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Tel #
PAGE 107      
Wabana Bottling Co Ltd   13 Prescott 534
WADDEN, Miss Anna   10 Waldegrave 3264M
PAGE 108      
WADDEN, C B   St Clare 2021
WADDEN, F J Store New Gower 180
WADDEN, Fred J   r 46 Barnes 1464 J
WADDEN, L   r 16 Coronation 3337 J
WADDEN, Miss Mary   r 99 Pleasant 2725 J
WADDEN, N J   r Gower 2207
WADE, Daniel   r 8 King's 1471R
WAGG, A J   r Calver 2836M
WAH, Hop   r 44 Casey 2283R
WAINWRIGHT, Edward   r 10 Bonaventure 2198
WAKEHAM, J   r 34 King's 493R
WAKEHAM, Mrs Lillian   r 42 Casey 2676R
WALDEGRAVE TAXI   Waldegrave 2267
WALKER, Arthur B   r 27 Charlton 2563W
WALKER, J G   r 14 Empire 1532W
WALKER, Llewellyn   r 5 Hagerty 2835M
WALKINS, Harold   r 8 Bannerman 2609M
WALL, Miss Elizabeth   r 168 LeMarchant 3255M
WALL, Miss Mary   59 Springdale 2595M
WALL, Miss Mary   r 8 George 1197M
WALL, W   r Long Pond 2286W
Wall's Meat Market   Portugal Cove Rd 3888
WALLACE, P J   r 122 Theatre 1708 J
WALLER, Fred E American Vice Consul r 53 Cochrane 2195
WALLIS, Miss Alice   r Newton 965W
WALLIS, John   r 77 Pennywell 3989W
WALSH, Adrian   r 35 Mullock 2226 J
WALSH, Mrs Allan   r 149 Craigmiller 2819W
WALSH, A J, K C   r 62 Monkstown 2931
WALSH, Mrs Allan   149 Craigmiller 2819W
WALSH, Anthony   r 25 Goodview 1745R
WALSH, Mrs Catherine   r 59 Pleasant 2720M
WALSH, Daniel   r 15 Cook 3145R
WALSH, Mrs E D   r Queen 1957M
WALSH, F J   r 246 Hamilton 2629R
WALSH, Mrs Frank   r 186 Merrymeeting 3881
WALSH, Miss G   r 123 Signal Hill 3243R
WALSH, G J   r 42 Mullock 1776M
WALSH, H M   r 375 Duckworth 3058W
WALSH, J   r 45 Avalon Terrace 3485W
WALSH, J   r 7 Topsail Rd 3892
WALSH, Mrs J   r Pierce 3379M
WALSH, J M   r 5 Howley Ext 1738R
WALSH, J P   r 339 Water 753
WALSH, Mrs John   r 3 Beaumont 2232 J
WALSH, John   r 48 Pleasant 3836
WALSH, Mrs Justin   r 183 LeMarchant 1931R
WALSH, Jas H Beauty Shoppe New Gower 4031
WALSH, Kevin   r 55 Gower 2834W
WALSH, L   r 39 Freshwater 3179M
WALSH, Miss Laura   r Adelaide 1094 J
WALSH, Lawrence   r 21 Young 2452 J
WALSH, Leo   r 62 Patrick 2618M
WALSH, Const M   r Southside W 3306W
WALSH, M J   r 52 LeMarchant 2372
WALSH, Miss Marie   r LeMarchant 1549R
WALSH, Michael   r 31 LeMarchant 1549W
WALSH, Michael   r 50 Bannerman 2952R
WALSH, Miss Minnie   r 149 Gower 879R
WALSH, Miss N   r 31 Brine 2653M
WALSH, Mrs N   r 99 Springdale 2606M
WALSH, Miss Nellie   r 17 Parade 3049W
WALSH, P   r Burke's Square 3110R
WALSH, P E   r 3 James 1852R
WALSH, R   r 14 Walsh's Sq 3243W
WALSH, Richard   r Kilbride 1888
WALSH, Miss Rita   r 102 Merrymeeting 3205M
WALSH, Robert   r 128 Merrymeeting 3029M
WALSH, Samuel   r Kilbride 3479W
WALSH, Mrs T   r 15 Lintrose Terrace 3256 J
WALSH, T J   r 23 Parade 3053 J
WALSH, Miss Tessa   r 3 Quidi Vidi 2301 J
WALSH, Thomas S   r 147 Patrick 2913R
