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Appendix 4



    The following Nominal Roll of Officers and men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment shows those members who were on the strength of the unit in France at the  time of the attack on Beaumont Hamel, as indicated by the records of the District Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, St. John's, Newfoundland. These members of the unit were not included in the previous nominal rolls because they were not wounded or killed at the time of the attack, nor are they shown as having answered the Roll Call. They make up the following groups:

    1. The ten percent reserve which were held back from the initial attack and were brought up as reinforcement on the afternoon of the first of July.

    2. Stretcher bearers, personnel engaged in transportation, and cooks

    3. Attachments to brigade, machine gun companies and other higher formations. These could have taken part in the action at Beaumont Hamel but because of their detachment were not included in the Roll Call.

    4. One or two of the members listed on this nominal roll may have been en route to or from hospital but these numbers are minimal. Also one was taken prisoner of war and one other was believed to be the person who called the roll following the attack but who is not included on the Roll Call.

    5. Personnel who were en route from the United Kingdom in Draft No. 7 left the United Kingdom on 29 June 1916 but were not actually attached to the regiment until 12 July 1916 and have consequently not been included in the nominal roll.

    As in the preceding nominal rolls, decorations have been shown where the information is available, death at some later time during service has been shown with an asterisk, and ranks are the highest rank attained during service. (There are one or two names which have been included where records are incomplete but according to the best information available, it is believed they were on the strength of the unit at the time of the attack).


Rank Surname Given Names
Capt* BARTLETT Rupert W. (M.C. & Bar, Order of Crown of Italy)
Lt CLARE William (M.I.D.)
Capt* DONNELLY James John (M.C.)
Adj DULEY Cyril C. (M.B.E.)
2nd Lt* EBSARY Samuel
Lt* EDENS John F.
2nd Lt FORAN Sebastian
Lt. Col. FORBES-ROBERTSON James (V.C., D.S.O. & Bar, M.C., M.I.D.)
Capt FROST Charles Sydney (M.C.)
Lt* GOODYEAR Stanley C. (M.C.)
Maj HADOW A.L. (C.M.G., M.I.D., [2] )
Lt JAMES C. Stanley
Lt JANES Harold C. (M.S.M.)
2nd Lt LANG James Patrick
Capt McNEIL Hector (O.B.E., M.I.D.)
Lt MUNN William L.G.
Lt* NORRIS Stephen Casimir
Capt* O'BRIEN Augustus (M.I.D.)
2nd Lt PHILLIPS George Gordon
Lt POWER Herbert J.
Maj RALEY Arthur (M.C., Croix de Guerre [SS] )
Capt* RENDELL Herbert (M.C., M.I.D.)
2nd Lt* SMITH Samuel R.
Capt SNOW Joseph H.
2nd Lt* STEPHENSON John Sydney
2nd Lt* THOMSON James E.
Maj WINDELER Henry Stanton (M.C.)


