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St. Anne's Parish,
Codroy Valley, Nfld.

Part 3 - N to Z

hr> The following files will replace all St. Anne's Parish records for Codroy Valley and surrounding areas from the South Coast thru to the West Coast This is a combined effort of Cyril DuBourdieu, Steve Gillis, Cathy Grant and Brenda Janes. Much time and effort has been put towards transcribing, editing and posting this information. The following data is the most complete for St. Anne's Parish and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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St. Anne's Baptism Records Part 3








4 Feb 188425 Feb 1884 NOSEWORTHY Ann Frances Nathaniel Noseworthy Jane Hall John Hall Charlotte Hall  
?27 Oct 1883 NOSEWORTHY Emerial (2yrs) Nathaniel Noseworthy Jane Hall *Emmanuel*  
7 Jun 188725 Jul 1887 NOSEWORTHY Joseph Nathaniel Noseworthy Jane Hall Paul Anstie Mary Anstie  
2 Sept 18766 Nov 1876 NOSEWORTHY Mary Ann Nathaniel Noseworthy Jane Hall Donald Schumph Mrs. Hall at Bay of Islands
4 Feb 189322 Mar 1893 NOSEWORTHY Matthew Nathaniel Noseworthy Jane Hall John MacLellan Esther Young  
20 Nov 187520 June 1876 O'QUINN Mary Jane Osimine O'Quinn Sophia Doucette Michael Downey Mary Judy O'Quinn  
20 Nov 1896? Nov 1896 O'QUINN ? ? O’Quinn Elizabeth Hall Joseph Hall Emma Robertson  
13 Apr 18727 May 1872 O'QUINN Alexander Osimine O'Quinn Sophia Doucette Thomas Downey Elizabeth O'Quinn  
28 Sept 189721 Oct 1897 O'QUINN Charles Henry O’Quinn Olive Doucette Severin Leudy Archange O’Quinn  
12 Mar 187016 June 1870 O'QUINN Donatilla Osimine O'Quinn Sophia Doucette    
24 Aug 187015 Oct 1870 O'QUINN Ester? Mesmin O'Quinn Tarsile Doucette Lewis MacArthur Jane Downey  
31 Aug 18984 Sept 1898 O'QUINN Esther Monica Sam O’Quinn Odille Bryne Pat Ryan Sophia Ryan  
22 Dec 187812 Feb 1879 O'QUINN Hector Osimine O'Quinn Sophia Doucette Paul O'Quinn Anastasia Downey  
28 Jun 189810 Jul 1898 O'QUINN Irene Jas O’Quinn Ann Bruce John W. O’Quinn Katie O’Quinn  
10 May 187826 May 1878 O'QUINN Isaac Thomas Thomas O'Quinn Catherine Martin Michael Gillis Mary Gillis  
1 Aug 188114 Aug 1881 O'QUINN John William Thomas O'Quinn Catherine Martin Isaac O'Quinn Mary O'Quinn  
30 Sept 18964 Oct 1896 O'QUINN Joseph Charles & Maggie O’Quinn Tom Downey Mary Murray  
17 Apr 189822 Apr 1898 O'QUINN Joseph Paul O’Quinn Ann Hall Jas Walker Mary Campbell  
8 Oct 189816 Oct 1898 O'QUINN Lucy Merdick O’Quinn Mathilde Doucette Jas Cormier Judith Cormier  
16 Aug 18966 Sept 1896 O'QUINN Margaret Jane Benjamin O’Quinn Mary Jane Smith William Roach Mary O’Quinn  
16 Feb 189120 Feb 1891 O'QUINN Mary Paul O’Quinn Anne Hall ? MacLean  
29 Oct 18798 Dec 1879 O'QUINN Mary Thomas O'Quinn Catherine Martin Dan Martin Eleanor Sears  
22 May 188524 May 1885 O'QUINN Mary William O'Quinn Elizabeth Hall William Doucette Cicily O'Quinn  
3 Jul 18965 Jul 1896 O'QUINN Mary Sophia Samuel O’Quinn Octille Bejore Benjamin O’Quinn Teresa O’Quinn  
15 Apr 186819 Apr 1869 O'QUINN Samuel Mesmin O'Quinn Tarsile Doucette Thomas Downey Margaret Chaisson  
22 Jan 189612 Jun 1896 PARK Agnes William & Sarah Anne Park Thomas Young Agnes Carter  
9 Feb 189014 Mar 1890 PARK Jane William Park Sarah Anne Wall John Park Catherine Young  
27 May 1886? PARK John Guillium Park Sarah Wall Susannah Carter  
4 Aug 188821 Aug 1888 PARK Mary Elizabeth William & Mary Ann Park Sarah Jane Young  
?2 Sept 1896 PARK Sarah Anne   William Patten Mary Gilliam Bap. at Cape Ray nee Wall
24 Jul 189214 Sept 1892 PARK Susannah William Park Sarah Anne Wall Emanual Gilliam Esther Young  
