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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
William Winsor Senior


Will of William Winsor Senior
from Newfoundland will books volume 8 pages 364 to 368 probate year 1908

In re
      William Winsor          deceased.

      This is the last will and Testament of William Winsor Senior of Wesleyville in the Northern District of the Island of Newfoundland Merchant. I William Winsor being of sound disposing mind memory and understanding do hereby will devise and bequeath as follows: -

1. To my son Samuel that piece of land which I bought from Richard Fifield to the westward of the forge- also the dwelling house and gardens situate on the South side of Main road of Wesleyville and now in the possession and under the control of the said Samuel.

2. To my wife Olivia and my sons Jesse and William the remainder of the land and premises (save as mentioned in paragraph 3) situate on the South side of the main road of Wesleyville - share and share alike

3. To my wife Olivia the dwelling house together with front or flower garden and back yard now occupied by me to be hers during her natural life and after her death to go and belong to my son William.

4 To my wife Olivia the furniture beds and bedding now in my dwelling house.

5 To my wife Olivia a life interest of one third and one third each to my two sons Jesse and William in all the land and building known as the shop situate and being on the north side of Main road of Wesleyville together with all the stock in trade goods debts and implements of trade and mercantile business as well as the interests that I have in the following vessels viz:- Birdie, Tasso. Falcon. Annie, Columbine, Thrasher and Active. Subject never the less to certain provisions mentioned hereafter.

6 It is my wish that the mercantile business shall be continued but should either of my sons object and not wish to continue the same he may withdraw in the following manner and not otherwise:- after a fair valuation is set upon the stock in trade debts, schooners and everything else belonging to the business and his share ascertained the remaining partners shall pay him the sum of $200 in annual instalments until such time as his full share shall be paid up.

7. To my wife Olivia the land known as the farm and after her death to be divided as follows:- the apprentice Aubrey Parsons now with us should he continue and carry out his Indenture and subject to the approval of my wife is to have two acres of the westerly portion of said land the balance to be divided equally between my sons Samuel Jesse and William.

8. To my wife Olivia and my sons Samuel Jesse and William all the land that I now own and possess situate on Swains Island - share and share alike

9. To my wife Olivia the Schooner Leander Gould together with all her fishing gear traps boats etc.

10. to my son Jesse the Schooner “Duke” together with all her fishing gear traps boats etc.

11 The schr. “Mary E.” is now owned by my son Samuel if she is registered in my name I order my executors to give him a clear Bill of Sale.

12. To guard against any dispute that may arise after my death I order and direct that all amounts of money as showing by my books to be due and owing by my sons Samuel and William shall be paid and go into the general business.    I also order and direct that the amount of money due and owing me by my son Jesse shall be forgiven and not collected. I however order and direct that the proceeds of the full and complete voyage of the Schr “Duke” as well as that of the “Leander Gould” for the present year of 1907 shall go into and form a part of the assets of the general business.

13. To my wife Olivia the sum of $1000, also my gold watch and chain

14. To my son Samuel the sum of $1000.

15. To my son William the sum of $1000.

16. To my son Jesse the sum of $1000.

17. To my daughter Gertrude Hann the sum of $1000.

18 To my daughter Annie Bennett the sum of $1000.

19. To pay the above bequests my Executors will find after my death the following:- Insurance Policy Canada Life $1000. Government Debenture $500. Loan Gower St. Methodist Church $1000. Savings Bank $1612.32 Bank of Montreal D.R. $1200. Due by Whiteway and McGrath $34.40. The balance of money to make up the $6000. I order my Executors to take out of the Mercantile business.

20 To my son Samuel a further sum of $1000, one thousand dollars, the said amount to be taken out of the general business or trade and to be paid to him in four annual instalments of $250, the first payment to be made on the 31st December 1908.

21. To my wife Olivia and my sons Jesse and William the five shares of $100 each which I own in the Labrador whaling and Manufacturing Co Ltd. share and share alike

22. I order and direct my executors to have placed around my plot of ground in the cemetery an iron fence and the cost of the same as well as the testamentary and probate expenses shall be taken out of the general business

23. I order and direct that none of the premises mentioned therein shall be sold or in any way go out of the family but one son may buy the share of another son.

24. The property mentioned in paragraphs two and five shall not be sold or disposed of in any way by my wife. She may however will and bequeath it to one or more of our children.

25 In the event of my wife Olivia marrying again she shall thereby forfeit all her right title and interest in all lands and premises the dwelling house and general business mentioned and referred to in paragraphs 2. 3. 5. and 7. She shall also forfeit her right to will and bequeath certain property mentioned in paragraphs 2 and 5. The said property shall be distributed as follows:-
(a) To the persons named as entitled thereto after my wifes death
(b) the property referred to in paragraph two shall go and belong to my sons Jesse and William share and share alike
( c) the property or whatever shall remain of it shall go and belong to my five children named herein - share and share alike.

26. I order and direct that the business shall be continued up to the 31st December of the year in which I die and then be distributed to the persons entitled thereto

27 I hereby constitute and appoint I J Mifflen of Greenspond Stipendiary Magistrate and Rev A.A. Holmes of Wesleyville Methodist Minister as the Executors of this my last will and Testament and revoking all previous wills made by me at any time heretofore and do declare this writing to be my last will and Testament In witness whereof I have unto set my hand this twenty eighth day August A.D. one thousand nine hundred and seven at Wesleyville aforesaid William Winsor    Signed by the said William Winsor Senior the Testator in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other at the same time subscribed our names as witnesses I.J. Mifflen Albert A. Holmes.

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Dec. 18/07
Johnson J.
Jan 6th 1908
granted to
I. J. Mifflen
Rev A.A. Holmes
Estate sworn
at $31,782.00



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