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Treasury of Newfoundland Stories


Community Names A - C


The editors and publishers acknowledge with sincere thanks the many who contributed to "The Treasury of Newfoundland Stories". Here are their names. Those marked with a * are contributors whose submissions were chosen for publication.


Adam's Cove, B.D.V. Angels' Cove, Cape Shore Aquaforte
Moores, Charles D. Follett, Mrs. John Maher, Mrs. James
Arnold's Cove, P. B. Aspen Cove, Fogo Dist. Avondale, C.B.
Guy, Mrs. Ethel
Guy, Mrs. Hubert
Guy, Mrs. Martha
Peach, Mrs. Hedley
Coles, Mrs. Joseph Costello, Miss Lorraine
Devereaux, Miss Beatrice
Doyle, Bernard
* Hennessey, Mrs. Nora
Hicks, Miss Doreen
Hicks, Mrs. J.
Hicks, Mrs. John
Hiscock, Miss Doreen
* Wade, Teresa
Bacon Cove, C.B. Badger Baie Verte, W.B.
Gushue, Mrs. John McKinna, Miss Madeline
Stuckless, Mrs. James
Lewis, William
Baine Harbour Bar Haven, P.B. Bay Bulls
Andrews, Mrs. Malcolm Flynn, Mrs. Philip
Hickey, Mrs. Lawrence
Hickey, Lawrence
Hickey, Mrs. Margaret
Pittman, Miss Hilda
Hyde, Mrs. Thomas
Maloney, Miss Elizabeth
Maloney, Miss Marlene
Maloney, Mrs. Vincent
Mullowney, Mrs. Patrica
Bay Roberts, C.B. Bear Cove, W.B. Beaumont, G.B.
Badcock, Miss Clara
Brown, Mrs. Thomas
*Burke, Mrs. J.L.
Pepper, Mrs. Robert D.
Russell, Mrs. Dorothy B.
Gavin, Leander
Stuckless, Mrs. Abram
Burton, Mrs. Lodrick
Heath, Mrs. Norman
Bellevue, T.B. Bell Island, C.B. Benoit's Cove,
Bay of Islands
Walsh, Mrs. J.
Walsh, Mrs. M.P.
Walsh, Mrs. Vincent
Bowen, Mrs. Evelyn
Cahill, Miss Josephine
Cahill, Miss Judith
Cobb, Mrs. E.
*Colile, Mrs. Ethel
Craig, Miss Mary
Hayward, M. Stanley
Lahey, Miss Bernice
Lewis, Mrs. Raymond
Littlejohn, Mrs. Raymond
*Murphy, Mrs. P.T.
Parsons, Fred
Rees, Mrs. Frederick J.
Ryan, Mrs. William
Searle, Mrs. J.W.
Strickland, Fred
Sullivan, Mrs. Jerry
Tucker, Mrs. Harry
Wilcox, Mrs. Everett
Dennis, Mrs. Gus
Mitchell, Mrs. Frank
Bishop's Cove, C.B. Bishop's Falls Black Island, N.D.B.
Adams, Mrs. E.F.
Barrett, Clyde
Barrett, Mrs. James M.
Barrett, Miss Sadie
Dillon, Robert
*Thomas, Mrs. Janet
Herriffent, Harold
Blaketown Bloomfield, B.B. Boat Harbour West, P.B.
Barrett, Mrs. William
*Manuel, Donald
Mercer, Mrs. Ella
Pretty, Miss Annie B.
Halloway, Clarence
Lane, Mrs. Geo.
Parsons, Rex
Reader, Mrs. Emma
Lockyer, Mrs. Wm.
Bonavista Botwood Bragg's Island, B.B.
Durdle, Mrs. Annie
Fifield, Frank
Paul, A.R.
Wade, Mrs. Norman
Critch, Mrs. F.M.
Hemeon, Mrs. Wilson
Lane, Mrs. Roland
Branch, S.M.B. Brigus, C.B. Brigus South
Ferryland Dist.
Campbell, Mrs. Michael Bartlett, Mrs. Ethel
Bartlett, Mrs. W.L.
Clarke, Mrs. Wm.
Fowler, Mrs. Patrick
Fry, Miss Elizabeth
Hearn, Mrs. Mildred
Pinkston, Mrs. Douglas
*Spracklin, Mrs. Walter
