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Tel #
Gabriel, Herbert, r. 4 Coleman Place 2473J
Gaden's Aerated Water Works,   Duckworth 207
Galgay, Maurice J., r. 163½ Bradbury Place 3265R
Galgay, Wm. F., r. 94 Barnes 1662R
Gallagher, M., r. Burke's Square 3115W
Gallishaw, Miss H., r. 29 Cochrane 3463W
Gallivan, Miss Annie, r. 48 Duckworth 3333R
Galway, D. J., r. Blackmarsh Rd. 2771J
Gamberg, Chas. F., r. 23 Barnes' Rd. 1853R
Gamberg, Mrs. Geo. F., r. 11 Flavin 823R
Gacin, T. A., r. 24 Golf Ave. 3211W
Gardner, E. C., r. 13 Monroe 2420W
Gardener, Geo., r. 30 Franklyn Av. 1788
Gardener, P., r. 10 Young 2399W
Gardener, R. W., Lighthouse-keeper, Signal Hill Road 2139R
Garf, Walter, r. 70 Quidi Vidi Rd. 1061R
Garland, Miss A., r. 1 Parade 3105M
Garland, B. J., r. Allandale Rd. 1691W
Garland, Mrs. C. F., r. Robinson's Hill 1244W
Garlard, Fred, r. 50 Cookstown Rd. 2220W
Garland, H. G., r. 44 Goodview 383J
Garland, Hedley, r. 117 Pennywell 1924M
Garland, L. G., r. 23 Bond 2180
Garland, Miss Marion, r. 3 Charlton 3257W
Garland, Mrs. Mary, r. 152 Pleasant 2706W
Garland, S. E., Bookseller, Duckworth 22
Garland, Miss P. B., r. 24 Bannerman 2662R
Garland, Mrs. W. J., r. 84 Brazil Sq. 1679R
Garneau Ltd., Noah Bldg., Water 726
Garneau Ltd., Noah Bldg, Water 727
Gas Company, coal orders, Water 2782
Gaul, Miss Eva, r. 14 Balsam 1802J
Gay, Jim, Laundry, New Gower 3141R
Gaze, E. W., r. 124 Hamilton 2062W
Gear, Mrs. H., r. 143 LeMarchant 2188
General Hospital, Priv. Br. Ex.   1760
General Hospital     1761
General Hospital     1762
General Motor Supply Co., G. M. Barr, Ltd.   2190
General Protestant Cemetery     2528M
George, Allan, r. 236 Hamilton Ave. 541J
George, Richard, r. 168 Pleaant 3312J
George Street Manse, Rev. A. A. Rogers, Hamilton 675
George St. United Cburcb,   George 2769R
Giannou, G. C., r. 31 Gower 3089
Giannou, G. C., r. Kenmount Rd. 2248W
Gibbs & Gibbs, Law Offices, Bank of Montreal Building   184
Gibbs, Hon. M. P., K.C., r. 57 LeMarchant 592
Gill, A. S., r. 117. Freshwater Rd. 2185J
Gill, P., r. 174 Pennywell 3364W
Gill, Robt., r. 117 Merrymeeting 3205J
Gill, S., r. Prince of Wales 2073M
Gillard, H. F., r. Mayor Ave. 3199J
Gillies, Geo., r. Blackmarsh Rd. 2878M
Gillingham, Mrs. Carrie, r. 11 Golf A. 3209R
Gillingham, H., r. 27 Golf Ave. 3211M
Gillingham, K., r. 9 Golf Ave. 2970R
Gillingham, Laura M., r. Barter's HI. 3297R
Gillingham, Miss Nina, r. 25 Barnes 1853M
Gillingham, N. W., r. 220 LeMarchant 1432
Gillingham, Wm., r. 19 Golf Ave. 3209W
Gillis, B. J., r. 165 Pennywell 3314M
Gladney, Mrs. James, r. 41 William 1541W
Gladney, John, r. Carpasian Ave. 1688W
Gladney, P., r. Freshwater Rd. 1935
