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Parish of Channel Death Register
Records held at St. James Anglican Church,
Channel - Port aux Basques, Nfld.,
1882 to 1923
Part 1 - A to K

Please note these burials were for the Parish of Channel,
To locate the place of internment, same as place of abode,
go here.



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Parish Channel Burial Records
"A" To "K"

ADAMS John Channel 3y n/g 19 Oct 1884 n/g
ALANS Elias Channel 2d n/g 9 Aug 1885 n/g
ALLEN William Channel 60y 17-Jan-1902 19-Jan-1902 Consumption
ANDERSON Daniel Mouse Island 4m 15-Nov-1903 17-Nov-1903 n/g
ANDERSON Eli William Codroy 2d 21 June 1892 22 June 1892 n/g
ANDERSON James Michael Mouse Island 6m 22 Jul 1888 23 Jul 1888 n/g
ANDERSON Julia Mouse Island 3y 28 Jun 1892 30 Jun 1892 n/g
ANDERSON Rebekah Mouse Island 2m n/g 18 Dec 1885 n/g
ANDERSON William Mouse Island 39y 23-Apr-1900 26-Apr-1900 Consumption
ANDERSON William Thomas Mouse Island 2d 22 Dec1887 23 Dec1887 n/g
ANTHONY John Codroy 81y 29-Mar-1924 2-Apr-1924 Old Age
ANTHONY Maria Codroy 78y 16-Jan-1923 18-Jan-1923 Cancer
ARNOLD James Edwin Channel 10d 8 Sept 1892 9 Sept 1892 n/g
ASH Nora Alice Channel 4y n/g 23-Jan-1903 n/g
ASH William Channel 29y 15 Jul 1889 16 Jul 1889 n/g
BAGLY Francis Channel 53y 25-Apr-1900 27-Apr-1900 Cancer
BAGLY James Channel 27y 14-Apr-1902 15-Apr-1902 Consumption
BALL Annie Codroy 45y 7-Apr-1913 11-Apr-1913 Jaundice
BALL John Codroy 76y 24-May-1915 26-May-1915 Tuberculosis
BALL John Codroy 29y 27-Jun-1923 3-Jul-1923 Tuberculosis
BALL Katherine Codroy 50y n/g 22 July 1894 n/g
BALL Olive Codroy 2y 26 May 1893 27 May 1893 n/g
BALL Sarah Codroy 5y 7m n/g 6 Jan 1882 n/g
BALLS William Henry Grand Bay 29y 27 Apr 1891 29 Apr 1891 n/g
BARTLETT Abraham James Grand Bay 10y 15 Nov 1888 16 Nov 1888 n/g
BATISTE Sarah Channel 56y 27 Jul 1892 29 Jul 1892 n/g
BATTASS Thomas A. Channel 5y 27 Feb 1899 1 Mar 1899 Dropsy
BATTISTE Edith Jane Channel 1m 20-Feb-1905 22-Feb-1905 n/g
BATTISTE Elizabeth Channel 38y 18-Sep-1904 20-Sep-1904 Consumption
BATTISTE John Channel 10y 19-Apr-1906 22-Apr-1906 Pneumonia
BELHICOSE Sophia Channel 39y 30-Dec-1902 2-Jan-1903 Consumption
BELLMORE Selina Channel 4wks 25 Aug 1893 27 Aug 1893 n/g
BENNETT Albert Edward Channel 5w n/g 28 Nov 1882 n/g
BENNETT Dina Channel 44y n/g 12 Nov 1882 n/g
BENNETT Harriet Jane Channel 9y 19 Jan 1888 22 Jan 1888 n/g
BENNETT Jane Channel 80y 6-Sep-1913 8-Sep-1913 Paralysis
BENNETT Mary Channel 3m 17 Jan 1889 19 Jan 1889 n/g
BENNETT Mary L. Channel 4y n/g 27 May 1887 n/g
BENNETT Philip Channel 7y 13 Jul 1888 14 Jul 1888 n/g
BENNETT Robert Channel 60y 4-Nov-1904 6-Nov-1904 Killed
BENNETT William Channel 21y 21 May 1899 23 May 1899 Hemmorage
