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(R. L. POLK & CO.)




HARBOUR GRACE -- The second town of commercial importance in the Island, is situated on the north side of Conception Bay. The harbor is about five miles long and has two light houses; the Harbor Beacon being a double light, one being placed above the other. Harbor Grace Island Light, which shows the entrance to the harbor, is a revolving light, showing alternately two white and one red lights. Harbor Grace has a large fishing trade, the curing of which, and the manufacture of seal and cod oil, are the principle industries. Messrs, J Munn & Co, who may be classed as the largest merchants on the Island, have added to their already large fish trade the packing of boneless cod, and are now erecting a factory for the manufacture of glue so as to use up the bone and skin. There are no public buildings to speak about. Unfortunately, about a year ago the pride of Newfoundlanders, "Harbor Grace (RC) Cathedral," was burnt to the ground. The interior decorations were on a grand scale, and, it was said, were not equaled by any other Church in the colonies. It is, however, now being rapidly rebuilt under the personal supervision of the Bishop. Distance by rail from St. John's - 86 miles. Telegraph, Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Mail daily. Population, 7000.


A B C D E F G H I J "K" L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
Kearney Denis master mariner h Water
Kearney Patrick   res Hard Path
Kearney Wm   h Hard Path
Keefe Mrs A   h 57 Water
Keefe Edmond cooper J Munn & Co h 140 Water
Keefe Edmund tinsmith C L Kennedy res 140 Water
Keefe Ellen, wid James   h Carbonear rd
Keefe John carpenter J Munn & Co h Le Marchant
Keefe Margaret, (wid James)   h Bear's Cove
Keefe Patrick fisherman h Le Marchant
Keefe Patrick fisherman h Kildare rd
Keefe Wm   h Bear's Cove
Kehoe Edward   res Riverhead
Kehoe John cooper J Munn & Co h Walsh's lane
Kohoe John laborer h Lampen's lane
Kehoe Matthew   h Fisherman's rd
Kehoe Michael   h Riverhead
Kehoe Patrick   h Riverhead
Kehoe Thomas   res Riverhead
Kehoe Thomas   res Fisherman's rd
Kelly Christopher   res North Side
Kelly David   h North Side
Kelly Francis   res North Side
Kelly John fisherman h Long lane
Kelly Michael   h North Side
Kelly Michael fisherman h Stretton's Hill
Kelly Patrick   h North Side
Kelly Patrick laborer J Munn & Co h Pipe Track rd
Kelly Thomas fisherman h Stretton's Hill
Kelly Timothy   h North Side
Kelly Wm   h North Side
Kenefic Patrick grocer Water, h same
Kennedy Andrew laborer h Bear's Cove
Kennedy Charles laborer h Bear's Cove
Kennedy C L Plumber, Stoves and Tinware 145 Water, h same
Kennedy C L jr tinsmith C L Kennedy res same
Kennedy George laborer J Munn & Co Bear's Cove
Kennedy Honora, (wid Patrick)   h Bannerman
Kennedy Mrs James   h Bear's Cove
Kennedy Jonathan laborer h Bear's Cove
Kennedy John P tinsmith C L Kennedy res same
Kennedy John W shoemaker Water w, h same
Kennedy Louisa, (wid John)   h Bear's Cove
Kennedy Michael boarding house Water
Kennedy Wm H pianist res 140 Water
Kennedy Mrs Willis   h Bear's Cove
Kent James constable constabulary h Noad
Kerby Thomas laborer h Academy lane
King Rose cadet Salvation Army res Louisa Churchill
Kinsella Mrs Margaret boarding house 120 Water
Kitchen George laborer J Munn & Co h Kitchen's Hill
Kitchen James mason h Kitchen's Hill
Kitchen John mason h Kitchen's Hill
Kitchen Thomas mason h Lady Pond rd
Kitchen Thomas mason h Kitchen's Hill
Knight John fisherman h South Stanley
Knight Peter D accountant John Munn & Co and agent Confederation Life Assurance Co h Havey
Knox Mary, (wid Robert)   h Condon's lane
Knox Robert   h North Side

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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