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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Alfred Tucker


Will of Alfred Tucker
from Newfoundland will books volume 7 page 49 probate year 1901

Last Will and Testament of
Alfred Tucker of Burnt Point
Fisherman deceased.

      The last will and Testament of Alfred Tucker, of Burnt Point, in the Electoral district of Bay de Verd Conception bay, Newfoundland. I Alfred Tucker of Burnt Point do hereby bequeath unto the persons hereinafter mentioned at my decease, the property which is specified herein with all right title etc thereto with the restrictions and conditions which are hereafter mentioned in this will.

  1. Unto Thomas and Edgar Tucker, my sons, jointly, that portion of a parcel of ground commonly known as Long Cove Meadow, lying to the Eastward of a path which passes through the said meadow. Nevertheless it shall be definitely understood that Joshua Tucker, my son, shall have a right of way over, and his rightful portion of flake and all buildings now situated on said land.
  2. Unto Joshua Tucker my son, that portion of said Long Cove meadow lying to the westward of the same footpath mentioned in the aforementioned clause.
  3. Unto Thomas, Edgar, Joshua and Henry Thomas Tucker the fishing room, with all that appertains thereunto to be held by them jointly and on equal shares nevertheless it shall be definitely understood that the said Henry Thomas Tucker shall not at his decease, or at any time before his decease, give, bequeath, or in any way cause to convey any portion of said fishing room, to any person other than his own child.
  4. When the property above mentioned and known as Long Cove meadow, shall have been divided according to the conditions of this will, then that garden known as Spring gardens shall become entirely the property of Joshua Tucker my son.
  5. All the residue of my estate, of whatsoever kind, not hereinbefore mentioned, with and including all money belonging unto me, shall become the property of my son Joshua Tucker, with the definite understanding that he shall not at his decease, or at any time before his decease, give bequeath to cause to convey to any person who is not one my descendants and of the name of Tucker, any portion, of any property, mentioned in any part of this will. Unto which, and all of which I have set my hand this 28th day of June 1898. (Sgd) Alfred Tucker his x mark in the presence of (sgd) Simeon Oliver. (Sgd) George Oliver his x mark. Whom I appoint as my executors

      I certify the foregoing to be a correct copy of the last will and Testament of Alfred Tucker deceased

D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
D. Morison
granted on
the 27th day
of April 1901
to Simeon Oliver
& Geo Oliver
the Exors
value of
Est. $700.00



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