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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ M Listing

Service #
MacDONALD, John St. John's 2500 [Home Guard]
MacDONALD, Roland Mount Moriah 3005 [Forces]
MacDONALD, William M. Colliers, Conception Bay 2228
MacDONALD, William A. St. Andrews 592
MACKAY, Pat Glenwood 1359
MACKEY, Bernard Traytown, Bonavista Bay 1495 [Forces]
MACKEY, Daniel Cull's Harbour, Traytown 2755 [Home Guard]
MACKEY, Joseph Cape Broyle ~ Camp Foreman 985
MACKEY, Thomas Fogo 831
MADDEN, Luke St. John's 2176
MADDOX, George P. King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2323
MADDOX, Thomas King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2324
MADORE, Narcissus St. Georges 497
MADORE, Peter Stephenville Crossing 3006
MAHER, Albin Sandy Cove [Port Saunders] 2957
MAHER, Austin J. Mobile 978
MAHER, Cyril Aquaforte 3532 [Home Guard]
MAHER, D. St. John's 3157
MAHER, James Grand Falls 165
MAHER, William Windsor 1174
MAHONEY, Edward Colliers, Conception Bay 2020
MAHONEY, Frank St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay 3077 [Forces]
MAHONEY, Gerald St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay 1956
MAHONEY, Harold Fogo 832 [Forces]
MAHONEY, John J. Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2018
MAHONEY, Michael Colliers, Conception Bay 2229
MAHONEY, Michael F. Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2024
MAHONEY, Michael J. Stock Cove, Bonavista Bay 3248
MAHONEY, Pat R. Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2023
MAHONEY, Stanley G. Fogo 830 [Forces]
MAIDMANT, Albert E. Grand Falls 2727 [Forces]
MALONE, Eugene L. St. John's 2180 [Home Guard]
MALONE, Thomas St. John's 346
MALONEY, Jack Corner Brook 405 [Forces]
MALONEY, Michael Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2022
MALONEY, Michael Witless Bay 3158 [Home Guard]
MANNING, Allan J. Lawn 3293 [Home Guard]
MANNING, Charles Torbay 628
MANNING, James W. Epworth, Burin 2645
MANNING, John Torbay 626 [Home Guard]
MANNING, Martin Torbay 629
MANNING, Martin St. John's 2177
MANSFIELD, James M. Jerseyside, Placentia 2262
MANUEL, Harry Northern Arm, Botwood 1298
MANUEL, Hector Deer Lake 57 [Forces]
MANUEL, Herbert Exploits 169
MANUEL, Kenneth Loon Bay, Notre Dame Bay ~ Camp Foreman 836
MANUEL, Rex B. Loon Bay, Notre Dame Bay ~ Camp Foreman 837
MANUEL, Selby Bishop's Falls 1334 [Forces]
MANUEL, Wallace Northern Arm, Botwood 1299
MARCH, Howard Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1580
MARCH, Kenneth Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1578 [Forces]
MARCH, Kenneth M. Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1908
MARCH, Max E. Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1575
MARCH, Norman Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1856
MARCH, Thomas Cottles Cove, Notre Dame Bay 838
MARCH, William Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1855
MARSH, William Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1858 [Home Guard]
MARSHALL, David Harbour Buffett, Placentia Bay 3078
MARSHALL, Luke Conne River 2583
MARSHALL, Morgan L. Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3381 [Home Guard]
MARTIN, Agustus [sic] Flatrock 349
MARTIN, Allan Port Anson, Notre Dame Bay 1405
MARTIN, Charles L. Black Duck Cove, Placentia Bay 2646 [Home Guard]
MARTIN, Clarence Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1909
MARTIN, Don J. St. John's 1119 [Home Guard][Forces]
MARTIN, Edward St. John's 342
