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Anglican Cemetery
Ferryland District


This cemetery was referred to in earlier times as the North Side Burial Ground. In more recent times, is is usually referred to locally as Fox Hill or Forge Hill Cemetery. It is located on Route 10 in the town of Ferryland on a slope overlooking the Harbour and its islands, The Downs, and Ferryland Head. The cemetery was consecrated by Church of England Bishop, John Inglis, of Nova Scotia on July 15, 1827 hence it was associated, almost exclusively, with the congregation of St. Luke's Anglican Church. However, over the years some other deceased residents or individuals from ship wrecks, known or believed to be non-Anglican Protestants, have also been buried here. The cemetery hasn't been used for burials for over a century, and although it has been cleared out and cleaned up on a number of occasions, it overgrows very quickly, as can be seen in one of the photographs below.


Forge Hill Cemetery Forge Hill Cemetery
Forge Hill Cemetery Forge Hill Cemetery

A map of headstones and fieldstones per the 1993 transcriptions, with approximate location of each identified grave-site.

Flat stones (aka fieldstones) were often used in the past as grave-markers. There is a possibility that some of the markers, identified as fieldstones, were actually old headstones that
have eroded to the point that the inscription is now undetectable or those that had toppled over with the inscription side facing downward.

A 1969 photo shows there was a pathway running along the picket fence on the cemetery's eastern boundary, with a parallel rail fence enclosing the property opposite it.
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9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 ??
24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31 32
33 34
Route 10 - Southern Shore Highway


Information shown in [red] provided by transcribers or district coordinator.

