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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
1st Contingent D/JX173675 Cahill, Patrick* Avondale
5th Contingent D/191526 Cahill, Robert M Bishop's Falls
8th Contingent 208881 Cain, Thomas Spaniards Bay
8th Contingent 208817 Caines, Charles 27 Prospect St., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211542 Cake, Wallace V 84 Brazil St., St. Johnís
4th Contingent P/188935 Callahan, Bernard F. 17 Adelaide St., St. John's
4th Contingent C/185991 Callahan, Ronald J. Harbour Grace [St. Johnís]
1st Contingent D/JX173637 Cammie, Bernard S St. Georgeís
  D/JX173640 Campbell, Arthur Port au Port
1st Contingent D/173640 Campbell, Arthur J Port au Port
1st Contingent D/JX173679 Campbell, Austin J Branch
1st Contingent D/JX173671 Campbell, James Branch
1st Contingent D/JX173638 Campbell, John F Campbell's Creek
4th Contingent P/188871 Campbell, Richard C. 23 Campbell Ave., St. Johnís
5th Contingent D/191529 Canning, George Grand Falls
Forestry Transfer 280333 Canning, Lindsay Birch Bay
10th Contingent 216700 Canning, Patrick J Merasheen, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211545 Canning, Rene Wm Roddickton
4th Contingent P/188878 Canning, Weston K.* Curling East
15th Contingent 277275 Caravan, Cyril Lushís Bight, Notre Dame Bay
6th Contingent D/201990 Carberry, Gordon Corner Brook
16th Contingent 299634 Card, Loyal W Merrit's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay
6th Contingent C/195277 Carey, Theo M St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181272 Carpenter, Clyde* Grand Falls
2nd Contingent 180826 Carpenter, Edgar C. Bonavista
2nd Contingent 181226 Carpenter, James Ronald* St. Anthony
8th Contingent 208875 Carrigan, James J Portugal Cove Rd., St. Johnís
4th Contingent P/188875 Carrigan, William J. 53 Bonaventure Ave., St. Johnís
6th Contingent D/201996 Carroll, Alphonsus Bishop's Falls
Forestry Transfer KX131142 Carroll, Horatius J. Badger
8th Contingent 208870 Carroll, James W 32 Wickford St, St. Johnís
7th Contingent D/201740 Carroll, Thomas Red Island, Placentia Bay
12th Contingent 246573 Carter, Henry J Catalina
  D/JX173681 Carter, Jack St. John's
12th Contingent 246574 Carter, James W Port aux Basques
1st Contingent D/173681 Carter, John J St. Johnís
4th Contingent C/185968 Carter, Joseph P. Catalina
3rd Contingent 181401 Carter, Richard H. Topsail
18th Contingent 316608 Case, Jack G Bell Island
2nd Contingent 181219 Casey, Bernard M. Conche
Forestry Transfer LX615998 Cashin, F.  
Forestry Transfer 376161 Cashin, J.V. Gambo
Forestry Transfer 376163 Cashin, Raymond M. Gambo
8th Contingent 208876 Cashin, William M Curling
11th Contingent 220899 Cassell, Victor P Leading Tickles
15th Contingent 277276 Cave, Bert Brighton, Notre Dame Bay
13th Contingent 247930 Chafe, Angus F St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181402 Chafe, Eric Petty Harbour
3rd Contingent 181709 Chafe, Henry Harbour Grace
1st Contingent D/JX173672 Chafe, Howard J Petty Harbour
7th Contingent P/200110 Chafe, Robert* Mundy Pond, St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181273 Chaffey, Lloyd G. Jeffrey's
16th Contingent 299596 Chaffey, Willoughby St. David's
13th Contingent 247909 Chambers, Absalom Barríd Island, St. Barbe
Joined in the U.K. X10466S Chambers, Arch A. St. John's
11th Contingent 220900 Chambers, Geo Wm Barríd Harbour, St. Barbe
1st Contingent D/JX173635 Chambers, Neil P St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247928 Chancey, Angus F 158 Merrymeeting Rd., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188408 Chancey, Selwyn B. 158 Merrymeeting Rd., St. John's
2nd Contingent 180743 Chappel, Oliver B. Hillgrade, Notre Dame Bay
2nd Contingent 181330 CHarbouristopher, Vincent St. Mary's
  246557 Chatman, Maxwell G. Canning's Cove, Bonavista Bay
12th Contingent 246556 Chatman, Thomas EW Canning's Cove, Bonavista Bay
13th Contingent 247929 Chaulk, Lewis 196 Merrymeeting Rd., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277277 Chaytor, Roy K Salmon Cove, Bay de Verde
Forestry Transfer 203642 Cheater, Norman J. Twillingate