Gladys Beauty Parlour,   24 Prescott 2951
Glasby, F. H., r. 195 Water 1009W
Gleeson, P. J., store, Water E. 3413
Gleeson, P. J., r. 53 Freshwater 1604R
Glynn, Con., r. 80 Springdale 2582R
Glynn, F., r. 49 Duckworth 3333J
Goadby, F. C., r. 114 Water, West 1770J
Godden, C., r. 109 Freshwater 2163
Godden, E. J., r. Waterford B. Rd. 2493
Godden, Edward, store, 52 Gower 1836
Godden, J., r. Allandale Rd. 1693W
Godden Thos., r. 55 Cochrane 2
Godden, V. L., r. 47 Freshwater 1603
Godden, Wm., r. 51 Leslie 2521M
Godfrey, Mrs. M., r. Forest Rd. 764
Goldstone, Joseph, r. Rennie's Mill 3497
Goobie, A., r. 248 Hamilton Ave. 2133R
Goobie, A. F., r. 139 Pleasant 2707R
Goobie, C. M., r. 119 Pennywell 1924J
Gobbie, Don., r. 106 Water, W. 1770R
Goobie, S., r. Franklyn Ave. 3289R
Goobie, W. B., Electrician, Water 2680
Goobie, W. B., r. Topsail Rd. 3285
Goobie, W. P., Grocery, New Gower 2174
Goobie, W. P., r. Atlantic Ave. 1734
Goobie, W. R., store, Water 547
Goobie, W. R., r. Long Pond Road 287
Good, Mrs. Arch, r. 13 Scott 1606M
Goodison, Mrs. M., r. 129 Theatre Hl 2479W
Goodland, Mrs. Jas., r. 25 Prospect 886J
Goodridge, A. T. & W. P., Ayre's Cove 163
Goodridge, Avalon T., r. Circular 2800
Goodridge, W. P., r. Rennie's Mill 1322
Goodyear, Nathan, r. 9 BUlley 2989W
Goodyear, Val., r. 23 Walsh's Sq. 1043W
Gordon, Miss Jessie, r. 4 Mt. Royal 3052M
Gordon, Mrs. John, r. 37 PatricK 896W
Gorman, Miss, r. 58 Freshwater 1528R
Gosling, A. G., r. Waterford B Rd. 118
Gosling Memorial Lib'y,   DuckWorth 2269
Goss, P. J., r. 152 Gower 870R
Gosse, Mrs. A., r. 47 New Gower 2568
GOSSE, D. B., 163 WATER 825
Gosse, Mrs. Ethel, r. Quidi Vidi 2768
Gosse, Geo., r. 11 Victoria 2911J
Gosse, H., r. 50 Gower 1524R
Gosse, Mrs. J., r. Topsail Rd. 147M
Gosse, Mis. Mary, r. 54 Brazil Sq. 2656R
Gosse, Patrick, r. 68 Hamilton 3151J
Gould, James A., r, Fleming 2161M
Gover, Mrs. F., r. Mt Cashel Rd. 1127J
Gover, Harry, r. 16 Catherine 884W
Government Listings Have Been Made Under the Six Main Groups
1 Finance, includ~ customs, Post Office, etc.
2 Health & Welfare, including War Pensions, Hospital, etc.
3 Home Affairs & Education.
4 Justice, including Police, Supreme Court, and Magistrates' Court.
5 Natural Resources.
6 Public Utilities.
Private Branch Exchange, after 5 p.m. and on holidays     1880
Direct connection may be made as      
Mr. Smith and Mr. Sampson     1880
Mr. Wild and Staff     1881
Messrs. Dunn, Hutchings & Wild     1882
Mr. Evans, Mr. French & Preventive Staff     1883
Hon. J. H. Penson and Mr. W. M. Marshall     1884
Finance & Customs, Dept. of   848
Water Guard, Preventive Service     1353
During lunch hours 1880 will connect      
with Invoice Clerks, Long Room.      