BENNETT William Channel 77y 8-Apr-1900 10-Apr-1900 Old Age
BERRIDGE Eli Channel 7y 7m 10 Dec1888 11 Dec1888 n/g
BILLARD Blanche Channel 3y 17-Aug-1906 19-Aug-1906 Diptheria
BILLARD George Channel 18y 26-Sep-1905 29-Sep-1905 Heart Disease
BILLARD Georgina Channel 32y 22-Dec-1902 24-Dec-1902 Ruematic Fever
BILLARD James Gorver Channel 2m 26 Feb 1889 27 Feb 1889 n/g
BILLARD John Benjamin Channel 4d 2 Jun 1899 4 Jun 1899 n/g
BILLARD Margaret Channel 33y 9m n/g 23 Sept 1894 n/g
BILLARD Mariam Glace Bay 3y 23-Oct-1905 27-Oct-1905 ? Fever
BILLARD Martin Margree 22y 7 Apr 1888 11 Apr 1888 n/g
BILLARD Philip Margariets 1.5 days n/g 30 Apr 1886 n/g
BILLARD Priscilla Margariets 22y n/g 2 May 1886 n/g
BILLARD Walter Channel 9y 30-Apr-1906 2-May-1906 Drowned
BILLYARD James Margreits 10y n/g 8 May 1881 n/g
BLACKBOARNE n/g Channel 44y n/g 3 Jan 1879 n/g
BLACKMORE Elizabeth Channel 19y n/g 6 Jun 1882 n/g
BRAGG Arthur Gower Channel 12y 3-Oct-1901 6-Oct-1901 Stomach Cancer
BRAGG John Channel 72y n/g 16 May 1886 n/g
BRAGG John Emanuel Channel 8m 7-Feb-1902 9-Feb-1902 n/g
BRAGG Maria Jane Channel 6m n/g 16 Apr 1881 n/g
BRAGG Mary Channel 63y 16 Jun 1890 19 Jun 1890 n/g
BRAGG Nelson Isle aux Mort 9.5y n/g 29 Jan 1894 n/g
BRAGG William Henry Isle aux Mort nearly 12y n/g 17 Mar 1882 n/g
BRAGGS n/g Channel 66y 3m n/g 14 Nov 1883 n/g
BRANTT John Henry Channel 64y 23 Sep 1889 24 Sep 1889 n/g
BUCKLER Hilda Frances Codroy 6m 10-Dec-1902 12-Dec-1902 LaGrippe
BUFFET Charles Deadfall Point about 43y n/g 19 May 1887 n/g
BUFFET Ellen Channel 30y n/g 22 Nov 1885 n/g
BUFFET Michael Channel 4d n/g 24 May 1885 n/g
BUFFET Susanna Channel 23m n/g 6 Jun 1887 n/g
BUFFETT Ellen Isle aux Mort 86yrs 7 Jan 1893 10 Jan 1893 n/g
BURRIDGE n/g Channel n/g 7 Dec 1890 8 Dec 1890 n/g
BURRIGE William Manuel Channel 4y n/g 23 May 1887 n/g
BUTTERY Albert Grand Bay 5d n/g 10 Jan 1887 n/g
BUTTERY Albert Edward Grand Bay 37y 16 Nov 1897 21 Nov 1897 n/g
BUTTERY William Grand Bay 10d n/g 12 Jan 1887 n/g
BUTTON George Mouse Island 70y 22-Mar-1904 23-Mar-1904 Dropsy
BUTTON John Channel 3w n/g 8 Feb 1882 n/g
CARTER Ann E. Cape Ray 2w n/g 25 Oct 1884 n/g
CARTER Annie Channel 1.9y 6 Feb 1891 7 Feb 1891 n/g
CARTER Annie Caroline Cape Ray 23y n/g 18 Dec 1881 n/g
CARTER Edward Cape Ray about 80 n/g 18 Aug 1885 n/g
CARTER Elizabeth Cape Ray 77y 24 Sep 1889 26 Sep 1889 n/g
CARTER Frances Cape Ray 3y n/g 26 Sep 1884 n/g
CARTER George Cape Ray 22y n/g 15 Feb 1883 n/g
CARTER George Channel 80y8m 10 Oct 1892 12 Oct 1892 n/g
CARTER Harriet Cape Ray 28y 17 Apr 1896 18 Apr 1896 n/g
CARTER Hugh Channel 50y 22 Nov 1894   drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recoveblue
CARTER John Cape Ray 3y n/g 23 Sep 1884 n/g
CARTER Joseph Deadfall Point 2y n/g 21 Jun 1894 n/g
CARTER Mary Channel 18y 30 Sep 1890 1 Oct 1890 n/g
