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The Almagorra Obit Index
An Index of Newfoundland and Labrador Referenced Obits
from the United States, Canada and Other Foreign Newspapers

The Algamorra Obits were previously available on the Nfld-Roots Mailing List.
With the demise of the Roots Mailing Lists, they are now being made available here.

If anyone would like a full obituary, from the index below, please reply DIRECTLY to

IMPORTANT: When requesting an obit please state the full name of the deceased, as listed below.

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Current Year 2020 2019

"The Current Postings"


ARCHER, Thelma nee Murley 1940-2020 b. Bay of Islands, NL
Mother was a BENNETT



BISHOP, Charles E 1927-2020 b. Bell Island, NL

BLINN, Patricia Ann nee Vokey 1938-2020 b. Canada
Father born in Spaniard’s Bay, NL
Mother was a BUNN b. Canada
Paternal Grandmother BARRETT
Paternal Great-Grandmother was a BABCOCK

BAMBURY, Warren T. 1931-2020 b. USA
Parents b. Pools Cove, NL
Mother was a PAYNE
Paternal Grandmother was a DRAKE b. Little Bay West, NL

BRIDEAUX, David, d. 2020 b. Canada
Wife was a COAKER b. St. John's, NL

BRAGG, Nona nee Saunders 1944-2020 b. Glovertown, NL
Mother was a FIFIELD

BENOIT, Mabel E. nee Buglar 1937-2021 b. Harbour Breton, NL
Mother was a MOORE


CORBISIER, Geraldine Mary Elizabeth nee Banfield 1928-2020 b. Canada
Parents b. NL
Mother was a MOSHER born Fortune, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a CLARK

CLARKE, Aubrey H 1938-2020 born in Canada
Mother was a STANDING born in Burgeo, NL
Maternal Grandmother was a BILLARD
Maternal Great-Grandmothers were NORTHCOTT & GUY
Maternal Great-Great-Grandmothers were McDONALD & MATTHEWS
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandmother was a BAGGS

CODDINGTON (HEDDEN) Mary Patricia nee Kelly 1932-2021 b. Grand Falls, NL
Mother was a PARSONS

CHAMBERS, Nina E nee Mead 1937-2021 born in Canada
Father born in Burnt Island, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a KEEPING
Paternal Great-Grandmothers were FUDGE & SMURIDGE

CROCKER, Chesley 1940-2021 b. Deer Lake, NL
Mother was a BISHOP

CHEWNING, Evelyn M. nee Thistle age 91, d. 2021 b. Bell Island, NL


DINKEL, Susanna R. nee Mercer 1935-2020 b. Victoria Cove, Fogo
Mother was a PARSONS




FITZGERALD, Ronald J age 72 d. 2020 b. USA
Father born in Open Hall, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a GOULD


GORDON, Richard 1940-2020 b. USA
Father born Harbour Grace, NL
Mother was a BENNETT b. Carbonear, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a THISTLE
Maternal Grandmother was a DOREY

GREENE, Harold P. age 93, d. 2020 b. Greene's Point Tilting, NL
Wife was a COLBERT born in Red Head Cove, NL

GARDNER, Clifford W. 1935-2021 born in Canada
Mother was a FORD b. Channel, NL
Maternal Grandmother HARVEY


HODDER, Samuel D 1961-2020 b. Canada
Mother was a MERCER b. Burgeo, NL
Father born in Burin, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a HINES
Paternal Great-Grandmother was a BRUSHETT

HAGGERTY, Ada nee Rose 1941-2020 b. Canada
Father born St. John's, NL
Mother was a PIEROWAY b. St. George's, NL
Great Grandmothers were TURNER & FRAMPTON

HOLWELL, Edward W. D. 1942-2020 born in St. John's, NL
Mother was a LeDREW

HOLLINRAKE, Adelaide nee Houlihan 1928-2020 b. Flatrock, NL
Mother was a STACK

HARTLEY, Richard age 99 d. 2021 born in Dunville, NL
Mother was a POWER

HANN, Edward Jordy 1929-2021 born in Summerside, NL

HOLLANDS, Mona nee Wentzell 1932-2021 b. NL


IVANY, Gordon E. 1933-2021 b. Bell Island, NL
Mother was a HARRIS
Paternal Grandmother was a WYATT
Maternal Grandmother was a MATTHEWS


