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Military Medal

Name RankEngagement
Abbott, Jacob Pte Broembeek
Adams, Alexander (w/bar - Ledeghem) Cpl Broembeek
Aitken, Ernest (w/bar - Ledeghem) Sgt Broembeek
Barrett, Harold G. 2nd Lt Gueudecourt
Bendell, freeman Pte Armentieres
Bennett, Manuel J. Pte Cambrai
Best, Frank Gordon Cpl Yser Canal
Bowden, Hugh Pierson Pte Broembeek
Brazil, Matthew Cpl Armentieres
Brown, David Pte Gueudecourt
Bulgin, Augustus L/Cpl Broembeek
Burge, Daniel C.S.M. Armentieres
Butcher, Ernest A/C.S.M. Broembeek
Butler, Harold S. C.S.M. Broembeek
Carroll, Bernard Cpl Gueudecourt
Cheeseman, E.B. C.Q.M.S. Cambrai
Clark, Howard S. L/Cpl Periodic
Clarke, John Pte Ledeghem
Collins, John J. Cpl Cambrai
Collins, Matthew Sgt Gueudecourt
Cook, Thomas L/Cpl Cambrai
Cox, John Sgt Beaumont Hamel
Curnew, Charles Sgt Armentieres
Curran, D. Wilfred Pte Monchy-Le-Preux
Curtis, Doyle Pte Ledeghem
Davis, Albert 2nd Lt Cambrai
Davis, John Pte Broembeek
Dawe, Frank Pte Steenbeek
Dewling, Stewart C.S.M. Beaumont Hamel
Dibben, Hubert Pte Cambrai
Dunn, James Cpl Broembeek
Fitzpatrick, Leo J. Sgt Broembeek
Fowlow, William Pte Cambrai
Gardner, Hamar Sgt Ledeghem
Gooby, Archibald C.S.M. Monchy-Le-Preux
Goodland, Oliver Pte Gueudecourt
Gosse, John Pte Armentieres
Goudie, Ernest (w/bar - Cambrai) Sgt Broembeek
Gough, Newman Pte Keiberg Ridge
Greene, Gregory L. C.S.M. Keiberg Ridge
Hagen, James G.W. (w/bar - Armentieres) Cpl Cambrai
Hammond, Arthur C.S.M. Steenbeek
Hennebury, Alexander Sgt Broembeek
Hennebury, John Pte Cambrai
Hillier, John H. S/Sgt Monchy-Le-Preux
Hounsell, Japhet H. L/Cpl Monchy-Le-Preux
Jewer, Walter Sgt Broembeek
Joy, Edward (w/bar - Cambrai) Sgt Cambrai
Joy, William Cpl Ledeghem
King, William P. Pte Ledeghem
Knee, Henry Pte Cambrai
Lacey, George B. Pte Steenbeek
LeDrew, Ralph B. 2nd Lt Cambrai
Lee, Albert Pte Keiberg Ridge
Lewis, John P. Sgt Sailly-Saillisel
Lidstone, Harold Cpl Yser Canal
Loveless, John Pte Cambrai
McDonald, Patrick Q. Cpl Broembeek
McGrath, Thomas W. Pte Beaumont Hamel
Manuel, Alfred Cpl Gueudecourt
Meaney, Thomas J. (w/bar - Broembeek) Pte Steenbeek
Mew, Percival C. C.Q.M.S. Ledeghem
Mooney, John E. Pte Ledeghem
Moore, Leo Pte Cambrai
Moore, William L/Cpl Broembeek
Morrissey, John J. Sgt Gueudecourt
Mullett, George (w/bar - Keiberg Ridge) Pte Steenbeek
Murphy, A. John Pte Keiberg Ridge
Murray, Arthur Pte Steenbeek
Neville, Richard Sgt Gueudecourt
Nichol, John E.B. L/Cpl Broembeek
O'Brien, Edward Pte Ledeghem
O'Neill, Patrick Pte Steenbeek
O'Rourke, John L/Cpl Keiberg Ridge
Paddick, Levi Pte Broembeek
Pafford, Chesley Cpl Broembeek
Parsons, Charles (w/bar - Cambrai) Sgt Monchy-Le-Preux
Peddle, John J. Pte Steenbeek
Phillips, George Pte Beaumont Hamel
Pitcher, Walter Sgt Monchy-Le-Preux
Pittman, Thomas A. Cpl Cambrai
Power, Maurice C.S.M. Vichte
Power, Pierce Pte Cambrai
Power, Richard Cpl Ledeghem
Rees, Frederick S. L/Cpl Broembeek
Reid, Bramwell Booth Pte Keiberg Ridge
Rose, Albert S. 2nd Lt Monchy-Le-Preux
Rose, John L/Cpl Steenbeek
Saunders, W. Roy Pte Armentieres
Simms, John H. Pte Steenbeek
Smith, Andrew Sgt Ledgehem
Snow, Frederick E. L/Cpl Gallipoli
Snow, Harry Sgt  Armentieres
Spurrell, Heber Pte Steenbeek
Stacey, Alfred J. L/Cpl Cambrai
Stick, E. Moyle T. Cpl Escaped Capivity
Sullivan, Peter Cpl Armentieres
Tansley, Harry Cpl Broembeek
Thomas, H. Gordon L/Cpl Armentieres
Trask, Heber Pte Ledgehem
Walsh, Michael Cpl Ledeghem
Waterfield, Joseph R. Sgt Monchy-Le-Preux
Webber, Arthur Sgt Gueudecourt
White, Samuel Cpl Armentieres
Winter, Marmaduke G. Sgt Cambrai
Wiseman, Ebenezer G. Cpl Steenbeek
Woolfrey, Wilfred J. Sgt Ledgehem
Yetman, Nathan L/Cpl Armentieres

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