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Wills & Documents from England
(referencing Newfoundland)
1700 to 1816

Excerpt from the calendar of wills and administrations relating to the County of Dorset
proved in the Consistory court (Dorsetshire division) of the late diocese of Bristol
and in the Archdeaconry court of Dorset, and in the several peculiars.

Now preserved at the probate registry, Blandford

(Transcribed from the LDS FHL Microfilm 564347)

Records of the Dorset Record Office





1700 CLARK William, bach. Died at Newfoundland Parish of Gussage St. Michael; Grantee and relationaship to deceased ... Mary, wife of William Ludlow, sister; Date of Administration 24 Feb. 1700; Folio 30 [Source: Somerset Notes & Queries, Volume 6]
1706 MASTERS John Died in Newfoundland Parish of Langton Purbeck; Grantee and relationaship to deceased ... Dorthory, relict; Date of Administration 16 May. 1706; Folio 30 [Source: Somerset Notes & Queries, Volume 6]
1711 LANGER David   with links to Trinity & Hearts Content, Newfoundland
1762 GRAY David South Perrott or Newfoundland

1762 Feb 15th Admin of David Gray of South Perrot, Batchelor, but late at Newfoundland

Names mentioned: -Hannah Lane of South Perrott, Dorset, widow; lawful sister and next of Kin -Robert Phelps of same place, yeoman -Lawrence Phelps of same place yeoman (note: mark of Hannah Lane looks like backward "S", signatures of Robert Phelps and Lawrence Phelps) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1766 DRAKE Thomas Senr. Newfoundland

1766 Feb 3rd Admin of Thomas Drake Junior, late of Newfoundland, Batchelor, died intestate

Names mentioned: -Thomas Drake, the lawful father, of Blandford Forum, Dorset, barber -Matthew Miller of same place, Grocer -John Doe (note: Thomas Drake, the father; Matthew Miller and John Doe all signed the document) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1767 ROBBERTS Richard Newfoundland

1767 Nov 13th, Admin of Richard Roberts formerly of Stowerpain, Dorset but late of Newfoundland.

Names mentioned: -Emme wife of Thomas Topp, the lawful sister and next of kin -Thomas Topp of Blandford Forum, Tailor -William Foot of Stower Pain, labourer (note: Thomas Topp signed the document, Wm Foot X mark) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1771 DALLIBEN Robert Evershot and Newfoundland

1771 Apr 8 Admin of Robert Dalliber, late of Calbone? (word partly illegible because of an ink blot), in Newfoundland, Mariner

Names mentioned: -James Dalliber, the Elder, lawful father and next of Kin, Mariner of Evershot -James Dalliber, the Younger, Mariner of Evershot (note: James Dalliber Sr signed, James the younger X mark) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1776 RICKETTS Peter Newfoundland

1776 Mar 25 Admin of Peter Ricketts, batcheler in Newfoundland

Names Mentioned: -Peter Ricketts of Belchalwell, Labourer, lawful father and next of kin -Francis Lock of Okeford Fitzpain, Tallow Chandlor (note: Peter Ricketts X mark, F Locke signature) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1783 COOMBE Joseph Late in Newfoundland

1783 6 Oct Admin of Joseph Coombs a Bachelor & Fisherman late in Newfoundland

Names mentioned: -Peter Coombs of Pulham, weaver, lawful Father and Next of Kin -James Rose? of Sturminster Newton, Grazier -John Doe (note: signatures of Petter Coombs, James Rose and John Doe) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1786 CAINES Robert Newfoundland

1786 Jan 2 Admin of Robert Cains, a Batchelor late of Newfoundland

Names Mentioned: -Ann Cains of Haselbury Bryan, widow, mother and next of kin -William Cains of same place Butcher -Abel Cains of same place Butcher (note: "A"? mark of Ann Cains, X mark of Abel Cains and signature of William Keyenes) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1787 BRIDPORT als. BURPORT Samuel Newfoundland

1787 Feb 27 Admin of Samuel Bridport otherwise Burport, late of Newfoundland, Fisherman, intestate

Names Mentioned: -George Bridport otherwise Burport of Sturminster Newton Castle, Weaver, natural father and next of kin -Robert Francis of same place Weaver -John Doe (note George Bridport otherwise Burport "B" mark; X mark of Robert Francis) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1787 DUFFETT William Newfoundland

1787 Dec 8 Admin of William Duffett bachelor, late deceased in Newfoundland

Names Mentioned: -William Duffett of Sturminster Newton, yeoman, natural father and next of kin -James Atchison of Plumber?, Lydlinch, Gentleman -John Doe (note: Willm Duffett X mark, signature of Jas Atchison and John Doe) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1790 CARTER William Newfoundland

1790 Jan 2 Admin of William Carter, late of Newfoundland, Mariner

Names Mentioned: -Thos Carter of Sutton Crowthorn, Somerset, Labourer, brother and next of kin -Robert Longman of same place, Carpenter (note: signatures of Thomas Carter and Robert Longman) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1816 NORRIS Joseph Bonne Bay, Newfoundland

1816 Feb 19th Admin of Joseph Norris late of Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, fisherman, intestate, the whole of whose effects at the time of his decease were in the hands of Mr. Joseph Bird of Sturminster Newton, Dorset, Merchant.

Other names mentioned: Samuel Norris of Fonthill in the County of Wilts, Laborer, lawful brother and one of the next of kin; William Nichols of Blandford Forum in the county of Dorset, clerk & Mess's King & Johns of Blandford forum, Gentlemen [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1712 PETTEN John Swanage

Died in Newfoundland

1712 Oct 24 Inventory of John Petten deceased in Newfoundland in ye year one Thousand Six Hundred Eighty and four, namely what he Dyed possessed of in this parrish of Swanidge in ye Isle of Purbich, Dorsett

Names mentioned: -Thos Cole, Appraiser -Jno Symonds, Appraiser [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1771 GRIFFEN James Of St. Antonie in Newfoundland

Brother, John Griffen

1771 Apr 12, Admin of James Griffen late of St Antonio in Newfoundland, Mariner

Names Mentioned: -John Griffen of Corfe Mullen, Labourer, natural and lawful brother -Harry Card of Corfe Mullen, Blacksmith -John Brookes of the same parish, Yeoman (note: X mark of John Griffen, signatures of Harry Card and john Brookes) [Notes were made from the actual will images]

1779 BARNES Robert Litchett Minster Newfoundland Planter, 30 Mar 1779, Inv

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