JOHNSTON, John Richard 1946-2020 born New Harbour, Trinity Bay, NL
Mother was a MITCHELL

JONES, Veronica nee Bruce 1942-2020 b. NL




LEES, Loraine nee Reid 1935-2020 b. Canada
Parents born in Newfoundland
Mother was a WHEELER
Paternal Grandmother was a WINDSOR
Great-Grandmother was a RICHMOND

LEE, Andrew George 1942-2020 b. Buchans, NL
Mother was an EVERARD

LARSSON, Gwendolyn Jean Clarke nee Elliott 1928-2021 born in Corner Brook, NL

LEWIS, Robert Wayne 1949-2020 b. Lower Island Cove, NL
Mother was a BOUNDS
Paternal Grandmother was a GARLAND
Paternal Great-Grandmother was a SNELGROVE
Maternal Grandmother was a DRISCOLL


MORGAN, Elizabeth Joan nee Gillett 1934-2020 b. Twillingate, NL

MASEY, Neatha Estalla nee Legge 1929-2020 b. Robinson's, NL
Mother was a SHEARS
Paternal Grandmother was a PICOT

MEADE, John W. 1945-2020 b. Canada
Father born NL
Maternal Grandfather (BURSEY) born NL

MAY, Dennis E. 1952-2021 b. Badger, NL
Mother was a PEDDLE

MacNEIL, Kathleen nee Holec 1923-2021 b. Canada
Mother was a HATCHER b. Port aux Basque, NL
Grandfather b. Rose Blanche, NL
Grandmother was a BLANCHARD
Great-Grandmother was a BILLARD




O'REILLY, Gerard M. 1922-2020 b. Argentia, NL
Mother was a POWERS


PICKERING, Benjamin 1930-2020 b. Corner Brook, NL

POWELL, Harry Byron 1942-2020 b. Grand Falls, NL
Mother was a SANGER




RICHE, Jemima Evelyn nee Perry 1926-2020 b. Gooseberry Island, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a WELLS
Mother was a HOWSE
Maternal Grandmother was a WELLS

ROACH, Carrie nee Rendell 1930-2020 b. Bishop's Falls, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a MARTIN
Paternal Great-Grandmothers were GOUGH & HOLLOWAY
Mother was a PIKE b. Harbour Grace, NL
Maternal Grandmother MARTIN

ROACH, Reynelda Mae nee Dwyer 1945-2020 b. Canada
Father b. Kelligrews, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a COUSIN or CRONIN b. Kelligrews, NL
Paternal Great-Grandmothers were HICKS & KING

ROBERTS, William J. 1947-2021 b. St. John's, NL

RUSSELL, Donna Madona nee Aucoin or O'QUINN b. Port-au-Port, NL
Mother was a PARSONS
Maternal Grandmother was a LAFITTE


SEARS, Grace nee Strugnell age 96, d. 2020 b. Pouch Cove, NL
Mother was a WILLIAMS

SNOOK, Miss Isabel 1957-2021 b. Canada
Father b. Little Bay, NL
Paternal Grandmother was a STROWBRIDGE b. NL
Maternal Grandfather OAKES b. NL (his mother was a HARVEY)
Maternal Grandmother MOORES b. NL (her mother was a KENNEDY)


THISTLE, Albert 1943-2019 born in The USA
Paternal Grandparents born St. John's, NL
Grandmother was a NOSEWORTHY
Great-Grandmothers were ROSE & HARRIS




VOKEY, Olive nee Caines 1932-2020 b. Canada
Father born in Great Jervois, NL
Grandmother MEADE
Great-Grandmother SIMMS
GrGr Grandmother was a BUFFETT
Father-in born in Burlington, NL (His Mother PINTON born Fogo, NL)


WICKS, Theodore R. 1928-2020 born in The USA
Father born in Bay de Verde, NL
Mother was a BENSON born in Grates Cove, NL

WILLIAMS, Margaret nee Fudge 1927-2021 b. Pass Island, Hermitage Bay, NL
Mother was a STRICKLAND








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