Regt # Rank Surname Given Names
1770* Pte ADAMS Otto Herbert
643 Sgt AITKEN Ernest Peyton (M.M. & Bar)
263 L/Cpl ALLEN Thomas Wilfred
55 Sgt ANDREWS Ralph Martin
663 Sgt ANTLE John Aquilla
648 Pte BAIRD John Joseph
1523* Pte BALDWIN Henry Herbert
930* CQMS BASTOW Gordon Clarence
1430* Pte BELLOWSE Stewart
1327 Pte BENOIT Austin
1049 Pte BENSON Frederick Chesley
1769 Pte BIRD Silas
57 Cpl BISHOP Alexander
1578* Pte BLACKMORE Edgar
1674 L/Cpl BOONE Edgar
526* Pte BOWDEN Hugh Pierson (M.M.)
103 Sgt BRADBURY Edward Charles
398* Pte BRADLEY Wilfred
1319 Pte BROWN David (M.M.)
1565 Sgt BROWN Robert Gill
1315 Pte BUCKLEY John Joseph
1625 Pte BUCKLEY Sydney
1856 Pte BUDGELL Stanley
1139 Sgt BURSEY Uriah George
1282* Pte BUTLER Robert
1560* Pte CAREW Victor
1903* Cpl CARROLL Bernard (M.M.)
343* Cpl CLARE Lawrence Edward
444 Pte COLBOURNE Arthur Frederick
16 L/Cpl COLFORD George
863* Cpl COLLINS John Joseph (M.M.)
483* Pte COOK Henry Whitten
747 Pte COOMBS Thomas
649* Pte CONNORS Daniel Francis
1579 Cpl CRANFORD Moses
1335 CSM CURNEW Charles (M.M.)
20 CSM DEWLING Stewart (M.M.)
1916 Pte DOWNTON Frederick T.
1363* Pte DRUKEN Thomas
173 Sgt DUNN John
44 Pte DUNPHY John
137 SSM EATON William John
1714* Pte EDNEY Samuel R.
658* Pte EVANS Leonard
1418 Pte EVANS Sidney Wilfred
642 Pte EVANS Thomas Bowring
1092 S/Sgt FALLON Luke Anthony
1555 Pte FITZGERALD Sylvester
1397 Sgt FLYNN Thomas Joseph
311 L/Cpl FOWLER James Francis
1441 Pte FREAKE Frederick
1526* Pte GALPIN John
901* CQMS GEAR George
771 Pte GLADNEY James Joseph
1250 Pte GLEESON Richard
154 CSM GOOBY Archibald (M.M.)
219 Pte GOOD Robert Joseph
1421 Sgt GOSSE Nathan
1918 Pte GOUGH Newman (M.M.)
1272* Sgt GRACE Martin Joseph
1322 Cpl GUY Frederick
489 Pte HALEY Robert
1986 Sgt HALFYARD Wallace
352* Sgt HALL William
844 L/Cpl HALLETT Frederick
79 CSM HAMMOND Arthur (M.M.)
360 S/Sgt HAMMOND Thomas (M.S.M.)
90 Pte HANN Jacob
353* L/Cpl HARDING Herbert
677* Pte HARDY Edward
458 Pte HARNETT Walter Joseph
1517 Pte HAWCO John
875 L/Cpl HEALE Arthur
461 Sgt HENNEBURY Alexander (M.M.)
1257 Pte HENNESSEY James John
299 Pte HIBBS James Francis
113 Pte HICKEY James Joseph
1929 L/Cpl HISCOCK William J.
1706 Pte HOLLETT Allan
1799* Pte HOLLETT George
887 CQMS HOPKINS Thomas Roland
449 Pte HOSKINS Lawrence Amour
564 Pte HUNT James
1267 L/Cpl HUSSEY James Harwood
356* Sgt HUSSEY William Thomas
820 Sgt INNES Robert Elrich
1310 SSM IVANY Alfred James
1201* L/Cpl IVANY William Cox
533* Cpl JACKMAN Arhur Joseph
56 Sgt JANES Walter Harold
1932* Pte ONES Nathaniel
1376 Cpl JOY William (M.M.)
106 Pte KAVANAGH Joseph Arthur
1301 Pte KENNEDY Samuel
1178 Pte KENNY Richard
1270* L/Cpl KENT Martin Patrick
1168 Pte KING Albert Victor
929 Pte LAWLOR Richard Joseph
1882 Pte LEE William
1972 Pte LEGROW Reuben
1323 Sgt LILLY Paul U.
1292 Pte LITLE Theophilus
1226 L/Cpl LYONS James Vincent
