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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ G Listing

Service #
GABRIEL, Harvey Corner Brook 399
GABRIEL, Henry Stephenville 2995
GABRIEL, Norman Corner Brook 36
GALE, Agustine [sic] Millville, St. Georges 577
GALE, Arthur Millville, St. Georges 2531
GALLANT, John Woods Island, Bay of Islands 2458
GALLANT, Joseph Stephenville 446 [Forces]
GALLANT, Martin Stephenville 448 [Forces]
GALLANT, William Stephenville 447 [Forces]
GALLIOTT, Howard Corner Brook 400 [Forces]
GALLIOTT, Stanley Curling 41
GALWAY, William Harbour Grace 2066
GARNIER, Agustine [sic] St. Fintan's 537
GARNIER, Ernest H. St. Fintan's 536
GARRETT, Austin L. Port Blandford 1502 [Forces]
GASLARD, William Anchor Point, St. Barbes 2935
GATEHOUSE, Dorman Fogo 777 [Forces]
GAUDET, Samuel Stephenville 421 [Forces]
GAULTON, Eli Hermitage 3310 [Home Guard]
GAULTON, John St. Alban's 3349
GAULTON, Kenneth Grand Falls ~ Camp Foreman 132
GAULTON, Leslie J. Hermitage 2570 [Home Guard]
GELLATELY, Jack St. John's 1050
GELLATELY, Joseph St. John's 1051
GENGE, Absalon Anchor Point, St. Barbe 2936 [Home Guard]
GENGE, Caleb Anchor Point, St. Barbe 2937 [Home Guard]
GENGE, Edward Anchor Point, St. Barbe 2938
GENGE, George Glovertown 1479
GENGE, George Bear Cove, St. Barbe 3423 [Home Guard]
GENGE, Lawrence Anchor Point, St. Barbe 3425 [Home Guard]
GENGE, Pius Anchor Point, St. Barbe 3426
GENGE, Porter Flowers Cove 2939 [Home Guard]
GENGE, Thomas Flowers Cove 2940
GEORGE, Annanias Winterton, Trinity Bay 1212
GEORGE, Charles Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 1210
GEORGE, Martin Dildo, Trinity Bay 3512
GEORGE, Munden Dildo, Trinity Bay 1564 [Forces]
GEORGE, Norman Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1847
GEORGE, Reuben Winterton, Trinity Bay 3185
GEORGE, Richard Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1865
GEORGE, Stanley E. Dildo, Trinity Bay 3513
GEORGE, Willis Old Shop, Trinity Bay 232
GEORGE, William Winterton, Trinity Bay ~ Camp Foreman 1211
GEORGE, William Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 3186
GEORGE, William G. Dildo, Trinity Bay 234
GIBBONS, Gerald St. Vincent's, St. Mary's Bay 3063 [Home Guard]
GIBBONS, Matthew St. Vincent's, St. Mary's Bay 3064
GILBERT, Freeman Haystack, Trinity Bay 3065
GILBERT, George W. Haystack, Trinity Bay 3066
GILBERT, Thomas M. Hopeall, Trinity Bay 662
GILBERT, William H. Hopeall, Trinity Bay 661
GILES, Cyril Bishop's Falls 1347
GILES, Norman Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 1896
GILES, Simeon G. Rogues Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2834
GILL, Clarence H. Botwood 2698
GILL, John G. Botwood 2699
GILL, Max Millertown 1158 [Forces]
GILL, Ron K. Grand Falls 1155
GILLAM, John S. Robinson's ~ Camp Foreman 496 [Home Guard]
GILLAN, Pierce McKay's 541
GILLAN, Wilfred Robinson's 540
GILLARD, Albert Corner Brook 38 [Forces]