14th Contingent 230244 Cheeseman, James Marystown
4th Contingent D/187478 Chidley, Stephen Renews
13th Contingent 247904 Childs, Harold Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
16th Contingent 299573 Childs, Wallace Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
15th Contingent 277278 Childs, William H Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
14th Contingent 230110 Chislett, Arthur M Islington, Trinity Bay
17th Contingent 315669 Chislett, Percy Ellwood* Islington, Trinity Bay
16th Contingent 299564 Churchill, Geo W Bell Island
6th Contingent P/194528 Churchill, Harris Portugal Cove
17th Contingent 315690 Churchill, Henry G Wesleyville
3rd Contingent 181403 Churchill, Thomas * Portugal Cove
8th Contingent 208879 Churchill, Winston B Winterton, Trinity Bay
8th Contingent 208872 Clarke, Ernest G Bishopís Cove, Conception Bay
11th Contingent 220868 Clarke, Fred Brigus
8th Contingent 208822 Clarke, Frederick Carbonear
6th Contingent D/201992 Clarke, Garfield A Hillgrade, Twillingate
1st Contingent D/173680 Clarke, Harold Bell Island
6th Contingent D/201991 Clarke, Harold N Victoria, Carbonear
3rd Contingent 181303 Clarke, James C. Dunfield, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer 346230 Clarke, John A.B. Twillingate
3rd Contingent 181266 Clarke, Joseph Dunfield, Trinity Bay
14th Contingent 230215 Clarke, Josiah J Sibley's Cove, Trinity Bay
  D/JX173680 Clarke, Richard Bell Island
9th Contingent 211540 Clarke, Robert Dunfield, Trinity Bay
1st Contingent D/JX173678 Clarke, Robert Mount Pearl, St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173684 Clarke, Samuel New Melbourne
Forestry Transfer 280763 Clarke, William H. Loon Cove
3rd Contingent 181708 Cleary, Ronald Harbour Grace
14th Contingent 230129 Clemens, Cyril 86 Gower St., St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247923 Clench, Ernest D Clarke's Head, Gander Bay
11th Contingent 220901 Clouter, Fraser H Catalina
9th Contingent 211544 Clouter, Frederick A Catalina
Forestry Transfer 218021 Clouter, Sydney* Catalina
4th Contingent P/188887 Coady, Ronald Joseph* 24 York St., St. Johnís
6th Contingent C/195275 Coady, William K St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247916 Coates, Lewis H Botwood
11th Contingent 220902 Cobb, Sterling R Barríd Island, St. Barbe
11th Contingent 220980 Coffey, Augustine Angel's Cove, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211541 Coffey, David Angelís Cove, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211550 Coffey, Joseph Angelís Cove, Placentia Bay
3rd Contingent 181692 Coffey, Pius Branch
9th Contingent 211551 Coffey, William Angelís Cove, Placentia Bay
Forestry Transfer 280336 Coffin, Elias G. Channel
8th Contingent C/208818 Cofield, Francis D St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208820 Coish, Ellwood R Thornlea, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer 280762 Coish, Hedley G. Bay Bulls Arm
10th Contingent 216663 Coish, Jesse L Deer Lake
1st Contingent D/173647 Colbert, Edward Job's Cove, Bay De Verde
9th Contingent 211547 Colbourne, Absolom St. Anthony
7th Contingent C/204802 Colbourne, Aubrey B Corner Brook
  D/JX173647 Colbourne, Edward Bay de Verde
17th Contingent 315692 Colbourne, Hubert E Little Bay
3rd Contingent 181318 Cole, Bartlett Carbonear
8th Contingent 208882 Cole, Gordon 236 Hamilton Ave., St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173677 Cole, Howard C Torbay
1st Contingent D/JX173642 Cole, James* Bell Island
6th Contingent D/201995 Cole, John J St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173645 Cole, Patrick F Kitchuses, Conception Bay
6th Contingent C/195276 Cole, Stephen St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200091 Colford, Cyril Higginís Line, St. Johnís
17th Contingent 315746 Colford, Gerard Higgin's Line, St. Johnís
Joined in the U.K.   Collingwood, William P. [Lt/Cdr] St. John's
10th Contingent 216701 Collins, Albert Winterland, Burin
18th Contingent 316609 Collins, Allen K Fogo
7th Contingent P/200080 Collins, Ashton J Mount Pearl, St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181354 Collins, Duncan 66 Springdale St. St. John's