841* L/Cpl MacLEOD Neil Charles
1557 Pte MADDEN John Joseph
183 Sgt MADDIGAN Michael J.
1216 Pte MALEY Denis Francis
687 Pte MANNING Peter Joseph
85 Cpl MANSFIELD Peter
721* Cpl MANUEL Alfred (M.M.)
86 Cpl MARCH Charles Llewelyn
1401 L/Cpl McCARTHY John Francis
1490 Pte McDOUGALD Patrick
976 Pte McGILLVARY William Douglas
856* Pte McGRATH Thomas White (M.M.)
1631 Pte McKAY William
24 Pte McLEOD Ernest Frederick
1317 Pte MILLS Edgar
997 L/Cpl MILLS Robert
741 Pte MOORE Daniel Joseph
719* Cpl MORGAN Robert Stanley
1581* Pte MORRIS William
446 Pte MOTTY Edgar Page
1211 Pte MUGFORD Walter
1429 Pte MUISE Moses
437 Pte MULLETT Abraham Thomas
1412 Pte MURRIN Walter
1367 Pte MYERS Albert
1080* Sgt NEVILLE Richard (M.M.)
520 L/Cpl NEWELL William thomas
336 Pte NICOL John Francis
664 CQMS NICHOLLE Edward Henry (M.I.D.)
812* Pte NOONAN Robert Anthony
527 Pte NOSEWORTHY Francis Thomas
1167 Pte NOSEWORTHY Heber
1378* Pte O'BRIEN James John
654 Pte O'BRIEN John Joseph
1775 Cpl O'DONNELL Edwad V.
1658 Pte O'KEEFE Charles Patrick
783 Sgt PARSONS Charles (M.M. & Bar)
438 L/Cpl PARSONS William John
987 L/Cpl PENNY Esau
1448 Pte PENNEY James
757 Pte PIERCEY Samuel C.
609 Pte PIKE Ernest
310 L/Cpl POWER David
1103 Pte PRICE John Joseph
1246 Pte PROWSE John Leo
1237 Pte PUMPHREY John Louis
1145 Sgt QUICK Ernest Chesley
1305 Pte QUIRK Daniel Joseph
2016 Pte READ John H.
1135 Pte READER Alexander
790* Pte REID Carl
228* Pte RIDEOUT Pierce
1494* L/Cpl ROLLS Walter
1547 Pte ROSS William Leslie
611* Sgt ROWE Harry Mott
917 Pte RUSSELL John
38 L/Cpl RYAN John Joseph
884 Pte RYAN Samuel Patrick
1540* Pte SARGENT John
1314 Pte SAUNDERS James Joseph
88* Pte SIMMS John Henry (M.M.)
1243* Pte SIMMS Leaten
59 L/Cpl SKEFFINGTON Sydney Bemister
273 Pte SLADE Albert Ernest
1389 Cpl SMALL Titus
1737 Pte SMITH Peter Galloway
512 Cpl SMYTH Michael Frank
1140* Pte SNELGROVE Isaac John
640 Sgt SNOOK William Ed
750* Pte SNOW William
378 Sgt SPURRELL Charles Patrick (D.C.M.)
466 Sgt STACEY Anthony James
656 L/Cpl STAMP Patrick D.
1638 Pte STRIDE Albert
1453 Pte STYLES Alfred
1108 Sgt SYMONDS Joseph
990 Pte TAYLOR Charles
111 CQMS TAYLOR Victor G.
711 Pte TAYLOR William Bernard
139 Pte THOMPSON John
753* Pte TIZZARD Gordon
234 Cpl TULK Ralph Wellon
1694* Pte TUFF Frank Payne
23* Cpl TUFF James Roy
1185 Pte VOISEY Edward Joseph
1566 Pte VOISEY Herbert Lawrence
959* Pte VOISEY Leo Michael
506 Pte WALSH George Edward
1562 Pte WALSH James
789* Provost Sgt WATERFIELD Joseph Ross (M.M.)
397* Pte WATTS James Pittman
236 Sgt WEBBER Arthur (M.M., Bronze Medal [Italian Dec.] )
1734 Pte WELLS Isaac
475 Pte WHEELER Heber
1432* L/Cpl WHEELER James
1154 Pte WHITE Arthur Joseph
652 Pte WILLIAMS Richard
1262 Pte WISEMAN Stephen
29 Pte WOOD Ernest
371 Pte WYATT Edward
1700 Pte YETMAN Nathan (M.M.)


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