CARTER Mary Ann Channel 21y n/g 6 Apr 1879 n/g
CARTER Philip Cape Ray 38y n/g 30 May 1893 n/g
CARTER Rachel May Channel 15m 24 Aug 1888 25 Aug 1888 n/g
CARTER   Little River 38y 7-May-1905 9-May-1905 Consumption
CAUDOW James Codroy 50 19 June 1897 20 June 1897 n/g
CAWLING Jane Leah Isle aux Mort 21y n/g 4 May 1894 n/g
CELLOUIS Alexander Channel 32y 22 Nov 1894   drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recoveblue
CHALK George Mouse Island 21y 20 Aug 1899 23 Aug 1899 Consumption
CHALK Philip Mouse Island 6y n/g 21 Nov 1884 n/g
CHALK Sarah Jane Mouse Island 4y 13 Mar 1889 15 Mar 1889 n/g
COFFIN Abram Channel 3y 4-Nov-1904 6-Nov-1904 Abcess
COFFIN Albert Edward Channel 1y 28 Jul 1891 30 Jul 1891 n/g
COFFIN Elias Channel 69y n/g 15 Jun 1883 n/g
COFFIN Elias Giles Channel 2w n/g 21 Oct 1884 n/g
COFFIN Elizabeth Channel n/g 10 Jul 1896 13 Jul 1896 n/g
COFFIN Francis Channel 16y 5m 24-Feb-1902 26-Feb-1902 Drowned
COFFIN James Channel 38y 4-Feb-1902 7-Feb-1902 Cronic Indegestion
COFFIN James Robert Channel 2w n/g 1 May 1884 n/g
COFFIN John Channel 7h 18 Apr 1888 19 Apr 1888 n/g
COFFIN Margaret Channel 77y 22 Sept 1897 25 Sept 1897 n/g
COFFIN Mary Channel 3y 10 Dec 1888 13 Dec 1888 n/g
COFFIN Mary Channel 17y n/g 6 Feb 1887 n/g
COFFIN Philip Thomas         n/g
COFFIN Sarah Channel 22y 21 Apr 1888 22 Apr 1888 n/g
COLEMAN Andrew Seal Cove 2y 11 Jul 1895 13 Jul 1895 n/g
COLEMAN Elizabeth Margreits 20y n/g 20 Jan 1883 n/g
COLEMAN George Isle aux Mort 1y 26-Oct-1902 26-Oct-1902 Diptheria
COLEMAN Llewellyn Isle aux Mort 4y 11-Oct-1902 12-Oct-1902 Diptheria
COLLIER Elizabeth Codroy n/a n/g 2 July 1883 n/g
COLLIER Hugh Codroy 20yrs11mths n/g 5 Mar 1879 n/g
COLLIER John Codroy 75 3 Aug 1891 5 Aug 1891 Drowned
COLLIER Joseph Codroy 21 21-Jul-1902 23-Jul-1902 Consumption
COLLIER Mary Codroy 30 n/g June-Sept 1890 n/g
COLLIER Mary Ann Codroy 82 9-Aug-1903 12-Aug-1903 Old Age
COLLIER Mary Ann Codroy 58 12-Jan-1905 15-Jan-1905 Cancer
COLLIER Phillip Codroy 28 1-Dec-1900 3-Dec-1900 n/g
COLLIER Phillip Codroy 84 10-Sep-1909 12-Sep-1909 Old Age
COLLIER Phoebe Codroy 20 n/g 28 Sept 1882 n/g
COLLIER Thomas Codroy 73 n/g Jan-July 1889 n/g
COLLIER William Codroy 78 14-Apr-1922   n/g
COLLIER William Thomas Codroy 9 days n/g 21 June 1899 n/g
CORSURAU Charles Channel 52y n/g 21 Oct 1894 n/g
COSSURAU Mariam Channel 22y 25-Jan-1902 30-Jan-1902 Peritonits
COUSENS George Rocky Barachois 2y n/g 14 Oct 1894 n/g
COUSENS William Forsey Channel 8d n/g 31 May 1885 n/g
COUSINS Annie Channel 2y 22 Jul 1888 23 Jul 1888 n/g
COUSINS Elizabeth Channel 1.9y 21 Jan 1891 22 Jan 1891 n/g
COUSINS Maggie Georgina Channel 1y n/g 23 Sep 1884 n/g
COUSINS n/g Channel n/g 1 Feb 1889 3 Feb 1889 n/g
COUSINS Susan Ridgeway Channel 3d n/g 1 May 1894 n/g