GILLARD, Allan Twillingate 781
GILLARD, Bennett Twillingate 783
GILLARD, Chesley R. Twillingate 139
GILLARD, George Twillingate 136
GILLARD, George Twillingate 782
GILLARD, Job St. John's 3044 [Home Guard]
GILLARD, John W. Twillingate 780
GILLARD, Job Twillingate 141
GILLARD, Pearce Twillingate 134 [Forces]
GILLARD, Pleman Twillingate 143
GILLARD, Theophillus Twillingate 135
GILLARD, Wilfred Twillingate 138
GILLETT, Maxwell St. John's 618
GILLETTE, George Humber South 398 [Forces]
GILLINGHAM, Ephraim Jackson's Arm 2776 [Home Guard]
GILLINGHAM, Stewart Indian Bay, Bonavista Bay 2393
GILLINGHAM, Thomas W. Jackson's Arm 2777 [Home Guard]
GILLINGHAM, William Corner Brook 2482
GILLIS, Alfred Codroy 575
GILLIS, Jack Corner Brook 37 [Forces]
GILLIS, John D. Corner Brook 576
GILLIS, John R. Campbells Creek, Port au Port 436 [Forces]
GILLIS, John W. Loch Leven 539
GILLIS, Martin Loch Leven 538
GINN, Edward Fogo 778
GLADNEY, Lawrence Clarenville 1901 [Home Guard]
GLADNEY, Michael J. Clarenville ~ Died Overseas 1900
GLEASON, Joseph Virgin Arm, Notre Dame Bay 784
GLYNN, Cornelius L'anse Au Loup 3590
GOLDSWORTHY, Allan Trinity East, Trinity Bay 1715
GOLLOWAY, Thomas Goldenville 2213
GOOBIE, Don Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1899
GOOBIE, Eldred Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 40 [Forces]
GOOBIE, Joshua Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 2308 [Home Guard]
GOOBIE, Morlie Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 3136
GOODLAND, Henry L. St. John's 227 [Forces]
GOODLAND, Thomas Elliston, Trinity Bay 1621
GOODWIN, Joshua Brownsdale, Trinity Bay 1209
GOODYEAR, Alexander Windsor 1157
GOODYEAR, Esau Carmanville 785
GOODYEAR, John Fosters Point, Trinity Bay 3031 [Home Guard]
GOODYEAR, Joseph Carmanville 786
GOODYEAR, Ross W. White Rock. Smith Sound, Trinity Bay 1897 [Forces]
GOODYEAR, Stanley Norris Arm 2835 [Home Guard]
GOOSNEY, Matthew Norris Point, Bonne Bay 2941
GORDON, William J. Harbour Grace 2069
GOOSE, Arthur D. Whitbourne 664
GOSSE, Charles Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 2836 [Home Guard]
GOSSE, Cyril G. Whitbourne 1565
GOSSE, Edward Spaniards Bay 2095
GOSSE, John Torbay 617
GOSSE, John Whitbourne 667
GOSSE, Kenneth George Chapel Arm 1563 [Forces]
GOSSE, Nathan Whitbourne 669
GOSSE, Richard H. Dildo, Trinity Bay 233
GOSSE, Ronald H. Spaniards Bay 2093
GOSSE, William J. Tilton, Conception Bay 2094 [Home Guard]
GOUGH, John Elliston, Trinity Bay 1622 [Forces]
GOUGH, Ralph Elliston, Trinity Bay 1620
GOULD, Andrew Bear Cove, St. Barbe 2942
GOULD, Arthur Port aux Choix 2943 [Home Guard]
GOULD, Clarence Port Saunders 2944 [Forces; trans to Navy]
GOULD, George Bear Cove, St. Barbe 3429 [Home Guard]
GOULD, Isaac Bear Cove, St. Barbe 3424 [Home Guard]
GOULD, James Bear Cove, St. Barbe 2945
GOULD, Joseph G. Port aux Choix 2961 [Forces; trans to R.A.F.]
