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The following are excerpts from some of the many responses
that the Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Site
receives on a continuing basis.

  Note that identifying data has been removed,
in the name of privacy.


"Two years ago I started my search looking for my grandfather who stayed in Newfoundland. My search started with the NGB website and ended with the NGB website. I have now made contact with my father's family, none of whom, knew of his existence. Through the NGB website the information compiled by all and the links to other contact websites I have finally found a family I did not know existed. After the initial shock when I made contact with them, again via NGB site, we are now getting to know each other via emails and photos. Thank you so much, I have found out so much about Newfoundland and its people."


"................. I reside in England. At the age of 56 yrs my elderly mother told me that the man who gave me his name and brought me up was not my biological father. She gave me very few details .......... but I have been trying to find something about him on and off for several years. All that I had for a long time was that he was from St. John, NFLD. and that she met him at Larkhill, Wiltshire during WW2. At last this week, thanks to your website, I not only found documentation on him but I have discovered three photographs.  Thank so much, you can never know what this means to me.  With much gratitude."


" I have found your website invaluable being so far away in Australia.  Many thanks ....... "


"I don't know if you are aware but there is a great website that posts all kinds of birth marriage death cemetery transcriptions census etc.. for newfoundland it is called Newfoundland Grand Banks"


"........ it's a great site with a Google site search engine at the bottom of each page. It's the biggest NF genealogy site on the web, its very easy to navigate around - and it's free."


"This site has a lot of information on families from Newfoundland. I have found a lot at this site and wanted to share it with everyone!"


"[from one of our Contributors] - I had an email from a lady from  the States (orginally from this area) thanking me for posting the headstone photos on your site a few weeks ago. She thanked me in person on Saturday & gave me a gift!!"


"Thank you very much for solving the mystery......"


"I have been researching your website for many years and would like to thank you and those involved for all of the effort that you have put into such a great site."


"The Gen Web Newfoundland and Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Site - I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you who dedicate themselves to two of the finest Genealogy Sites available anywhere.  As a researcher who has dedicated myself to helping hundred's of Newfoundland Thistle families all over the world, and I do this for free. It would not of been possible if it wasn't for dedicated people like you who have devoted unselfishly their time to make these two web sites the best there is bar none for all the families of Newfoundland. All other Gen Webs should look to you. They have grown to be the richest source for families trying to find their Newfoundland heritage .  None of this would have been possible for thousands of people, without all of you.  And for that, just saying thanks some how doesn't seem enough.


"Flanker Press will be releasing a book of mine shortly on Avalanches in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Grand Bank's website was invaluable in putting this book together, and is duly acknowledged in the text."


"Thank you all for this wonderful resource !"


"The website is phenomenal.  It is terrific.  Project 21 became huge."


"Thanks ...... You guys and gals are making a great contribution to genealogy in NL."


"Must tell you that I'm stunned by this site, and it's voting records pages...... this site is one of those rare pass-arounds that has to be shared with as many people as possible. I'm working my way through the very rare voting records, that I've recently discovered are usually cleaned out or buried in a town's attic and forgotten."


"It has been likely a good year since I surfed the NGB Site and have to congratualte you ALL.  You still amaze me, not only with the amount of info but the quality."


"........ I love the site. Keep up the great work."


"This IS a wonderful source of information for Newfoundland Genealogy, and I, for one, would like to see it continue to be so. What thoughtful contributors, I have noticed, are hard at work, providing info for me, the lazy one, it appears, as I have gleaned much with little "hard core research......... we will all continue the fun and amazement provided by all associated with the site."


"[Telegram Article - Busy Making History] - CONGRATS to you all, excellent write up and you all deserve every pat on the back that this columnist has extended."


"Thank you ......... in getting the picture ....... and including the note that I wrote...... For those of us displaced Newfoundlanders who grew up in these communities sites like yours bring both a memory and connection to home. I will do my part to "spread the word" concerning this site and thank you again for you and your team making a site well worth visiting."


"Thank you so much for the picture of the Silvia. Even Ellia Island doesn't have the picture.......  Thank you again for your wonderful pictures."


"[Western Star Article -  I Hit the Genealogy Jackpot!] - Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy
Website.......  where should I start? Well, if you are researching family in Newfoundland and Labrador, the place to start is the Newfoundland’s Grand Banks Genealogy Site......   The website boasts to contain the “largest storehouse of original resource material on the Internet, relating to Newfoundland,” and “enjoys the largest number of visitors of any site providing genealogical information for the province of Newfoundland"."


"....... Again, thank you so much for all of this.  Just these few things have opened a whole new world for me in meeting my ancestors."


"...... thank you especially for the information and for trying to get me a photo....... And finding my great-grandfather listed in the city directory is an added piece of info for my genealogy, not mention having it pointed out on a map. I've never been to Newfoundland so those little details about the location are really helpful and special to me. I do hope I'll get there someday. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, it means so much to have this extra info to help me connect with my ancestors."