COUSINS William T. Channel 9d n/g 15 Jul 1886 n/g
CRANT E. Thomas Channel 4y n/g 10 Oct 1884 n/g
CRANT Emma Channel 26y n/g 12 Jul 1886 n/g
CRANT Emma Channel 15m n/g 23 Sep 1887 n/g
CREWE John   9y 15-Mar-1901 19-Mar-1901 Drowned
CURRIE John Channel 3y5m 29-Dec-1901 1-Jan-1902 Brain Fever
CURRIE John Fox Roost 29y 25-Feb-1904 28-Feb-1904 Brights Disease
CURRIE John Seal Cove 65y n/g 31 Jan 1887 n/g
CURRIE John W. Seal Cove 2y n/g 20 Apr 1886 n/g
CURRIE Llewellyn Jacob Channel 2m n/g 8 Sept 1894 n/g
CURRIE Mary M. Channel 3y9m 16-Dec-1901 19-Dec-1901 Bronchitis
CURRIE n/g Margreits n/g n/g 22 Feb 1880 n/g
CURRIE Sarah Deep Cove 81y n/g 5 Feb 1885 n/g
CURRIE Susannah Channel 7m 23-Dec-1902 26-Dec-1902 LaGrippe
CURRIE William Fox Roost 61y 2-Apr-1905 4-Apr-1905 Pneumonia
CURRIE William Isle aux Mort 21y 20-Nov-1900 23-Nov-1900 Drowned
CURRIE William Charles Fox Roost 2m 5 Oct 1894 7 Oct 1894 n/g
CURRIE     14m 18-Sep-1901 20-Sep-1901 Measles
CUSSINS George Channel 49y n/g 1 Nov 1881 n/g
CUSSINS Mary Alice Channel 16d n/g 12 Dec 1880 n/g
DALTON James Codroy 19 n/g 16-Jun-1903 Hemmorage
DENNIS Bridget Channel 10y n/g 30 Apr 1884 n/g
DENNIS Jane Channel 78y n/g 27 May 1894 n/g
DENNIS Joseph Cape Ray 8y 29 Jul 1890 30 Jul 1890 n/g
DENNIS Maria Channel 23y n/g 7 Feb 1881 n/g
DENNIS Sara Channel 29y 10 Jun 1888 12 Jun 1888 n/g
DENNIS Thomas Middle Barachois 85y n/g 23 Jul 1885 n/g
DICKS Elizabeth Channel 11y 21 Nov 1890 22 Nov 1890 n/g
DICKS Julia Florence Channel 24y n/g 4 Apr 1894 n/g
DICKS Margaret Channel 83y n/g 2 May 1886 n/g
DICKS Stephen Isle aux Mort 2m 2 Jul1889 5 Jul1889 n/g
DICKS Thomas Channel 60y 24 Oct 1898 27 Oct 1898 n/g
DICKS William Isle aux Mort 12y 27 Dec 1891 29 Dec 1891 n/g
DOWDING n/g Cape Ray n/g n/g n/g n/g
EASTMAN William Burnt Islands 13y n/g 27 Aug 1880 n/g
EDWARDS William Codroy 46 15-Oct-1904 18-Oct-1904 Rhematism
ELLIS Amos Codroy 20 1 Nov 1898 3 Nov 1898 n/g
ELLIS Mary Codroy 87. 10mths 28-Jul-1921 30-Jul-1921 Old Age
ELLIS William Codroy 94 9-Aug-1914 11-Aug-1914 Old Age
ELLIS William Codroy 52 24-Dec-1916 26-Dec-1916 Cancer
EVANS Abram Codroy 67 3-Jul-1919 5-Jul-1919 Heart Disease
EVANS Lucy Channel 66y 10 Dec 1897 14 Dec 1897 n/g
EVANS Mrs. Polly Codroy n/a 19-Jan-1922   Heart Disease
FELTHAM Elizabeth White Island about 85y n/g 19 Aug 1886 n/g
FIANDER Elizabeth Codroy n/a 6-Jan-1915 8-Jan-1915 Tuberculosis
FIANDER John Codroy 2 25 June 1891 27 June 1891 n/g
FIANDER John Codroy 7 28 Sept 1893 30 Sept 1893 n/g
FIANDER Maria Codroy 42 12-Aug-1908 14-Aug-1908 n/g
FIANDER Mary Alice Codroy 19 31-Oct-1904 2-Nov-1904 Consumption
FIANDER Mary Jane Codroy 46 7 July 1897 9 July 1897 n/g
FIANDER Samuel Codroy 16days n/g 5 Feb 1883 n/g
