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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ R Listing

Service #
RALPH, Fred Traytown 1486
RANDELL, Charles O. Port Rexton 1762
RANDELL, Hector M. Port Rexton 1773
RANDELL, Hy G. Port Rexton 1769
RANDELL, John B. Port Rexton 1771 [Forces]
RANDELL, Joseph Port Rexton 1761 [Home Guard]
RANDELL, Norman Port Rexton 1766
RANDELL, Peter Port Rexton 1768
RANDELL, Robert J. Port Rexton 1770
RANDELL, William Hy Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1764 [Forces]
READER, Lloyd Broomfield, Bonavista Bay 1819
REARDON, Bernard Goose Cove, St. Anthony 3484 [Home Guard]
RECCORD, Ronald Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 884
REDDIGAN, Anthony J. Calvert 3545
REDDY, Frank Admirals Cove, Ferryland 994
REDIGAN, Richard Calvert 2239
REDMOND, William Long Harbour, Placentia Bay 3101
REES, Gordon William Botwood 1315 [Home Guard]
REEVES, Stanley Englee, Western Bay ~ Died Overseas 2793
REGULAR, Angus Botwood 3254
REGULAR, James W. Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 1239
REGULAR, John Heart's Content 1240
REGULAR, William Windsor 1179
REID, Albert J. Dildo, Trinity Bay 2873 [Home Guard]
REID, Albert T. Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 1243
REID, Armenius Englee, Western Bay 2794 [Home Guard]
REID, Arthur Dildo, Trinity Bay 278
REID, Arthur James Norris Point, Bonne Bay 3451 [Home Guard]
REID, Aubrey S. Dildo, Trinity Bay 1589
REID, Benjamin Little Catalina 1677
REID, Bernard Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 1242
REID, Corbett Bakers Brook, Rocky Harbour 3474 [Home Guard]
REID, Dougal Little Catalina 1676
REID, Elfred C. Dildo, Trinity Bay 280
REID, Elwood Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1550 [Forces]
REID, Frank Winterton, Trinity Bay 1245 [Forces]
REID, Gordon Dildo, Trinity Bay 950
REID, Hector R. Dildo, Trinity Bay 281
REID, John N. Codroy 599 [Forces]
REID, Joshua Old Shop, Trinity Bay 276 [Forces]
REID, Leslie H. Dildo, Trinity Bay 1590
REID, Levi Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1551
REID, Peter W. Winterton, Trinity Bay 3219
REID, Reginald Twillingate 180 [Home Guard]
REID, Richard South Dildo, Trinity Bay 277
REID, Robert V. Dildo, Trinity Bay 279
REID, Sidney Corner Brook 77
REID, Stephen H. Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 1244
REID, Willoughby Windsor 1180
REID, William T. Codroy 598 [Forces]
RENDELL, Bela Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 3220 [Home Guard]
RENDELL, Leonard Fogo 879 [Forces]
RENOUF, Claude St. Davids, St. Georges 2553
RENOUF, Llewelyn St. Davids, St. Georges 559 [Forces]
REX, Arthur N. Port Rexton 1765 [Home Guard]
REYNOLDS, James Carbonear 2485
REYNOLDS, Reginald J. Harbour Grace 2240 [Home Guard]
RICE, Frederick Point Leamington, Notre Dame Bay 3255
RICHARD, Noel Freshwater, Carbonear 3170
RICHARDS, Albert St. John's 1088
RICHARDS, James Channel 3020
RICHARDS, Peter Windsor 1181
RICHARDS, Wilfred Glenwood 887 [Forces]
RICKETTS, Walter M. Stack Cove, Bonavista Bay 1774
RIDEOUT, Cecil Longpond, Manuels 1092
RIDEOUT, Cyril Seal Cove, Fortune Bay 409
RIDEOUT, Douglas Bishops Falls 2739 [Home Guard]
RIDEOUT, George Goulds 1090
RIDEOUT, Kenneth Corner Brook 78
RIDEOUT, Pearce Bishops Falls 2740
RIDEOUT, Robert Twillingate 1421
RIDEOUT, Walter Bishops Falls 1370
RIDEOUT, Wilson Twillingate 880
RIGGS, Andrew Bay de Verde 2144
RIGGS, James Bay de Verde 2143
RIGGS, John Harbour Mille, Fortune Bay 2593
RIGGS, Thomas Jr. Bay de Verde 2145
ROACH, Cyril J. Glovertown 1488
ROACH, Harold Port Blandford 1525
ROACH, Victor Traytown 1487
ROACHE, Joseph Branch 365 [Forces]
ROACHE, Michael J. South East Placentia 2271 [Home Guard]
ROBERTS, Aaron Twillingate 882
ROBERTS, Ashley Twillingate 881 [Forces]
ROBERTS, Charles Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay 2426
ROBERTS, Christopher M. Sallys Cove, St. Barbe 3475 [Home Guard]
ROBERTS, Clayton Malcolm Sallys Cove, St. Barbe 3473 [Home Guard]
ROBERTS, Daniel Newtown, Bonavista Bay 2427 [Forces]
ROBERTS, Ford Botwood 1316
ROBERTS, Joshua C. Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 2594 [Home Guard]