15th Contingent 277279 Collins, Leonard St C Blackhead Rd., St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216702 Collins, Michael Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
Forestry Transfer KX138096 Collins, Morris Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay
10th Contingent 216703 Collins, Robert F Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
Forestry Transfer 281020 Collins, Thomas A. Burin
15th Contingent 277254 Coloumb, Frank Shallop Cove, St. Georges
3rd Contingent 181404 Combden, Edward* Barríd Island, St. Barbe
9th Contingent 211538 Combden, James Primmer* Barríd Island, St. Barbe
8th Contingent 208873 Companion, Clayton Boswarlos
Forestry Transfer 261885 Companion, Howard Boswarlos
9th Contingent 211543 Connelley, John R 38 Spencer St., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181405 Connolly, John M.* Lower Battery, St. John's
15th Contingent 277361 Connolly, William D 101 Hamilton Ave., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277281 Connors, Aloysius St. Kippans, Placentia Bay
15th Contingent 277280 Connors, Cornelius C Grand Falls
17th Contingent 315731 Connors, Fergus B* Clattice Harbour, Placentia Bay
2nd Contingent 181240 Connors, John Pouch Cove
12th Contingent 246686 Connors, Patrick Lawn
9th Contingent 211548 Connors, Stephen St. Brideís, Placentia Bay
15th Contingent 277282 Connors, Thomas L St. Kippans, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211549 Conway, Edward St. Brideís, Placentia Bay
11th Contingent 220869 Conway, John Colliers, Conception Bay
7th Contingent C/204824 Conway, Mike J Turks Cove, Trinity Bay
9th Contingent 211546 Conway, Nicholas St. Brideís, Placentia Bay
4th Contingent C/185987 Conway, Philip T.* Turks Cove, Trinity Bay
1st Contingent D/JX173641 Cook, Freeman Corner Brook
5th Contingent D/191520 Cooke, James Corner Brook
1st Contingent D/JX173652 Coombes, Albert, Capt. Portugal Cove South, Trepassey
4th Contingent C/185988 Coombs, Albert* Upper Island Cove
10th Contingent 216801 Coombs, Harold Upper Island Cove
4th Contingent C/185989 Coombs, Joshua Upper Island Cove
3rd Contingent 181707 Coombs, Richard Upper Island Cove
18th Contingent 316639 Coombs, Thomas P Upper Island Cove
4th Contingent P/188872 Cooney, John J. 32 Casey St., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208869 Cooper, Alexander R 1 Charlton St, St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246577 Cooper, Arthur G Howley
8th Contingent 208878 Cooper, Arthur S Windsor
6th Contingent C/195274 Cooper, Brendan D St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247942 Cooper, Dan M Ireland's Eye, Trinity Bay
9th Contingent 211539 Cooper, George R 4 Monroe St., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181406 Cooper, George W. Point Leamington
3rd Contingent 181256 Cooper, John Ireland's Eye, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer 280553 Cooper, Samuel Twillingate
8th Contingent 209007 Cooper, William Howley
5th Contingent P/188835 Corbett, Francis Hollyrood
1st Contingent D/JX173636 Corbett, Michael* Conception Harbour
8th Contingent 208877 Corbin, Ray Deer Lake
8th Contingent 208871 Corbin, Thomas Corner Brook
6th Contingent D/201989 Cormier, Cecil South Branch
5th Contingent P/188812 Cormier, Gerald Stephenville
6th Contingent D/201994 Cormier, William J South Branch
17th Contingent 315691 Cornect, Gerald J Cape St. George
1st Contingent D/173639 Costello Thomas F Conception Harbour
11th Contingent 220870 Costello, John H Conception Harbour
Forestry Transfer 228044 Costello, Joseph Ferryland
10th Contingent 216798 Costello, Michael Conception Harbour
  D/JX173639 Costello, Thomas Conception Harbour
5th Contingent P/188836 Costello, Thomas M. Conception Harbour
1st Contingent D/JX173628 Costello, Vincent V Ferryland
4th Contingent C/185969 Costello, William J.* Conception Harbour
1st Contingent D/JX173644 Costello, William* Conception Harbour
8th Contingent 208821 Costigan, Cyril I Harbour Main
10th Contingent 216704 Cousins, G Joseph A Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
