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Newfoundland Navy
World War I

1914 - 1918

Service # Name Address
790X Samms, Benjamin Codroy
870X Samson, Edward T. Port Union, Trinity Bay
898X Samson, Edwin North Sydney
888X Samson, Garland Glovertown, Bonavista Bay
869X Samson, Joseph A. Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
472X Samson, Kenneth Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
2158X Saunders, Charles  
2140X Saunders, Frederick Cape Cove, Fogo
753X Saunders, Henry Shearstown
1489X Saunders, James P. Toronto
2164X Saunders, Pierce Fogo
2515X Saunders, Richard Brooklyn, N.Y.
2151X Saunders, Simon J. St. Anthony
2787X Sawers, David E. Carbonear
2149X Scanlon, John J. Boston, MA
1402X Sceviour, Allan  
1528X Sceviour, James Buffalo, N.Y.
2225X Scott, Noah Upper Gullies
2193X Seaward, Augustus  
540X Seaward, Bartholomew Niagara Falls
820X Seaward, Eli Clarenville
1755X Seaward, Isaac J. New Perlican
821X Seaward, Isaiah  
2232X Seaward, James Bay Bulls
1139X Seaward, Patrick E. Boston, MA
1609X Seaward, William S. Mass.
2128X Sellars, Walter S. Bell Island
1189X Serrick, Daniel W. Halifax, N.S.
854X Sexton, Thomas 778 Hamilton Ave.
2050X Sharpe, James Mass.
2115X Sharron, George A. U.K.
2116X Sharron, Stephen Point Lemington
1964X Shawner, Robert C. South Side
612X Shears, William R. Robinson's
2415X Sheppard, Arthur J. Lark Harbour
2466X Sheppard, Francis G. Lark Harbour
2119X Sheppard, Frederick Montreal
2453X Sheppard, George A. Harbour Grace South
2465X Sheppard, George W. Harbour Grace South
2134X Sheppard, Harold Bay Bulls
2467X Sheppard, Henry W. Bay of Islands
2418X Sheppard, Isaac F. Bay of Islands
651X Sheppard, John  
2329X Sheppard, John U.K.
1452X Sheppard, Reginald Badger's Quay
2024X Sheppard, Walter Sydney
2365X Shesson, John P. Degraw
1412X Short, Herbert J. Hamilton, Ontario
1285X Simmonds, Eugene F.  
2361X Simmonds, Morgan Brownside
825X Simms, Arthur Fogo
1319X Simms, Cornelius Badger Brook
2222X Simms, Edward B. Badger Brook
2742X Simms, Gordon Triton West
2254X Simms, Henry G. S.W. Packet
2248X Simon, John Cape St. George
1618X Simon, Philip Halifax
1868X Simpson, Ronald G.  
E.R.I. Simpson, William Grand Falls
2703X Sinclair, Charles E. Staten Island
1394X Sinnott, Sylvester  
1440X Skehan, Andrew Bell Island
2414X Skinner, Abraham Rose Blanche
2155X Skinner, Arthur J. 333 Duckworth Street
2789X Skinner, Weston Toronto
418X Skinner, William G. St. Jacques
2185X Slack, Alexander  
2127X Slade, George T. Harbour Grace
1722X Slaney, Dominic St. Lawrence
2401X Slaney, Henry J. St. Lawrence
2341X Slaney, JamesX St. Lawrence
832X Slaney, Patrick J. Lamaline
1227X Smart, Edward  
2391X Smith, Allan  
2392X Smith, Allan C. Bay Bulls
1792X Smith, Arthur C. Chance Cove
1507X Smith, Arthur W. Griguet
1193X Smith, Benjamin Gooseberry Cove
2427X Smith, Benjamin Random
1385X Smith, Donald  
1204X Smith, Edgar H.  
2095X Smith, George New Perlican
2213X Smith, George Random
2203X Smith, Isaac Random
2402X Smith, Isaac Random
984X Smith, Jacob Chance Cove
2292X Smith, James A. Signal Hill Road
647X Smith, John Random
1729X Smith, John Bishop's Cove
1949X Smith, John Raleigh
1841X Smith, John T. Detroit, Mich.
2088X Smith, John W. Baine Harbour
1007X Smith, Joseph E. Southport
1118X Smith, Leonard Random