ROBERTS, Percy Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay 2428
ROBERTS, Roland W. St. Anthony 3482 [Home Guard]
ROBERTS, Scott Lewisporte 885 [Forces]
ROBERTS, Stanley Georgetown, Conception Bay 2112
ROBERTS, William Clyde Sallys Cove, St. Barbe 3452
ROBERTSON, Maxwell St. John's 1089 [Forces]
ROBSON, William St. John's 2189
ROCKWOOD, Allison St. Anthony 2795 [Home Guard]
ROCKWOOD, James Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 1236
RODGERS, Walter J. Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 701
RODWAY, Gordon Kingwell, Placentia Bay 3102
ROGERS, Clayton Creston, Marystown 2663 [Forces]
ROGERS, Raymond G. Twillingate 883
ROGERS, William Creston, Marystown 2664 [Forces]
ROLFE, Andrew Badger 1420
ROSE, Cecil Glovertown 1457
ROSE, John Flowers Cove, St. Barbe 3453 [Home Guard]
ROSE, Norman J. Morrisville, Bay D'Espoir 2595 [Home Guard]
ROSE, Ronald Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3389 [Home Guard]
ROSE, Russell E. Harbour Breton 3315
ROSE, William Englee, Western Bay 2796 [Home Guard]
ROSE, William Logy Bay Road, St. John's 1091
ROSSITER, Lawrence Cape Broyle 995 [Home Guard]
ROSSITER, Raymond Cape Broyle 2238
ROWE, Alfred Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 1588
ROWE, Anthony Point Verde, Placentia Bay 2272
ROWE, Arthur N. Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 1238
ROWE, Donald Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 3221
ROWE, Eli Seldom, Fogo 889
ROWE, Frank Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 2241
ROWE, George W. Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 1241
ROWE, Harold U. Lewisporte ~ Asst/Supt 886
ROWE, Harry Windsor 1182
ROWE, Henry Port au Port 426
ROWE, Luke Twillingate 888
ROWE, Maxwell Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 1237
ROWE, Rex Seldom Come By 1094
ROWE, Silas Chance Cove, Trinity Bay 1870
ROWSELL, Donald L. Englee, Western Bay 2797 [Forces]
ROWSELL, Ernest J. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2874 [Home Guard]
ROWSELL, Gilbert W. Paddocks Bight, Notre Dame Bay 2875 [Home Guard]
ROWSELL, Herbert Point Leamington 2741
ROWSELL, Manuel Paddocks Bight, Notre Dame Bay 3579 [Home Guard]
ROWSELL, Reginald J. Port Blandford 2343
RUMBOLT, Austin Port aux Choix 2969 [Forces]
RUMBOLT, Edward Georgetown, Conception Bay 3021 [Home Guard]
RUMBOLT, Jerome Port aux Choix 2968 [Forces]
RUSSELL, Abraham Blaketown, Trinity Bay 80
RUSSELL, Arthur A. Princeton, Bonavista Bay 3038
RUSSELL, Chesley Blaketown, Trinity Bay 700
RUSSELL, Edwin Princeton, Bonavista Bay 3022
RUSSELL, Francis Channel 2551 [Forces]
RUSSELL, Ralph Bonavista 2344 [Home Guard]
RUSSELL, Roy G. Corner Brook 79
RUSSELL, Stephen Stephenville 3023
RUSSELL,Victor J. Princeton, Bonavista Bay 3039
RYALL, John Bishops Falls 1369
RYALL, Mike Corner Brook 76
RYAN, Abram Champneys East, Trinity Bay 1772 [Home Guard]
RYAN, Allan Birchy Cove, Bonavista Bay 1635
RYAN, Brazil Catalina 1675
RYAN, Cecil Joseph Ferryland 3548 [Home Guard]
RYAN, David St. Georges 513 [Home Guard]
RYAN, Emmanuel Birchy Cove, Bonavista Bay 1636 [Home Guard]
RYAN, Eric R. St. Josephs, Salmonier 274 [Forces]
RYAN, Frank Bonavista 179
RYAN, George F. Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1775 [Forces]
RYAN, Gred Forest Field, St. Mary's Bay 3547 [Home Guard]
RYAN, James Colliers, Conception Bay 2029
RYAN, John F. St. Joseph's, Salmonier 273
RYAN, John J. Ferryland 3550
RYAN, Joseph P. St. Joseph's, Salmonier 1970
RYAN, Lawrence, M. Port Saunders ~ Camp Foreman 2934 [Home Guard]
RYAN, Matthew J. St. John's 3456
RYAN, Michael St. John's 641
RYAN, Michael Ferryland 996
RYAN, Nicholas P. Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay 2345
RYAN, Norman Birchy Cove, Bonavista Bay 1637 [Home Guard]
RYAN, Patrick Plate Cove, Bonavista Bay 1818 [Forces]
RYAN, Patrick Ferryland 997
RYAN, Paul Doyles 560
RYAN, Pius St. Andrews, St. Georges 2532
RYAN, Ralph Port Rexton ~ Died Overseas 1763
RYAN, Thomas Ferryland 3549 [Home Guard]
RYAN, Walter North Harbour, Placentia Bay 3103 [Home Guard]
RYAN, Walter C. Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1767
RYAN, William Colliers, Conception Bay 2242

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