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List of Electors
District of
Placentia and St. Mary's
No. 1 Section ~ Royal Newfoundland Regiment

No. 2 Section ~ Newfoundland Forestry Corps
No. 3 Section ~ Royal Naval Reserve

Number Surname Place of Abode
No. 1 Section Royal ~ Newfoundland Regiment
4325 ADAMS, Alexander Arnold's Cove
4326 BAMBRAY, Robert Bay de L'Eau
4327 BARRETT, Josiah Woody Island
4328 BARRY, Patrick Red Island
4329 BAILEY, Wesley W. Sound Island, P.B.
4330 BAILEY, William Bay de L'Eau
4331 BAILEY, Herbert Flat Island
4332 BEAZLEY, John S. Sound Island, P.B.
4333 BECK, Murdock W. Sound Island
4334 BEST, Lambert Merasheen
4335 BEST, Earl W. Tack's Beach
4336 BIRD, Dan B. Dunville, Placentia
4337 BLANCHE, Don Jersey Side
4338 BONIA, Edward Placentia
4339 BOUCHER, Charles Mussel Harbor Arm
4340 BOWEN, Francis St. Mary's
4341 BRENCEEN, Sylvester North Harbor
4342 BRAKE, A. Little Harbor
4343 BROWN, James Boat Harbor
4344 BROWN, Elijah Baine Harbor
4345 BROWN, Charles William Tack's Beach
4346 BURKE, William Mussel Harbor Arm
4347 BUTCHER, William Mussel Harbor Arm
4348 BUTCHER, Alexander Thomas Mussel Harbor Arm
4349 BUTLER, John J. Harbor Buffett
4350 CARROLL, R.A. Placentia
4351 CHAMBERS, M.G. Harbor Buffett
4352 CHEESEMAN, Daniel Rushoon
4353 CHEESEMAN, James Rushoon
4354 CLARKE, Eleazer Baine Harbor
4355 COADY, Joseph Bar Haven
4356 COLLETT, Arthur Harbor Buffett
4357 COLLINS, Matthew Placentia
4358 COLLINS, Reginald Placentia
4359 COLLINS, Edward S.E. Arm
4360 COLLINS, Joseph Flat Islands
4361 CONNORS, Thomas J. South Side
4362 CONNORS, Patrick J. Dunville, P.B.
4363 CONWAY, John St. Bride's
4364 CORCORAN, James St. Mary's
4365 COURTNEY, Edgar H. Harbor Buffett
4366 CURTIS, J. Trepassey
4367 DELANEY, James Placentia
4368 DIAMOND, Frederick W. Flat Islands
4369 DICKS, J.A. Harbor Buffett
4370 DICKS, Richard Harbor Buffett
4371 DICKS, Nelson Little Harbor, East
4372 DICKS, Cecil Harbor Buffett
4373 DIDHAM, Edmund Colinet
4374 DOBBIN, Charles St. Mary's
4375 DOBBIN, John Tickles
4376 DOBBIN, Patrick Gaskiers
4377 DOBBIN, Denis Gaskiers
4378 DOODY, Al Mosquito
4379 EDDY, Isaac Sound Island
4380 EDWARDS, Peter Lawn
4381 ENNIS, William Merasheen
4382 EVOY, Andrew Harricott
4383 EZEKIEL, John St. Mary's
4384 FOLEY, Patrick St. Bride's
4385 FOLEY, Martin St. Bride's
4386 FOWLER, James F. Salmonier
4387 GOSNEY, Ernest A. Black River, P.B.
4388 GRACE, James Placentia
4389 GRANT, Vincent Salmonier
4390 GREENE, Patrick Point Verde
4391 GREENE, James Point Verde
4392 GREENE, Frederick J. Point Verde
4393 GREENE, Augustus Point Verde
4394 GUY, James Arnold's Cove
4395 HEALEY, Edward Dunville
4396 HALLERAN, Patrick St. Vincent's, St. Mary's
4397 HAMILTON, William Tack's Beach
4398 HAMPTON, Alexander Isle of Batten
4399 HANHAM, James E. Placentia
4400 HANN, Thomas Little Harbor
4401 HARVEY, Timothy St. Vincent
4402 HAYSE, Patrick J. Bollard Town
4403 HEPGOOD, John Tack's Beach
4405 HILLYARD, M. Placentia
4404 HIPDITCH, John Paradise
4406 HIPDITCH, O. Harbor Buffett
4407 HOGAN, H. A. St. Mary's
4408 HOLLETT, Alfred Harbor Buffett
4409 HOLLETT, Thomas Baine Harbor
4410 HOLLETT, Frederick Spencer's Cove
4411 HOOPER, Samuel Rock Harbor
4412 HOULIHAN, James T. Cape St. Mary's
4413 HUNT, M. Dunville
4405 HILLYARD, M. Placentia
4414 JUDGE, Joseph Point Verde
4415 KEEPING, Albert Flat Islands
4416 KEEPING, John F. Block House, Placentia
4417 LEE, Lawrence Riverhead, St. Mary's
4418 LEONARD, Michael St. Leonard's
4419 LEONARD, V. St. Leonard's
4420 LYNCH, Willis Paradise, Placentia Bay
4421 MAHER, Richard Marquise
4422 MAHER, Leo Placentia
4423 MANSFIELD, Peter Placentia