6th Contingent C/195267 Coveyduck, Clarence R Mackinsons
16th Contingent 299568 Cox, Frank Allan* Rencontre West
12th Contingent 246575 Cox, William R 14 Knight St., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208874 Crane, Edward J* Upper Island Cove
  D/JX173653 Crane, John C. Harbour Grace
  P/SSX31756 Crane, John W. Head Mundy Pond, St. John's
10th Contingent 216799 Crane, Nathaniel Upper Island Cove
4th Contingent C/185992 Crane, Walter Harbour Grace
18th Contingent 316640 Crane, William Upper Island Cove
13th Contingent 247940 Crewe Lewis Burgeo
3rd Contingent 181267 Crewe, Curtis Elliston, Trinity Bay
7th Contingent D/201705 Crewe, David R Glovertown
Forestry Transfer 218315 Crewe, Jacob Elliston, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent P/188897 Critch, Cecil W. Corner Brook
1st Contingent D/JX173676 Critch, Harvey W Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
3rd Contingent 181255 Critch, Lloyd Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
2nd Contingent 180754 Critch, Michael J.* St. Joseph's, Salmonier
Forestry Transfer 202665 Critch, Walter St. John's
16th Contingent 299625 Critch, Walter E Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent P/188880 Critch, William J. Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
2nd Contingent 181301 Critchell, Malcolm 22 Franklyn Ave., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 180755 Critchley, Edmund J. Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay
1st Contingent D/173683 Crocker, Frank Corner Brook
15th Contingent 277283 Crocker, Geo S Heart's Delight
5th Contingent C/188409 Crocker, Gordon 2 Lime St., St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299593 Crocker, Joseph Creston, Placentia Bay
Forestry Transfer 280438 Crocker, Selby M. Trout River
4th Contingent C/185990 Crocker, William C.* Harbour Grace
3rd Contingent 181408 Crockwell, Dermott J. Bay Bullls
4th Contingent D/187481 Croft, Harold J. Aquaforte
Forestry Transfer 280429 Croke, James St. Brendans
13th Contingent 247927 Croke, James J 3 Parade St., St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173674 Croke, Robert T St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/173653 Crone, John C Harbour Grace
7th Contingent P/200102 Crosbie, Robert L St. Johnís
5th Contingent D/191517 Cross, Frank* Pushthrough
4th Contingent C/185970 Cross, Joseph* Grand Falls
8th Contingent 208880 Crotty, Edward J Empire Ave., St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200058 Crotty, James J St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246576 Crotty, William J Empire Ave., St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200101 Crouchy, Frederick St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181706 Crowley, Angus F. Holyrood
12th Contingent 246667 Crummey, Edwin Wilson* Western Bay
5th Contingent D/191492 Crummey, Hunter St. John's
3rd Contingent 181321 Crummey, Oscar M. Western Bay
5th Contingent C/188410 Crummey, Ralph St. John's
3rd Contingent 181407 Cull, Aaron Fogo
10th Contingent 216800 Cull, Andrew John* Caplin Cove, Bay de Verde
2nd Contingent 181275 Cull, Arthur J. St. Philips
12th Contingent 246709 Cull, Fremantia A Big Brehar
5th Contingent P/188810 Cull, John Rowlands* Corner Brook
17th Contingent 315693 Cull, Norman Shoal Bay, Fogo
Forestry Transfer 265193 Cullihall, Gordon C. Rocky Harbour
7th Contingent D/201709 Cullimore, Elijah* Elliston, Trinity Bay
7th Contingent C/204822 Cumby, Chesley F Harbour Grace
4th Contingent C/185971 Cummings, Michael Clarke's Beach
  P/JX166543 Cunningham, John St. John's
Forestry Transfer 408010 Curran, Edward Sandy Point, Bay St. George
1st Contingent D/JX173630 Curran, Patrick J Ferryland
8th Contingent 208819 Curran, Thomas F Conception Harbour
Forestry Transfer 280374 Currie, Thomas William* Isle aux Morte
11th Contingent 220903 Curtis, Edmund J Corner Brook
4th Contingent D/187465 Curtis, Wilfred F. Bell Island
13th Contingent 247939 Curtis, Wilfred T Twillingate
2nd Contingent 180849 Cutler, Job D. Wareham, Bonavista Bay
11th Contingent 220904 Cutler, Milton St. Georgeís

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