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Tel #
Nail Department Storekeeper (U.N. & F. Co.) 24A Hamilton 3078
Nash, John Residence Topsail Rd 2482R
[???], Michael Residence 145 Queen's1035J  
National [???]ing Co.   290 Water 528
{???]ies Ltd. [???] [???] 7783
Naval & Civilian Tailors   174 Water 3734
Naval Service, RCN Barracks Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   3410
  Night Connections:    
      Quartermaster   3610
      Wardroom   3611
      Motor Transport   3612
      Shipwright's Shop   3613
      Commander Merchant   3621
  Numbers Outside R.C.N.B.    
      Command Maintenance Officer   3801
      General Maintenance Officer   3801
      Maintenance Shops, Site 5,    
         Bldg. 2   3565
      Maintenance Heating Plant    
         Site 4, R.C.N.B.   3614
      Port Security Guard Office   606
      N.A.D. Guard   3629
  Guard Houses:    
      Barracks, Southside   3629
      Dockyard, Main Gate   1205
  W/T Station, Goulds   3622
  Naval Stores:    
      Naval Store Officer   3623
      A/Naval Store Officer   3636
      Naval Storekeeper   3634
      Receiving Stores   3634
      Traffic Section   3625
      Naval Stores (O'Dea's Lane)   3517
      Naval Stores (St. Clare Ave.)   1125
      Engineers' Central Stores   1903
      C.E.N.C.   2502
      C.E.N.C.'s Secretary   2406
      Executive Officer,
      Naval Armament Depot   3627
  Navigation School, Mem.    
      University College Duckworth 3752
Neal, C.A. Residence 43 Campbell 3376M
Neal, David Residence LeMarchant 1813
Neal, George Ltd. Office Beck's Cove 261
  Office Beck's Cove 2440
  W.M. Neal, Office Beck's Cove 1420
  Store Beck's Cove 140
  Wharf Water 17
Neal, George C. Residence Topsail Rd 3267W
Neal, William A. Residence 99 Rennie's Mill 252
Neal, W.R. Summer Residence Brookfield 2869
Neary, A. (Taxi) Residence 114 Circular 981
Neary, E. Residence 114 Circular 981
Neary, E.J. Store 230 Pleasant 3010
Neary, E.J. Residence 22A Campbell 3222J
Neary, Mrs. M. Residence 20 Goodridge 2682
Neary, N.A. Residence 58 Bonaventure 2353R
Neary, N.S. Residence 72 Gower 731R
Neill, Hon. J.S. Residence 74 Circular 1264
Nelder, Cyril Residence 56 Victoria 3947R
Nelder, Mrs. J. Residence 60 Mayor 2228W
Nelson, J.A. Residence 203 Pleasant 2810R
Nelson, John Residence Kenmount 2248R
Neville, Denis P. Residence Hamilton 1130W
Neville, J.J. (Landscape      
    Gardening) Residence Hamilton Ext. 1130R
Neville, J.T. Residence Topsail Rd 3448M
Neville, P.J. Residence Craigmillar 2525
Neville, Ted. M. Residence 125 Merrymeeting 3028R
Newell, Mrs. B. Residence 43½ William 1583M
Newell, Ernest Residence 58 King's 2617M
Newell, George Residence 3 Avalon 2859W
Newell, Isaac Residence 51 Campbell 3442R
Newell, James Residence 159 Gower 1784M
Newell, J.H. Residence 15 Scott 1759
Newell, J.H. Residence 7 Gorman's 2830W
His Lordship, The
Bishop of   22 King's Bridge 1887
Newhood, Fred W.
(Surveyor and
Engineer Residence Topsail Rd 3026J
Newhook, Harry C. Residence 19 Mt. Royal 3952J
Newhook, Mrs. L. Residence 3 Hagerty 2835W
Newhook, R.F. Residence 99 LeMarchant 1663M
Newhook, Mrs. T. Residence 138 Duckworth 2638J
Newman, Albert Residence 38 Buchanan 625M
Newman, George W. Residence 41 Campbell 3376R
Newman, John F. Residence 65 Harvey 2520W
Newman, Miss Marion Residence 7 Parade 3165J
Newport, Gordon Residence 22 Gill Place 758M
Newport, Mrs. F. Residence Duckworth 1011W
New King Café   586 Water 3268
Soper Hardward Co., Ltd.