Power, Walter
Britannia, T.B. Brooklyn, B.B. Buchans
Stone, Mrs. Martin Hancock, Mrs. Dorothy E.
Hancock, Mark
Hancock, Mrs. Mark
Hancock, Mrs. Maxwell
Palmer, Joseph
Palmer, Mrs. Joseph
Russell, Mrs. Gilbert
Lear, Guy
McIsaac, Mrs. Neil
Bunyan's Cove, B.B. Burgeo Burgoyne's Cove, T.B.
Hobbs, Mrs. George
Phillips, Frank
Cossar, William Anderson, Miss Evelyn
Carberry, Stanley
Steele, Lester
Burin Burin Bay Arm Burlington, G.B.
Anderson, Mrs. L.E.
Antle, Mrs. John
Foote, Mrs. Alfred
Hannem, Mrs. E.M.
Hollett, Mrs. Rosley
Hollett, Russell
Lundrigan, Mrs. Patrick
Martin, Mrs. Wilson
Moulton, Miss Irene
Broydell, Mrs. E.M.
Green, Mrs. G.
*Bartlett, Wm. J.
Calvert Campbellton Cape Broyle
Ruan, Mrs. Margaret Harnett, Miss Edith
hillier, Miss Shirley
Snelgrove, Mrs. Leah Pelley
O'Brien, Mrs. Madeline
O'Brien, Mrs. Margaret
Walsh, Miss Madonna
Carbonear, C.B. Carmenville, Fogo Dist. Catalina
Clarke, Mrs. M.
Colbourne, Mrs. Reuben
Deering, Miss Laura
Forward, Miss Beatrice
Hoskins, G.
Oates, Miss Bernice
Snow, Mrs. Cecil
Wareham Mrs. George E.
Chaulk, Mrs. Nellie Guy, Sarah E.
Chamberlains, C.B. Champney's East, West Chanceport
Barnes, Mrs. Isobel Butler, Frederick
Hookey, Austin
Scott, Mrs. Lucy
Change Islands, N.D.B. Charlston, B.B. Charlottetown, B.B.
Brinson, Frederick
Hinds, Edmund
Hinds,, Rhoda
Morgan, Master Danny
Morgan, Mrs. Leslie
Scammell, Chesley
Walsh, Mrs. Elsie
Wells, Mrs. Wm.
Matthews, Mrs. Allen
Matthews, Garfield
Pike, Mrs. Alfred
Abbott, Mrs. Albert
Chimney Cove Clarenville Clarke's Beach, C.B.
Butler, Mrs. Newman
Crocker, Ronald
Butler, Miss Grace
Hiscock, Mrs. Catherine
Randell, Mrs. Kenneth
Seaward, Mrs. Martin
Slade, John A.
Slade, Mrs. Myra
Batten, Harold
McWilliam, Mrs. Jean
West, Mrs. Ethel L.
Wilcox, Master John
Wilcox, Mrs. Everett
Clattice, P.B. Coachman's Cove Coley's Pt., Bay Roberts
Power, Mrs. Pius Traverse, Mrs. James Batten, Mrs. Kenneth M.
Gilbert, Ralph
Greenland, Gordon
Colinet, S.M.B. Come-By-Chance, P.B. Conception Harbour, C.B.
Dalton, Mrs. Angela
Dalton, Clarence
Davis, Miss Mary D.
Rose, Miss Patricia J. O'Driscoll, Mrs. Wm.
Wade, P.J.
Conche, W.B. Coombs Cove, F.B. Cormack
Hunt, Mrs. Stella Blagdon, Mrs. L.F. White, Mrs. Wilson
Corner Brook Cottrells Cove Creston, P.B.
*Bishop, Mrs. James
Colllier, Joseph
Hann, Miss Linda
Quinton, Mrs. Gordon
Simms, Walter
Yates, Mrs. H.G.
Billings, Mrs. Wilfred
Clarke, Wm. D.
King, Merman
Farewell, Mrs. Wm.
Culls Harbour Cupids, C.B.  
Mackey, Mrs. Bernard Butler, Robert
Wells, Mrs. Harold

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This page transcribed by James Butler, 2000
REVISED: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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