1 - 4 [Unknown] Fieldstones - no inscription.
5a MORRY *1 IN/ Memory of/ ESTHER GRAHAM/ Daughter of/ Matthew and Ann Morry/ who departed this life/ the 25th day of November/ 1849/ aged 12 years and 8 months.
5b MORRY SACRED/ TO/ the memory of/ MATTHEW MORRY MERCHANT/ OF DARTMOUTH who died 19th day/of June 1836 Aged 86 Years./ ALSO JOHN MORRY MERCHANT/ OF DARTMOUTH Grandson of the/ ABOVE MATTHEW MORRY who/ Died 16th day of July 1837 Aged 37 Years.
6 [Unknown] Fieldstone - no inscription.
7 STEER In Memory/ of/ JOHN STEER/ of Dartmouth/ in the county of Devon/ who lost his life by falling/ under the Ice in this Harbour/ the 25th day of February 1825/ Aged 41 years. [Stone reported as sunken but still visible above ground in 2018]
8 CONGDON SACRED/ to the memory of/ THOMAS CONGDON Esq./ of St. Mary Church Devon/ who died at Ferryland/ April 4th 1839/ Aged 51 years.
[Stone reported as being broken into four pieces in 1993. Condition unknown at this time. (2018)]
9 MORRY In Memory of/ Matthew Eldest Son of/ Robert & Victoria Morry/ Who Died Apl 9th 1871 Aged 11 Years/
Also Charles Augustus/ Second Son of the above/ Who Died Feby 8th 1783 Aged 7 Years.
10 MORRY In Memory of/ our beloved child/ Reginald John/ son of/ Thomas G. & Kate Morry/ died 26 June 1881/ aged 1 month.
11 [Unknown] Fieldstone - no inscription.
12 MORRY In memory of/ Elizabeth Sarah/ beloved wife of/ John Morry/ who died Feby 13th 1879/ aged 51 years./Through much tribulation/
Also/ Augusta Winsor/ died June 17th 1878/ Aged 15 years 7 mos./ He giveth His beloved sleep.
[Based on calculations, using other events in the Ferryland Anglican parish records and the details in the St.John's newspapers, it appears that Augusta actually died on January 17, 1878, not June 17th, 1878 as inscribed on this headstone.].
13 [Unknown] Fieldstone - no inscription.
14 MORRY In Memory/ of/ John Morry/ died 15 April 1897/ Aged/ 79 years./ Know That My Redeemer Liveth.
15 - 19 [Unknown] Fieldstones - no inscription.
20 SHANNAN Sacred/ to the memory of/ NEIL SHANNAN/ of/ Greenock/ and late merchant of this place, who departed this life June 25 [or 23]/ 1818/ in the XXXII year of his age.
21 - 27 [Unknown] Fieldstones - no inscription.
28 PETERSEN *3 Danish: Her Hviler/ Capt. N. Petersen/ og mandskab/ fra/ Skonnet "Sigrid"/ Aeroskjobing(sic) Danmark/ forlist D. 4 Debr. 1903/ Herrens Fred Med Eder. English: Here rests/ Capt. N. Petersen/ and the crew/ from/ the schooner "Sigrid"/ Aeroskobing Denmark/ shipwrecked D. 4 Dec. 1903/ The Lord's Peace Be With You.
29 - 30 [Unknown] Fieldstones - no inscription.
31 HAMILTON In Memory of/ Elizabeth Mary/ wife of/ Rev. Henry H. Hamilton AB/ who died Sept.4 A.D. 1854/ Age 34 years/ the Memory of the Just is blessed.
William Morry died 27 July 1851 60 years
William Norris/ died July 27th 1854/ Aged 60 years.
33 [Unknown] Sunken grave - unmarked.
34 - 35 [Unknown] Fieldstones - no inscription.
?? WESTON Sacred to the memory of/ PETER WESTON, Esq./ One of his Majesty's Justices/ of the Peace for this Harbour/ who died 13 July 1776/ aged 63 years/ He was an Affectionate Husband/ a tender Father/ And a Sincere friend/ Also, WILLIAM, son of above/ Peter & Catherine Weston/ died December .?. 1760/ aged 6 months.
[This headstone was not shown in the 1993 transcription so its location within the cemetery is unknown at this time (2018).]
MORRY, ESTHER GRAHAM *1 In three independent transcriptions of this headstone, it was interpreted that the year of death was 1819. However, based on the Ferryland Anglican Burial records, the date was verified as being 1849. The depth of the engraving for part of the number 4 was either too shallow, uncompleted, or erosion/chipping has left but a faint imprint of the left side of the number 4, hence the incorrect recording in the various transcriptions. Kevin Reddigan
Aug. 11, 2018
MORRY NORRIS *2 An analysis of the initial transcription of this old faded headstone indicates that it is actually for William Norris, aged 60 years. His burial is recorded in the Ferryland Church of England Death Records on July 29, 1854, and the St. John's newspapers reported his death in their August 08, 1854 issues. It was also deduced that, in other records, the name of "Matthew" Morry was sometimes incorrectly transcribed as "William" Morry. These errors, along with the incorrect headstone transcription, gave rise to the belief that a gentleman of that name had existed in the Ferryland area. However, on closer scrutiny of many records, it was concluded that there is no evidence to support the existence of a William Morry (of the age and era indicated) as earlier believed. Kevin Reddigan
Apr. 05, 2013
PETERSON *3 Research indicates the 80 ton Danish ship, Sigrid, inbound to St. John's, ran into the cliffs on the south side of Ferryland Head during rough weather and fog on the night of Dec. 3/4 1903. The crew were all lost, and over the next four days, the bodies of the five crewmembers were retrieved by men from Ferryland and reportedly buried in this cemetery. Community lore states that this monument was erected by the Danish government. Kevin Reddigan
Aug. 11, 2018

Some of the photographs included here are donated so their original source is unverifiable. If you feel the accreditation is incorrect, please contact the site webmaster with an update.

Most of the information was initially transcribed by: Roberta Sullivan - March 2000. However, supplementary information, updates and
additional photos etc., from other contributors and researchers, were added by Kevin Reddigan in October 2016 and in August 2018.

Page Last Modified: Thursday August 16, 2018 (Kevin Reddigan)

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