Store and
Tinware Department
  Hardware, Wholesale and    
    Retail Department   762
  Skates, Sporting Goods, Paint    
      and Roofing Department   883
  Office and Fire Insurance   2762
  Mulcahy Building   2397
Nfld. Agencies   208 Water 1674
Nfld. American Insurance
Co., Ltd.
  Water 2380
Nfld. Board of Trade   Board of Trade Bldg 692
Nfld. Board of Underwriters   Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg 837
Nfld. Boot & Shoe Co., Ltd.   Job 630
Nfld. Bottle Co.   430 Water 2198
Nfld. Brewery Ltd.   Circular 575
Nfld. Building & Loan Assoc. T.A. Lench, Secretary Renouf Building 1460
Nfld. Butter Co., Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   1700
Nfld. Butter Co., Ltd.     1701
Nfld. Butter Co., Ltd.     1702
Nfld. Butter Co., Ltd.     1703
Nfld. Butter Co., Ltd.     1705
Nfld. Calendar Co. Ltd.   Theatre 445
Nfld. Canada Steamships   Water 207
Nfld. Clothing Co., Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
All Departments
Nfld. Clothing Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 3848
Nfld. Concrete Products, Ltd.   Mount Pearl 238
Nfld. Concrete Products, Ltd.   Mount Pearl 2513
Nfld. Concrete Products, Ltd.   Torbay Airport 3713
Nfld. Dry Cleaners, Ltd.   Duckworth 2500
Nfld. Dry Cleaners, Ltd.   Duckworth 2501
Nfld. Electric Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 3070
Nfld. Film Board   280 Duckworth 3774
Nfld. Fire & General      
Insurance Co., Ltd.   Water 1721
Nfld. Fisheries Board Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   3227
      Nfld. Fisheries Board   3228
      Nfld. Fisheries Board   3229
Nfld. Fuel & Engineering
Co., Ltd.
  Duckworth 2782
Nfld. Fuel & Engineering
Co., Ltd.
  Southside 2667
Nfld. Furniture & Moulding      
    Co., Ltd. Lumber Sales Office Water E. 1202
Nfld. Furniture & Moulding      
    Co., Ltd. Office 253 Duckworth 1229
Nfld. Furniture & Moulding      
    Co., Ltd. Hardware 253 Duckworth 3577
Nfld. Furniture & Moulding      
    Co., Ltd. Lumber Sales Office Water 4111
Nfld. Hotel Private Branch Exchange    
All Departments
Nfld. Hotel Taxi   Cavendish Square 24
Nfld. Industrial Development      
    Board   Board of Trade Bldg 2717
Nfld. Labrador Export Co., Ltd.   Board of Trade Bldg 75
Nfld. Light & Power Co., Ltd. Private Branch Exchange   3580
  Night & Holiday
      Tramway Department   2580
      Line Department   3581
      General Office   3582
      For Trouble Calls Day or    
      Night Telephone   409
      East End Collection   239
Nfld. Lime Mfg. Co.   Batter 910
Nfld. Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Arch Munn,
Managing Director
Nfld. Mission of S.D.A.   106 Freshwater 3160
Nfld. Motors and Equipment Co. Adrian Bldg Water 2929
Nfld. Patriotic Association   Water 1787
Nfld. Permanent Savings      
Investment & Loan Assoc. Ltd.   226 Duckworth 1477
Nfld. Protective Assoc.
of Shop &
Office Employees   Water 1557
Nfld. Railway - See Railway      
Nfld. Sales Co.   14 New Gower 1027
Nfld. Savings Bank   Duckworth 589
Nfld. Savings Bank (R.J. Crummey, Chief    
  Accountant) Duckworth 1381
Nfld. Seed & Equipment Co.   140 New Gower 960
Nfld. Teachers Assoc.   Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg 3530
Nfld. Tractor & Equipment
Co. Ltd.
(Service Dept.) 11 Catherine 797
Nfld. Tractor & Equipment
Co. Ltd.
  170 Water 1797
Nfld. Tractor & Equipment
Co. Ltd.
