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Population of District: 16,780.
Chief Town: Twillingate
Population: 3,585

Names beginning with the letter "N"

NELSON Henry fish'man Northern Arm
NEWMAN Stephen fish'man N Side Twillingate
NEWMAN Samuel fish'man N Side Twillingate
NEWMAN James fish'man N Side Twillingate
NEWMAN Frederick fish'man N Side Twillingate
NEWMAN Henry fish'man N Side Twillingate
NEWMAN Alfred fish'man N Side Twillingate
NEWMAN Charles fish'man N Side Twillingate
NEWMAN Richard fish'man N Side Twillingate
NOTT George fish'man S Side Twillingate
NEWPORT Thomas fish'man Morton's Harbor
NEWPORT Richard fish'man Salt Pond
NOEL Josiah fish'man Big Chance Harbor
NEWMAN Joseph fish'man Boyd's Cove
NEWMAN Simon fish'man Boyd's Cove
NOBLE Henry fish'man Merritt's Harbor
NOSWORTHY Joseph fish'man Big Burnt Bay
NORTHCOTT Geo, sr fish'man Big Burnt Bay
NORTHCOTT Geo, jr fish'man Big Burnt Bay
NORTHCOTT Joseph fish'man Big Burnt Bay
NORTHCOTT Henry fish'man Big Burnt Bay
NEWMAN Edward fish'man Hamilton Cove
NEILSON N R Manager Exploits Wood Mill Company Botwoodville
NEILSON Richard fisherman Northern Arm
NEILSON Samuel fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Henry fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY W, sr fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY W, jr fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Francis fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Geo fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY John fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Chas fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Thos fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Reub'n fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Nath fisherman Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Jas fish'man Northern Arm
NELSON Henry fish'man Northern Arm
NOSEWORTHY Sol fish'man Pilley's Island
NOSEWORTHY Joseph fish'man Pilley's Island
NOSEWORTHY Geo fish'man Pilley's Island
NORMORE Hannibal fish'man Pilley's Island
NORMORE Uriah fish'man Wellman's Cove
NORMORE John fish'man Wellman's Cove
NORMORE William fish'man Wellman's Cove
NORMORE Darius fish'man Wellman's Cove
NEWMAN Samuel fish'man Little Triton
NEARY Joseph fish'man Wolf's Cove
NEARY James fish'man Wolf's Cove
NOBLE Thos fish'man Little Bay Harbor
NOBLE John fish'man Little Bay Harbor
NEWMAN William fish'man Little Bay Harbor
NEVILLE Thomas fish'man Little Bay Harbor
NORRIS J gen m'cht Three Arms
NORRIS E, sr fisherman Three Arms
NORRIS Edward fisherman Three Arms
NEWHOOK Jesse fisherman South West Arm
NEWHOOK J, sr fisherman Jackson's Cove
NEWHOOK Jonas fisherman Jackson's Cove
NOBLE William fisherman Smith's Harbor
NOBLE Peter fisherman Smith's Harbor
NOBLE Gilbert fisherman Stocking Harbor
NOBLE Arthur fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Wm T fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Elijah fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Sammuel fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Alfred fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE William fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Titus fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE James fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Albert fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Jesse fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Esau fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NOBLE Robert fisherman Nipper's Harbor
NAUGHTON M, sr fisherman Tilt Cove
NAUGHTON Mich'l fisherman Tilt Cove
NICOLLS Fred'k S fisherman Tilt Cove
NORMAN Joseph fisherman Tilt Cove
NOSEWORTHY Thos fisherman Tilt Cove
NOSEWORTHY Nath fisherman Tilt Cove
NOSEWORTHY Eld'd fisherman Tilt Cove
NEWHOOK Chas fisherman Tilt Cove
NEWMAN Alfred fisherman Tilt Cove
NOBLE Chas fisherman Beaver Cove
NEWBURY Alex fisherman Shoe Cove
NEWBURY Oliver fisherman Shoe Cove
NEWBURY Robt fisherman Shoe Cove
NEWBURY Rich'd fisherman Shoe Cove
NEWBURY Hy, sr fisherman Shoe Cove
NEWBURY Chas fisherman Shoe Cove
NEWBURY Henry fisherman Shoe Cove
NOSEWORTHY Geo fisherman Shoe Cove
NOSEWORTHY S'ml fisherman Shoe Cove

Names beginning with the letter "O"