FIANDER Wilson Codroy 79 7-Oct-1905 11-Oct-1905 Paralysis
FOOTE Edward Channel 59y n/g 16 Aug 1884 n/g
FOOTE Sarah Channel 63y 17-Mar-1905 18-Mar-1905 LaGrippe
FORD Annie Channel 6m n/g 5 Sep 1886 n/g
FORD Mary Jane Port aux Basques 25y     n/g
FRAMPTON James Isle aux Mort 66y 5-Sep-1906 7-Sep-1906 Pleurasy
FRAMPTON Minnie Isle aux Mort 79y Nov 1899   Old Age
FRAMPTON Roseanna Isle aux Mort 31y 12-May-1902 14-May-1902 Consumption
FRAMPTON Susan Seal Cove about 70 n/g 24 May 1887 n/g
FRANCIS William Channel 14y 4m n/g 11 Apr 1882 n/g
FRANK Alice Codroy 17 17-Apr-1909 20-Apr-1909 Consumption
FRANK Ann Codroy 15 hours n/g 14 Apr 1885 n/g
FRANK Catherine Codroy 49 2-Jul-1909 3-Jul-1909 Consumption
FRANK Sarah Jane Codroy 16 21-Oct-1904 23-Oct-1904 Consumption
FRANK Sophia Codroy 21 n/g 14 Apr 1885 n/g
FRANKLIN Alice Isle aux Mort 1m   5 Mar 1883 n/g
GALE James Cape Ray 8m 18-Nov-1900 21-Nov-1900 n/g
GALE James Cape Ray n/g 18-Jan-1901 20-Jan-1901 Influenza
GALE James Codroy 76 24-Oct-1906 26-Oct-1906 Old Age
GALE James Codroy 82 14-Dec-1916 17-Dec-1916 Cancer
GALE John Cape Ray 4y 25-Jan-1901 27-Jan-1901 LaGrippe
GALE John Grand River 77 8-May-1902 11-May-1902 Paralysis
GALE Sarah Cape Ray 19y 2 Jan 1888 18 Jan 1888 n/g
GALE Thomas Codroy 86 14-Oct-1906 17-Oct-1906 Old Age
GALE Vera Ellen Cape Ray 2y 22-Nov-1905 24-Nov-1905 Whooping Cough
GALE William Cape Ray 10mths 31 Jan 1893 1 Feb 1893 n/g
GALE William Codroy 37 1-Mar-1906 4-Mar-1906 Consumption
GALLIOT Henry Burnt Islands n/g n/g 27 Aug 1880 n/g
GALLOP Ellen Jane Codroy 31 31-Dec-1907 1-Jan-1908 Childbirth
GALLOP Hettie Codroy 26 28-Jul-1901 29-Jul-1901 Childbirth
GALLOP Jacob Codroy 3 13 Dec 1892 13 Dec 1892 Diphtheria
GALLOP Jane Codroy 3.5 n/g 18 Feb 1885 n/g
GALLOP Jane Codroy 82 28 April 1893 29 April 1893 n/g
GALLOP John Codroy 82 5-Jun-1910 8-Jun-1910 Old Age
GALLOP John W Codroy 2mths n/g 15 Jan 1885 n/g
GALLOP Joshua Codroy 72 9-May-1910 11-May-1910 Old Age
GALLOP Marcella Codroy n/a n/g 17 Jan 1883 n/g
GALLOP Marcella Codroy 2 n/g 11 Aug 1886 n/g
GALLOP Sarah Codroy 33 n/g 4 Nov 1884 n/g
GALLOP Sarah Codroy 62 1-Apr-1910 3-Apr-1910 Consumption
GALLOP Susan Channel 15y 18 Aug 1888 19 Aug 1888 n/g
GALLOP Susan Codroy 15 18 Aug 1888 19 Aug 1888 n/g
GALLOP Thomas Codroy 5 12 Dec 1892 12 Dec 1892 Diphtheria
GALLOP Thomas Codroy 84 24-Oct-1917 26-Oct-1917 Heart Failure
GALLOP William Codroy 37 n/g 4 June 1879 n/g
GALPIN Catherine Codroy 39 n/g 2 Feb 1881 n/g
GALPIN Elizabeth Codroy 27 9-Jun-1922 11-Jun-1922 Childbirth
GALPIN George Codroy 62 20-Jun-1912 22-Jun-1912 Tuberculosis
GALPIN Hannah Codroy 74 19-Jan-1914 23-Jan-1914 Tuberculosis
GALPIN Jessie Kendell Codroy n/a 1-Aug-1914 3-Aug-1914 Tumor
GALPIN John Codroy 78 12-Dec-1913 15-Dec-1913 Heart Failure