(Service Dept.) 170 Water 1798
Nfld. Tractor & Equipment
Co. Ltd.
(General Office) Water 1751
Nfld. Wholesale Dry Goods
Co. Ltd.
  Water 995
Niagara Fire Insurance Co.   Water 163
Nichol, Albert Grocery Richmond 1758M
Nichol, R.E. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1244R
Nicholle, K.P. Residence 11 Waterford Bridge 1254
Nicholle, Mrs. G. Residence 50 Springdale 2858W
Nichols, Mrs. F. Residence 211 LeMarchant 3237R
Nichol[sic], Mrs. L.K. Residence 9 Flavin 2958J
Nickel Theatre   Military 378
Nightingale, Charles E. Residence Raleigh 240
Nightingale, Edgar Residence 300 Pennywell 3797M
Nightingale, George M. Residence LeMarchant 3283W
Nightingale Motors, Ltd.   Feaver's Lane 355
Nikosey, Joe Residence 46 Spencer 3009M
Nixon, Charles Residence 27 Maxse 3153R
Nixon, Mrs. George Residence 17 Power 2732J
Nixon, H. Residence Brine 2349R
Noah, George Residence 11 Leslie 2514J
Noah, John Residence 9 Leslie 2523R
Noah, Kaleem Residence 548 Water 3308
Noah, K. Radio Bldg New Gower 2177
Noah, K., Ltd.   220 Water 3221
Noble, C.J. Residence 73 Gower 731J
Noble, Mrs. Josephine Residence 22 Flower 1629J
Noble, L.J. Residence Topsail Rd 2531R
Noel, E. Residence 15 Victoria 3923M
Noel, Mrs. E. Residence 68 Monroe 1679W
Noel, Mrs. E.R. Residence 286 Pennywell 2927J
Noel, Heber[sic] Residence 26 Howley Ext. 3986W
Noel, Fred Residence Southside W. 3380M
Noel, George Residence 18 Beaumont 3439J
Noel, Mrs. Gibson Residence 76 St. Clare 2939
Noel, Heber Residence 26 Howley Ext. 3986W
Noel, John W. Residence 164 Pleasant 475J
Noel, Const. R.A. Residence 102 Carter's 492M
Noel, Thomas C. Residence 228 Hamilton 541R
Noel, Mrs. W. Residence Cook 3195R
Noel, W. LeRoy Residence 3A McFarlane 1625M
Noftall, Mrs. E. Residence 22 Pleasant 3995J
Noftall, Ike Residence 1 McFarlane 3136W
Noftall, Mrs. M. Residence 6 Kimberley Row 1746W
Noftall, William Residence 45 Aldershot 2855M
Noftle, Chesley Residence 17 Sulva 3045R
Noftle, G. Residence 181 LeMarchant 1931J
Nolan, R. Residence 4 Pleasant 2716W
Nolan, Thomas Residence 135 New Gower 2687
Nolan, W. Residence 22 Power 2730J
Nonia Depot Nfld. Hotel   2048
Noonan, Claude Residence 124 Military 29
Noonan, Claude Country Residence
"The Knoll"
Topsail Rd  
    Call Toll Operator  
Noonan, Miss Louise Residence 45 Monkstown 3950W
Noonan, P.J. Residence 40 Spencer 2279J
Norberg, A. Residence 23 Carnell 2577R
Norberg, Miss Margaret Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1206M
Norberg, R.G. Residence 52 Signal Hill 3241J
Norman, A. Residence 407 Southside 2199W
Norman, B. Residence 66 Water 3746
Norman, C. Residence 61 Feild 2530M
Norman, Mrs. F. Residence 39 Cook 3003R
Norman, F.A. Residence 15 York 1548
Norman, Fred Residence 28 York 2738M
Norman, H.W. Residence 8 Franklyn 3261M
Norman, Const. John Residence Allandale 1153W
Norman, Mrs. L. (Nurse) Residence 32 Leslie 2516M
Norris, A.J. Residence 41 King's 2511W
Norris, Bernard Residence Mullock 1199
Norris, Isaac Residence 56 Mayor 1233J
Norris, James Residence Battery 3047W
Norris, John B. Office,
Confederation Life
Norris, John C. Residence 4 Clifford 3119R
Norris, Mrs. John J. Residence Leslie 1869R
North American
Life Assurance Co.
