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United Church Cemetery
Lower Island Cove
Bay de Verde District

For a view of the cemetery

  Ruth Morris
Beloved child of Joseph & Mary Morris
Died:  October 18, 1929
Age 3 years and 10 months.

Mary Jane Bursey
Beloved wife of Joseph Bursey
Died:  Aug. 19, 1905
Age 61 years

Josiah Lewis (Husband)                              Sarah Louise Lewis (Wife)
Died Oct. 8, 1921                                        Died: July 1902
Age 85                                                         Age 70 years

Charlotte Jane Morris
Died:  April 3, 1913
Age 54

Pasco Morris
Son of Charles & Eleazor
Died:  April 18, 1918
Age 18 years

Note:  Pasco died in the woods.  Lost in a snow storm.  Brother of Whiskey Morris.

Walter C. Morris
Adopted son of
William Thomas and Edith Cooper
Son of Betsy Jane Gillingham
Died:  July 29, 1930, age 19 years

Walter was adopted by his aunt and uncle when his mother, Betsy Jane Morris died. He drowned in Long Pond, Lower Island Cove having gone for a swim with his adoptive father.

Betsy Jane Morris
Dec. 22, 1911
Age 27 years

Sarah Jane Morris
Wife of J. W. Morris
Died Oct. 21, 1907
Age 62 years

Emma Bursey
Died March 30, 1905
Age 61 years

Jabez Bursey
Died Feb. 29, 1908
Age 27

Jabez is the son of Emma Bursey.

Walter James Bursey
March 25, 1901
Oct. 1, 1986

Herbert J. Bursey

Clarence Bursey  (Husband)                            Rebecca J. Bursey (Wife)
1919-1985                                                       1917-1995

Berkley Bursey (Husband)                               Doris Bursey (Wife)
1910-1988                                                       1912-1991

Baxter Bursey (Husband)                                 Blanche F. Knapman (Wife)
1909-1990                                                       1917 –

Robert C. Morris (Husband)                            Annie Morris (Wife)

William Thomas Cooper (Husband)                Edith Cooper (Wife)
1885-1961                                                       1891-1971

Herbert Bursey (Husband)                              Clara Ann Bursey (Wife)
Died Oct. 21, 1941                                          May 9, 1880-April 7,1953
Age 65                                                             Age 73

William Cooper (Husband)                             Annie Cooper (Wife)
Died Nov. 14, 1913                                         Died July 4, 1932
Age 71                                                             Age 86

Gertrude Cooper
Died Feb. 26, 1922
Age 36

Baby Morris – son of
Maxwell and Nellie Morris
Born and Died May 3, 1939

Loving Memory of
Elijah Snelgrove
Beloved Husband of Flora May
Who Was Drowned at Kettle Cove
March 20,1912

Elijah was born 27 Aug. 1879.
He was 32 at time of Death.

Erected by Elizabeth
In memory of her Beloved Husband
Wm. Henry Snelgrove
Who Was Drowned at Kettle Cove
March 20,1912 Aged 36

William Henry was born 21 July 1876

In Loving Memory of George
Beloved Husband of Jessie Snelgrove
Drowned at Kettle Cove
March 20,1912 Aged 44

Also their Daughter Rebecca
Died In Toronto January 26, 1919 Aged 19

George was born February 1868
Rebecca was born 18 June, 1900

Transcribed by Florence Bursey (July 2001)
Additional transcriptions by Harold Snelgrove (2002)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (Sunday April 06, 2014)

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