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Anglican Churchyard Cemetery
Port de Grave District

Complete as of 2007

Click here for Photo of   Cemetery at Left    Church    Cemetery at Right

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Other Information
Akerman John   Dec. 1st 1879 22 Years   Drowned in Beaver Pond
Anderson Edward Field Sep. 26th 1876 187?      
Antle Jane   March.12.1891 80 Yr.    
Antle Mary Ann   Oct. 26th 1901 56 Years    
Isaac Isaac   May 2nd 1896 61 Years Mary Jane  
Mary Jane   Oct. 31st 1912   Isaac  
Bartlett Samuel   Feb. 24, 1898 74 Years    
Eliza   Feb. 20, 189? 30 Years   daughter died at Halifax
Bartlett Mary   21st Sep 1843 42 Years Joseph  
Bartlett Mary Agnes   April 2nd 1897 [?] 25 [?] Years & 6 [?] Mos Joseph  
Bartlett Mary Jane   Oct. 18th 1894 37 [?] Years   eldst daughter of Iscca & Mary Jane
Chalker George Charles   Sep. 27th 1899 57 Years    
Clarke Mary   3 Nov. 1889 77 Years    
England W. J.   1896      
Janes [?] [?] & Mary          
Jerrett Charlotte   Feb. 20th 1872 37 Years George C.  
Francies         Their two children who died in Infancy
Jerrett Whilhelmina Mary   Nov. 20th 1873 1 Year   Daughter of Will & Ellen Jerrett
Jerrett William J.   1876 11 Mos.    
Mills Grace   April 14th 1857 39 Years    
Mills Grace   April 14th 1857 39 Years William S.  
William S.   April 21st 1867   Grace
Roberts Susan   Nov. 22nd 1842 63 [?] Years    
Smith William   Jan. ?4th 1864 65 Years   Erected to their uncle by John James & William George Spear Smith
Wilcocks Bertha   Oct. 18th 1897 [?] ?? Years & 5 Mos    
Wilcox Thomas   June 29, 1893 62 Years   Master Mariner
Elizabeth Jane   March 4, 1910 76 Years    
Unknown George   April 1869 [?] 26 Years   Son died in a Storm
Unknown #1          
Unknown #2          
Unknown #3         [three unknown graves]
Plus many Unmarked Graves

Transcriber's Note
The Old Anglican Churchyard Cemetery spans both sides of the church. The left side contains only Anglican graves.  However, the right side of the church (the area between the Anglican & UC churches) contains graves of both denominations , with no demarcation between the two.  But, one would assume that the graves closest to the respective churches would be of that denomination .  See the combination Anglican & UC Cemetery for other possible Anglican graves.

Transcribed by Craig Peterman from Headstone Photos
taken by Craig Peterman & Don Tate (2007)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (Wednesday October 26, 2016)

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