Customs, Examining Store, H. N. Burt   401
Customs, Marshall, Bldg. Water 2887
Customs, Freight Shed, Nfld. Railway   1225
Customs, Long Room, Custom House, Duckworth 77
Customs, Murphy's Bldg, Water 1510
Customs, Station Officer, Pier 1, Water, E. 1722
Customs, Station Officer, Pier 2, Water, E. 1681
Bank, Newfoundland Savings, Duckworth 589
Bank, Newfoundland Savings, Duckworth 1381
Bond Store, Government, Duckworth 533
Income Tax Assessor, J. J. Sinnott, Militia Building 887
Liquor Control, Accountant's Office   347
Liquor Control, General Office   365
Liquor Control, West, Springdale 1920
Liquor Control,   Water, E. 3286
Post Office, General. P. B. X.   2200
  Night & Holiday Calls:    
  Assorting Department   2200
  Operating Room   2201
  Accountant's Office   2202
  Stores Department   2203
  Staff Clerk   2204
Postal Telegraph, General Office   436
Post Office, East End   604
Post Office, West End     3139
Postal Telegraph Delivery,   Water, E. 558
Postal Phonograms     781
Postal Phonograms     782
P.B.X. Connecting all Depts.     337
Night & Holiday Calls:      
General Office     337
Secretary, Dr. H. M. Mosdell   337
Commissioner, Hon. J. C. Puddester   337
Medical Health Officers, Dr. J. St. P. Knight,    
  Dr. L. Miller,    
  Dr. L O'N. Codroy   3374
Clinic, night and holiday calls   1174
Public Library, Museum Bldg.   2269
Laboratory, Sudbury Building   1967
Asylum, Poor & Infirmary, Sudbury 205
Hospital, Fever, Forest Rd. 86
Hospital, General, Priv. Br. Ex.   1760
Hospital, General   1761
Hospital, General   1762
Hospital, Mental, Waterford B. Rd. 210
Hospital, Mental, Supt's Office   1366
Hospital, Mental, Nurses' res.   2115
P. B. X., connecting all Depts.     1440
Mr. W. J. Carew     1441
Commissioner, (HON. J. A. Winter, K.C.)   1442
Education, Dept. of, P. B. X.,    
  connecting all Departments   625
Education, Dept. of, P. B. X.,    
  connecting all Departments   626
Weights & Measures, Inspector , Militia Building   982
Justice Dept., Head Office (Priv.Ex.)   1444
Coustabulary, Central Fire Hall (Private Exchange)   173
Constabulary, Detective Branch, Court House Building   73
Police Station, Court House Bldg.   215
Fire Dept. (Fire Alarm Call)   1000
Chief of Police, o. Justice Bldg.   1443
Chief of Police, o. Ft. Townshend 617
Chief of Police, r.   361
Asst. Chief of Police, r.   712
Registrar Deeds & Co's., Court House   909
Penitentiary,   Forest Rd. 72
Magistrates' Court, Court House   261
Mr. Justice Kent     1029
Mr. Justice Higgins     476
Registry of Supreme Court     763
Registrar Supreme Court     1406
Sheriff's Office     460
Law Library     2130
Natural Resources Dept., P. B. X., connecting all Depts.   1300
Night & Holiday calls:      
Fishery Officer, Accountant, & General Office   1300
Secretary (Mr. Claude Fraser)   1301
Secretary Rural Reconstruction     1302
Director of Agriculture, Forest Officer & Geologist   1303
Commissioner for Natural Resources, Hon. R. B. Ewbank   1304
Caretaker, Military   1025
Government Analyst, Court House Building   828
Cabot Tower,   Signal Hill 2139W
Supplies Division (Mr. W. E. Curtis)   2010
Chief Engineer (Mr. W. J. Robinson, O.B.E., M.I.C.E.)   2011
Superintendent of Works (Mr. C. W. Udle)   2011
FinancOJ Division (Mr. C. B. Dicks)   2012
Commissioner for Public Utilities      
(Ron. Sir W. W. Woods, K.C.M.G.)     2013
Secretary (Mr. R. Manning)   2014
Roads Division (Mr. R. M. French, B.A. Sc.)   2015
Store (Mr. E. Downton)     3410
General Office, LeMarchant     2650
Employment Office (Mr. C. H. Bulley   1490
Bridge Plant, Store, Water, W. 3482
Motor Registration     145
Coal Tallyman (Mr. M. A. Halleran, Water, W. 2128
Inspector of Shipping & Lloyd's Surveyor (Mr. D. M. Macfarlane   2114
Inspector of Boilers (Mr. J. Forbes)   2253
Lighthouse Division (Mr. T. S. Devine)   1680
Lighthouse Division, Stores   2126
Government House, general line   107
Government House, office   1092
Gower st. Manse,   Gower 717
Gower St. United Church,   Gower 1989
Grace Hosital,   LeMarchaht Rd. W.  
