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Mentioned in Dispatches

O/S Alley, Allison
Lieut Armitage, John H.
Capt Ayre, Gerald B.
L/S Bartlett, Bertram Elihu
A/B Bennett, John Thomas
Bdr Bennett, Joseph Patrick
Major Black, William E.
O/S Blagdon, Newton H.
L/S Blundon R.
L/S Boyd, Clifford Douglas
L/Bdr Bridger, Rupert
Major Briggs, Eric S.
Gnr Brown, Laurie A.
O/S Brown, Patrick
Gnr Bugden, Robert
Gnr Bugden, Cyril
A/B Childs, Harold C.
Major Childs, John S.
O/S Coffey, Joseph
O/S Decker, Edgar Archibald
Sgt Dicks, Ronald
Gnr Dodd, William Joseph
Bdr Dolomount, Percival H.
L/S Dermody [Dormody], Michael
Sgt Downton G.R.
Lieut Drover, Jackson S.
Gnr Dunn, James Kevin
L/S Dyke, Nelson
A/B Emberley, John Joseph
Lieut Farndale, Raymond W.S.
W/Cdr Fleming R.B.
P/O Ford, James Thomas
Major Forsyth R.C.R.
Lieut Fowler D.
O/S Fowler, John Francis
L/Sgt Giles, William Thomas
Lieut Grabiner, Sidney
Sgt Harris, William T.
L/Sgt Harvey, Eric A.
P/O Haines [Haynes], Ronald
A/B Hayter, Fred
A/B Hickey, John Francis
O/S Hillier, Edgar M.
Lt-Col Hitchcock,R.W., m.c.
S/Ldr Holmes C.
Lt-Col Howell, Alfred T., o.b.e.
Gnr Hutchings G.
O/S Janes, Austin J.
L/Bdr Lake, Harold L.
Gnr Lane K.C.
L/S Lee, Ronald C.
Bdr Lever, Harold Douglas
A/B Locke, Frederick Harold George
A/B Martin, William Robert
C.P.O. Matthews, A.E.
Lieut Manstan, Frederick G.
A/B May, Esrom
Lieut Moore, Frederick
A/B Moore, J. Thomas
L/Sgt Morgan, Cecil W.
O/S Newhook, Hubert
F/L Ogilvie, Allan McPherson
Gnr O'Grady, Patrick
O/S Oldford, Augustus A.
O/S Organ, Augustus Hayward
A/B Osmond, Cecil
O/S Peddle, Clement
A/B Percey, Nathan
O/S Pieroway, Percy E.
L/Bdr Perry E.G.
L/Bdr Power, Joseph
A/B Reardon, William
O/S Rees C.A.
O/S Rice, Ernest
O/S Rideout, Hiram T.
P.O. Roberts, Malcolm Benjamin
P.O. Rogers, James H.
Gnr Scott, Arthur Kitchener
Bdr Sharpe, Elijah
A/B Sheppard, Arthur
Gnr Shute, Gordon James
Bdr Simms, William Frank
O/S Smith, Donald Rex
Gnr Smith, Walter David
A/B Somerton, Raymond
L/S Sparkes, Wesley
A/B Squires, Clarence G.
Gnr Stringer, Harry G.
Bdr Sullivan R.J.
O/S Sweeney, James Joseph
Bdr Thompson A.R.
A/B Tilley, Arthur George
F/O Vatcher, Walter Cyril
O/S Vey, William James
C.P.O. Wakeham, Rudolph
Grn White, William Arthur
L/S Wight, Milton P.
Sgt Willar, Frederick S.
Bdr Williams, Cecil
F/L Winter G.M.
Major Witherick L.A.

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