?8 Jan 1880 PARSONS Mary Ann (converted) William Parsons (deceased) of Codroy Village   converted from Anglican
23 Mar 189418 Apr 1894 PATRON Judith Elizabeth William & Elizabeth Patron Hugh Anderson Maggie MacLellan  
12 Sept 189025 Oct 1890 PATRON Paul William & Elizabeth Patron Paul Anstie Jane ? "Patten"
19 Mar 188126 Aug 1881 PATTEN Mary Alice William Patten Elizabeth Ansty William Parks Mary Kate Carter  
?31 Dec 1881 PATTEN William Robert (29) Of Cape Ray Andrew Gabriel Sarah Cashin  
19 Mar 187918 Sept 1879 PATTEN William Thom. William Patten Elizabeth Ansty Edward Hall  
19 Jul 188022 Jul 1880 PAUL James William Andrew Paul Celeste George Thomas Benoit Christi George  
14 Sep 188114 Sept 1881 PAUL John Francis Andrew Paul Celestine George Stephen Francois Mary Francois  
27 Apr 18834 May 1883 PAUL Robert Maurice Andrew Paul Alice George Joseph Chaisson Harriet Benoit  
?17 Jan 1881 PEATRI Harriet John Peatri of Cape Ray Paul Downey Mary Hynes  
1862? PEATRY Mary John Peatry Donald Gillis Christy Gillis of Cape Ray
19 Feb 187230 March 1872 PECK Amelia Charles Peck Harriett Louis Dona Champtre (Schumph) Mary Ann Peck  
18 Dec 187315 June 1874 PECK Isaac Charles Peck Hariett Gabriel John Downey  
2 Feb 187230 March 1872 PEGION Adolph John Marie Pegion Caroline Francois Allen MacArthur Esther Francois  
8 Apr 188824 Jul 1888 PENNEY Geneveive J. John Penney Susanne Burke D. McInnes Jane Chaffey Bap. at Burgeo
24 Jun 188724 Jul 1887 PENNY Albert John George Penny Susan Burke Lucy Penny  
3 Oct 1885? PENNY Charlotte Mary Samual Penny (d) Anna Kelly (d) Alex MacIsaac Mary Ann Gabriel both parents deceased
12 Jul 189318 Jul 1893 PENNY Elizabeth Mary John Penny Susan Burke Elizabeth Ingram  
15 Aug 18884 Nov 1888 PENNY Juliah Anna Mary George Penny Susan Burke Richard Chaffey Anne Allen  
27 July 18831 Aug 1883 PERRY James Joseph ___ Perry Mary Downey Michael Downey Catherine MacLellan  
?9 Sept 1873 PETERS Louisa John Peters Louisa Croucher   of Grand Bay
6 Jul 189119 Jul 1891 POIRIER Juliah Blasc Poirier Catherine Luidi Phillip Poirier Marie Luidi  
14 Aug 188715 Aug 1887 POIRIER ??anstie Blayc Poirier Catherine Loudi Elizabeth Poirier  
8 Feb 189712 Feb 1897 POIRIER Catherine Blaze Poirer Catherine Ludy William DeVeaux Marcelline Roach  
24 Aug 189025 Oct 1890 POIRIER Elizabeth Marie Amos Poirier Marg Downey Edward Ryan Margaret Downey  
30 Nov 18931 Jan 1893 POIRIER Ellen Mary Blaze Poirier Catherine Luidi Dougald Gillis Mary Martin  
31 Oct 18872 Nov 1887 POIRIER Hippolite Denis Poirier Marceline Leudi Astille Cormier Magloire Blanchard  
28 May 18892 Jun 1889 POIRIER Hippolyte William Poirier Catherine Luidi Louise Delaney  
18 Dec 188721 Dec 1887 POIRIER Julie Ann James Poirier Mary Downey James Ryan Judith Gale  
6 Mar 1891? POIRIER Louis Joseph Dennis Poirier Marcelline Luidi Anne Hall  
6 Mar 18956 Aug 1895 POIRIER Margaret Mary Amos & Mary Poirier William Ryan Emilia Downey  
24 Jul 189827 Jul 1898 POIRIER Marie Thomas Poirier Froisienne Chaisson Blaze Poirier Louise O’Quinn  
28 Nov 1892? POIRIER Patrick Felix Amos Poirier Mary Downey Maggie Aucoin  
10 Jul 188512 July 1885 POIRRIER Peter Joseph Amos Poirrier Mary Downey Paul Downey Esther Hines  
?7 May 1872 POOLE Elizabeth (18yrs) The late Thomas & widow Jane Pierce Paul Hall Catherine Jennings  
7 Oct 187430 June 1875 POWER Ellen Margaret Edward Power Catherine Leary James Keating Catherine Leary  
?15 June 1870 PREJORE Christina (4 weeks, 1 day) John Marie Prejore Caroline Matthews Michael Downey Mary Paul  