MARTIN, Frederick M. Jr New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3204
MARTIN, George Hickmans Harbour, Trinity Bay 1859
MARTIN, George St. John's 1078
MARTIN, George Port Anson 2858
MARTIN, George Point au Gaul 3294
MARTIN, Graham Harbour Grace 2072
MARTIN, Guy Port au Port 438[Forces]
MARTIN, James G. St. John's Major 1121 [Forces]
MARTIN, John King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 1745
MARTIN, Joseph Cape Broyle 979
MARTIN, Mike Torbay 627
MARTIN, Phillip Port au Port 439[Forces]
MARTIN, Reuben E. Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 2132[Forces]
MARTIN, Ronald G. Point Leamington 3249
MARTIN, Stan St. John's 1076[Home Guard]
MARTIN, William St. Vincents, St. Mary's Bay 3079
MARTIN, William Flatrock 350
MARTIN, William Joseph Harbour Grace 2071
MASON, John Windsor 167
MASON, John Avondale, Conception Bay 3080 [Home Guard]
MASSERVY, Robert R. Sandy Point, St. Georges 490[Forces]
MATCHIM, Douglas Sandy Point, St. Georges 2757
MATE, Joseph St. John's 1074[Forces]
MATTHEWS, John Brownsdale, Trinity Bay 3141
MATTHEWS, Roland Brownsdale, Trinity Bay 3142
MAXWELL, William P. Corner Brook ~ C/F 55
MAY, Lancelot A. Heads Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2859
MAY, Mark Gambo 2756 [Home Guard]
MAY, Reaties Badger 840 [Forces]
MAYNARD, Frank Curling 3007 [Home Guard]
MAYO, Harold W. Creston, Placentia Bay ~ Died Overseas 3577
MAYO, James W. Creston, Placentia Bay 2647 [Forces]
MAYO, Samuel H. Marystown, Placentia Bay 3576 [Home Guard]
MAYOS, Arch St. Albans 3382 [Home Guard]
McARTHUR, James Grand River 2867 [Home Guard]
McCARTHY, Augustus Corner Brook 3014
McCARTHY, Patrick J. St. John's 1070
McCARTHY, Peter J. St. John's 1072
McCARTHY, William Paradise, Conception Bay 353
McCRATE, John J. Mount Carmel ~ C/F 259
McDONALD, Albert Conne River 2580
McDONALD, Alexander St. Albans 3376
McDONALD, Andrew Heatherton, St. Georges 553
McDONALD, Bernard Norris Arm 1408
McDONALD, Celestine St. Albans 3377 [Home Guard]
McDONALD, Clement St. Albans 3378
McDONALD, Daniel Heatherton, St. Georges 555
McDONALD, Frederick Newbridge, St. Mary's Bay 3076
McDONALD, George M. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 257
McDONALD, George T. Hermitage 2581 [Home Guard]
McDONALD, Jerome J. Newbridge, St. Mary's Bay 255 [Forces]
McDONALD, John F. Newbridge, St. Mary's Bay 256
McDONALD, Michael F. Conne River 2582 [Home Guard]
McDONALD, Michael Burnt Island, Bonavista Bay 2901
McDONALD, Nicholas W. Newbridge, St. Mary's Bay 258
McDONALD, Patrick J. Holyrood, Conception Bay 2227
McDONALD, Paul St. Albans 3379 [Home Guard]
McDONALD, Raymond St. Josephs, Bay D'Espoir 3380 [Home Guard]
McDONALD, Thomas Gambo 1455 [Home Guard]
McDONALD, William Melrose, Trinity Bay 843
McDONALD, William J. Heatherton, St. Georges 554
McEACHREN, Alexander Highlands 549
McEACHREN, John J. Highlands 550
McEACHREN, Stephen Jeffrey's 552
McFATRIDGE, Chesley Sandy Point, St. Georges 2511
McGRATH, Owen Trinity, Trinity Bay 1781 [Forces]
McGRATH, Patrick F. St. John's 2175
McISAAC, Alex Doyles 604
McISAAC, Arch D. St. Andrews 587 [Forces]
McISAAC, Cyril St. Andrews 589
McISAAC, Daniel S. St. Andrews 590
McISAAC, Donald Millertown Junction 1411 [Forces]
McISAAC, James Buchans 1410 [Home Guard]
McISAAC, John P. South Branch 591
McISAAC, Neil Corner Brook 3015
McISAAC, Ronald Stephenville Crossing 450
McISAAC, Sears G. Buchans 1409 [Forces]
McISAAC, William West Bay, Port au Port 427
McISAAC, Gerald St. Andrew's 588 [Home Guard]