  P. B. X.   3340
Grace Hospital, Miss Fagner   3341
Grace, Richard, r. Pilot's Hill 154J
Graham, Alex., r. 151 LeMarchant 2691W
Graham, Miss Hannah, r. Waterford Bridge Road 271W
Graham, Ian D., r. 12 Sudbury 2542R
Graham, W. F., r. 43 Parade 1739
Grant, C. J., r. 19 Bond 2453
Grant, H. G., r. 21 Bond 2662J
Grant, J. E., r. 25 McKay 1267W
Grant, Thos. J., r. Goodridge 902J
Grant, W. M., r. 42 Pennywell 1395J
Gray & Goodland, Stationers, Water 327
Gray, D. W., r. Pennywell 2147
Gray, Mrs. M., r. 2 Charlton 2561M
Great Eastern Oil & Imp't Co.,   Water 2448
Great Eastern Oil & Import,   S'side 2889
Great War Veterans' Ass'n,   Water, E. 609
Greaves, A. H., r. 150 Pleasant 2698R
Greaves & Sons, Ltd., 364 Water 905
Greavett, Rev. T., r. 150 LeMarchant 350
Green, Mrs. A., r. 34 Henry 2994M
Green, Alex, Grocer, Mayor Ave. 2292
Green, Alex., r. Mayor Ave. 2228W
Green, Archibald, r. 32 Pennywell 1395M
Green, Mrs. Frank, r. Fitzpatrick Av. 2436R
Green, Fred., r. 105 LeMarchant 3432M
Green. Mrs. G., r. Walsh's Square 92
Green, Hayward, r. 58 Charlton 2751J
Green, H., r. 15 Maxse 1785M
Green, L. J., r. 29 Allandale Rd. 1688M
Green Lantern, The, 404 Water 1651
Green, Robert T., r. Allandale Rd. 2285J
Green, Stanley, r. 12 Franklyn Ave. 3281R
Greene, Mrs. C., r. 25 Boncloddy 2955W
Greene, G., Imperial Typewriters & Supplies, Water 926
Greene, G. M., r. 73 Pennywell 2321R
Greene, Joseph M., r. 33 Queen's Rd. 1971M
Greene, Miss Mary G., r. 128 Gower 1254
Greene, Mort. J., r. 75 Barnes' Rd. 2107
Greene, Mrs. P., r. 29 Coronation 2708J
Greene, R. J., r. 129 Pennywell Rd. 1627W
Greene, T. J., Ltd., Com. Agents, Water 1780
Grenfell Assn, International,   Water 750
Grieve, Dr. John, r. 171 Gower 292
Griffin, Mrs. T., r. 49 Quidi Vidi Rd. 9O3R
Griffiths, Geo., r. LeMarchant, W. 3476
Grills, Mrs. M., r. 19 Atlantic 3173M
Grills, William, r. 26 Barter's Hill 3l23R
Grimes, Mrs. G. F., r. 39 Merrymeeting l6l6W
Grimes, Mrs. R., r. 32 Feild 1757W
Grimes, Mrs. W., r. 102 Circular 2196W
Grouchy, A., grocery, Theatre Hl 2348
Grouchy, Frank, r. 194 Merrymeeting Rd. 3196W
Grouchy, Frank, Service Station, LeMarchant Rd. W. 3433
Grouchy, Philip, r. 23 Scott 1606J
Grouchy, Robt. J., r. 82 Barnes' Rd. 952M
Grouchy, Walter J., r. 72 Freshwater 3178M
Grouchey, Matthew M., r. 7 Allan's Square 2944M
Gruchy, Albert, r. Mundy Pond Rd. 843M
Gruchy, H. W., r. 39 Charlton 2563J
Grunow Radios, Stevenson ... Co., 286 Water 2252
Guard's A. A. Club Rooms,   LeMarchant 836
Guest, George, r. 279 Southside 1430M
Gulbrandsen, G. A., r. 150 Duckworth 758R
Gulbrandsen, G. A., o. 21 Water 1185
Gullage, Augustus, r. 117 Southside 2765J
Gulliford, H., r. 290 LeMarchant 2524J  
Gulliford, Mrs. Marjorie, 3 Sudbury 2547R
Gulliver, John, r. Top Golf Ave. 3392R
Gulliver, W., r. Craigmiller 2737W
Gunn, Miss Betty (The House of Beauty, Queen's Rd. 2003
Gunn, Mrs. J. S., r. Topsail Road 1119
Gunn, Mrs. W. D., r. 58 Monkstown 1449M
Gunnerson, Miss M.. r. Craigmiller 3272W
Gush, R., r. Lower Battery 1457W
Gushue, Raymond, L.L.B., r. LeMarchant Rd. 3060
Guy, Joseph, r. 12 Deanery Ave. 2645M
Guzzwell, A., r. 18 Beaumont 3439W
Guzzwell, Ernest, Logy Bay Road 3220
G..W.V.A. Sweepstakes,   Water 607

Contributed and Transcribed by Craig Peterman (April 2003)

Revised by Craig Peterman (April 2003)

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