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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
2nd Contingent 181351 MacDonald, Jacob M. Burgeo
14th Contingent 230191 MacDonald, Norman D Mount Moriah, Bay of Islands
12th Contingent 246613 Macdonald, William F 10 Gillmore St., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277302 Macdonald, William J* St. Joseph's Cove, Bay d'Espoir
Forestry Transfer 237104 MacLellan, Joseph Codroy
8th Contingent 208984 Madden, Terrence McS 486 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208983 Maddick, Charles McS 87 Lime St., St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247973 Maddick, John Wm. St. Georgeís
8th Contingent 208957 Maddock, John Humbermouth
8th Contingent 208960 Maher, William F 100 New Gower St., St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200068 Maher, William J St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211564 Mahon, Gerald J Portugal Cove Rd., St. Johnís
1st Contingent C/173315 Mahon, James Thomas* St. John's
5th Contingent P/188802 Mahoney, Frank Carbonear
Forestry Transfer 217858 Mahoney, Stanley G.* Fogo
5th Contingent D/191530 Maidment, Ernest* Grand Falls
1st Contingent C/173316 Maidment, Maxwell Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
10th Contingent 216810 Maloney, Walter M Bell Island
2nd Contingent 181239 Mandville, John F. 17 Tunis Court, St. John's
11st Contingent 211011 Manning, Alfred J Harbour Buffett
7th Contingent P/200087 Manning, James J Torbay
8th Contingent 208962 Manning, William Torbay Rd., St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247992 Mansfield, Henry New Melbourne
14th Contingent 230238 Manuel, Andrew D Lewisporte
8th Contingent 208958 Manuel, Ernest Howley
14th Contingent 230237 Manuel, Harry G Botwood
Forestry Transfer 218003 Manuel, Hector Deer Lake
Forestry Transfer 205627 Manuel, Herbert A. Exploits, Notre Dame Bay
5th Contingent D/191509 March, Allan T. Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
8th Contingent 208908 March, Harold W Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent P/188909 March, Martin Stephenville
10th Contingent 216756 March, Stanley J Botwood
10th Contingent 216811 March, Stephen J Old Perlican
3rd Contingent 181265 March, Wilfred G. Lady Cove, Trinity Bay
13th Contingent 247979 Marsh, Eliol Dunfield, Trinity Bay
14th Contingent 230190 Marshall, Cornelius Corner Brook
18th Contingent 316650 Marshall, George F Carbonear
13th Contingent 247974 Marshall, Joseph C South River
15th Contingent 277303 Marshall, Walter Wm. Harbour Buffett
5th Contingent 188936 Marshall, William H. Carbonear
8th Contingent 208899 Martin, Absolom Harbour Grace
  P/SSX31751 Martin, Albert St. John's
15th Contingent 277304 Martin, C Harbour Grace
8th Contingent 208987 Martin, Edward H 38 William St., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181215 Martin, George M. Cartwright, Labrador
12th Contingent 246672 Martin, Gordon New Perlican
  C/KX98869 Martin, Graham William Harbour Grace
Forestry Transfer KX119013 Martin, Guy K.*  
12th Contingent 246716 Martin, Howard Cartwright, Labrador
15th Contingent 277241 Martin, J Walter Hickman's Harbour
7th Contingent P/200095 Martin, Leonard J St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208913 Martin, Mabery B Leading Tickles
9th Contingent 211563 Martin, Manuel Shoe Cove, Notre Dame Bay
Forestry Transfer 261881 Martin, Phillip Port au Port
4th Contingent C/186003 Martin, Thomas Harbour Grace
10th Contingent 216812 Martin, Walter H New Perlican
2nd Contingent 181282 Martin, William R. Codroy
11th Contingent 220945 Martin, William T Port au Port
8th Contingent 208905 Mason, Dominic Bellevue, Trinity Bay
12th Contingent 246673 Mason, Joseph Bell bland
17th Contingent 315709 Mason, Reginald A Port Union
7th Contingent C/204808 Masters, Edmund* Windsor
15th Contingent 277384 Masters, Norman Harbour Buffett
12th Contingent 246695 Masters, Samuel J English Harbour
15th Contingent 277242 Matchim, Clyde Sandy Cove, Bonavista Bay
12th Contingent 246614 Matthews, Charles S Grand Bay, Port aux Basques
  Unknown # Matthews, Clarence Burgeo
14th Contingent 230242 Matthews, Clayton Grand Bank
10th Contingent 216757 Matthews, Geo M Badger
1st Contingent C/173317 Matthews, George M. Corner Brook
5th Contingent C/188390 Matthews, Wilson N. 75 Flower Hill, St. John's
17th Contingent 315710 Mauger, Freeman J Petries
11th Contingent 221012 Maunder, Leslie C St. Johnís
6th Contingent P/194562 May, Esrom* Point Rosie
6th Contingent P/194561 May, Harvey Point Rosie
4th Contingent P/188926 May, Harvey J. Point Rosie
6th Contingent P/194559 May, John H Point Rosie
9th Contingent 211483 May, Walter Point Rosie
11th Contingent 220946 Maybee, Robert J 116 Circular Rd., St. Johnís
14th Contingent 230092 Mayo, John WS Burin
6th Contingent P/194560 Mayo, William T Burin
13th Contingent 247991 McCarthy, Benedict Wood's Island, Bay of islands
8th Contingent 208907 McCarthy, Bernard Bellevue, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent C/185999 McCarthy, Cornelius Upper Island Cove
12th Contingent 246696 McCarthy, Leonard J Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
Joined in the U.K. SSX26931 McCarthy, T.J.  