12 Nov 18798 Dec 1879 PREJORE Mary Ann John Prejure Caroline Francis Edward MacArthur  
2 Feb 187313 July 1873 REID George Thomas William Reid Mary Anstie John Hall Jane Hall  
13 May 187815 June 1878 REID Joseph William Reid Mary Ansty Martin Jennings Anastasia Downey  
23 May 1867? REID Mary Adeline   James Doyle Esther Collins  
24 Mar 187617 June 1876 REID Mary Anne William Reid Mary Ansty Paul Hall Catherine Keating  
5 May 1872? REID William James (21yrs) George and Charlotte Reid Capt. Paul Hall Mary Hall  
29 Nov 1912? RIED William Joseph Reid Mary Jennings    
?17 Oct 1894 ROBINSON Emma (23yrs) James Robinson Euphema ? Eleanor Sears  
11 Jul 1908? ROSE Mary Catherine George Rose Catherine Jennings    
?27 Aug 1894 RYAN John James John & Ceilia Ryan    
?5 May 1874 RYAN Patrick William William Ryan Ellen Fitzpatrick    
21 Sept 18912 Oct 1891 RYAN Albert Thomas Alex & Louise Ryan ? Ryan Mary Ann MacIsaac  
4 June 1880? RYAN Anna John Ryan Anna McLean    
5 Dec 18966 Dec 1896 RYAN Annie Mary Edward Ryan Sophia Doucette Charles Ryan Maggie Ryan  
4 Aug 188014 Sep 1880 RYAN Anny John Ryan Anny McLean Alexander Gale Jane Anne Gallop  
23 Apr 1871? RYAN Bazil James Ryan Mary McIsaac    
?6 Feb 1874 RYAN Catherine Ellen Denis Ryan Sarah McIsaac    
31 Mar 18972 Apr 1897 RYAN Denis John Ryan Annie Edmonds Archibald Gillis Lizzie Ryan  
11 Jan 188620 Feb 1886 RYAN Edward Joseph Benidict John Ryan Anne McLean Alexander Gallop Ester Collins  
1 Feb 1879? RYAN Elizabeth Denis Ryan Sarah McIsaac    
19 Nov 186912 Jun 1870 RYAN Elizabeth Michael Ryan Ann Gale Alexander McIsaac Mathilda Cormier  
?4 May 1873 RYAN Ellen James Ryan Mary McIsaac    
?9 Feb 1868 RYAN Harriet James Ryan Mary McIsaac   twin to Mary
1867? RYAN Isaac or Ireen James Ryan Mary McIsaac    
?8 Sept 1869 RYAN Jane Denis Ryan Sarah McIsaac    
8 Sept 186916 June 1870 RYAN Jane Ann Denis Ryan Sarah McIsaac Alex MacIsaac Margaret MacIsaac  
5 Feb 189716 Feb 1897 RYAN Jas. Edward John Ryan Susan Smith    
27 Aug 18949 Sept 1894 RYAN John James John & Ceciela Ryan John Ryan Harriet Gale  
27 Mar 1898? Apr 1898 RYAN Joseph Basil Ryan Emy Robinson   *note: died April 6th.
20 Feb 188722 Mar 1887 RYAN Joseph Patrick Palmer Edward Ryan Sofia Doucette Simon Doucette Ellen Ryan  
?9 Feb 1868 RYAN Mary James Ryan Mary McIsaac   twin to Harriet
?19 Nov 1874 RYAN Mary Michael Ryan Ann Gale    
?29 Sept 1884 RYAN Mary Ann John Ryan Susan Smith    
10 Jun 1899? RYAN Mary Elizabeth Basil Ryan Emy Robinson    
