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Historical Districts of Newfoundland

Over the years the Historical Districts of Newfoundland in Census and Directories have been as follows:

Bay de Verde; Burgeo & LaPoile; Bonavista; Burin; Carbonear; Fortune Bay; Ferryland; Fogo; Harbour Grace; Harbour Main; Port de Grave; Placentia & St. Mary's; St. Barbe's; St. George's - Port au Port; St. John's City; St. John's East; St. John's West; Trinity Bay and Twillingate.

In more recent years the NLGS (Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society) have defined the districts as follows:

St. John's - Cape Spear to (but not including) Cape St. Francis

Conception Bay South - Cape St. Francis to (but not including) Roach's Line

Conception Bay North - Roach's Line to (but not including) Grates Cove

Trinity Bay - Grates Cove to (but not including) Cape Bonavista

Bonavista Bay - Cape Bonavista to (but not including) Cape Freel's

Notre Dame Bay - Cape Freel's to immediately east of King's Cove, including all islands. This region also includes the area locally known as the Straight Shore.

Green Bay, Baie Verte - King's Cove/Green Bay to (but not including) Seal and White Bay Cove, Hare Bay.

Great Northern Peninsula - Seal Cove, Hare Bay to immediately North of Green Point. This region includes the St. Anthony vicinity, and the area known locally as the Strait of Belle Isle.

West Coast Region - Green Point to Cape Ray, including Humber Arm, Deer Lake, and St. George's Bay.

South Coast - Cape Ray to (Francois) Facheux Bay, Hermitage.

Hermitage Bay - Facheux Bay to Pass Island, including Bay D'Espoir

Fortune Bay - Immediately east of Pass Island to (but not including) Fox Cove, Fortune Bay.

Burin Peninsula - Fox Cove, Fortune Bay to immediately south of Red Harbour.

Placentia Bay - Red Harbour to Cape St. Mary's, including all islands.

St. Mary's Bay - Cape St. Mary's to Gull Island Point

Southern Shore - Immediately south of Gull Island to (but not including) Cape Spear.

Central Region - Buchans to Gander, including all connected interior settlements.

Labrador West - Churchill Falls and points west to the Quebec Border.

Labrador South - Labrador Straits / Labrador Blanc Salon, Quebec to (but not including) West Bay South

Labrador North - West Bay to Cape Childy, including Rigolet and all points inland around Hamilton Sound - Lake Melville.

There are also the modern day electoral districts, which we have ignored as they have no real meaning as to geographical or genealogical relationship, rather have been redefined over the years on population count.

We here at Newfoundland's Grand Banks considered these and believe much of the material people require to conduct their research in a logical manner prefer to remain with the historical regions which have been used for more that a century and a half to define our districts. We think that varying from these would only lead to confusion for the beginner and also, perhaps the seasoned researcher.

For example, if we used Conception Bay North as a regional designator, a researcher might not realize that this area covers three historical districts, and if they wanted to obtain the original documents they may not request the proper district and therefore may have difficulty obtaining the material they require. Although in certain instances we have combined two or three districts, they are clearly identified within the site to reflect the historical districts. The reason is because the parishes within these districts paid no heed to the census and directories and overlapped many communities, so the decision was made to clarify the parishes against the districts.


By Bill Crant April 11, 2000.

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