1017X Smith, LeviX Southport
979X Smith, Luke Gooseberry Cove
1343X Smith, Milton J. Marquise
2439X Smith, Moses Spaniard's Bay
2202X Smith, Robert Random
1801X Smith, Samuel Chance Cove
1071X Smith, Stephen  
1207X Smith, Stephen Chance Cove, Trinity Bay
1146X Smith, Stewart Random
1837X Smith, Thomas Chapel Arm
1026X Smith, Timothy Random
847X Smith, Uriah Mass.
2344X Smith, Wallace 17 Barter's Hill
1480X Smith, Walter G. Chance Cove
910X Smith, William Random
2108X Smith, William J. Boat Harbour
1445X Snook, Isaac H. Grand Bank
1181X Snow, Albert Coley's Point
2240X Snow, Alfred U.K.
665X Snow, George Fogo
2215X Snow, George Noggins Cove
1257X Snow, George T. Brooklyn, N.Y.
282X Snow, Isaac Trenton, N.S.
363X Snow, James H. Bay Roberts
1399X Snow, John Corner Brook
1758X Snow, Joseph Bay Roberts
973X Snow, Nathaniel Nashua
1256X Snow, Ronald J.  
1306X Snow, William P. 37 Banbrick Street
1642X Somerton, Arthur Bay Roberts
1654X Somerton, Charles Bell Island
840X Somerton, Edgar Portugal Cove
1658X Somerton, Edmund U.K.
720X Somerton, Herbert  
1647X Somerton, Nathaniel Portugal Cove [died 13 Dec 1956]
1648X Somers, Ernest  
1593X Somers, Joseph M.  
671X Sooley, Allison Heart's Content
2372X Soper, Edgar  
943X Soper, Isaac Hillview, Trinity Bay
1009X Soper, John  
862X Sparks, Eli  
2537X Sparks, John C. Lead Cove, Trinity Bay
2047X Sparkes, Samuel  
1538X Sparkes, Stephen  
2713X Sparkes, William H. Brigus
2001X Sparrow, William Ship Harbour
2755X Spencer, Hayward New Kensington
1535X Spencer, John J. U.K.
1812X Spencer, Wilson  
2228X Spracklin, Augustus Manchester
1469X Spracklin, Charles Sydney
1113X Spracklin, Edward J.  
869X Spurrell, Walter J.  
1436X Squire, ArthurX Salvage
2289X Squire, George E. 78 New Gower Street
489X Squire, Joseph A. Alex Bay
1280X Squire, Richard J.  
1093X Squires, Benjamin 9 Patrick Street
922X Squires, Benjamin B. St. Philips
2449X Squires, DaraX Salvage
1232X Squires, DavidX St. Philips
2159X Squires, George A. St. Philips
921X Squires, SolomonX St. Philips
2461X Squires, William E. Salvage
2410X Stacey, William J. Lamaline
1342X Stanford, William H. North Harbour
1313X Stanley, Charles A. Kilbride
2184X Stanley, Harold  
1384X Stanley, Otto Mass.
2748X Stapleton, Joseph Marystown
1708X Stares, Meshach N. Brooklyn
1476X Starks, Stanley U.K.
1222X St. Croix, William  
1032X Steed, Dugald  
1211X Steed, Frederick R. Mass.
1176X Steed, James Little Catalina
1065X Steed, Thomas Alex Bay
1252X Steele, Garland Ford City
2380X Steele, Joshua Norther Bay
2734X Stevenson, Donald S. Sudbury, Ontario
1699X Stevenson, Robert L. Harbour Grace
1223X Stickland, George S. Newman's Cove
814X Stickland, John L.  
789X Stickland, Walter  
1781X Stockley, Jacob U.K.
707X Stockley, Edward H. Greenspond
1295X Stone, Edward  
2718X Strange, George A.  
1562X Strickland, John W. St. George's Bay
2409X Strickland, Arthur Channel
1259X Stringer, George Little Heart's Ease
2092X Stringer, Gilbert Hodges Cove
1229X Stringer, Joseph Hodges Cove
793X Strong, William J. Old Perlican
1465X Stuckless, Alfred B. Tizzard's Harbour
1902X Stuckless, Thomas W. White Bay
563X Stuckless, William Comfort Cove
1310X Sweetapple, Elias J. Glovertown
1326X Swindell, Maynard  
1845X Synard, Norman A. Weston, Ontario

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