5 Dec 188821 Dec 1888 RYAN Mathilde Frances John & Hanna Ryan Stephen Hall Evangaline Gale  
12 Jan 1876? RYAN Michael Michael Ryan Ann Gale    
12 Jan 187719 Apr 1877 RYAN Michael Michael Ryan Ann Gale William Ryan Rachel Ryan *both parents deceased
?8 May 1878 RYAN Michael James Ryan Mary McIsaac    
6 June 18831 Jul 1883 RYAN Nora John Ryan Hanna Gallop James Downey Mary Gallop  
23 Apr 189824 Apr 1898 RYAN Peter Edward Ryan Sophia Doucette Thomas Ryan Mathilde MacIsaac  
24 Dec 189731 Dec 1897 RYAN Rachael Marie Charles Ryan Margaret Roach Theodore MacDonald Ellen Ryan  
?24 Dec 1871 RYAN Rosalia Michael Ryan Ann Gale    
4 Feb 189329 Jan 1894 RYAN Sandy John & Annie Ryan    
25 Oct 187122 Mar 1872 RYAN Sarah Ann Denis Ryan Sarah McIsaac    
18 Jun 189222 Jun 1892 RYAN Sarah Susan John & Anne Ryan Louis MacArther John Ryan  
14 July 18883 Aug 1888 RYAN Sophia Jane John & Sarah Ryan Jane Ryan  
17 Mar 1899? RYAN Susan John Ryan Susan Smith    
?1 June 1871 RYAN Thomas William Ryan Ellen Fitzpatrick    
7 Feb 1876? RYAN Thomas William Denis Ryan Sarah McIsaac    
23 Sept 189325 Sept 1893 RYAN William Edward & Sophia Ryan Sandy Gillis Eliza DeVeaux  
25 Apr 18835 Sep 1883 SCANLAN Stephen O'Flynn Matthew Scanlan Sarah Flynn Bridget Beaudridge  
7 Jan 189028 Jan 1890 SCHUMPH John Donald Schumph Geneveive Cormier Marcel Deveaux  
15 Apr 189824 Apr 1898 SCHUMPH John Leo Simon Schumph Sophia O’Quinn Archy MacIsaac Maggie J. Hall  
24 Nov 1888 1 Dec 1888 SCHUMPH Lucy Anne Simon Schumph Esther Aucoin Daniel Aucoin Esther Aucoin  
10 May 18923 Jul 1892 SCHUMPH Mary Selina Simon & Selina Schumph Donald Schumph Angele Arsmoux  
17 Sep 188819 Sep 1888 SCHUMPH Patrick Donat Donat Schumph Geneveive Cormier D. McInnes John Bourgois  
10 May 18945 Sept 1894 SKEARD Sarah Elizabeth Richard Skeard Mary Young Sarah Young  
10 Nov 1892? SMITH Helen (20 yrs) Peter & Anne Smith Esther Blanchard  
30 Jul 18955 Aug 1895 SMITH Garret Herbert Septimius Smith Harriet Gale James Cormier Mary Eliz. Gale  
9 Aug 189715 Aug 1897 SMITH John ? Sept(?) Smith Henreitta Ann Gale Pat Ryan Margaret Hall  
20 Aug 188323 Oct 1883 STRIDE Anne John Peters Anne Stride John Carew Caroline Peters  
?12 Apr 1879 TAPP Mary Jane (16 yrs) William & Mary Jane Tapp   from Cape Ray
21 May 187229 Jun 1872 TOBIN Mary Elizabeth Capt. Richard Tobin Honora Dooley   Baptised at St. Michael's Church, Channel
27 Aug 18703 Oct 1870 TOBIN William Richard Capt. Richard Tobin Honora Dooley Pierce Dooly Julia MacDonald  