OWEN & EARLE   gen merchants South Side Twillingate
OAKLEY Jas shoemkr N S Twillingate
OXFORD Thos fisherman N S Twillingate
OWEN J W of O & Earle S S Twillingate
OAKE William fisherman S S Twillingate
OSMOND Horatio fisherman Robbin's Cove
OSMOND James fisherman Robbin's Cove
OSMOND Joseph fisherman Robbin's Cove
OXFORD Henry fisherman Farmer's Arm
OXFORD John fisherman Gillard's Cove
OSMOND Jos fisherman Spirit's Cove
OSMOND William fisherman Spirit's Cove
OSMOND Abram fisherman Spirit's Cove
OSMOND Edward fisherman Spirit's Cove
OSMOND Stanley fisherman Spirit's Cove
OSMOND Jos B fisherman Moretons Harbor
OSMOND Aaron fisherman Moretons Harbor
OSMOND Jos W fisherman Moretons Harbor
OSMOND Ambrose fisherman Moretons Harbor
OSMOND MARK gen d'lr Moretons Harbor
OSMOND Dawe fisherman Moretons Harbor
OSMOND Lewis fisherman Moretons Harbor
OSMOND Alfred fisherman Moretons Harbor
OSMOND Uriah fisherman Frost Cove, M Har
OSMOND Wm fisherman Frost Cove, M Har
OSMOND Jonath'n fisherman Frost Cove, M Har
OSMOND Obadiah fisherman Big Chance Harbor
OSMOND Abram fisherman Big Chance Harbor
OXFORD Henry fisherman Starve Harbor
OXFORD Eli fisherman Starve Harbor
OXFORD Thomas fisherman Starve Harbor
OXFORD James fisherman Starve Harbor
OSMOND Solomon fisherman Big Burnt Bay
OSMOND Eli fisherman Big Burnt Bay
OSMOND James fisherman Big Burnt Bay
OSMOND Bazil fisherman Birchy Cove
OAKE John R fisherman Comfort Bay
OAKE William fisherman Northern Arm
OAKE Shem (sic) fisherman Northern Arm
OXFORD Samuel fisherman Peter's Arm
OXFORD Elijah fisherman Peter's Arm
OLIVER William fisherman South West Arm
OSMOND Joseph fisherman Pilley's Island
OSMOND John fisherman Pilley's Island
OSBOURNE John fisherman Pilley's Island
OXFORD George fisherman Pilley's Island
OXFORD Joseph fisherman Pilley's Island
OXFORD Peter fisherman Pilley's Island
OAKE Joseph fisherman Sunday Cv Island
OAKE Henry fisherman Cut Well Arm
OSBOURNE Geo fisherman Wolf's Cove
OXFORD David fisherman Little Bay Island
OXFORD Frank fisherman Little Bay Island
OXFORD John fisherman Little Bay Island
OAKE David fisherman Little Bay Harbor
OAKE Joseph fisherman Little Bay Harbor
OSMOND Geo fish'man Woodford's Cove
OXFORD Job fish'man Sulians Cove
OXFORD Henry fish'man Sulians Cove
OSMOND Alfred fish'man Birchy Cove
OSMOND J'ntah fish'man Birchy Cove
OAKELEY Frederick fish'man Tilt Cove
OSMOND Patrick fish'man Tilt Cove
OSMOND Richard fish'man Tilt Cove
OSMOND Edwin fish'man Tilt Cove
OSMOND John fish'man Tilt Cove
OSMOND Thos fish'man Tilt Cove
OSMOND John fish'man Tilt Cove

Names beginning with the letter "P"

