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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Frederick Joseph Wyatt


Will of Frederick Joseph Wyatt
from Newfoundland will books volume 3 pages 275-276 probate year 1872

In re
     Frederick J. Wyatt deceased.

This is the last will and testament of me Frederick Joseph Wyatt of St. John’s Newfoundland, Merchant.     I revoke all former wills and codicils by me at any time made and direct that my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses be first paid.     I bequeath the sum of five hundred pounds sterling to my mother Catherine Brooking widow of my late kind friend and partner Thomas H. Brooking upon trust to invest the same in colonial or other securities for the benefit of my infant son John Wyatt until he shall attain the age of twenty one years, with authority to my said mother to apply the interest therefrom or part or parts of capital for the education advancement or otherwise for the benefit of my said son during his minority if she should think proper so to do and I constitute my mother guardian of my said son. I give and bequeath as a token of affection to my said mother a legacy of fifty pounds sterling. I would give her more but she is otherwise provided for. I give and bequeath to my said mother in trust for my said son John Wyatt until he shall attain the age of twenty one years my gold watch and chain, silver plate and plated ware, jewellery, trinkets (except as hereinafter specifically bequeathed).

I give and bequeath my signet ring, Black stone crest with initials to my brother Francis John B. Wyatt, to whom I also forgive any debt he may owe me.     I give and bequeath my ring White stone and crest to my mother Catherine Brooking.     To my sister Sarah Eliza wife of William Keane I give and bequeath any article of jewellery or other trinket (excepting my watch and the rings otherwise bequeathed) she may select from what I may die possessed of.     I give and bequeath a legacy of twenty pounds sterling to my cousin Bridget Lash widow.     To my confidential assistant John Frederick Goodridge I give and bequeath a legacy of fifty pounds sterling as a token of my esteem.     I give and bequeath to Theresa McCarthy my housekeeper a legacy for forty pounds currency for her faithful services.     I give and bequeath to my good friend William Henry Mare (one of my executors) sundry articles mentioned in a letter marked C enclosed with this my will.     I trust he will accept the same as mementos though trifling from one who feels deeply grateful for many acts of kindness and especially in adversity with few friends.     I give and bequeath a legacy of one hundred pounds currency to my executors upon trust to be appropriated in accordance with instructions contained in a letter marked D enclosed with this my will and the same and all letters referred to shall be as effectual as if written in full in this my will.     I desire that all my household effects, carriages, horses &c. not specifically bequeathed be sold and the proceeds applied for payment of legacies or as part of my residuary estate (except the large pictures in the drawing room which I direct shall be forwarded to my said mother)     I direct and desire that my business and trade shall be carried on to the 31st December next when the same shall be wound up and notice thereof duly given and the lease of my premises surrendered.     And as to the residue of my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever to which I am or may be entitled I give devise and bequeath the same to my executors upon trust to sell dispose of, receive, manage, and invest the same at their discretion for the benefit of my said son John Wyatt and in the event of his decease before attaining the age of twenty one years for the benefit of my mother said Catherine Brooking during her lifetime and on her decease I declare that the same shall be held for the benefit of the children of my brother Francis John Brooking Wyatt and of Sarah Eliza (my sister) wife of William Keane to be equally divided among them whenever my executors may be legally called upon to do so by the parents or guardians of said children and I further declare that the said legacy of five hundred pounds sterling in trust for my said son John Wyatt shall in the event of his death before attaining the age of twenty-one years, or such part as may remain, be applied as heretofore directed for my residuary estate. I nominate and appoint William Henry Mare and John Frederick Goodridge aforesaid to be executors of this my will.     In witness whereof I have to this my will set my hand seal this fourteenth day of August A.D. 1872.

Fred. J. Wyatt (LS)     Signed sealed published and declared by testator for his last will and testament in presence of us and of each other the word “Brooking” being first inserted in first page and the words marked ))) expunged in the second page being first expunged, F.B.T. Carter Q.C.,     J. H. Boone.

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning



Note: The wills in those will books are NOT actual wills. They are either hand-written copies or in later years typed copies of a, "last will and testament," written or typed by the court clerk, after the death of the testator, when the executor presented them to the court for probate. The court clerk didn't list the signatures at the bottom, he (or she) just put them in the book in whatever order they were in, on the original document, no spacing most of the time, no punctuation. The originals were kept by the executor.

We who have typed these wills, have made every effort to include all the errors that were on the microfilm, in order to avoid destroying the integrity of the originals, where ever they may be.

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