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Treasury title


Community Names D - L

The editors and publishers acknowledge with sincere thanks the many who contributed to "The Treasury of Newfoundland Stories". Here are their names. Those marked with a * are contributors whose submissions were chosen for publication.


Deadman's Bay,
Fogo Dist.
Deer Harbour, T.B. Deer Lake
Stokes, R. King, Mrs. Austin
Marsh, John
*Chaulk, Abner
Dildo, T.B. Dover, B.B. Dunfield, T.B.
Pretty, Mrs.Etelka Collins, Wm. Clarke, Clarence
Duntara, B.B. Dunville, P.B. Eastport, B.B.
Fitzgerald, Dominic King, Mrs. Agnes Crisley, Miss June
Penney, Mrs. Abner
Elliott's Cove, T.B. Ellsiton, T.B. Embree, N.D.B.
Smith, Mrs. Kevin
Smith, Mrs. Shirley
Ryan, Samuel Hoddinott, Mrs. Arthur J.
English Harbour, T.B. Epworth, Burin Exploits, N.D.B.
Batson, Mrs. Mary E.
Skiffington, Mrs. Gilbert
Bugden, W.F.N. Butt, Mrs. Gilbert
Butt, Miss Merle
Fermeuse Ferryland Flat Rock,
St. John's East
Curran, Mrs. Richard
Devine, Miss Margaret
Walsh, Mrs. Cecil
Hynes, Reggie
Ryan, Mrs. Mary Jane
Singleton, Mrs. John F.
Wade, Mrs. Leo
Fogo, N.D.B. Fortune, F.B. Fox Cove, Burin
Gard, Mrs. James
Hart, Mrs. Leonard
Payne, Lewis
Snow, Miss Alice M.
Snow, Sheila
Hillier, Mrs. John M.
Hillier, Mrs. R.
Piercey, George Sr.
Piercey, Mrs. Grace
Kavanagh, Mrs. Hilda
Fox Harbour, P.B. Gander Gander Bay
Griffin, Miss Dorothy
King, Kenneth
Kelly, Mrs. Emma
Anstey, Mrs. A.D.
Fiander, E.J.
Fox, R.J.
Lush, Fraser
Luther, Mrs. Clifford
*Mercer, Mrs. Gladys
Mills, Mrs. A.
Moss, Mrs. J.H.
Moss, Mrs. S. Mabel
Hodder, Miss Janet
Peckford, Mrs. Katie
Garden Cove, P.B. Gaskiers, S.M.B. Gayside, N.D.B.
Beck, Murdock Bishop, Mrs. Patrick J.
*Tobin, Mrs. John
Tobin, Mrs. Walter
Jeans, William
Jones, Miss Pearl
*Jones, William
Pope, Mrs. Abel Jr.
George's Brook, T.B. Glenwood Glovertown, B.B.
Pelley, Mrs. Roland Wells, Mrs. Harry J. Laite, Mrs. Eilas
Wells, Mrs. W.J.
St. John's West
Grand Bank Grand Falls
Donovan, James
Keaarsey, Miss Frances
Kearsey, William
O'Rielly, Master Michael
Williams, Mrs. Weston
Brooks, Miss Freda
Foz, Miss Clara
Parsons, George
Royal, Miss Clara
Curtis, Mrs. Paul
Delaney, Mrs. James
Kane, Bruce
Lind, Mrs. H.
Locke, Mrs. Ernest
*McLaughlin, Miss Mary
Roberts, David
Silk, Mrs. Hiram
Grand Le Pierre, F.B. Green's Harbour, T.B. Greenspond, B.B.
Fizzard, James *Bennett, Mrs. Fred
Burt, Mrs. Selby
March, Mrs. Victor E.
Rowe, Graham
Reid, Hector
Seaward, Mrs. Alex
Burry, Melvin
Meadus, Mrs. Norman
Hant's Harbour Harbour Breton Harbour Buffett P.B.
King, Mrs. C.
Piercey, Mrs. Walter
Rogers, Mrs. Andrew
Short, Mrs. Newman
Soper, Miss Myrtle
Elliott, Mrs. Edward
*Elliott, Mrs. Lenora
Snow, Mrs. E.G.
*Butler, Samuel
Dicks, Walter
Dicks, Mrs. Walter
Dicks, Mrs. Wm. O.
Green, Richard
Green, Mrs. Richard
Harris, Raymond
Ingram, Walter
Kennedy, Mrs. Jerome
Upshall, Miss Ada
Harbour Grace, C.B. Harbour Main, C.B. Harbour Mille