McKENNA, Brendan Badger 841 [Forces]
McLEAN, Daniel Stephenville 452 [Forces]
McLEAN, John Greens Island, St. Barbe 3443 [Home Guard]
McLEAN, Nelson Greens Island, St. Barbe 3442
McLEAN, Winston C. Barachois Brook 494
McLELLAN, Joseph Codroy 582 [Forces]
McLEOD, George Stephenville Crossing 451
McLEOD, Henry Petries 2480
McMAHON, Harold Bishop's Falls 1362
McNEIL, Gerard St. Andrews 584
McNEIL, John St. Andrews 586
McNEIL, Joseph St. Andrews 583
McNEIL, Thomas J. St. Andrews 585
McPHERSON, Alexander Highlands 556
McPHERSON, John R. Highlands 551 [Forces]
MEADE, Aaron Channel 2412
MEANEY, Alexander North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay 253 [Home Guard]
MEANEY, Allan Colinet 980
MEANEY, Kenneth Riverhead, St. Mary's Bay 3081
MEANEY, Stephen Riverhead, St. Mary's Bay 3082 [Home Guard]
MENCHIONS, Ronald Bishops Falls 2098
MENEHENTON, Elijah Norris Arm 1407
MERCER, Allan Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay 344 [Home Guard]
MERCER, Benjamin St. John's 341
MERCER, Chesley Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1543
MERCER, Eli Northern Arm, Botwood 1300
MERCER, Fred E. Upper Island Cove, Conception Bay 2073
MERCER, Garfield Whitbourne 3531
MERCER, George A. Shearstown, Conception Bay 2100
MERCER, Harrison Whitbourne 687
MERCER, John Shearstown, Conception Bay 2099
MERCER, John T. St. Patricks, Notre Dame Bay 2860
MERCER, Michael Harbour Grace 0058
MERCER, Rex Whitbourne 3533 [Home Guard]
MERCER, Roland Windsor 1170
MERCER, Russell Botwood 1301
MERCER, William Badger 1404 [Forces]
MERCER, William H. Whitbourne 1577
MERCER, William J. Mundy Pond, St. John's ~ Died Overseas 340
MERRIGAN, Anthony Carbonear 2484 [Forces]
MERRIGAN, Michael Carbonear 2052 [Forces]
MESH, William H. Keels, Bonavista Bay 2325 [Forces]
MESH, William R. Keels, Bonavista Bay 2326
MEWS [MUISE], Walter St. Georges ~ Died Overseas 495
MILES, Eric Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 168 [Forces]
MILES, Lewis Joseph Salt Pond, Burin 2648 [Home Guard]
MILES, Samuel Burnt Island, Channel 3008 [Forces]
MILES, Warren Bunyans Cove, Bonavista Bay 1520
MILLER, Ananias Portugal Cove 348
MILLER, Bertram Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1743
MILLER, Ernest K. Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1742
MILLER, Frank Argentia, Placentia Bay 2263
MILLER, James St. John's 625
MILLER, Joseph Millertown 1396
MILLER, Kevin St. John's 352
MILLER, Raymond Placentia 1992
MILLER, Robert B. New Bonaventure, Trinity Bay 1744
MILLER, William R. St. Jones Within, Trinity Bay ~ Died Overseas 2327
MILLER, Frank Badger 2728 [Home Guard]
MILLER, Warrick Botwood 1310
MILLS, Cecil Bishop Falls 1361
MILLS, George R. Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 1913
MILLS, Hedley Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 1910 [Forces]
MILLS, Ken Plate Cove, Bonavista Bay ~ C/F 1808 [Home Guard]
MILLS, Oliver L. Milton, Trinity Bay 2328
MILLS, Sidney Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 171
MITCHELL, Bert Twillingate 835
MITCHELL, Herbert Benoits Cove 2487
MITCHELL, Herbert W. Botwood 2729
MITCHELL, James Cottles Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2861
MITCHELL, John Benoits Cove 2466 [Forces]
MITCHELL, Leslie Benoits Cove 2464
MITCHELL, Solomon Twillingate 834
MITCHELMORE, Samuel Greens Island Cove, St. Barbe 3439 [Home Guard]
MITCHELMORE, Truman Greens Island Cove, St. Barbe 3440 [Home Guard]
