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Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Site welcomes transcriptions of any additional genealogy material that is of general interest and not of a copyrighted nature. "Copyrighted material can only be posted if permission is included from either the owner or the publisher who holds the current copyright to the item". Personal Family Trees/Histories, as such, will not be accepted for posting on the site. However, a "Personal Home Pages" area has been set aside for linking to your own genealogy page, if you require. Such pages should be limited to Newfoundland genealogy and contain no advertising.

For photos, our policy is to accept those of genealogical significance (people, buildings, etc.), if they are 50 years or older. Occasional exceptions are made for other relevant photos, but we must keep them to a minimum as photos take up a significant amount of disk space on the Site's server. Photos of headstones would be excepted from this policy. Also, please include some information with each district photo (i.e. what it is, why it is relevant, dates, names, places, etc.). To be accepted, you must own the original copy or have a copyright release from the person who does.

If anyone would like to contribute material to this site that could be used to help other people in researching for their family histories, please feel free to e-mail one of us by using the [CONTACT] button at the bottom of any page.


While we can accept material in many formats, some are easier than others to process for posting on the Site. If it is a photograph, a scanned BMP file (*.bmp) or low compression JPG file (*.jpg) is best although some detail will be lost when it is resized for the Site. If the information is tabular in nature, submit it as an MS Excel spreadsheet, Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet. If it is text material, submit it as a MS Word file or Corel Word Perfect file. If you are not familiar with any of the above, please feel free to send it as a text file or as an E-Mail Message to one of us.

Please do not submit files in HTML format, unless coordinating with one of us first. Send all original files to us and we will do the rest. Also, make sure that you include the contributor's and transcriber's names as you would like to have them appear on the page. Also, please indicate what email address you want associated with your name on the NGB Contributor's List.

If you feel there is a specific menu for a specific District that you would like to see it appear on. please feel free to suggsst and we will consider this when we post the file.

As our site is only as good as the volunteers who transcribe and send material for us to post, we depend on all of you out there to work with us in the preservation of our Newfoundland heritage. We will gladly work with any and all of you who desire to help collect and preserve this information. We are here for your benefit and hope that we continue to provide a valuable resource for all who search for their Newfoundland Roots.





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