GALPIN Joseph Codroy 5mths n/g 12 May 1883 n/g
GALPIN Manuel Codroy n/a n/g 24 May 1883 n/g
GALPIN Maria Codroy n/a 7-Mar-1908 9-Mar-1908 Paralysis
GALPIN Mary Ann Codroy 69 n/g 5 Mar 1882 n/g
GALPIN Mary Kendell Codroy 18 13-Jul-1914 15-Jul-1914 Tuberculosis
GALPIN Thomas Codroy 48 3 April 1897 6 April 1897 n/g
GARLAND John Channel 15y n/g 25 Nov 1885 n/g
GAULTON John Robert Grand Bay 5y n/g 20 Jul 1894 n/g
GAULTON Lena Grand Bay 28y 4-Jan-1901 8-Jan-1901 Convulsions
GAULTON Reginald Grand Bay 5m 2-Nov-1900 4-Nov-1900 Convulsions
GIBBS John Jersey 42Y 28 May 1895 27 Jun 1895 drowned on schooner "Reaper"
GILLAM Beatrice Channel 34y 23-Nov-1900 26-Nov-1900 Childbirth
GILLAM Beatrice M. Channel 4m n/g 16 Feb 1881 n/g
GILLAM Benjamin Channel 57y 22 Nov 1894   drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recoveblue
GILLAM Elizabeth Channel 31y n/g 1 Mar 1881 n/g
GILLAM Frances Channel 25y 5-Jan-1903 8-Jan-1903 Consumption
GILLAM Hannah Cape Ray 30y 24 Jan 1889 26 Jan 1889 n/g
GILLAM Hannah Channel 44y 12 Dec 1898 14 Dec 1898 Consumption
GILLAM Jane Cape Ray 71y 1 Apr 1891 5 Apr 1891 n/g
GILLAM John Crabbes Brook 22y 22 Nov 1894   drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recoveblue
GILLAM Maria Channel 57y 16-Dec-1900 19-Dec-1900 Consumption
GILLAM Martin Margaree 77y 6-Oct-1904 9-Oct-1904 Old Age
GILLAM Mary n/g 2y9m 11-Jul-1902 13-Jul-1902 Brain Fever
GILLAM Mary Jane Cape Ray 2y 5m n/g 1 Sep 1880 n/g
GILLAM Mary Jane Channel 18y n/g 27 Aug 1884 n/g
GILLAM Mary Jane Channel 38y n/g 2 Mar 1894 n/g
GILLAM Michael Channel 2y n/g 26 Aug 1885 n/g
GILLAM Michael Channel n/g 22 Nov 1894   drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recoveblue
GILLAM Philip Cape Ray 76y n/g 2 Jun 1893 n/g
GILLAM Philip Channel 22y 22 Nov 1894   drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recoveblue
GILLAM Phoebe Cape Ray 53y 27-Sep-1900 30-Sep-1900 Brain Fever
GILLAM Sarah Agnes Cape Ray 11d n/g 12 Feb 1880 n/g
GILLAM Susanna Channel 48y n/g 19 Jun 1879 n/g
GILLAM Thomas Channel 76y (?) 27-Feb-1900 4-Mar-1900 Consumption
GILLAM William Channel 59y n/g 5 Jun 1894 n/g
GILLIAM Philip Cape Ray 76 n/g 2 June 1893 n/g
GILLINGHAM John C. Channel 6m 5-Dec-1900 9-Dec-1900 n/g
GOVER Emma Channel 23y n/g 27 Apr 1882 n/g
HANN Fanny Seal Cove 3w n/g 27 Jan 1887 n/g
HARDING Catherine Codroy 68 22 March 1897 26 March 1897 n/g
HARDING Charles Codroy 75 15-Sep-1901 18-Sep-1901 n/g
HARE Eliza Channel 32y n/g 2 Feb 1886 n/g
HARE Julia Channel 37y n/g 8 Jul 1886 n/g
HARE Julia Matilda Channel 15m n/g 7 Apr 1882 n/g
HARE Winifblue Julia Channel 2m n/g 22 Oct 1894 n/g
HARRINGTON Maria Channel 27y 22 Nov 1894   drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recoveblue
HARVEY Albert Isle aux Mort 8yrs 4-Jun-1903 5-Jun-1903 n/g