WALSH, W J   r 31 Parade 3053R
WALSH, Wm   r 9 Hamilton 2665W
WALSH, William   r Topsail Road Call Toll Operator
WALSH, W J   r Waterford Bridge 427
WALTERS, Egbert   r 32 Scott 2472W
WALTERS, Joseph   r 210 New Gower 2612W
WARD, C P   r 37 Craigmiller 2737R
WARD, Mrs H   r Hamilton 541W
WAREHAM, Mrs Esther   r Top Brazil 3911 J
WAREHAM, W W   r 200 LeMarchant 3252R
WARFIELD, Ewart   r 11 Dunford 2151R
WARFORD, Mrs Joshua   r Mt Scio 1584M
WARFORD, S   r 7 Brine 3979R
WARR, H   r 118 Merrymeeting 3028W
WARREN, Mrs A J   r 30 Gear 2410R
WARREN, Ernest   r 68 Prince of Wales 1866W
WARREN, Frank   r 14 Bannerman 2609W
WARREN, J J   r 20 Bonaventure 2161W
WARREN, T J   r 2 Nunnery 2494W
WARREN, Mrs V   r 22 Henry 2994 J
WATERFIELD, A M   r Newtown 2894M
Mrs Annie
  r 48 Freshwater 3182 J
Waterford Nurseries Floral Shop Water 1729
WATERMAN, A H   r 62 Circular 761
WATSON, Alex   r 18 Cavell 2891R
WATSON, Alex   r 7 British 2318M
WATSON, E D   r 27 Monkstown 749
WATSON, E R   r 26A Monkstown 13
WATSON, Wm Jr   r Winter Place 1244 J
WATSON, Mrs Wm, Sr   r 86 Springdale 2607M
WATT, Mrs W L   r 2 McDougall 1243R
WATTS, C M   r 36 LeMarchant 1549M
PAGE 109      
WAY, Mrs A   r 30 Cabot 1665M
WAY, Miss Beatrice   r 35A Patrick 696R
WAY, Ernest G   r Allandale 2366R
WAY, Eugene   r 53 St Clare 2570 J
WAY, Mrs S   r 123 Craigmiller 3233R
WAY, Wm   r Alexander 2556 J
Weaver Construction Co   Quidi Vidi 994
WEBBER, Mrs Arnold   r 121 Hamilton 2619M
WEBBER, Mrs P   r 44 Freshwater 3179W
WEBSTER, Henry   r Forest 899R
WEEKS, M   r 205 Pennywell 3392M
WEIR, Edward   r Newtown 965 J
WEIR, Mrs Ethel   5 Military 2664W
WELLMAN, E   r Queen's 865M
WELLMAN, T   r 144 Gower 879 J
WELLS, Albert   r 115 Bond 1517R
WELLS, Harold   r Pennywell 1562M
WELLS, Mrs Harold   r Lower Battery 2314 J
WELLS, J B   r 15 Eric 3901 J
WELLS, Mrs John   r 16 Southside 3164M
WELLS, Otto   r 38 Hayward 874M
WELLS, R C   r 100 Circular 984R
WELLS, R G   r 41 Charlton 2563M
WELLS, R N   r 60 Patrick 2618W
WELLS, Mrs W   r 106 Water 1829R
WESLEY, Manse   Hamilton 702
Wesley Radio Station V. O. W. R. Patrick 3858
WESSELF, R V   r 54 Warbury 2945M
WESCOTT, Mrs J   r 28 McFarlane 2659M
WESCOTT, Mrs W   r 10 Mt Royal 2940M
West End Stores Ltd Office Monroe Bldg 3350
West End Taxi Service   Cross Roads 1988
West End Trucking Service   Steer's Cove 1934
WESTERLAND, country r Hon H MacPherson   3954W
Westerland Farm House   3954R
Western Union
Teelegraph Co &
Anglo-American Telegraphs
Three lines available
to all Departments,
at all hours
Superintendent's Residence,
J M Barbour
  2000 2001 2002 1282
Electric International Co
  241 Water 1830
WHEELER, Mrs E   r 49 Freshwater 3183 J
WHEELER, Frank   r Prince of Wales 3097
WHEELER, J A   r 65 Quidi Vidi 1321M
WHEELER, Mrs Jas   151 Craigmiller 3133W
WHEELER, John C   r 64 Quidi Vidi 2852M