MASTERS, William L.

Harbor Buffett
4424[sic] MARRY, Michael Salmonier
4425 MAYO, Leonard Preston
4426 McDONALD, Patrick Salmonier
4427 McGRATH, George Blanche
4428 MEANEY, Thomas J. Riverhead, St. Mary's
4429 MITCHELL, Vincent Marystown
4430 MOONEY, John J. Placentia
4431 MOORES, Edward Trepassey
4432 MURPHY, John J. Harbor Buffett
4433 MURPHY, John J. Argentia
4434 MURRAY, Michael Indian Harbor
4435 O'KEEFE, William Placentia
4436 O'REILLY, Patrick Fox Harbor
4437 PARDY, James Woody Island
4438 PEACH, John Red Harbor
4439 PATEY, Noah St. Leonard's
4440 PENNELL, William Trepassey
4441 PITTMAN, Thomas Merasheen
4442 PIKE, George Trinney's Cove
4443 PITTMAN, Thomas Petite Forte
4444 POWER, David Colinet
4445 POWER, Maurice Dunville
4446 POWER, John Salmonier
4447 POWER, Al. J. St. Mary's
4448 POWER, Stephen Dunville
4449 POWER, Patrick Dunville
4450 REID, Richard Harbor Buffett
4451 RYAN, Thomas B. Jersey Side
4452 RYAN, John Presque
4453 RYAN, Joseph Trepassey
4454 SAMSON, Peter Fox Harbor
4455 SENIOR, Frank Flat Island
4456 SHEA, John Bar Haven
4457 SMITH, Thomas Boat Harbor
4458 SMITH, Gordon Baine Harbor
4459 STACEY, Lambert Flat Island
4460 St. Croix, Nicholas Pointe LaHaye
4461 SULEY, William N. Southern Harbor
4462 TOBIN, Peter St. Mary's
4463 TOBIN, John Trepassey
4464 TOBIN, Michael Pointe LaHaye
4465 UPSHALL, Charles C. Harbor Buffett
4466 VAIL, Michael