(H.G.R. Mews, Mgr.) Duckworth Building 3236
North British &
    Insurance Co.   Water 871
North, Isaac Residence 6 Finn 3275J
Northcott, Miss Marjorie Residence 22 Dicks' 2479J
Northeast Airlines     3062
  Office Hours:
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Weekdays   3063
  Office Hours:
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Sundays   2409
Northern Assurance
Co., Ltd.
(Casualty Dept.) Water 671
Norwegian Consul, Royal Columbus Hall Duckworth 59
Norwich Union Fire
Insurance Co.
  Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg 890
Noseworthy, Allan Residence Kenmount 3396M
Noseworthy, Mrs. Ann Residence 79 Springdale 628R
Noseworthy, Berkley Residence 50½ Monkstown 3950J
Noseworthy, Ches. Residence 12 Blatch 1174
Noseworthy, Mrs. Chesley Residence 23 Young 3036J
Noseworthy, Cyril Residence 12 Gilbert 2585W
Noseworthy, Mrs. Eleanor Residence 32 Gear 2343J
Noseworthy, F. Residence 120 Gower 2069M
Noseworthy, F. Residence Pennywell 3419W
Noseworthy, Frank, Bailiff Residence 20 Freshwater 143
Noseworthy, F.S. Residence 91 Monkstown 3924W
Noseworthy, Mrs. G.T. Residence 129 Queen's 648W
Noseworthy, H. Residence Southside W. 1894M
Noseworthy, H., Mason Residence Pennywell 2626
Noseworthy, Harris Residence 26 Central 3122J
Noseworthy, Hayward Residence 72 Monroe 2620M
Noseworthy, Heber Residence 95 Southside 1176M
Noseworthy, H.F. Residence 19 Cavell 2144J
Noseworthy, Herbert Residence Warbury 2947R
Noseworthy, Herbert Residence 14 Calver 1233R
Noseworthy, Mrs. J. Residence 77 King's 2123R
Noseworthy, Mrs. J. Residence 127 Circular 984W
Noseworthy, J.S. Residence 89 Gower 3498J
Noseworthy, Jacob Residence 5 Gear 3213M
Noseworthy, John Residence 28 Beaumont 1509R
Noseworthy, Joseph Upholsterer Pennywell Ext. 3181
Noseworthy, J.J. Residence 89 Gower 3498J
Noseworthy, Mrs. L. Residence 305 Pennywell 2774J
Noseworthy, L. Residence 16 Monroe 1339J
Noseworthy, L. Residence Top of Prince of Wales 3218R
Noseworthy, Mrs. L. Residence 4 Coronation 819W
Noseworthy, M. Residence 79 Monroe 2562R
Noseworthy, Miss Olive Residence 295 Pennywell 2017J
Noseworthy, Percy Residence 7 Liverpool 2466J
Noseworthy, Mrs. Sadie Residence 16 Prince of Wales 3284J
Noseworthy, Stan Residence 31 Alexander 2556R
Noseworthy, W. Residence 53 Beaumont 4150R
Noseworthy, Walter Residence 85 Lime 3035W
Noseworthy, W.J. Residence Upper Battery 2047J
Noseworthy, Mrs. William Residence 59 Cabot 1665J
Noseworthy, Mrs. William Residence 88 Pleasant 2713R
Nosworthy[sic], Wm. Ltd.   418 Water 968
Nosworthy[sic], Wm. Ltd.   418 Water 3833
Noxzema Cream Agency   Water 917
Nugent, Mrs. Aidan Residence 731 Water W. 636M
Nugent, Edward J. Residence Topsail Rd 2487R
Nugent, Mrs. Elizabeth Grocery Store 26 New Gower 3512
Nugent, John Residence Forest 2895M
Nugent, Vincent Store 34 New Gower 4009
Nugent, W.J. Residence 44 William 690R
Nurse, A.O. Residence 35 Golf 1402
Nurse, Mrs. J. Residence 15 Bulley 3928W
Nurse, Mrs. Mary Residence 9 Long's 2976R
Nurse, R. Residence 3 Howley 217

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (2021)

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