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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ F Listing

Service #
FAGAN, Thomas St. Mary's 3062
FAHEY, Timothy Riverhead, Harbour Grace 2063
FALLON, John Harbour Grace 2064
FANCY, Alvin Gander Bay 774 [Forces]
FAREWELL, Frank Creston South, Placentia Bay 2626 [Forces]
FAREWELL, James Fogo 766 [Home Guard]
FARRELL, Michael B. Marystown 2625
FAULKNER, Alexander Bishop's Falls 2306 [Home Guard]
FAULKNER, Alvin Bishop's Falls 2694
FAULKNER, Douglas Bishop's Falls 2695 [Home Guard]
FAULKNER, John Bishop's Falls, Bonavista Bay 1619
FELTHAM, Arthur Deer Island, Bonavista Bay 2832
FELTHAM, Brammell Trinity, Bonavista Bay 2389 [Forces]
FELTHAM, Hubert St. John's 2200
FELTHAM, John Channel 2993
FELTHAM, Jonathan Glovertown ~ Died Overseas 1478
FELTHAM, W.H. Glovertown 1477
FELTHAM, William Windsor 1153
FENIMORE, Benjamin St. Anthony 3485 [Home Guard]
FENNELL, Louis St. John's 1047
FIANDER, Claude Trinity, Trinity Bay 1708 [Forces]
FIELD, William St. John's 1049
FIFIELD, Arthur R. St. John's 322
FIFIELD, Bramwell Paddicks Point, Notre Dame Bay 3568
FIFIELD, Chesley C. South Brook, Notre Dame Bay 2833
FIFIELD, Edgar Glovertown 1476 [Home Guard]
FIFIELD, Edmund J. Trinity East, Trinity Bay 1712
FIFIELD, Harold Trinity East, Trinity Bay 1711
FIFIELD, Hy St. John's 324
FIFIELD, Watson S. English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1709 [Forces]
FILLATRE, Brammel Sandy Point, St. Georges 480
FILLATRE, Chesley Sandy Point, St. Georges 479
FILLIER, Clifford S. Englee 2772
FILLIER, Riffar D.E. Englee, Western Bay 2773
FINN, Cyril Fogo 763
FINNEY, William St. John's 316
FITZGERALD, David Tilton, Conception Bay 2089
FITZGERALD, Eric Trepassey 2211 [Home Guard]
FITZGERALD, Gerald St. John's 319
FITZGERALD, Gerald Trepassey 2210 [Home Guard]
FITZGERALD, Ronald M. Conche, Western Bay 2774 [Forces]
FITZGERALD, William J. Keels, Bonavista Bay 2307 [Forces]
FITZGIBBONS, James Bay de Verde 3511
FITZPATRICK, Aloysius Lord's Cove, Placentia Bay 3281
FITZPATRICK, Bernard Lord's Cove, Placentia Bay 3277
FITZPATRICK, Cecil F. Lord's Cove, Placentia Bay 3280
FITZPATRICK, Frank Bay Roberts 2090
FITZPATRICK, Herbert Lord's Cove, Placentia Bay 3279
FITZPATRICK, Patrick Bay Roberts 2092
FITZPATRICK, Silvester Lord's Cove, Placentia Bay 3278
FITZPATRICK, Thomas Torbay 615 [Home Guard]
FLAHERTY, Joseph A. Avondale, Conception Bay 2031
FLEET, Arthur J. Stephenville Crossing 445
FLEMMING, Fred J. Harbour Main ~Lieut. 222 [Home Guard]
FLEMMING, Gordon Corner Brook 32 [Forces]
FLYNN, Edward J. St. John's 223 [Home Guard]
FLYNN, George Placentia 1983
FLYNN, Frank Highlands 535
FLYNN, William Whitbourne 660
FOGARTY, Patrick Lomond ~ Asst/Supt ~ Captain 35 [Home Guard]
FOLEY, William St. Brides, Placentia Bay 2251
FOLLETT, James Winterton 3183 [Home Guard]
FORD, Arthur Dover, Bonavista Bay 2390 [Home Guard]
FORD, Earl Dover, Bonavista Bay 2391 [Home Guard]
FORD, Ernest S. Jacksons Arm 2775
FORD, Gordon English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1710
FORD, Manuel Wellington, Bonavista Bay 1440
FORD, Reginald Channel 2994
FORD, Wesley Amherst Cove, Bonavista Bay 1618 [Forces]
FORSEY, Wilbert Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 773
FORSEY, William B. Fortune 2569 [Home Guard]
FORWARD, Frank O. Badger 2696
FORWARD, John H. Carbonear ~ Asst/F 2046 [Home Guard]
FORWARD, Paul Harbour Grace 2065
FOSS, Bert Botwood 1284 [Forces]
FOSS, Pearce Botwood 1283
FOSTER, Ralph Corner Brook 34 [Forces]
FOWLER, Gilbert St. John's 317
FOWLER, Herbert St. John's 1048
FOWLER, Leo N. Brigus, Conception Bay 2111
FOWLER, Richard J. Mount Carmel 224
FOWLER, William G. Chamberlains, Conception Bay 2168
FOWLOW, Levi Trinity, Trinity Bay 1713
FRAMPTON, George St. John's 616
FRAMPTON, George Epworth, Burin 2627
FRAMPTON, Hubert Channel 2540 [Home Guard][Forces]
FRANCIS, Ambrose J. Salmonier, Burin 2628
FRANCIS, Clarence Black Duck Cove, Burin 2629 [Home Guard]
FRANCIS, Edward J. St. John's 2164
FRANCIS, Harold Mount Pearl 1046 [Forces]
FRANCIS, Harvey Gilbert Gander Bay, Notre Dame Bay 775
FRASER, B.A. St. John's ~ D/Supt Appointment
FRASER, Jack St. Fintan's 534
FREAKE, Arthur Fogo 764 [Home Guard]
FREAKE, James Boyd's Cove, Notre Dame Bay 3567
FREAKE, Joseph Fogo 767
FREAKE, Leonard Fogo 765
FRENCH, Arthur G. Bay Roberts 2091
FRENCH, Hubert Bell Island, Conception Bay 321 [Forces]
FRENCH, Marcus Winterton, Trinity Bay 3184
FRENCH, Robert Bay Roberts 2212
FRENCH, Serrick [sic] Bareneed, Conception Bay 1045
FROUD, Albert Twillingate 769
FROUND [sic], Arthur Twillingate 771
FROUD, Bennett Twillingate 768
FROUD, Cyril Twillingate 772 [Home Guard]
FROUD, Stanley Twillingate 770
FRY, Albert E. Millertown Junction ~ Camp Foreman 1154
FRY, George Bonavista 1617
FRY, Jacob Charleston, Bonavista Bay 1796
FRY, James Corner Brook 33 [Forces]
FRY, William G. Portugal Cove 320
FUDGE, Christopher Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 131
FUDGE, George Botwood 776
FUDGE, Samuel R. Chamberlains, Conception Bay ~ Camp Foreman 318
FUDGE, Walter D. Windsor 130[Forces]
FUDGE, Woodrow Peters Arm, Botwood 3569
FUREY, Charles J. St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay 1943
FUREY, Frank Carbonear 2047
FUREY, Terrence J. St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay 225
FURLONG, Herbert St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2392 [Home Guard]
FURLONG, John Pouch Cove 323
FURLONG, John J. Sr. St. John's 2697
FURLONG, P.F. St. John's 3595

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