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Members of the Royal [Newfoundland] Artillery
Surname Listing - O

Date of Death
971756 OAKE Bertram Roland  
1158139 OAKE Norman Wesley  
971577 OAKE Ronald George  
970264 OAKLEY Charles Vavasour  
970784 OAKLEY Martin Joseph 1962
971936 OATES John Leonard  
971150 OATES Walter Conrad  
1158069 O'BRIEN Andrew Joseph  
97157 O'BRIEN Augustus Joseph  
971485 O'BRIEN John Joseph Aloysius  
971023 O'BRIEN Kevin John  
971899 O'BRIEN Matthew Joseph  
971666 O'BRIEN Michael Francis  
971039 O'BRIEN Patrick  
971758 O'BRIEN Peter Francis  
971249 O'BRIEN Thomas Joseph  
970701 O'BRIEN Thomas Richard  
1158335 O'BRIEN William Joseph  
970567 O'CONNELL Thomas  
970670 O'DEA James Eugene  
971287 O'DEADY Redmond James  
970719 O'GRADY Joseph Benedict  
970228 O'GRADY Patrick  
971340 OKE Herbert Lionel  
970559 O'KEEFE Gerald  
970781 O'KEEFE Robert John  
970033 OLDFORD William  
970203 O'LEARY Edward James  
971443 O'LEARY Frederick Francis  
971111 O'LEARY James John  
971304 O'LEARY Richard Patrick  
971981 OLIVER Bertram Philip  
970588 OLIVER John Martin  
970995 OLIVER Leonard Allan  
971759 OLIVER Murley  
971465 OLIVER Timothy Augustus  
970040 OLSEN Harold Christian  
970138 O'NEILL James  
971760 O'NEIL Peter Francis  
971411 O'NEILL Leo  
970118 O'NEILL Martin Bernard  
971497 O'NEILL Patrick John Gregory  
971299 O'NEILL Peter Patrick  
971596 O'QUINN Daniel 18 Jan 2013
1158172 0 'QUINN Hubert Alexander  
971588 O'QUINN Vincent  
971541 OSBOURNE Jacob Francis  
971901 OSBOURNE Roy  
1158070 OSBOURNE Frederick  
1158264 OSMOND Angus  
971761 OSMOND Cecil Baker Monchy  
970510 OSMOND Eli John  
970817 OSMOND George  
1158189 OSMOND Gerald Peyton  
971980 OSMOND Gilbert Bramwell  
971232 OSMOND Gordon Randolph 28 Jan 1988
970450 OSMOND Harry  
971233 OSMOND John Robert  
971667 O'TOOLE John Joseph  
971935 O'TOOLE Paschal John  
970979 O'REILLY Francis Joseph  
970978 O'REILLY Francis Patrick  
970234 O'REILLY Raymond Joseph  
970587 OXFORD Edison William Henry  
970505 OXFORD Henry  

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