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Newfoundlanders who served in the Royal Navy
with the Rescue Tug Service

Service No.
Given Names
RTP/R319231 Abbott John
RTP/R300717 Allen Roy
RTP/R300517 Anderson William F
RTP/R300664 Anthony Marc Maxwell
RTP/R300718 Anthony William
RTP/R300719 Antle George
RTP/R319232 Avery Newman
RTP/R269548 Baily Herbert
RTP/R319245 Baird Harry
RTP/R319233 Barrett Cyril
RTP/R319346 Barrett Edgar H
RTP/R300720 Barrett John
RTP/R319427 Barry Andrew
RTP/R300665 Bartlett Thomas
RTP/R300642 Blackmore Frederick Malcolm
RTP/R300666 Boone Harold
RTP/R319188 Boone Samuel
RTP/R300721 Bourne William
RTP/R300722 Brown Alastair
RTP/R319189 Brown Paul
RTP/R300723 Brown Roland
RTP/R300667 Brown Ronald C
RTP/R300668 Budden John
RTP/R329249 Burke Cyril
RTP/R300669 Butler Leo Patrick
RTP/R319190 Butler Philip F
RTP/R300724 Butler Ronald
RTP/R319250 Byrne Raymond
RTP/R300725 Caines Leopold
RTP/R269546 Carew Harry
RTP/R300607 Carnell Norman
RTP/R319251 Cave Arthur
RTP/R300726 Chafe Leonard
RTP/R300727 Cheater Wesley
RTP/R319191 Churchill Eric
  Churchill John
RTP/R300728 Clarke Charles
RTP/R319193 Clarke Gerald
RTP/R319252 Clarke John L
RTP/R300730 Coughlan William
RTP/R300731 Critch Thomas
RTP/R319194 Curtis George
RTP/R300732 Dalton Richard
RTP/R300733 Dillon Frank
RTP/R274841 Domalain Michael
RTP/R300734 Donovan Harry
RTP/R319195 Donovan John
RTP/R300735 Downey Eugene
RTP/R300671 Drowns Clayton
RTP/R300736 Dunne John
RTP/R300737 Dunphy Joseph
RTP/R300672 Dwyer Patrick
RTP/R319232 Edstrom Thomas
RTP/R300738 Edwards Celestine
RTP/R219499 Elms William
RTP/R300673 Ethridge John
RTP/R300330 Evans Maurice
RTP/R300740 Everett Andrew
RTP/R198364 Farrell Celestine
RTP/R319196 Farrell Patrick
RTP/R26992 Fennell Louis
RTP/R319197 Fitzgerald Wilson
RTP/R300674 Flynn Gerald J
RTP/R300741 Fogarty William
RTP/R319198 Foote John
RTP/R229804 Forsey Wm George
RTP/R319362 Fowler Gordon
RTP/R300675 Fowler John J
No number issued Fraize Mose
RTP/R319200 Freake George
RTP/R300647 Gavin Thomas
RTP/R300676 Gill Francis
RTP/R300742 Gillard Dexter
RTP/R300677 Gillard Rex
RTP/R278960 Gosse John C
RTP/R319253 Greely James
RTP/R237984 Green Roy Stacey
RTP/R300743 Gulliver John
RTP/R319201 Hanham Rayfield
RTP/R269775 Hapgood Thomas
RTP/R300678 Harney Herbert
RTP/R300648 Harney Raymond
RTP/R319254 Harris Wilson
RTP/R300577 Harvey William
RTP/R300679 Hayward Alphonsus
RTP/R300680 Head Harry
RTP/R300744 Helpert Gerald
RTP/R300681 Hickey James
RTP/R300745 Hickey Patrick
RTP/R300746 Hodder Samuel
RTP/R300682 Hoddinott Eric
RTP/R195255 Hollett Ronald J
RTP/R300683 House Edward T
RTP/R300747 Howell Bernard
RTP/R300684 Hutchings Gerald
RTP/R300748 Hynes Bartholemew
RTP/R300685 Hunes Sidney
RTP/R300686 Ivany Gerald
RTP/R319256 Jackman Cecil
RTP/R319202 James Douglas
RTP/R300749 Janes Cyril
RTP/R319235 Joy Andrew
RTP/R300750 Kavanagh Gerard