PETTEN N police srgt N S Twillingate
PRESTON Alfred fisherman N S Twillingate
PAYNE Samuel, sr fisherman N S Twillingate
PAYNE Samuel, jr fisherman N S Twillingate
PEARCE A J sub col cus N S Twillingate
PEARCE H'y fisherman N S Twillingate
PARSONS Wm fisherman N S Twillingate
PRESTON James fisherman Cat Cove
POLLARD James fisherman Cat Cove
PAYNE Geo fisherman Wild Cove
PURCHASE Jas fisherman Back Harbor
PURCHASE Thos fisherman Back Harbor
PURCHASE Geo fisherman Back Harbor
PURCHASE Walter fisherman Back Harbor
PURCHASE Abs fisherman Back Harbor
PURCHASE Wm T fisherman Back Harbor
PEARCE Abram A fisherman Back Harbor
PEYTON THOS stipendiary mag and notary public Back Harbor
PEYTON Elias carpenter Back Harbor
PEYTON JAS dep sheriff Back Harbor
PEYTON Wm fisherman Back Harbor
PEYTON Henry fisherman Back Harbor
PRIDE Wm fisherman Back Harbor
PRICE Wm fisherman Back Harbor
PRICE John fisherman Back Harbor
PRESTON Jas asst keeper Light H, L Pt
PIPPY Philip fisherman Robbin's Cove
PIPPY John fisherman Robbin's Cove
PHILLIPS Jas fisherman South Side
PHILLIPS Jos fisherman South Side
PHILLIPS John fisherman South Side
PHILLIPS Fred'k fisherman South Side
PHILLIPS Jas, sr fisherman South Side
PHILLIPS John, sr fisherman South Side
PRIMMER Henry fisherman Hart's Cove
PRIMMER Jas, sr fisherman Hart's Cove
PIPPY Henry trader Junkins Cove
PARSONS Titus fishr'man Jenkins Cove
PARSONS Stanley fishr'man Jenkins Cove
PARSONS Geo B fishr'man Jenkins Cove
PARSONS Peter fishr'man Jenkins Cove
PELLEY Charles fishr'man Sandy Cove
PELLEY George fishr'man Sandy Cove
PELLEY Charles fishr'man Sandy Cove
PELLEY Kenneth fishr'man Sandy Cove
PELLEY Thos fish'man Sandy Cove
PELLEY Stephen fish'man Sandy Cove
PELLEY John fish'man Sandy Cove
POND Adam, sr fish'man Farmer's Arm
POND Adam, jr gen dealer Farmer's Arm
POND Philp fisherman Farmer's Arm
POND Wm, sr fisherman Farmer's Arm
POND Wm, jr fisherman Farmer's Arm
POND Isaac fisherman Farmer's Arm
POND Thomas fisherman Farmer's Arm
POND Obadiah fisherman Farmer's Arm
PENNELL Samuel fisherman Farmer's Arm
PRIMER George fisherman Farmer's Arm
PRIMMER Robert fisherman Farmer's Arm
PRIMMER Richd fisherman Durrell's Arm
PARDY James fisherman Little Harbor
HARDY George fisherman Little Harbor
PARDY Stephen fisherman Little Harbor
PARDY Samuel fisherman Little Harbor
PARDY John fisherman Little Harbor
POOLE George fisherman Little Harbor
POOLE William fisherman Little Harbor
PEARCE Joseph fisherman Bluff Head Cove
PIKE Jabez fisherman Ragged Point
PIKE James fisherman Ragged Point
PENNY Thomas fisherman Tizzard's Harbor
POWER Michael fisherman Moretons Harbor
PRICE James fisherman Moretons Harbor
PELLEY James fisherman Moretons Harbor
PENNY Thomas fisherman Moretons Harbor
PEDDLE George fisherman Pearce's Harbor
PEDDLE Abram fisherman Pearce's Harbor
PRIOR Thomas fisherman Cottle's Island
PHILPOT William fisherman Cottle's Island
PECKFORD Philip fisherman Little Chance Hr
PARSONS Robert fisherman Starve Harbor
PHILPOT John fisherman Starve Harbor
PHILPOT Charles fisherman Starve Harbor
PEPPER Geo school teacher Boyd's Cove
PEARCE Samuel fisherman Boyd's Cove
PEARCE Ambrose fisherman Boyd's Cove
PEARCE John fisherman Boyd's Cove
PEARCE Willin (sic) fisherman Boyd's Cove
PECKFORD John fisherman Emily's Pond
POWELL Samuel fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL Stephen fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL Robert fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL Elijah fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL Edward fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL George fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL Francis fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL Levi fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POWELL Henry fisherman Merritt's Harbor