18th Contingent 316661 McDonald William F Portugal Cove Rd., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 180952 McDonald, Herbert J. Salmonier
12th Contingent 246615 McDonald, John J Portugal Cove Rd., St. Johnís
13th Contingent 248001 McDonald, Patrick J 39 Powers, St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200111 McDonald, Paul J St. Johnís
11th Contingent 220947 McDonald, Peter* Melrose, Trinity Bay
16th Contingent 299560 McDonald, Richard Melrose, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer 280021 McDonald, Roland A. Mount Moriah, Bay of Islands
4th Contingent P/188896 McDonald, Stephen F. 4 Carnell St., St. Johnís
5th Contingent P/188837 McDonald, Thomas Colliers, Conception Bay
7th Contingent D/201716 McDonald, Wm J Riverhead, St. Mary's
15th Contingent 277250 McEachern, Alex P Highlands
12th Contingent 246616 McFatridge, Arthur Rodney* St. David's Ave
4th Contingent P/188885 McGrath, Austin* Branch
9th Contingent 211439 McGrath, Bernard W Patrick's Cove, Cape Shore
1st Contingent C/173312 McGrath, Gregory Patrick's Cove, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211485 McGrath, Henry Patrick's Cove, Cape Shore
4th Contingent D/187467 McGrath, John Conception Harbour
1st Contingent C/173332 McGrath, John Barnet Avondale
1st Contingent C/173344 McGrath, Milton A.* Branch
Forestry Transfer 228057 McGrath, Owen Trinity
15th Contingent 277305 McGrath, Patrick J Bell Island
4th Contingent D/187454 McGrath, Samuel Colliers, Conception Bay
14th Contingent 230111 McGrath, Thomas Colliers, Conception Bay
12th Contingent 246697 McHugh, Peter J Presque, Placentia Bay
Forestry Transfer 237105 McIsaac, Archibald St. Andrews
Forestry Transfer 529819 McIsaac, Donald Millertown Junction
Forestry Transfer 237074 McIsaac, Lear G. Buchans
2nd Contingent 181347 McIsaac, Michael F. Port au Port
16th Contingent 299561 McKay, Justin M Melrose, Trinity Bay
11th Contingent 220948 McKinnon, Allan* St. Andrews
Forestry Transfer 246845 McLean, Daniel Stephenville
8th Contingent 208986 McLean, Harry Bell Island
18th Contingent 316653 McLean, Raymond Windsor
18th Contingent 316651 McLean, Stanley Stephenville
11th Contingent 220949 McLennon, Gerard Corner Brook
7th Contingent D/201729 McLennon, Richard G Placentia
7th Contingent D/201730 McLennon, William* Placentia
3rd Contingent 181713 McLeod, Roy B.* St. John's
10th Contingent 216758 McMahon William F Bishop's Falls
8th Contingent 208845 McMahon, Maurice Bishop's Falls
9th Contingent 211486 McPherson, Patrick Baie Verte
4th Contingent P/188913 Meade, Stanley Sarnia, Ont
15th Contingent 277306 Meadus, Cecil R Grates Cove, Bay de Verde
14th Contingent 230149 Mealey, James J 220 Water St., St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299622 Mealey, Thomas P 2 Wickford., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246617 Meaney, Joseph Calvert
4th Contingent D/187445 Meaney, Patrick J. Calvert
2nd Contingent 181251 Meehan, Bernard J. Point La Haye
12th Contingent 246698 Melay, Thomas St. Jacques
8th Contingent 208985 Mercer, Chesley Portugal Cove Rd., St. Johnís
1st Contingent C/173318 Mercer, Clare N. Chamberlains
10th Contingent 216813 Mercer, Fred Upper Island Cove
1st Contingent C/173313 Mercer, Graham Bay Roberts
4th Contingent C/186001 Mercer, Hayward Upper Island Cove
1st Contingent C/173320 Mercer, Heber Shearstown
6th Contingent C/195250 Mercer, Hector J St. Johnís
7th Contingent C/204795 Mercer, Herbert C St. Johnís
5th Contingent P/188799 Mercer, James Upper Island Cove
18th Contingent 316662 Mercer, James F Bay Roberts
15th Contingent 277307 Mercer, John Shearstown