GOULD, Kenneth Bear Cove, St. Barbe 3428 [Home Guard]
GOULD, Michael Port Saunders 3427 [Home Guard]
GOULD, Wallace Port aux Choix 2946 [Home Guard]
GOULD, William Port aux Choix 2947 [Home Guard]
GOULDING, Leslie Norris Arm 2837 [Home Guard]
GOULDING, Pearce Norris Arm 2838 [Home Guard]
GOULDING, Willis Grand Falls 1156
GRACE, Edward J. Mount Carmel, Salmonier 230
GRACE, Gerard Mount Carmel, Salmonier 3514
GRACE, John J. Mount Carmel, Salmonier ~ C/F 228
GRACE, Pat J. Mount Carmel, Salmonier 229
GRAHAM, Norman Bishop's Falls 3242
GRANT, Albert T. Little Bay West 3309 [Home Guard]
GRANT, Clement St. John's 619
GRANT, Fred New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3187
GRANT, George New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3188 [Home Guard]
GRANT, Harvey St. John's 1114
GRANVILLE, Harry Twillingate 0137
GRANVILLE, John H. St. John's ~ Construction Foreman 1117
GREELEY, Stewart Portugal Cove 325 [Forces]
GREEN, Adolph Lourdes 2465
GREEN, Ambrose Placentia 2996 [Forces]
GREEN, Elwood Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 1566 [Forces]
GREEN, Henry St. Jones Without, Trinity Bay 3243
GREEN, Herbert Corner Brook 39
GREEN, Ingham Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1898
GREEN, Kevin Point Verde, Placentia Bay 42
GREEN, Lloyd Bishop's Falls 2700 [Home Guard]
GREEN, Newman Winterton, Trinity Bay 3189
GREEN, Owen C. Winterton, Trinity Bay 3515 [Home Guard]
GREEN, Percy Winterton, Trinity Bay 3516
GREEN, Samuel Carbonear 2048
GREEN, Thomas P. Gambo 2903 [Forces]
GREEN, William J. Safe Harbour, Bonavista Bay 2394 [Forces]
GREEN, Wilson Badger 2701 [Forces]
GREENE, Alex Point Verde, Placentia Bay 1995
GREENE, Arthur Fogo 779
GREENE, Augustus Point Verde, Placentia Bay 2255 [Home Guard]
GREENE, Bernard J. Point Verde, Placentia Bay 1985
GREENE, Ernest Point Verde, Placentia Bay 1986
GREENE, Gaddis Bishop's Falls 1346
GREENE, Garnet Bishop's Falls 1348
GREENE, Gerard M. Point Verde, Placentia Bay 2254
GREENE, John E. Point Verde, Placentia Bay 1984
GREENE, Kevin Point Verde, Placentia Bay 2253
GREENE, Ralph Millertown Junction 1393 [Forces]
GREENE, Reg T. Point Verde, Placentia Bay 1988
GREENE, Robert J. Point Verde, Placentia Bay 1987
GREENE, Vincent H. Point Verde, Placentia Bay 2252
GREENHAM, Fred Twillingate 140
GREENHAM, John Mings Bight 3570
GREENHAM, Martin Twillingate 142
GREENING, Fred J. Port Blandford 1505
GREENING, Garland Port Blandford 1504
GREENING, J.S. Port Blandford 1501
GREENING, John Port Blandford 1507
GREENING, Nelson S. Port Blandford 1503 [Forces]
GREENING, Rexman T. Port Blandford 2309 [Forces]
GREENING, William Port Blandford 1506
GREGORY, Jonathan Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 2310
GRIFFIN, Dominic Broad Cove, Bonavista Bay 1714
GRIFFIN, Edward St. John's 2165 [Home Guard]
GRIFFIN, Kenneth Jersey Harbour, Placentia Bay 3311
GRIFFIN, Kevin Jerseyside, Placentia Bay 2256
GRIMES, Eric Little Bay Island 2702
GRIMES, George Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 133
GUEST, Robert E. St. John's 1052
GUSHUE, George St. Joseph's, Salmonier 231
GUSHUE, George M. Whitbourne 663
GUSHUE, Patrick Whitbourne 668
GUSHUE, Phillip Whitbourne 666
GUSHUE, Stephen Whitbourne 665
GUSHUE, Tobias St. Joseph's, Salmonier 226
GUY, Garland M. Buchans 1392 [Forces]
GUY, John Botwood 1441
GUY, Leslie Windsor 2703

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