Butler, Master James
Cooke, Miss Rita
Davis, Mrs. L.C.
Furey, Jerry
Sheppard, Robert
Smalcombe, S. (Riverhead)
Tarrant, Mrs. Albert
Thistle, Mrs. John (Riverhead)
Pardy, George
Wall, Mrs. John
Barnes, E.
Harcourt, T.B. Hare Bay, B.B. Heart's Delight, T.B.
Hyde, Mrs. Alfred
Hyde, Lloyd
Pelley, Master Barry
Burry, Mrs. G.
Curtis, Miss Evelyn
Fifield, Randolph
Glover, Miss Loretta
Parsons, Mrs. Adam
Parsons, Mrs. Eliza
Parsons, Mrs. Hannah
Foote, George Sr.
Legge, Mrs. Wm. A.
Mackey, Miss Kathleen
Reid, Mrs. Eliza
Reid, Joseph
Sooley, Mrs. E.J.
Hickman's Harbour, T.B. Hillview, T.B. Holyrood, C.B.
*Vardy, Mrs. Heman Cooper, Samuel
Smith, Mrs. Benjamin
Stoyles, Miss Rosalind
Lewis, Mrs. Theresa
Veitch, Mrs. Gregory
Hopeall, T.B. Hopedale, T.B. Horse Islands, W.B.
Piercey, James W. Dunne, Mrs. Andrew Burton, Mrs. Herbert
Howley Ireland's Eye, T.B. Island Harbour, Fogo
Parsons, Mrs. Wesley Toope, Mrs. Cecil Hart, Mrs. Roland
Thistle, Mrs. Patrick
Jackson's Arm, W.B. Jean De Baie, P.B. Job's Cove, C.B.
Ralph, Gordon O'Keefe, William Walsh, Frank
Joe Batt's Arm Keels, B.B. Kelligrews, C.B.
Heal, Eric T. Hobbs, Mrs. Rendell Andrews, Mrs. M.
Butler, Harold T.
Tilley, Miss Doris Louise
Kilbride, St. John's West Kingwell, P.B. King's Cove, B.B.
Stanley, Mrs. Isobel Brown, Wilson
Ingram, Mrs. Freeman
Rodway, Mrs. Gordon
Hancock, Mrs. Julia
Hancock, Mrs. Samson
Hancock, S.W.
King's Point, G.B. Ladle Cove, Fogo Dist. Lady Cove,
Random Island, T.B.
Stoodley, Vey
Stoodley, Mrs. W.G.
Tulk, Mrs. Beaton
Wellon, Hedley J.
Hart, Mrs. Otto
Lamaline Lawn Lead Cove, T.B.
Ayers, Mrs. George
Bonnell, Mrs. Leo R.
Collins, Mrs. Thomas
Hillier, Mrs. Charles
Hillier, Charles Sr.
Edwards, Fonce
Edwards, Stanley
Button, Mrs. Charles
Button, Mrs. Levi
Leading Tickles, N.D.B. Lethbridge, B.B. Lewin's Cove, P.B.
Fudge, Clyde Ellis, Miss Nina *Foote, Ethel Jean
Foote, Mrs. Samuel
Hollett, Mrs. Walter
Parsons, Mrs. Gertude
Lewisporte Little Bay, P.B. Little Bay East, F.B.
Maye, Miss June
Porter, Miss Marina
Colbourne, Miss Doris
Walsh, Michael P.
*Osbourne, Miss Lillian
Peckham, Mrs. Harvey
Little Bay Islands, N.D.B. Little Harbour, T.B. Little Paradise, P.B.
Grimes, Mrs. Peter Clarke, Mrs. Mark *Dray, James D.
Long Beach, T.B. Long Cove, T.B. Long Harbour, P.B.
Barfitt, Mrs. Susie
Vey, Mrs. D.
Newhook, Wm. J. Bruce, Mrs. Patrick
Murray, Mrs. E.
Long Pond, Manuels, C.B. Loon Bay, N.D.B. Lower Island Cove, C.B.
Emeigh, Miss Stella *Burt, Mrs. Sandy W. Johnson, S.
Wheeler, Mrs. Arthur G.
Low Point, C.B. Luke's Arm, Cottle's Island Lumsden (North, South)
Hannon, Mrs. Gertrude Whitten, Edward E. Goodyear, Mrs. Theophilus
Gray, Miss Alice
Gray, Master Terrence
Melindy, Mrs. Gordon

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This page transcribed by James Butler, 2000
REVISED: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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