6th Contingent C/195265 Mercer, John Harris* Bay Roberts
18th Contingent 316649 Mercer, Lewis H Upper Island Cove
11th Contingent 220883 Mercer, Lincoln F Spaniard's Bay
8th Contingent 208901 Mercer, Maxwell Upper Island Cove
1st Contingent C/173333 Mercer, Maxwell Shearstown
8th Contingent 208903 Mercer, Nathan Spaniard's Bay
  P/KX98866 Mercer, Philip A.* St. John's
1st Contingent C/173345 Mercer, Robert J. Bay Roberts
15th Contingent 277308 Mercer, Ronald Bell Island
4th Contingent C/186000 Mercer, Thomas Upper Island Cove
6th Contingent C/195269 Mercer, Thomas Bay Roberts
16th Contingent 299628 Mercer, William Upper Island Cove
Forestry Transfer KX130961 Mercer, William Badger
8th Contingent 208900 Mercer, William F Mundy Pond, St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299627 Mercer, William H Upper Island Cove
3rd Contingent 181690 Mercer, William L. Bay Roberts
17th Contingent 315711 Mercer, William R Bay Roberts
11th Contingent 220884 Mercer, William* Upper Island Cove
Forestry Transfer 280766 Merrigan, Anthony Carbonear
Forestry Transfer 280016 Merrigan, Michael Carbonear
Forestry Transfer 280564 Mesh, William H. Keels, Bonavista Bay
3rd Contingent 181672 Messervey, Chesley Sandy Point, Bay St. George
7th Contingent C/204818 Messervey, George H* Curling
Forestry Transfer 271912 Messervey, Rex R. Sandy Point, Bay St. George
3rd Contingent 181236 Mifflin, Reginald* Bonavista
17th Contingent 315712 Miles, James T* Bonavista
18th Contingent C/316654 Miles, Joseph T Newtown, Bonavista Bay
Forestry Transfer 280002 Miles, Samuel Burnt Island, Channel
15th Contingent 277251 Miles, Warren Boxey, Fortune Bay
9th Contingent 211437 Miller, Aaron New Bonaventure, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent P/188900 Miller, Albert Lester* Portugal Cove
4th Contingent P/188889 Miller, Bernard 252 New Gower St., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246674 Miller, Edgar J Bell Island
15th Contingent 277243 Miller, Edward G Kearley's Harbour, Trinity Bay
18th Contingent 316600 Miller, Eliol J Ivanhoe
11th Contingent 221014 Miller, Eric D 19 Cookstown Rd., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208888 Miller, Harold Portugal Cove
4th Contingent P/188865 Miller, James A. 38 Mullock St., St. John's
13th Contingent 247980 Miller, Joseph Kelsey's Harbour, Trinity Bay
6th Contingent C/195257 Miller, Thomas E St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277309 Miller, Thomas J Old Perlican
11th Contingent 221013 Miller, Wallace Portugal Cove
10th Contingent 216814 Miller, Walter RS Portugal Cove
3rd Contingent 181088 Miller, William C. Portugal Cove
18th Contingent 316652 Milley, Ralph G South Brook
8th Contingent 208846 Mills, Gilbert J Bishop's Falls
5th Contingent C/188384 Mills, Loyal W.* 65 Golf Ave., St. Johnís
6th Contingent LX24102 Mills, Reginald Rencontre
  P/SSX31752 Mills, William J.H. Shoal Harbour
8th Contingent 208909 Minnett, Joseph M Blackhead Rd., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 280331 Mitcham, Leslie D. Arnold's Cove
3rd Contingent 181089 Mitchell, Archie Humbermouth
10th Contingent 216759 Mitchell, Augustus  
13th Contingent 248002 Mitchell, Charlie Portugal Cove
13th Contingent 248003 Mitchell, Cyril Portugal Cove
13th Contingent 248004 Mitchell, Donald F.P. Portugal Cove
15th Contingent 277310 Mitchell, Edgar Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
8th Contingent 208902 Mitchell, Ernest Portugal Cove
  P/KX98868 Mitchell, Freeman C. Portugal Cove
4th Contingent P/188931 Mitchell, Hayward S.* Portugal Cove
Forestry Transfer LX28156 Mitchell, Herbert W. Botwood
  LX28166 Mitchell, Herbert W. Botwood