POTTER William fisherman Sanson's Island
POTTER Wm, sr fisherman Black Island
POTTER George fisherman Black Island
POTTER Samuel fisherman Sanson's Island
PERRY Titus fish'man Sanson's Island
PORTER John fish'man Mumper's Island
PORTER Robert fish'man Elliott's Point
PURCHASE Giles fish'man Winter House Cv
PRIMMER James fish'man Sealing Bight
PRIMMER Robert fish'man Sealing Bight
PELLEY Joseph fish'man Big Burnt Bay
PELLEY Robert fish'man Big Burnt Bay
PELLEY Benjamin fish'man Big Burnt Bay
PERRY Abraham fish'man Indian Arm
PERRY John fish'man Indian Arm
PERRY George fish'man Indian Arm
PELLY Moses fish'man Indian Arm
PORTER Alfred fish'man South Isld Harbor
PURCHASE A fish'man Kite Cove
PURCHASE J, sr fish'man Kite Cove
PURCHASE Josiah fish'man Kite Cove
POPE Robert fish'man Burnt Arm
POPE Stephen fish'man Burnt Arm
PEYTON John fish'man Burnt Arm
PEYTON Jonathan fish'man Burnt Arm
PECKFORD Richd fish'man Burnt Arm
PECKFORD Albert fish'man Burnt Arm
PEARSON John fish'man Northern Arm
PERRY Geo, sr fish'man Northern Arm
POPE William fish'man Peter's Arm
POPE Harry fish'man Peter's Arm
PITMAN John fish'man Botwoodville
PAUL Benjamin fish'man Wigwam Point
PAUL William fish'man Wigwam Point
PAUL Francis fish'man Wigwam Point
PILLEY John, sr fish'man Tom Wall's Ha'b'r
PILLEY John fish'man Tom Wall's Ha'b'r
PILLEY Edmund fish'man Tom Wall's Ha'b'r
PILLEY William fish'man Tom Wall's Ha'b'r
PILLEY William J fish'man Tom Wall's Ha'b'r
PILLEY George fish'man Tom Wall's Ha'b'r
PILLEY William, sr fish'man Tom Wall's Ha'b'r
PURCHASE Alfred fish'man Exploits Harbor
PIERCE Fredk fish'man Exploits Harbor
PIERCE William fish'man Exploits Harbor
PERRY Fredk fish'man Exploits Harbor
POWER Thomas fish'man Fortune Harbor
POWER Patrick fish'man Fortune Harbor
POWER John fish'man Fortune Harbor
POWER James fish'man Fortune Harbor
POWER Peter fish'man Fortune Harbor
PIKE Robert fish'man South East Arm
PHILLIPS Geo H fish'man Southern Arm
PATNEY Nathen fish'man South West Arm
PEARCE James fish'man New Bay Head
PARSONS John fish'man Leading Tickles
PARSONS Alfred fish'man Leading Tickles
PEDDLE Robert fish'man Leading Tickles
PEDDLE John fish'man Leading Tickles
PEDDLE William fish'man Leading Tickles
POOLE Edward fish'man Sop's Arm
POOLE Absolom fish'man Sop's Arm
PENNY Albert fish'man Sop's Arm
PENNY Isaac fish'man Sop's Arm
PAYNE James fish'man Pilley's Island
PAYNE William J fish'man Pilley's Island
PATTY Esau fish'man Pilley's Island
PATTY Peter fish'man Pilley's Island
POWER John fish'man Pilley's Island
PADDOCK David fish'man Pilley's Island
PADDOCK Walter fish'man Pilley's Island
POWER Pearce fish'man Pilley's Island
PILLEY Walter fish'man Pilley's Island
PRIDE Thomas fish'man Pilley's Island
POLLARD Eli fish'man Pilley's Island
PEARCE Henry fish'man Pilley's Island
PYNN Josiah fish'man Pilley's Island
PITMAN George fish'man Head's Harbor
PITMAN Wm carpenter Head's Harbor
PITMAN Charles carpenter Head's Harbor
PURCHASE John carpenter Head's Harbor
PADDOCK James fish'man Robert's Arm
PADDOCK Oliver fish'man Robert's Arm
PADDOCK Samuel fish'man Robert's Arm
PARSONS George fish'man Lushes Bight
PARSONS Eli fish'man Lushes Bight
PARSONS Samuel fish'man Lushes Bight
PARSONS Enoch fish'man Lushes Bight
PARSONS John fish'man Lushes Bight
PARSONS Job fish'man Lushes Bight
PADDOCK George fish'man Ward's Harbor
PADDOCK John T fish'man Ward's Harbor
PADDOCK Solomon fish'man Ward's Harbor
PADDOCK Geo B fish'man Ward's Harbor
