island, B.B.
Cole, Miss Maxine Mandville, Mrs. M. White, Donald W.
Port Albert Port Au Port Port Blandford, B.B.
Mercer, Mrs. Harold Joy, Mrs. Elizabeth Keats, Mrs. Rex
Oldford, Mrs. Elsie
Webber, Miss Susie
Port De Grave, C.B. Port Elizabeth, P.B. Port Rexton, T.B.
Hussey, Miss Greta
*Hussey, Mrs. Greta
Clarke, Mrs. Gerald
Reeves, Mrs. Frank
Adams, Mrs. R. G.
Morris, Miss Gloria
Port Royal, P.B. Portugal Cove, C.B. Port Union, T.B.
Leonard, William Churchill, Mrs. Reginald
*Miller, Mrs. Gordon
Lodge, Mrs. Victor
Pouch Cove,
St. John's East
Preque, P.B. Princeton, B.B.
Connors, Kevin
Kelly, Mrs. Edward
Moores, Miss Rabina
Collins, Mrs. Selma Fifield, Mrs. Lewis
Purbeck's Cove, W.B. Queen's Cove, T.B. Ramea
Gale, Edmund Goobie, Miss Evelyn Dominy, Mrs. Sam
Keeping, Mrs. Clyde
Red Harbour, P.B. Red Head Cove, B.D.V. Red Island, P.B.
Smith, Mrs. George Hyde, Mrs. Andrew Counsel, Mrs. Michael
Whelan, Mrs. Frank
Renews, Southern Shore Richard's Harbour, H.B. Riverhead, C.B.
Murphy, Miss Evelyn
O'Leary, Mrs. Dan
Rogers, Mrs. Thomas
Fiander, Samuel *Barron, Mrs. Roger
Cocoran, Mrs. Michael
*Daley, Mrs. Cyril
Robert's Arm, Green Bay Rocky Harbour,
Bonne Bay
Rock Harbour, P.B.
Budgell, Mrs. Eric
*Burton, Mrs. Warwick
Oake, Mrs. Stanley
Paddock, Mrs. Marjorie
Payne, Herman Hodder, Walter
Hooper, James
Round Harbour,
Green Bay
*Collins, Miss Irene    

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This page transcribed by James Butler, 2000
REVISED: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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