HARVEY Ellen Jane Upper Isle aux Mort n/g 9 Feb 1892 11 Feb 1892 n/g
HARVEY Elsie Isle aux Mort 11y 8-Jan-1903 9-Jan-1903 n/g
HARVEY Elsie Isle aux Mort 2y 11-Apr-1903 12-Apr-1903 n/g
HARVEY George Isle aux Mort 8yrs 14 Oct 1892 14 Oct 1892 n/g
HARVEY George Isle aux Mort 71y 17 Dec 1894 20 Dec 1894 n/g
HARVEY George H. Isle aux Mort 7y 2-May-1903 3-May-1903 n/g
HARVEY Julia Isle aux Mort 10y 16-Oct-1902 16-Oct-1902 Diptheria
HARVEY Lizzie Isle aux Mort 10y 12 Oct 1892 13 Oct 1892 n/g
HARVEY Philip Isle aux Mort 32y n/g 8 Jul 1884 n/g
HARVEY Sarah R. Seal Cove 22m n/g 22 Jul 1886 n/g
HARVEY Stephen Isle aux Mort 15yrs 15 Oct 1892 15 Oct 1892 n/g
HARVEY Thomas Isle aux Mort 48y 2 Jun 1898 5 Jun 1898 n/g
HARVEY William Isle aux Mort 5y 25 Jun 1891 26 Jun 1891 n/g
HEWITT John   28y     n/g
HILLIARD Ann Codroy 76 20-Jan-1923 22-Jan-1923 Ulsers
HILLIARD Elizabeth Codroy 28 1-Jan-1910 3-Jan-1910 Consumption
HILLIARD John Codroy 58 9-Mar-1905 12-Mar-1905 Consumption
HILLIARD Margaret Codroy 22 20-Jan-1905 22-Jan-1905 Consumption
HILLYARD Ella Codroy 41 27-Apr-1919 29-Apr-1919 Tuberculosis
HILLYARD Robert Codroy 78 2-Apr-1918 4-Apr-1918 Paralysis
HINKS Alice Channel 4y 7-Jan-1903 10-Jan-1903 Whooping Cough
HINKS Eliza Clara Motherlake Brook 2y 3 Apr 1888 4 Apr 1888 n/g
HINKS George Jorrels Point 2y n/g 22 Jul 1884 n/g
HINKS Gergena F. Channel 2.5m 12 Feb 1889 13 Feb 1889 n/g
HINKS James Edward Channel 6w n/g 27 Oct 1879 n/g
HINKS John Channel 76y n/g 4 Jul 1882 n/g
HINKS Martha Channel 75y n/g 9 Mar 1883 n/g
HINKS Violet Virginia Eliz. Channel 14m 17 Aug 1893 18 Aug 1893 n/g
HISCOCKS James Isle aux Mort 61y 18-Jan-1904 21-Jan-1904 Influenza
HISCOCKS Susan Fox Roost 34y 13 Oct 1890 16 Oct 1890 n/g
HODDER Charles Margreits 2.5m n/g 2 Feb 1884 n/g
HUELIN Annie Grand Bay 16y 16-Nov-1902 19-Nov-1902 Dropsy
HUELIN Catherine Channel 43y 3 Jul 1890 6 Jul 1890 n/g
HUELIN Edward Channel 1y 10m 12 Jan 1889 15 Jan 1889 n/g
HUELIN Ernest Channel 11y n/g 4 Sep 1887 n/g
HUELIN George Llewellyn Channel 3m n/g 28 Nov 1880 n/g
HUELIN Isaac Channel 59y n/g 13 Jul 1884 n/g
HUELIN Maria Cape Ray 50y n/g 22 Mar 1880 n/g
HUELIN Maria Grand Bay 14y 20 Apr 1899 23 Apr 1899 Drowned
HUELIN Moses Grand Bay 76y (?) 10-Sep-1905 12-Sep-1905 Cancer
HUELIN Philip Big Barachois 19y n/g 19 Mar 1883 n/g
HUELIN Philip Channel 42y 3 Dec 1888 6 Dec 1888 n/g
HUELIN Rose Isle aux Mort 2y 30-Oct-1902 30-Oct-1902 Diptheria
HUELIN Roseanna Emma Seal Cove 10m n/g 8 Jul 1884 n/g
HUELIN Samuel Channel 20y 28-May-1902 30-May-1902 Consumption
HUTCHING William J. Channel 10m n/g 7 Feb 1886 n/g
HUTCHINGS Alice Maude Rocky Barachois 3y 29 Dec 1890 31 Dec 1890 n/g
HUTCHINGS Susan Channel 9y 6 Dec 1890 6 Dec 1890 n/g
HYNES Eliza Channel 50y 14-Aug-1906 18-Aug-1906 Consumption