9 Oct 189517 Nov 1895 TOMPKINS Alice Joseph Tompkins Judith Doyle Clemet Doyle Lizzie Gillis  
3 Mar 18943 Mar 1894 TOMPKINS John John & Judith Tompkins James Doyle Bridget Doyle  
16 Jun 188812 Aug 1888 TOMPKINS Margaret Ellen John Tompkins Judith Doyle Paul Downey Minnie Cooper  
2 Nov 18901 Dec 1890 TOMPKINS Mary Annia Jas & Juliah Tompkins William Doucette Margaret MacNeil  
?29 June 1870 TRAVERS Alice John Travers Francis Kippens Mr Keating  
20 Mar 187530 June 1875 TRAVIS Mathilde John Travis Francis Kippens Hugh MacLeod Mary Young  
1 Sept 18984 Sept 1898 WHITE Julia Silvester White Projette Chaisson Thos Luedy Aimmee D’or(?)  
24 Feb 188727 Jul 1887 WHITE Margaret Cecily Richard White Jane Dooley George Henderson Lily Donald  
23 Apr 188625 Apr 1886 WHITE Suzannah Charles White Caroline Young Benjamin Francois Mary Francois  
8 Feb 1898? YOUNG Anne Norah Thomas Young Sarah Bruce    
?19 June 1891 YOUNG Mary S James & Elizabeth Young    
26 Nov 18896 Dec 1889 YOUNG Michael Joseph Thomas & Sarah Young Catherine Young  
25 July 18895 Aug 1889 YOUNG William Daniel James & Elizabeth Young Thomas Young Jane Ryan  
?20 Nov 1870 YOUNG ? James Young Anne Hall    
19 Feb 189826 Feb 1898 YOUNG Ann Elizabeth Thos Young Mary Ellen Farrell Archy MacIsaac Elizabeth Chaisson  
28 Oct 189310 Nov 1893 YOUNG Annie Laura James Young Elizabeth Martin    
8 Feb 18984 Jun 1898 YOUNG Annie Norah Thos Young Sarah Bruce Edward O’Gorman Alice Young Bap. at Cape Ray
15 Oct 188010 Jun 1881 YOUNG Benjamin Primus James Young Anastasia Murphy Henry Phippard Charlotte Hall Anastasia Murphy of Cape Breton
18 Feb 18679 Aug 1869 YOUNG Catherine Jn & Alice Young Donald Jennings Ellen Kennedy  
15 May 1897? YOUNG Catherine Jas. Young Ellen Keeping   of Cape Ray
4 Oct 18968 Oct 1896 YOUNG Charolette Rose James Young Elizabeth Martin Mike Martin Minnie Martin  
?11 Feb 1872 YOUNG Dominic Dominic Young Sarah Parks    
7 Nov 1899? YOUNG Dominick Dominick Young Agnes Carter    
15 Jan 18941 Mar 1894 YOUNG Emanual Joseph Paul & Esther Young Alick MacLellan Frances Cooper  
?5 Jan 1880 YOUNG Emila the late Peter Young Bridget Keating    
11 Mar 1900? YOUNG Frances Jane James Young Ellen Keeping    
24 Jan 187823 May 1878 YOUNG James James Young Anastasia Murphy Thomas Downey Eleanor Sears Anastasia Murphy of Cape Breton
15 July 18895 Aug 1889 YOUNG James Augustine Paul & Esther Young Thomas Young Charlette Hall Sept 16, 1915 James married Mary J Carter (Bay of Islands) in Boston, Mass.