MITCHEN, Leslie Arnold's Cove, Placentia Bay 1403 [Forces]
MITCHIMORE, Malcolm St. Anthony 3483
MOEL, Andrew Badger 1413 [Forces]
MOLLOY, William C. St. John's 631
MONKS, Charles E. King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2329
MONKS, David C. King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2330
MOORE, Alfred E. Dildo, Trinity Bay 254
MOORE, Cyril J. Avondale, Conception Bay 2025
MOORE, Joseph Whitbourne 1576
MOORE, Lewis Dildo, Trinity Bay 1579
MOORE, Michael Bay de Verde 2141
MOORE, Ralph G. Millertown ~ O.C. 1077 [Forces]
MOORE, Selby Dildo, Trinity Bay 1581
MOORE, Thomas Change Island, Notre Dame Bay 170
MOORE, Thomas Ferryland 981
MOORE, Victor R. Georges Town, Petries 56
MOORES, Chesley H. Jersey Harbour, Fortune Bay 3314 [Home Guard]
MOORES, Reginald C. Twillingate 844
MOORES, Steven Flowers Cove 2958 [Home Guard]
MORAN, William St. John's 347
MOREY, Basil M. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2862 [Home Guard]
MOREY, Robert Torbay 1073
MOREY, Roland Corner Brook 406
MOREY, Walter La Scie, Western Bay 2785
MORGAN, Clarence Manuels 345 [Forces]
MORGAN, Joseph H. Seal Cove, Conception Bay 1079
MORGAN, William J. St. John's 624
MORIARITY, Patrick St. Vincents, St. Mary's Bay 3083 [Home Guard]
MORRIS, James Grand Falls 1171 [Forces]
MORRIS, John Deer Lake 59
MORRISSEY, Thomas Admirals Cove, Cape Broyle 982
MORRISSEY, William Joseph Cape Broyle 983 [Forces]
MORRISSEY, John Ferryland 984
MORTALEY, John Codroy 593 [Forces]
MOSS, Anthony Openhall, Bonavista Bay 3578
MOSS, Chesley Port Blandford 1521
MOSS, Edmund Openhall, Bonavista Bay 1810
MOSS, James Openhall, Bonavista Bay 1809
MOULAND, Harold Grand Falls 842
MOULAND, Llewelyn Musgrave Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 1406
MOULTON, Henry L. Flat Island, Placentia Bay 2649
MOYLES, Albert Lewisporte 1360
MOYLES, Ernest Lewisporte ~ C/F 1358 [Home Guard]
MUGFORD, Harris?? Clarkes Beach, Conception Bay 2234? [Home Guard]
MULLET, James Badger Quay, Bonavista Bay 2413 [Forces]
MULLET, James Broad Cove, Bay de Verde 3143
MULLINS, Edward Morrisville, Bay D'Espoir 3384
MULLINS, Frank Freshwater, Conception Bay 2051
MULLINS, George H. Rencontre, Fortune Bay 2584 [Forces]
MULLINS, Patrick Carbonear 3144 [Forces]
MULROONEY, Joseph Windsor 166
MULROONEY, Michael Windsor 1172
MUNDEN, Fred Burnt Island, Channel 3009
MUNRO, John A. Glenwood 839
MURLEY, William R. Glendon Creston 2650 [Forces]
MURPHY, Andrew Plate Cove, Bonavista Bay 1746 [Forces]
MURPHY, Andrew Kilbride 2178
MURPHY, Christopher Paradise, Conception Bay 351
MURPHY, Columba Lawn 2651
MURPHY, Dennis Mount Carmel 3084
MURPHY, Frank Grand Falls 1169
MURPHY, Herbert Elliston, Trinity Bay 1628
MURPHY, James Grand Falls 1173
MURPHY, John Topsail, Conception Bay 343 [Home Guard]
MURPHY, John P St. John's 2179
MURPHY, Michael Conception Harbour 2021
MURPHY, Norman J. Colinet 3534
MURPHY, Pat Conception Harbour 2019
MURPHY, Pat J. Placentia 1991
MURPHY, Patrick Colinet 2231
MURPHY, Peter Long Harbour, Placentia Bay 3085
MURPHY, Richard Openhall, Bonavista Bay 1811
MURPHY, Thomas F. Little Bay, Marystown 2652 [Home Guard]
MURPHY, Thomas St. John's 630
MURPHY, Thomas J. St. John's 1075
MURPHY, Timothy Colliers 3086
MURRAY, Bernard Avondale 3087
MURRIN, Hubert Whitbourne 688
MURRIN, William H. St. John's 1071
MUTFORD, George Twillingate 833
MYERS, Edward Green Island Cove, St. Barbe 3441
MYLES, Benjamin St. Veronica's, Bay D'Espoir 3383

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