6th Contingent 219398 Mitchell, Jerome Corner Brook
Forestry Transfer 280392 Mitchell, John A. Benoits Cove
13th Contingent 248005 Mitchell, Jordon Portugal Cove
8th Contingent 208904 Mitchell, Matthew Portugal Cove
14th Contingent 230150 Mitchell, Stephen Portugal Cove
4th Contingent P/188907 Mitchell, Willis Portugal Cove
9th Contingent 211438 Mitchelmore, Richard C St. Anthony
3rd Contingent 181090 Moakler, Charles Bay Bulls
2nd Contingent 181331 Molloy, Gerald J. St. Mary's
2nd Contingent 181329 Mooney, Ignatius F. St. Mary's
8th Contingent 208959 Moore, Allan K Heart's Content (now St. Johnís)
6th Contingent D/202024 Moore, Benjamin P Corner Brook
12th Contingent 246620 Moore, Chesley F Blackmarsh Rd., St. Johnís
  P/SSX21758 Moore, Frederick Harbour Grace? [St. Anthony?]
1st Contingent C/173319 Moore, James T. Avondale
3rd Contingent 181319 Moore, Leslie B.* Dildo
1st Contingent C/173334 Moore, Raymond W. Dildo
11th Contingent 221015 Moores, Cyril V 198 New Gower St., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188385 Moores, Harold G. 198 New Gower St., St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247984 Moores, Melvin K Adamís Cove, Bay de Verde
18th Contingent 316621 Moores, Percy F New Bay, Notre Dame Bay
11th Contingent 220950 Morey, Selby R Corner Brook
8th Contingent 208961 Morey, William 19 McDougall St., St. Johnís
14th Contingent 230151 Morgan, Abram M Seal Cove, Conception Bay
7th Contingent P/200085 Morgan, Alfred Manuels
8th Contingent 208911 Morgan, Arthur Grand Falls
6th Contingent C/195251 Morgan, Chesley Seal Cove, Conception Bay
3rd Contingent 181091 Morgan, John T. Long Pond, Manuels
15th Contingent 277371 Morgan, John W 4 Sudbury St., St. Johnís
14th Contingent 230152 Morgan, Lawrence J.Wm. Seal Cove, Conception Bay
8th Contingent 208910 Morgan, Verner A Upper Gullies, Conception Bay
12th Contingent 246675 Morgan, Walter Bell Island
1st Contingent C/173325 Morgan, Walter Port de Grave
8th Contingent 208844 Moriarity, James Harbour Grace
15th Contingent KX132624 Moriarity, Martin Bell Island
  SSX30966 Morrell, Edward  
3rd Contingent 181671 Morris, Arthur D. Jeffrey's
15th Contingent 277257 Morris, Arthur S Robinsonís
3rd Contingent 181679 Morris, George E. Robinson's Station
Forestry Transfer 346557 Morris, James F. Grand Falls
10th Contingent 216675 Morris, Lonzo Triton, Notre Dame Bay
3rd Contingent 181673 Morris, Percival Jeffrey's
5th Contingent P/188860 Morris, Raymond Port Rexton
5th Contingent D/191532 Morris, William Windsor
5th Contingent P/188833 Morrissey, Fred Brigus
12th Contingent 246618 Morrissey, Gerald J 129 Military Rd., St. Johnís
Joined in the U.K. JX521438 Morrissey, James Patrick* Top Battery, St. John's
4th Contingent C/186002 Morrissey, Thomas J.* Harbour Grace
Forestry Transfer 373480 Morrissey, William J. Admiral's Cove
  P/SS31753 Morry, Reginald J. Ferryland
15th Contingent 277356 Morry, William A Ferryland
Forestry Transfer 241523 Mortaley, John Codroy
5th Contingent P/188840 Mosdell, Harold St. John's
15th Contingent 277311 Moss, Edgar Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
11th Contingent 221016 Moss, George H Danielís Harbour
9th Contingent 211561 Moss, John R Princeton, Bonavista Bay
Joined in the U.K. CX/20808A Motty, Edward J. 239 New Gower St., St. John's
12th Contingent 246619 Motty, William R 46 Pleasant St., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181116 Mouland, Carl I.* Musgrave Harbour
10th Contingent 216674 Mouland, Harold Bonavista
14th Contingent 230253 Mouland, Harvey J Waterford Bridge Rd., St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216760 Mouland, Newman C Musgrave Harbour