WHELAN, C   r 40 Suez 3045 J
Whelan, District Insp. E A Townshend   1236
WHELAN, F C   r 171 LeMarchant 3261R
WHELAN, H   r 308 Hamilton 808R
WHELAN, H M   r Rennie's Mill 1419 J
WHELAN, Mrs Hettie   r 67 Campbell 1590R
WHELAN, Capt J J   r 169 Pleasant 2696M
WHELAN, Jas J   r 131 Patrick 2715R
WHELAN, Mrs John   r 18 Boncloddy 1644 J
WHELAN, M   r 100 Casey 3257R
WHELAN, Mrs Maud   r 257 Southside 1806R
WHELAN, P   r 18 Spencer 3009 J
WHELAN, P J   r 96 Lime 3293R
WHELAN, Thos store 2 Gilbert 2108
WHELAN, Vincent   r 8 Carnell 2308R
WHELAN, W B   r 308 Hamilton 808R
WHELAN, W J   r 87 King's 1893R
WHITE, Andrew   r 64 Pennywell 1640R
WHITE, Arthur   r Newtown 2227 J
WHITE, His Lordship Bishop   r Bishop's Court 321
WHITE, Brian   r Carpasian 2005W
WHITE, Cecil   r Pennywell 3365R
WHITE, C E   r 321 Southside 2199M
White Clothing Co Ltd Private
Branch Exchange
connecting all depts
White Clothing Co Ltd   Duckworth 2289
WHITE, Douglas   62 Pennywell 1677
PAGE 110      
WHITE, Mrs E   r Cornwall 666W
WHITE, Edgar   r 37 Field 3375W
WHITE, Eric   r 3 Empire 3273
WHITE, Eric   r 7 Avalon Terrace 3186R
WHITE, Ernest   r 177 LeMarchant 3261 J
WHITE, Fred   r 10 Allandale 3845
WHITE, Mrs Geo   r 133 Bond 4089
WHITE, Gordon G   r Empire 3117 J
WHITE, Harold   r 42 Freshwater 3177M
WHITE, J   r 70 Merrymeeting 3019 J
WHITE, J   r 16 Beaumont 2232R
WHITE, Miss J   r 58 LeMarchant 71
WHITE, Joe Truck Stand Bishop's Cove 3838
WHITE, L   r 161 Pleasant 807
White Lilly Café   310 Water 2125
WHITE, Sergt M   r 95 King's 1893M
WHITE, Malcolm   r 38 Brazil 4092
WHITE, Miss M   r 335 Southside W 1806 J
WHITE, Mrs Mary   r 45 Bond 2817W
WHITE, Pearce Grocery 200 Pleasant 2046
WHITE, Pearce Grocery 200 Pleasant 2047
WHITE, Pearce Grocery LeMarchant 3185
WHITE, Ralph   r 14 Henry 3966 J
WHITE, W   r 9 Spencer 3354R
WHITE, Mrs W C   r 46 Flower 2687
WHITE, Walter E Office Theatre 1521
WHITE, Walter E   r Leslie 2522W
WHITE, Mrs Wm   r 94 LeMarchant 813
WHITEMARSH, Wilfred   r 21 Franklyn 3283M
WHITEMARSH, Wm   r 126 Campbell 2104
WHITEWAY, A E   r 5 Brazil 2458M
WHITEWAY, Miss Alma   r 337 Hamilton 1468W
WHITEWAY, Don Grocery Water 4119
WHITEWAY, Don   r 331 Hamilton 2674R
WHITEWAY, Mrs E   r 85 Springdale 2593W
WHITEWAY, F   r 43 Leslie 2512M
WHITEWAY, Jesse, Ltd   359 Water 281
WHITEWAY, John   r 44 Pennywell 1640M
WHITEWAY, O A   r 215 LeMarchant 3237 J
WHITEWAY, Dr S F   r 149 LeMarchant 2691 J
WHITEWAY, W. Evan   r Empire 3943M
WHITEWAY, Wilfred   r Springdale 2593M
WHITTEN, A   r Topsail Rd 3485 J
WHITTEN, A E   r 4 Sudbury 2370R
WHITTEN, Chas   r Southside 1272W
WHITTEN, Cecil   r 95 Southside 1595 J
WHITTEN, Mrs Daniel   r 28 Southside 1595R
WHITTEN, Donald   r 97 Southside 1595M
PAGE 111      
WHITTEN, Mrs Geo   r Blackmarsh 1590 J
WHITTEN, H   r 107 George 447M