RTP/R300751 Kavanagh John
RTP/R300687 King Leander Stewart
RTP/R300752 King William Joseph
RTP/R300753 Lambe Andrew
RTP/R24802 Lawlor Edward
RTP/R319203 Lawrence Snowden
RTP/R300688 Legge Evan
RTP/R300689 Long Albert
RTP/R300690 Long Fred
RTP/R319204 Loveridge Hubert
RTP/R300754 Lush Cyril
RTP/R300691 McCarthy Denis
RTP/R300692 McGrath Albert
RTP/R319206 McLeod Fred
RTP/R300755 Maher Thomas
RTP/R300621 Mare Robert John
RTP/R300651 Martin Alexander
RTP/R300445 Martin Donald
RTP/R269545 Mavin Randell
RTP/R319207 Mavin William
RTP/R319208 Mayo Clyde
RTP/R300693 Mitchell Gordon
RTP/R319209 Mitchell Benjamin
RTP/R319210 Moore Alex
RTP/R237512 Moore Robert
RTP/R319211 Moore Thomas
RTP/R213126 Moores Harry
  Moriarity Leo
RTP/R319212 Morrison Carl
RTP/R300756 Morrison John
RTP/R289722 Morrissey William
RTP/R300757 Mullins Joseph
RTP/R319213 Mullins Patrick
RTP/R300694 Murphy William
RTP/R300758 Murrin Robert
RTP/R300758 Neville Augustus
RTP/R319236 Newell Jacob
RTP/R300791 Newell William
RTP/R300759 Noftall Frederick
RTP/R300760 Normore Bernard
No number issued O'Brien David
RTP/R300696 O'Halligan Francis
RTP/R269544 Parrott Jacob
RTP/R319214 Parsons Cecil
RTP/R300761 Parsons Jacob
RTP/R300697 Parsons Rivelyn
RTP/R300762 Parsons Walter
RTP/R300698 Payne Ronald B
RTP/R300547 Peach Jack
RTP/R300699 Pearce William
RTP/R300700 Peddle Arthur S
RTP/R269542 Peddle George
RTP/R300628 Peddle Robert
RTP/R225560 Pender John
RTP/R300701 Pennell Roland
RTP/R300763 Perks William
RTP/R267543 Pilgrim  
RTP/R300764 Pittman Pat
RTP/R196192 Pittman Victor
RTP/R300702 Poole Lawrence
RTP/R300539 Poole Reuben
RTP/R300765 Pottle Wallace
RTP/R300548 Power Francis
RTP/R319216 Power James
RTP/R300766 Power John J
RTP/R300767 Power Leo
RTP/R300703 Pretty Lawrence
RTP/R168743 Prosper Henry
RTP/R300768 Ralph Hedrick
RTP/R300793 Randell William
RTP/R300769 Reid John
NAP/R269550 Rodgers Eli
NAP/R257641 Rodgers Joseph
RTP/R300704 Rumboldt William
RTP/R205952 Ryan Charles
RTP/R300770 Ryan Michael
RTP/R228362 Sheppard Jacob Richard
RTP/R300705 Smith Jacob
RTP/R300706 Soper William
RTP/R269543 Squires Bertram
RTP/R319217 Squires George
RTP/R300707 Squires Tasker
RTP/R300708 Stansbury Francis
RTP/R300772 Charles Joseph
RTP/R300773 Stone Stephen
RTP/R300774 Stowe Robert
RTP/R300709 Strickland William B
RTP/R300710 Sugg Richard
RTP/R300775 Sweeney John
RTP/R300776 Tilley Hall Robeck
RTP/R300711 Vokey Robert
RTP/R300712 Wade Gerald
RTP/R300713 Wall John
RTP/R213609 Walsh Frank
RTP/R319218 Walsh Gabriel
RTP/R300777 Walsh Kevin Patrick
RTP/R300655 Warren Leander
RTP/R300714 Warren Ronald
RTP/R300770 Whalen John
RTP/R300778 West Douglas George
RTP/R300715 White George
RTP/R260600 Williams Frederick
RTP/R300716 White Henry Stewart
RTP/R269549 Wiseman Adolph
RTP/R300780 Woodfine Patrick
RTP/R300781 Woodfine Thomas
RTP/R200029 Woodland Baxter

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