10th Contingent 216761 Mouland, Raymond W Grand Falls
9th Contingent 211562 Mouland, Reginald B Musgrave Harbour
3rd Contingent 181270 Mouland, William Bonavista
12th Contingent 246699 Moulton, Edgar Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
4th Contingent D/187476 Moulton, Harold 60 Kings St., St. John's
2nd Contingent 194606 Moulton, James L. Burin Bay, Burin
2nd Contingent 181300 Moulton, Richard T. Burin Bay, Burin
  P/SSX31754 Moyles, George L. St. John's
5th Contingent C/188386 Moyst, Cyril D. St. John's
10th Contingent 216839 Moyst, Walter Middle Battery, St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181339 Muise, Peter E. St. George's
1st Contingent C/173326 Mulcahy, John J. Bay Bulls
9th Contingent 211440 Mullett, Arthur Gambo
Forestry Transfer 280428 Mullett, Cecil J. Dark Cove, Gambo
15th Contingent 277312 Mullett, Edgar M Wesleyville
12th Contingent P/246700 Mullins, Alfred W Dover, Bonavista Bay
Forestry Transfer 280019 Mullins, George H. Rencontre East
12th Contingent 246621 Mullins, J 65 Craigmillar Ave., St. Johnís
8th Contingent KX112203 Mullins, John 2 Brien St., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer KX131192 Mullins, Patrick Carbonear
7th Contingent D/201728 Mulrooney, Edward Placentia
Forestry Transfer 280394 Munden, Fred* Burnt Island, Channel
1st Contingent P/174365 Munden, William J. Whitbourne
Joined in the U.K.   Munn, William E. [S/Lt.][F.A.A.] St. John's
11th Contingent 221017 Murphy, Alexander Torbay
10th Contingent 216989 Murphy, Charles Openhall, Bonavista Bay
9th Contingent 211411 Murphy, Cornelius Placentia
4th Contingent C/185981 Murphy, Cyril J. Keels, Bonavista Bay
5th Contingent P/188857 Murphy, Edward Holyrood
3rd Contingent 181700 Murphy, James Gould's Road, Brigus
15th Contingent 277372 Murphy, James Kilbride
8th Contingent D/208912 Murphy, James Windsor
9th Contingent 211482 Murphy, James C Cornwall Ave., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246622 Murphy, James Joseph* 28 Flower Hill, St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247993 Murphy, James M Little Harbour, Trinity Bay
3rd Contingent 181092 Murphy, James P. St. Bride's, Placentia Bay
7th Contingent D/201738 Murphy, Jeremiah Placentia
15th Contingent 277373 Murphy, John Kilbride
3rd Contingent 181107 Murphy, John J. Long Harbour, Placentia Bay
4th Contingent P/188930 Murphy, John J.* Torbay
  P/KX98867 Murphy, John J.* Kilbride
3rd Contingent 181093 Murphy, John L. Portugal Cove
8th Contingent 208956 Murphy, Kevin J 11 LeMarchant Rd., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181334 Murphy, Maurice Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay
3rd Contingent 181094 Murphy, Michael J. Portugal Cove
6th Contingent C/195249 Murphy, Peter J St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211487 Murphy, Tobias Dunville, Placentia Bay
7th Contingent P/200090 Murphy, Walter J St. Johnís
1st Contingent C/173327 Murphy, William Chapel's Cove, Placentia Bay
10th Contingent 216815 Murphy, William J Bell Island
8th Contingent 208906 Murphy, William J* Quidi Vidi Village, St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216816 Murphy, William R Heartís Content
15th Contingent 277374 Murray Maurice Flat Rock, Conception Bay
9th Contingent 211484 Murray, William Chapel's Cove, Placentia Bay
12th Contingent 246623 Murrin, Harold Pouch Cove
1st Contingent C/173328 Musseau, Charles W. Curling
3rd Contingent 181683 Myers, Edward T. Bell Island
7th Contingent D/201723 Myler, Thomas J Bell Island
6th Contingent P/194563 Myles, Frederick Little Bay East

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