HYNES John Grand Bay 17y 18 Oct 1899 22 Oct 1899 Shot
HYNES John Grand Bay 85y 13-Nov-1902 16-Nov-1902 Old Age
HYNES Louisa Channel 50 14-Aug-1906 18-Aug-1906 Consumption
INGRAM Peter Margaree 18y 24-Aug-1906 26-Aug-1906 Influenza
JAMES William Burnt Islands n/g n/g 27 Aug 1880 n/g
JANES Catherine Cape Ray 35 4-Mar-1915 7-Mar-1915 Tuberculosis
JANES Winnifblue Codroy 26 26-Apr-1911 27-Apr-1911 Childbirth
JEANS Ann Cape Ray 70 10-Nov-1917 13-Nov-1917 n/g
JEANS James Cape Ray 47 14-Mar-1913 13-Apr-1913 Heart Failure
JEANS James Cape Ray 82 5-Jan-1923 8-Jan-1923 Paralysis
JEANS James Channel 11 26-May-1918 28-May-1918 n/g
JEANS Robert Cape Ray 3 n/g 1 Oct 1884 n/g
JEANS Walter Garland Cape Ray 7 mths 19-Nov-1905 22-Nov-1905 Whooping Cough
KEEPING George Channel 7d 22 Jan 1899 24 Jan 1899 n/g
KEEPING Philip Henry Channel 1m 17 Jan 1889 21 Jan 1889 n/g
KEEPING Susan Deadfall Point 41y n/g 2 Dec 1893 n/g
KENDELL Ada Channel 16y 5m 17-Apr-1901 20-Apr-1901 Consumption
KENDELL Adeline Fox Roost 4d 12 Jun 1899 13 Jun 1899 n/g
KENDELL Clarissa Codroy 40.11mths 24-Aug-1922 26-Aug-1922 Tuberculosis
KENDELL Elizabeth Codroy 38 n/g 28-Dec-1903 Paralysis
KENDELL Jane Codroy 37 14-Oct-1917 16-Oct-1917 Tuberculosis
KENDELL Mark Codroy 59 11-Sep-1917 13-Sep-1917 Pneumonia
KENDELL Mary Magdelene Codroy 20 n/g 30 Jan 1899 Consumption
KENDELL Samuel Codroy 84 10-Dec-1903 13-Dec-1903 Old Age
KENDELL Susannah Codroy 50 9 Nov 1898 12 Nov 1898 n/g
KENDELL Walter Codroy 17 3-May-1904 5-May-1904 Consumption
KENDLE Ann Codroy 79 30-Jan-1906 2-Feb-1906 Old Age
KENDLE Emily Bertha Fox Roost 6m 9-Sep-1905 11-Sep-1905 n/g
KENDLE Emma Jane Codroy 29 n/g 16 July 1882 n/g
KENDLE Henry Arthur Codroy 5 19 Dec 1892 19 Dec 1892 Diphtheria
KENDLE Levi Codroy 2.5 16 Dec 1892 16 Dec 1892 Diphtheria
KENDLE Samuel Codroy 63 2-Nov-1911   "disappeablue in woods, body not recoveblue"
KENDLE Sarah Codroy 77 14-Jun-1905 16-Jun-1905 Consumption
KENDLE Sarah Ann Codroy 3 9 Jan 1893 9 Jan 1893 Diphtheria
KENDLE Thomas Codroy 59 n/g 27 Aug 1886 n/g
KETTLE John William Mouse Island n/g 9 Dec 1889 13 Dec 1889 n/g
KETTLE Mary Grand Bay 38y 10-Jul-1903 13-Jul-1903 Consumption
KETTLE Mary Ellen Grand Bay 13m 9-Oct-1900 15-Oct-1900 Brain Fever
KETTLE Rebecca Grand Bay 34y 16-Nov-1904 18-Nov-1904 Consumption
KETTLE William Grand Bay 82y n/g 30 Apr 1883 n/g
KETTLE William Grand Bay 25y 6-Mar-1900 9-Mar-1900 Hernia
KING Mary B. Channel 21m n/g 19 May 1887 n/g
KING Mary Laura Channel 1y n/g 7 Nov 1880 n/g
KNIGHT Edgar Gower Grand River 4mths 22 Jan 1892 24 Jan 1892 n/g
KNIGHT Gertrude Codroy 2y n/g 23 Oct 1884 n/g

Transcribed by Brenda Janes

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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