St. Mary's

4467 WADDLETON, Al. Trepassey
4468 WALSH, Frank St. Mary's
4469 WALSH, Frederick Trepassey
4470 WALSH, William St. Mary's
4471 WALSH, Michael Little Bona
4472 WALSH, James J. Placentia
4473 WALSH, Vincent St. Mary's
4474 WAKELEY, Henry C. Haystack
4475 WARREN, Benjamin Tack's Beach
4476 WHELAN, John J. Jersey Side
4477 WHIFFEN, Patrick Southern Harbor
4478 WHELAN, William Long Harbor
4479 WHITE, Edward Peter's River
4480 WHITE, Peter St. Mary's
4481 WHITE, Joseph Biscay Bay
4482 WHITE, Jeremiah Little Harbor, East
4483 WHITTLE, William St. Kyran's
4484 WILSON, H.K. Flat Island
No. 2 Section ~ Newfoundland Forestry Corps
4485 DOBBIN, Bernard J. Salmonier
4486 FEWER, William Placentia
4487 HOGAN, John Red Island, Placentia Bay
4488 INGRAM, Stanley Harbor Buffett
4489 LEWIS, Francis Salmonier
4490 NORMAN, Donald Red Island, Placentia Bay
4491 O'BRIEN, John F. South East Arm
No. 3 Section ~ Royal Naval Reserve
4492 ADAMS, John T. North Harbor
4493 ADAMS, Nathan Bordeaux
4494 BLANDFORD, Maxwell H. Jersey Side
4495 BRINSON, Alison North Harbor
4496 BROCKERVILLE, John J. Roundabout
4497 BROCKERVILLE, Stephen Lawn
4498 BROWN, Herbert W. Baine Harbor
4499 BUSSEY, Samuel P. St. Leonard's
4500 BUTCHER, Audrey W.N. Arnold's Cove
4501 BUTCHER, Bertram L. Spencer's Cove
4502 BUTCHER, Josiah Spencer's Cove
4503 BUTCHER, Thomas A. Spencer's Cove
4504 CONWAY, Alexander St. Bride's
4505 CONNORS, Thomas Lawn
4506 CURRIGAN, William Placentia
4507 CROCKER, Arch Swift Current
4508 CROCKER, Henry D. Swift Current
4509 DOWDEN, Esau North Harbor
4510 DOWDEN, John G. Rock Harbor
4511 EDWARDS, Andrew Lawn
4512 EDWARDS, David Lawn
4513 EDWARDS, Fred. J. Lawn
4514 FLANNIGAN, Patrick J. Roundabout
4515 GILBERT, Alexander Piper's Hole
4516 GILBERT, Alexander Come-by-Chance
4517 GILBERT, John Come-by-Chance
4518 GILBERT, William Famish Cove
4519 GILBERT, William A. Come-by-Chance
4520 GREENE, James Red Island
4521 GREENE, James Point Verde
4522 GREGORY, Albert Harbor Buffett
4523 GUY, Ernest Arnold's Cove
4524 GUY, Harry Arnold's Cove
4525 GUY, Joshua Arnold's Cove
4526 HARDING, William H. Sound Island
4527 HARRIS, Edward J. St. Joseph's
4528 HARTSEN, Richard L. Colineet
4529 HICKEY, Peter Sound Island
4530 HOLLETT, Henry E. Spencer's Cove
4531 HOLLETT, Malcolm Long Island
4532 HOLLETT, William A. North Harbor
4533 HOOPER, George Rock Harbor
4534 KEEFE, Fred J. Great Barrisway
4535 LEONARDS, Andrew J. Branch
4536 LODER, Alexander North Harbor
4537 MARSHALL, Thomas Mussel Harbor Arm
4538 MURRAY, James Earl's Cove
4539 MURPHY, Peter J. Lawn
4540 McGRATH, Andrew J. Patrick's Cove
4541 MURPHY, T. Townside, Placentia
4542 MURRAY, Thomas J. Salmonier
4543 McGRATH, James Chapel's Cove
4544 McGRATH, John J. Patrick's Cove
4545 NASH, George Branch
4546 NASH, Patrick Branch
4547 NASH, Albert Branch
4548 NASH, Walter J. Branch
4549 NASH, Stephen Branch
4550 NORMAN, Garrett Placentia
4551 NORMAN, Thomas Placentia
4552 NORTHOVER, John Red Island
4553 O"BRIEN, Michael Placentia
4554 PARSONS, Alexander Swift Current
4555 PASHER, Llewelyn B. Sound Island
4556 PEACH, Arthur W. Mussel Harbor Arm
4557 PEACH, Arthur W.

Spencer's Cove

4558 PITTMAN, Ignatius Meraheen
4559 POFFORD, Arch. North Harbor
4560 POWER, George B. Dunville
4561 POWER, Bartholomew Branch
4562 POWER, John Dunville
4563 POWER, Ambrose Branch
4564 POWER, Edmund J. Branch
4565 POWER, Austin J. Branch
4566 POWER, Albert Branch
4567 POWER, Fred. W. Branch
4568 QUIRK, Peter Lawn
4569 ROBINS, Eli Hatchet Cove
4570 REYNOLDS, Levi Souind Island
4571 RODGERS, John St. Leonard's
7572 ROACH, Peter Branch
4573 ROACH, Charles H. Branch
4574 ROACH, Peter T. Branch
4575 SKINNER, William D. St. Jacques
4576 SMITH, John W. Baine Harbor
4577 SMITH, William J. Boat Harbor
4578 SMITH, Milton K. Marquise
4579 SPARROW, William Ship Harbor
4580 STANSFORD, William H. North Harbor
4581 TOBIN, Rodger Oderin
4582 TORRANT, Patrick Red Island
4583 WADDLETON, George J. Trepassey
4584 WALSH, G.S. Red Island
4585 WAREHAM, Henry Haystack
4586 WHELAN, Thomas Placentia
4587 WHITE, Fred. A. Baine Harbor
4588 WILLIAMS, Samuel Tack's Beach

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