"........ Thank you very much. That is exactly what I would like to do. You have been very helpful, pass on my gratitude."


"....... Also, I thank all who work (ed) so hard and diligently research (ed) and post all of the information that has become invaluable to me. I can not tell you how many hours I have poured over this wonderful website, at times with complete awe. Thank you and everyone who has helped me find my roots. If I never said thank you, I am saying it now."


"Thank you for all the time and effort spent on this still growing site. My daughter has found so much information on NGB that I have been unable to give her.  Again, thank you."


"I have been visiting your site for many years and it has helped me greatly to trace my family from both sides of my parents. I usually check weekly for any updates etc. Many thanks to all that are involved with this wonderful site........ My Mother's family were from the Bonne Bay area and with information from your site I was able to trace them back to the Trinity and Conception Bay areas. Thank you again for this wonderful site."


"OMG .......... thank you one hundred times!!!!  You helped me find my great grandfather's baptism and now i know his mother's maiden name. You have no idea how happy I am......... Thank you for your hard work...... Thanks again!"


"I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful site this is. Without a doubt, and I sincerely mean this, your site is the best in all of Canada. During the preparation of my family tree, I have spent hundreds of dollars researching in other provinces. When I came across your website, I was pleasantly surprised at the detailed genealogy data, which you provided free of charge, as well as the newspaper data that gave personality to the names and places. Not only is it a genealogy research site, but any person wishing to learn about Newfoundland and it's heritage would learn far more on your site than in any history or geography class.

I commend you, and wish to advise you that your efforts have not gone unappreciated."


"I recently discovered the wonderful Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy site by chance, and found a huge number of ................. records."


"First I would like to commend you on a BIG job well done with all the information you have made
public. I enjoy the site.  It always keeps me interested.  Go way boy, I don't know what I would do with out you as I would say in Newfoundland."


"I just want to congratulate you and your team on such a wonderfull wealth of information that you have gathered. It is a treasure."


"Looking for the best site ever go to"


".....  Great site, by the way. My son, ..............., has accessed it several times, in conjunction with his research at the Provincial Archives and has been able to trace our family tree back to England and Ireland.  Your dedication is noteworthy."


"Thanks again, keep up the good work ...... the site is just a wealth of information to everyone."


"I want to thank you and others who have put together the Newfoundland Grand Banks web site. In recent months I have had the need to look for information on my family history and it has been most useful."


"Just to say thank you .................... and all of the many volunteers out there typing this material so it can be posted.  I have some small idea of the work involved, and it is greatly appreciated."


"[Family Cronicle Article] - whose subtitle reads "Janice Nickerson presents 25 of the best sites for Canadian genealogy research." Among those "best" sites is one that most of us know well: Newfoundland's Grand Banks........ The breadth and depth of material on this site is very impressive."


"I can't say enough about the people connected with the Grand Banks site ........ I do a great deal of genealogy on the Internet, and this is by far the best site for genealogy anywhere. The fact that there is such reliable and diverse information posted there and that all this is due to the untiring efforts of volunteers is amazing. I have gotten back to the early 1700s with some of my Newfoundland lines, and everything I have discovered is due to them.  I and countless people I work with sing their praises daily."


"We are truly blessed to have such a resource. When you try to research outside of the grandbanks site you find how many people have sites (not even of this quality) for profit only.  The information on the Grand Banks site is amazing.   And so are the volunteers who do this work out of love and enthusiasm.  Thanks and Kudos to any who are involved with the upkeep of this fantastic site."


"By the way, let me add my thanks to you for all the great work you have done and continue to do with the site , excellent."


"I would especially like to thank the past and present coordinators of the Newfoundland Grand Banks website, whose selfless willingness to help others is really appreciated by everyone who uses the site."


"........ I have had all the folks in the picture identified at this point...........  thank you to all the people who helped ............ I appreciated all the help.  I wish all life's problems could be solved so efficiently."


"...... 3 nights ago I found the grandchildren of my grandfathers brother.  I found phone # for the one grandson & talked with him for an hr. & then talked to his Aunt (80yrs. old ).  With out ngb that never would never have happened."


"You people are amazing.  I belong to a number of sites, but few go as far out of their way as the people at ngb....THANK YOU ALL...... "


"So I pulled up a search engine and entered "Genealogy+Newfoundland". More than 19,000 entries! .......  Needless to say, I have not checked out each one. Some I expected ........, etc. Then I hit upon a gem: Newfoundland's Grand Banks site........  And I have to say, for a site maintained by
volunteers, it is put together quite well....... All in all, it's a worthwhile site to visit."


"thank you for all your hard work. through the site, last week I tracked down my grandfathers' nephew. he is still in NF, 90 years old.  I called and got acquainted and followed up with a letter. I have learned so much from this wonderful site. Thank you."



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