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The following Headstone information was recorded in May 1999. It only contains the factual data, names and dates. The abbreviations used are: d.= date; Y = years; M = months if following a number; W = wife; H = husband; S = son; D = daughter; F = father and M = mother. Where two people were listed on one Headstone and it was readily apparent that they were husband and wife, H or W of…. was added in such cases. Family information know to the authors appear in brackets. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headstone inscription shall take precedence.

Lower Island Cove United Church Cemetery

NOTE: As this is only a partial listing of the headstones, additional names and inscriptions can be found in the file
Lower Island Cove Transcriptions submitted by Florence Bursey.

SHANO, John		15 May 1837 - 15 Dec 1896 S of Philip and Dinah
LeSHANE, George		d. 1 Oct 1907	63Y
LeSHANA, Edward		d. 11 Sep 1884	27Y
LeSHANA, Charles	d. 12 Sep 1882	61Y
LeSHANA, Charles	d. 12 Jun 1881	92Y
LeSHANA, Charles	d. 1 Sep 1887	72Y     
LeSHANO, Mary Jane	d. 14 Apr 1891	36Y
CRITCH, Lily Ann	d. 24 Mar 1906	38Y. W of Simeon Critch.
SPARKS, Mary Ann	d. 7 May 1884	47Y. W of George Sparks
SPARKS, George		d. 1 Mar 1914	82Y
SHANO, Georgina		d. 8 Aug 1881	10M. Sister of Georgina Shano.
SHANO, Georgina		d. 11 Apr 1891	6Y. Sister of Georgina.
SPARKS, Emily Jane	d. 19 Jan 1910	34Y. W of Herbert Sparks.
SPARKS, Magdaline	d. 6 Aug 1907	55Y. W of Tobias Sparks.
SPARKS, Elizabeth	d. 17 Jul 1875	65Y. M of Caleb Sparks.
SPARKS, Caleb		8 Oct 1874	32Y. S of Elizabeth.
SPARKS, Susanna		d. 1 Aug 1903	57Y. W of Joseph Sparks.
SPARKS, Simeon		d. 13 Aug 1879	10Y. S of Joseph and Susanna Sparks.
SPARKS, Edward		20 May 1884	10Y. S of Joseph and Susanna Sparks.
SPARKES, Joseph		d. 25 Oct 1910	70Y. F of  Simeon and Edward Sparkes.
SPARKES, George		d. 28 Jan 1917	52Y. H of Jessie Sparkes
SPARKES, Harry		no date	2Y. S of George and Jessie Sparks.
SPARKS, Agustus		d. 28 Sep 1900	21Y. S of John and Rosanna Sparks. 
		Killed in mine in Hillsborough N.S.
SPARKES, Josephine	1 Aug 1885-24 May 1944	W of Ephraim Sparkes.
SPARKES, Ephraim	19 Jul 1885-1 Aug 1934	H of Josephine Sparkes.
SPARKES, Miriam		d. 7 Jun 1960	82Y
SPARKES, Gladys M	d. 10 Jan 1937	23Y. D of Miriam and Simeon Sparkes.
LESHANE, Charles	1887 - 1972 H of Susie M Leshane.
LESHANE, Susie M	1896 - 1987 W of Charles Leshane.
SPARKES, Joseph H	1912 - 1994 H of  Ethel Sparkes.
SPARKES, Bertha		1899 - 1987 W of Sparkes, Leshane and Harry Cooper.
COOPER, Harry		1897 - 9 Oct 1944 47Y. Husband of Bertha Sparkes.
REID, Susannah		d. 7 Jan 1914	83Y. W of Charles Reid.
REID, Rachel Jane	d. 15 Nov1929	68Y. W of Ben Reid.
GILLINGHAM, Liyia	d. 11 Apr 1946	68Y. W of John G Gillingham.
SHAW, Walter		1918 - 1981	
MANUEL, Rebecca
	Driscoll	21 Oct 1877-23 Jul 1966		
SPARKS, Caleb		d. 12 Feb 1940	74Y. H of Naomi Sparks
SPARKS, Philip Louis	21 Dec 1889- 5 Oct 1985	H of Bertha L Sparks	
LESHANE, Raymond E	1924 - 1991	H of Loretta P Leshane.
LESHANE, Loretta P	1923-1994	W of Raymond E Leshane.
MANUEL, Gordon C	22 Jan 1910-17 Oct 1996	H of Winnifred.
MANUEL, Winnifred	19 Aug 1910-5 Apr 1998	W of Gordon C Manuel.
GILLINGHAM, Susannah	d.15 Aug 1937	80Y. W of Samuel Gillingham.
GILLINGHAM, Samuel	d. 9 Mar 1932	85Y. H of Susannah.
LeSHANE, Philip		d. 9 Jun 1925	67Y. H of Mary Ann.
LeSHANE, Mary Ann	d. 21 Sep 1952	90Y. W of Philip LeShane.
LeSHANE, Elizabeth	d. 17 May 1921	78Y.
LeSHANE, Joseph	d. 	15 Sep 1931	79 ½ Y
GILLINGHAM, Charles	d. 11 Nov 1939	88Y. H of Sarah.
GILLINGHAM, Sarah	d. 19 Mar 1945	85Y. W of Charles Gillingham.
	George		d. 9 Jun 1922	34Y. S of Charles and Sarah.



Transcribed by Gerald Major and Margaret Head Major.

Page Revised: August 2002 (Don Tate)

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