PERRY Chas fish'man Cut Well Arm
PENSON Jonas fish'man Dark Tickles
PENSON William fish'man Dark Tickles
PENSON John fish'man Dark Tickles
PENSON Samuel fish'man Dark Tickles
POWER James fish'man Dark Tickles
PURCHASE Edwin fish'man Gt Triton Island
PURCHASE Caleb fish'man Gt Triton Island
PETERS Nicholas fish'man Wolf's Cove
PETERS John fish'man Wolf's Cove
PAUL John fish'man Wolf's Cove
PAUL William fish'man Wolf's Cove
PIKE Chas fish'man Wolf's Cove
PENNEY Thos fish'man Little Bay Island
PENNEY Philip fish'man Little Bay Island
PACK William fish'man Little Bay Island
PITMAN REV ARTHUR Epicopal Little Bay Har
PITMAN John fisherman Little Bay Har
POWER John fisherman Little Bay Har
POWER Edward fisherman Little Bay Har
POWER Edward, sr fisherman Little Bay Har
PARSONS Duncan bl'ksmith Little Bay Har
PARR Robert fisherman Little Bay Har
PARR Thomas fisherman Little Bay Har
PENNEY Philip fisherman Little Bay Har
PENNEY Richard fisherman Little Bay Har
PENNEY John fisherman Little Bay Har
PIKE Tim W fish'man Dittle Bay Harbor (sic)
PIKE John C fish'man Dittle Bay Harbor (sic)
PIKE Thomas fish'man Dittle Bay Harbor (sic)
PIKE George E fish'man Dittle Bay Harbor (sic)
PIKE Mark fish'man Dittle Bay Harbor (sic)
PINN William fish'man Dittle Bay Harbor (sic)
PECKWOOD Thos fish'man King's Cove, SWA
PECKWOOD Geo fish'man King's Cove, SWA
PECKWOOD Sam'l fish'man King's Cove, SWA
PYNN Levi fish'man Bear Cove, SWA
PYNN John fish'man Bear Cove, SWA
PYNN Arthur fish'man Bear Cove, SWA
PERRY Nicholas fish'man North West Arm
PENNEY Henry fish'man Stocking Harbor
PYNN Archibald fish'man Harry's Harbor
PIKE Horatio fish'man Harry's Harbor
PELLEY George fish'man Harry's Harbor
PELLEY Jabez fish'man Harry's Harbor
PELLEY Temple fish'man Harry's Harbor
KENNEDY John, sr fish'man Harry's Harbor
PENNEY John fish'man Harry's Harbor
PENNEY Eli fish'man Harry's Harbor
PENNEY Stephen fish'man Harry's Harbor
PENNEY William fish'man Harry's Harbor
PEARCE Andrew fish'man Round Harbor
PROLE Richard fish'man Burying Place
PROLE Jas R fish'man Burying Place
PROLE Kenneth fish'man Burying Place
PROLE William, sr fish'man Burying Place
PROLE William fish'man Burying Place
PADDOCK Edward fish'man Wild Bight
PYNN Thomas fish'man Tilt Cove
PYNN Levi fish'man Tilt Cove
PILGRIM George fish'man Tilt Cove
PROWSE John fish'man Tilt Cove
POOLE Joseph fish'man Tilt Cove
PHILLARD William fish'man Tilt Cove
PROWSE William fish'man Tilt Cove
PRICE Anthony fish'man Tilt Cove
PARSLEY William fish'man Tilt Cove
POWER Simon fish'man Tilt Cove
POWER William fish'man Tilt Cove
POWER Edward fish'man Tilt Cove
POWER Michael fish'man Tilt Cove
PEACH Samuel fish'man Tilt Cove
PHILLIPS Thomas fish'man Tilt Cove
POND John fish'man Tilt Cove
POLLARD Adam fish'man Tilt Cove
PEDDLE William fish'man Tilt Cove
PAYNE William fish'man Shoe Cove
PARSONS Joseph fish'man Shoe Cove
PENNEY Thos W fish'man Gull Island

Names beginning with the letter "Q"

QUINLON John fish'man Wild Bight
QUINLON Samuel fish'man Wild Bight
QUINLON Joseph fish'man Wild Bight
QUINLON John fish'man Birchy Cove
QUINLON Joseph fish'man Birchy Cove
QUIRK John fish'man Fortune Bay
QUIRK Thos, sr fish'man Fortune Bay
QUIRK RICH'D gen de'lr Fortune Bay
QUIRK John W fisherman Fortune Bay
QJIRK Thos, jr fisherman Fortune Bay
QUIRK Michael fisherman Fortune Bay
QUINLEY John fisherman Fortune Bay
QUIRK James fisherman Pilley's Island
QUIRK John fisherman Pilley's Island
QUIRK James fisherman Tilt Cove

This page transcribed by Cheryl Wheeler (October 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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