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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
7th Contingent D/201718 Kavanagh, Francis J  
3rd Contingent 181686 Kavanagh, John Bell Island
8th Contingent 208949 Kavanagh, John J Bell Island
18th Contingent 316617 Kearley, Eber Bell Island
  P/KX98861 Keating, Bernard* Salt Pond, Burin
1st Contingent C/173291 Keating, John L. Burin
Joined in the U.K. D/KX95048 Keating, John S. Circular Rd., St. John's [HMS Orion]
6th Contingent P/194556 Keating, Vincent Burin
Forestry Transfer 280430 Keats, Chesley B. Newtown, Bonavista Bay
9th Contingent 211436 Keats, Gordon K Newtown, Bonavista Bay
6th Contingent D/202022 Keats, Joseph Windsor
10th Contingent 216673 Keats, Maxwell Bonavista
13th Contingent 247990 Keefe Abel* Twillingate
5th Contingent P/188853 Keel, Alexander Bonavista
12th Contingent 246694 Keeping, Chesley* Rencontre East
2nd Contingent 181344 Keeping, Chester Ramea
3rd Contingent 181675 Keeping, Claude Channel
6th Contingent P/194557 Keeping, E Clyde Rencontre East
10th Contingent 216712 Keeping, John R Cape La Hune
13th Contingent 247996 Keeping, Roderick Wm. Port aux Basques
10th Contingent 216713 Kelland, Frederick Grand Bank
10th Contingent 216714 Kelland, William E Grand Bank
10th Contingent 216749 Kelloway, Pearce B* Badger's Quay
10th Contingent 216752 Kelly, Brendan E Bishop's Falls
4th Contingent D/187449 Kelly, Ebenezer Bay Roberts
8th Contingent 208951 Kelly, Ernest S 267 Hamilton Ave., St. Johnís
1st Contingent C/173290 Kelly, Harold A. Bell Island
3rd Contingent 181084 Kelly, James P. Pouch Cove
1st Contingent C/173292 Kelly, Peter* Freshwater, Placentia Bay
10th Contingent 216751 Kelly, Richard P Bishop's Falls
6th Contingent D/202021 Kelly, Ronald* Corner Brook
5th Contingent D/191522 Kelly, Samuel* Windsor
14th Contingent 230143 Kelsey, Charles R Kenmount Rd., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181352 Kendell, Austin W. Ramea
1st Contingent P/174389 Kendell, James W. St. Jacques
3rd Contingent 181676 Kendell, Stephen B. Codroy
6th Contingent C/195244 Kennedy, Albert J St. Johnís
4th Contingent C/185979 Kennedy, Allen R. 25 Boncloddy St., St. John's
14th Contingent 230194 Kennedy, George L Deer Lake
11th Contingent 221003 Kennedy, Mervil C* Kelligrews
14th Contingent 230117 Kennedy, Richard Augustine* Bell Island
3rd Contingent 181312 Kennedy, Robert R. Western Bay
15th Contingent 277297 Kennedy, Stanley J Bonne Bay
1st Contingent C/173293 Kennedy, Thomas Kitchuses, Conception Bay
6th Contingent C/195243 Kennedy, Willis R St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181702 Kenney, John Conception Harbour
13th Contingent 247989 Kenny, William K Fermeuse
7th Contingent D/201724 Kent, Edward Bell Island
1st Contingent C/173294 Kent, Joseph P. Bell Island
17th Contingent 315763 Kent, Peter Kevin* Bell Island
7th Contingent D/201732 Kent, Robert Bell Island
1st Contingent C/173295 Keough, James A. Ferryland
7th Contingent P/200073 Keough, Michael J St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216750 Keough, Stanley J Aquaforte
6th Contingent C/195245 Kerrivan, Bernard J* St. Johnís
12th Contingent P/246609 Kerrivan, James P 501 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
Joined in the U.K. MX555944 Kielley, John A. 148 Gower St., St. John's
14th Contingent 230243 Kilfoyle, William T Marystown
Forestry Transfer 242227 King, Ariel F. St. Jones Within
15th Contingent 277299 King, Aubrey A Benton
15th Contingent 277298 King, Aubrey C Grand Bank
14th Contingent 230144 King, David* Portugal Cove
11th Contingent 220878 King, Douglas Grates Cove, Bay de Verde
3rd Contingent 181085 King, Dugald G. Pasadena
Forestry Transfer 241679 King, George G. St. Jones Within
15th Contingent 277300 King, Gerald S Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
9th Contingent 211433 King, Harold V 30 Coronation St., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 280430 King, Hector Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay
14th Contingent 230193 King, Henry A New Bonaventure, Trinity Bay
1st Contingent C/173296 King, Hubert C. St. John's
11th Contingent 221005 King, Hubert* Bauline
12th Contingent 246611 King, James J 76 Central St., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208950 King, James L Bell Island
11th Contingent P/220879 King, John M 61 Hoyles Ave., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208952 King, Joseph A Bell Island
5th Contingent P/188804 King, Lewis G. Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
Forestry Transfer 280401 King, Louis St. Fintans
1st Contingent   King, Mike Marysvale, Conception Bay
9th Contingent 211432 King, Patrick J 76 Central St., St. Johnís
11th Contingent 221004 King, Raymond Bauline
5th Contingent P/188805 King, Raymond S.M. Mount Pearl, St. Johnís
11th Contingent 221006 King, Roland R Bauline
12th Contingent 246610 King, Roy Harry's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay
11th Contingent 220880 King, William S Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
1st Contingent C/173304 Kinsella, James F. Logy Bay
6th Contingent C/195247 Kirby, Harvey William St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299661 Kirby, Oswald Wm. Harbour Grace
6th Contingent C/195246 Kirby, Stanley J St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247977 Kitchen, Frank W* Bell Island
1st Contingent C/173305 Kitchen, Robert M. Bell Island
10th Contingent 216753 Knee, Chesley C Badger's Quay
Forestry Transfer KX131248 Knee, Eleazor Badger's Quay
4th Contingent P/188914 Knee, EpHarbouraim Corner Brook
13th Contingent 247997 Knight, Allan C 32 Coronation St., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181191 Knight, Charlie S. [See Obituary] Jackson's Cove, Notre Dame Bay
9th Contingent 211435 Knight, Eric Ray Jackson's Cove, Notre Dame Bay [died 1999]
9th Contingent 211434 Knight, Frederick D Jackson's Cove, Notre Dame Bay
4th Contingent P/188915 Knight, Ralph G. [See Obituary] Labrador City [St. John's]
6th Contingent C/195248 Knight, Weston [See Obituary] Pouch Cove
Joined in the U.K. C/JX208342 Knowling, Phillip St. John's

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