WHITTEN, Harry   r Cornwall 4146
WHITTEN, Jas S   r 20 Atlantic 2719W
WHITTEN, P J   r 66 Hayward 1071W
WHITTEN, R H   r 37 Avalon Terrace 3180 J
WHITTEN, Robert   r Southside 3164W
Whitten's Bakery   42 Hamilton 4132
WHITTLE, W F   r Kilbride 224W
WHITTLE, W J   r 39 Gower 1049M
WHITTY, P J   r 1 Waterford Bridge 2536M
WHITTY, W B   r 359 Water W 2536W
WICH, H   r 21 Sudbury 1114 J
WICKHAM, Mrs C   33 Job 2669R
WIGH, Miss Sylvia   r 155 Gower 2726 J
WIGHT, A W   r 50 Pennywell 3989 J
WIGHT, Mrs Geo   r 7 Charlton 2561R
Wilansky & Sons Store 312 Water 1156
WILANSKY, Mrs H   r 348 Water W 2514W
WILANSKY, Mrs L   r Monkstown 2090
WILANSKY, Maurice   r 7 Leslie 1869W
WILCOX, J G   r 231 Duckworth 3315W
WILCOX, Laura   r 3 Church 1097
WILKINS, N   r 125 St Clare 3387W
WILKINS, Richard   r Morris 3423 J
WILLAR, Mrs A   r 124 Circular 984 J
WILLAR, Mrs Blanche   r 69 Long's 3278W
WILLAR, W J   r 21 John 2610M
WILLIAMS, Arthur G   r 7 Empire 1005
WILLIAMS, Mrs A J   46 Fleming 2919M
WILLIAMS, Const B   r 14 Central 3116R
WILLIAMS, Cecil   r 34 Franklyn 3214 J
WILLIAMS, E B   r 11 Coronation 2751R
WILLIAMS, Mrs Fred   r 77 Springdale 2567R
WILLIAMS, Geo R   r Carpasian 600
WILLIAMS, J H   r Blatch 2254W
WILLIAMS, John   r 55 Barter's 3276W
WILLIAMS, Lawrence   r Irvin 2351M
WILLIAMS, Norman   r 39 Mullock 2572 J
WILLIAMS, Peter   r Bay Bulls Rd 2533W
WILLIAMS, R T   r 18 Young 3007W
WILLIAMS, Ralph   r Blackmarsh 3429 J
WILLIAMS, Robt   r 37 Parade 563M
WILLIAMS, S C   r Southside E 2938W
WILLIAMS, Mrs Thos   r 15 York 2738R
WILLIAMS, W   r 44 Flower 2983
WILLIAMS, W B   r 80 Circular 2425
WILLIAMS, W B   r 84 St Clare 3387M
WILLIAMS, Walter   r 160 Hamilton 1507R
Williams' Grocery   85 Patrick 1310
PAGE 112      
WILLIAMSON, Mrs John   r Mt Royal 3389R
WILLS, Mrs E H   r 8 Gower 1198W
WILLS, F F   r City Terrace 1740 J
WILLS, W W   r 94 Queen's 432
WILSON, A M   r 78 Forest 959M
13 PRESCOTT 4182
WILSIL LTD   13 Prescott 4183
WILSON, Miss Elsie L   r Forest 899 J
WILSON, Miss Loretta   r 27 Boncloddy 3291M
WILSON, Wm   r 99 Pleasant 2713M
WILTSHIRE, V A   r 42 Belvedere 1019W
WINSLOW, Geo   r 96 Circular 987 J
WINDSOR, Mrs Mary   r 27 Victoria 2905R
WINDSOR, Miss Phylliis   r 195 Gower 975W
WINSOR, Mrs A   r 10 Central 3116M
WINSOR, C J   r 16 Merrymeeting 3008R
WINSOR & CO LTD   400 WATER W 2120
WINSOR, Charles   r 26 Golf 2329W
WINSOR, Chas A   r Hamilton 1468M
WINSOR, E   r 90 Brazil 3320R
WINSOR, Garland   r 44 Monroe 2620R
WINSOR, Capt H W   r 26 Water W 1355W
WINSOR, Harry G   r 5 Sudbury 3457M
WINSOR, Hedley   r 72 Carter's 2793M
WINSOR, Herbert   r 175 Pennywell 3118M
WINSOR, Mrs Irene   r Raleigh 3944 J
WINDSOR, J J   r 129 Bond 2909R
WINSOR, Jabez   r 105 freshwater 3175M
WINSOR, Mrs John   r Blackmarsh rd 2771W
WINSOR, Capt Joshua   r Freshwater 3438W
