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Mt. Carmel RC Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's East District

(originally NGB H)

Complete Listing of Visible Headstones
(transcription of other sections in progress)

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Columbarium Miscellaneous

Delahunty Lawrence   Feby 10th 1878 60 Years Johanna  
Johanna   Sept 21st 1898 75 Years Lawrence  
Delahunty Lawrence J. 1898 1955      
Mary   Feb. 18th 1946     his infant daughter
Dodd           [four grave plot outlined in concrete]
Dodd Elizabeth   Mar 11 1923 69 Years   [same headstone as John Pope]
Foley           [double plot outlined in concrete]
Forsyth           [double plot outlined in concrete]
Gollop James   June 9th 1935 32 Years   son of Alfred & Mary
Grouchy John   1918 28 Years   husband, drowned at sea in S.S. ??na; [same headstone as Johanna & John O'Brien]
Hartery           BUTLER A QUIET MAN [four grave plot outlined in concrete]
Holland Hugh F.   4 Dec. 1970 81   Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve
Holland Veronica Sept. 18, 1892 Jan. 8, 1990      
Holland Thomas J. 1905 1970      
Sarah J. (Sadie) 1904 1997      
Maddigan William   29th Nov. 1868 40[?] Years Elizabeth  
Elizabeth   April 18th 1897 67 Years William  
Patrick   June 1883[?] 31 Years   their son drowned at sea
Catherine Hennesey         their daughter
Monahan James P. Dec. 3, 1923 Mar. 12, 1993      
Manahan Michael   Oct. 13th 1935 22 Yrs.    
Morrissey           [small concrete cross painted white on double plot]
O'Brien Johanna   Jan. 24, 1908 52 Years   [same headstone as John Grouchy]
John   Jan. 16, 1908 58 Years   [same headstone as John Grouchy]
Pearson Walter   Aug. 22nd 1868 17 Years   boy ? glass H.M.S Sphinx who was killed by a ????????m the for?????d
Pope John   April 22 1937 58 Years   erected by his wife [same headstone as Elizabeth Dodd]
Reardigan Michael Gilbert 30 Aug. 5 Sep. 1957     [same plot as John J. & Mary Ellen Reardigan, and John Francis, Mary Ann & Ann Reardigan]
Reardigan John J.   Sept. 5, 1929 58 Years Mary Ellen [same plot as Michael Gilbert Reardigan, and John Francis, Mary Ann & Ann Reardigan]
Mary Ellen   July 28, 1937 64 Years John J.  

[Unknown 1]

John Francis   Sep. 10, 1889 11 Years   [broken headstone on double plot area]
Mary Ann   Jany 1879 3½ Years   children
Ann   July 4th 1869 63 Years   his grandmother

[Unknown 2]

[Unknown]         [unreadable marble slab]


[Unknown]         [double plot outlined in concrete]

Transcribed by Craig Peterman (2013)
from photos taken by Don Tate (2008)
and Craig Peterman (2013)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 26, 2015)

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