29 Sept 18968 Oct 1896 YOUNG James Mike Thomas Young Mary Ellen Farrell Paul Young Esther Young  
16 Feb 18669 Aug 1869 YOUNG John Dominic Young Sarah Parks Alex Mcsaac Sarah McNeil  
28 May 189522 Jun 1895 YOUNG John William John & Esther Young Mary MacIsaac  
22 Oct 188726 Oct 1887 YOUNG John William Thomas Young Sarah Bruce Hugh MacLean Sarah MacLean of Cape Ray
?28 May 1895 YOUNG John William John & Esther Young    
21 Sept 18912 Oct 1891 YOUNG Leo Paul & Esther Young Eleanora Sears  
?25 June 1870 YOUNG Mary (6 yrs) Dominic Young Sarah Parks    
6 Sept 18913 Oct 1891 YOUNG Mary Catherine John & Esther Young John Young Kate Young  
19 Jan 18912 Mar 1891 YOUNG Mary Eliza James & Elizabeth Young Charles Martin Maggie Martin  
15 Nov 189126 Nov 1891 YOUNG Mary Elizabeth Thomas & Sarah Jane Young Joseph Broussard Mary Broussard  
19 Jun 1891? YOUNG Mary S. James & Elizabeth Young    
24 Oct 1872 23Sept 1873 YOUNG Michael William Young Catherine Tappe   of Cape Ray
26 Oct 1883 27Oct 1883 YOUNG Michael Joseph James Young Anastasia Murphy Anne Downey married Eva Mense at Reading, Mass., Nov 20, 1910
4 June 1888? YOUNG Michael Maurice James Young Elizabeth Martin    
29 Jan 1876? YOUNG Patrick Albert James Young Anastasia Murphy    
?3 May 1886 YOUNG Patrick Ruben James Young Anastasia Murphy Thomas Young Cecilia Murphy  
13 Feb 189817 Feb 1898 YOUNG Rose Elizabeth Jas Young Elizabeth Martin John Gillis Mary Martin  
?8 Mar 1879 YOUNG Sarah Jane Dominic Young Sarah Parks    
26 Feb 18979 Mar 1897 YOUNG Sebastien Paul Paul Young Esther Collins Emanuel Noseworthy Minnie Noseworthy  
28 Jun 189530 Jun 1895 YOUNG Stephen Charles James & Elizabeth Young Daniel MacLellan Maggie MacLellan  
23 Feb 189428 Apr 1894 YOUNG Thomas Alexand. Thomas Young Sarah Bruce John Young Annie Aucoin  
?23 Feb 1895 YOUNG Thomas Alexander Thomas & Catherine Young    
10 Aug 18649 Aug 1869 YOUNG William Dominic Young Sarah Parks William McLellan Ann McLellan  
25 June 18701 June 1879 YOUNG William William Young Catherine Tappe Alex McIsaac Julia MacDonald at Cape Ray
12 Nov 188710 Dec 1887 YOUNG William Joseph Paul Young Esther Collins D. MacInnes Lizzie Young  

This is a combined effort of Cyril DuBourdieu, Steve Gillis, Cathy Grant and Brenda Janes

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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