WINSOR, Norman   r Macklin 2512W
WINSOR, P   r 37 Beaumont 3216R
WINSOR, Capt P H   r 12 Mayor 3024R
WINSOR, Miss R   r 201 Craigmiller 3978W
WINSOR, R Clarence   r Winter Place 3093
WINSOR, Capt S R   r 24 Barnes' 1853W
WINSOR, Capt W C   r 85 Circular 2661R
WINSOR, Wilberforce   r Waterford Bridge 2337
Winston Fruit &
Photography Store
  234 Duckworth 2134
WINTER, G A   r Winter Place 3263
WINTER, Hon H A KC   r Winter Place 128
WINTER, Mrs H M   r King's Bridge 209
WINTER, J A, KC   r Winter Ave 586
WINTER, Mrs Jean   224 LeMarchant 2950
WINTER, Lady   r Rennie's Mill 1322
WINTER, R G   r King's Bridge 776
WINTER, T H   r Rennie's Mill 1419M
  Private Office   229
  Mr C H Butt   229
  Mr E T Furlong   1052
  General Office   51
WISDOM, Ralph O   r 123 Merrymeeting 3028M
WISEMAN, Mrs C   r 227 Pleasant 3222R
WISEMAN, Mrs F   r 65 Prescott 3083M
WISEMAN, J   r 56 Hayward 1258R
WISEMAN, J F Grocer 97 Carter's 3050
WISEMAN, Mrs Jennie store 104 New Gower 1327
WISEMAN, John   r Quidi Vidi 842R
WISEMAN, Mark   r Theatre Hill 3336R
WISEMAN, Wm   r 70 Pennywell 3140 J
WITHERS, E J   r Temperance 3332M
WITHERS, P J   r 16 Hayward 1609W
Women's Patriotic Ass'n   Water 4109
WOOD, A T Store Water 3061
WOOD, Arthur T   r 63 LeMarchant 1262
WOOD, Arthur T, Ltd Office 56 New Gower 736
WOOD, Frank   r 150 Duckworth 2548W
WOOD, F L   r 256 LeMarchant 3233R
Wood & Kelly Law Offices Duckworth 83
WOOD, Miss M   r Circular E 2477M
WOOD, Miss O   r 54 LeMarchant 3292W
WOOD, W J   r 120 Barnes' 27552
WOODS, M   r 24 Water W 3043W
WOODS, Miss Margaret   r 106 Lime 2861W
WOODS, J S   r 69 Cochrane 2070W
WOODFORD, W J Postal r 7 Convent 2637W
WOODFORD, Wm   r Cross Roads 1962
WOODLEY, W   r Empire 1369 J
WOOLGAR, Const Wm   109 Quidi Vidi 1231M
WOOLRIDGE, Mrs Arthur   r 252 Hamilton 3246M
WOOLRIDGE, F   r 147 Southside 1272M
WORRALL, A E Store 278 New Gower 656
WORRALL, Miss M G   r 73 Springdale 2594W
WORNELL, A G   r LeMarchant 3230 J
WORNELL, D M   r 11 Campbell 3224W
WORNELL, E J   r 45 Freshwater 3183W
WORNELL, F J   r 228 LeMarchant W 3225 J
WORNELL, F J Office Confederation Life 1283
WORSLEY, N   r 203 Gower 245
WRIGHT, Mrs A E   r 119 Gower 1571
WRIGHT, Mrs A E Country r Mt Scio 1584W
WRIGHT, H   17 Hutchings 2832R
WRIGHT, Sydney   r 86 Brazil 3320M
WRIGHT, W   r Pennywell 3365 J
Wyatt Coal & Salt Co Ltd Office 433 Water 297
Wyatt Coal & Salt Co Ltd   433 Water 1474
Wyatt Coal & Salt Co   Southside Premises 634
WYATT, H K   r Pennywell 1626
PAGE 113      
WYATT, Henry J   r Pennywell 1626
WYATT, Mrs Walter   r 28 Prince of Wales 3088W
WYLIE, F G   r Water W 267
WYLIE, Mrs H   r 131 Bond 3937R
WYLIE, Wm   r 89 Pennywell 1359

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (2021)

Page Last Modified: Sunday November 21, 2021 (Don Tate)

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