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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Thomas Scallon


Will of Right Reverend Dr. Thomas Scallon
from Newfoundland will books volume 1 pages 90 to 92 probate year 1830.
This name is spelled Scallon in the will but Scanlon in the Will Index.

In re
     Right Reverend Dr. Scallon deceased.

To all the Faithful in Christ unto whom these presents shall come Greeting; Know ye that I Thomas Scallon, Doctor of Divinity, late of the County of Wexford, in that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland called Ireland, but at present residing in the Town of Saint John's in the Island of Newfoundland, being in the City of Dublin in Ireland aforesaid in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four and in the month of August in said year, did then and there make order and declare an Instrument in writing signed with my name, the same being my last will and testament, and did thereby constitute and appoint (as well as I can now recollect not having a copy of said will by me) my beloved cousin the Reverend John Scallon of Taghnow in the County of Wexford aforesaid to be my executor. And being now weakly in body but of perfect sound mind thanks be given unto God; and being desirous of preventing any disputes arising after my decease do now by this Codicil give, bequeath and dispose of such worldly goods, chattels and personal property of every description as I now have or may hereafter be possessed of in and after the following manner that is to say In the first place I fully confirm ratify and approve the Will beforementioned, made and executed in the City of Dublin aforesaid, as far as the same regards all and any goods, chattels, Monies, Specie, Bonds and so forth which I then had, have now or hereafter may have, and which were, are, or shall be in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland And I do hereby declare that it is my will and desire that the whole and every part thereof be subject to the aforesaid will in that full and ample manner then and there contemplated and to and for the uses and purposes therein declared.
Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my trusty and well beloved friend and coadjutor the Right Reverend Michael Anthony Flemming, all and singular the goods and chattels of which I now am, or may hereafter be possessed, in the Island of Newfoundland aforesaid, consisting of all my household and moveable furniture including plate, stock of provisions, Wines, Liquors, Horses, Carriages and Sleighs, together with my Library, private papers, Sacerdotal Robes and plates the whole and everything hereby bequeathed to be for his use benefit and convenience, no way doubting that he will hereafter be following the impulse of his own Heart in complying with the annexed condition, namely, that the matters and things hereby bequeathed to him and intended to be for his xxx use and benefit during his natural life shall upon his demise, go to, and be for, the use and benefit of the Person who may be duly appointed to the office and shall succeed him as Chief Pastor of the Roman Catholic Religion in the Island of Newfoundland aforesaid, with a like condition still annexed that they shall be regularly continued to each like succeeding Pastor, It being always to be understood that this condition does not apply to things which are in themselves perishable and which may be wasted by time and natural decay, the intention being to induce each Pastor to leave a respectable and decent establishment to his Successor.
I likewise give and bequeath unto my aforesaid beloved friend the said Right Reverend Michael Anthony Flemming all and singular the Monies, Bills and Bonds which I now, or hereafter may have and hold in Newfoundland aforesaid, which may be left and remaining after paying my just debts, the expenses of my Interment and the undermentioned Legacies and bequests: to be by him applied for pious purposes, for suffrages for my immortal soul, in such manner as to him shall seem most expedient, should it please the Almighty God to call me hence before his arrival, and if I shall have the pleasure of again seeing him I shall instruct him more particularly in its appropriation.
I appoint my respected and loving friend Thomas Holdsworth Brooking Esquire to be my sole executor in all matters touching me in Newfoundland, and I solicit his acceptance of a Ring as a souvenir, to be handed him by the Right Reverend Doctor Flemming.
I give and bequeath to the Benevolent Irish Society of this town the sum of Ten pounds sterling in aid of its Funds;
and a like sum of Ten pounds sterling in aid of the funds of the Saint Johns Orphan Asylum School.
I give and bequeath unto my trusty servant Andrew Hannon the sum of Fifty pounds sterling to be immediately paid him as an acknowledgement of his fidelity and kind attention to me, and a like sum of Fifty pounds sterling unto my servant Mary the wife of the said Andrew to be immediately paid her, and to be for her use and benefit in consideration of her faithful services and affectionate regard.
I likewise give and bequeath to my servant Thomas Connolly the sum of Twenty pounds sterlg and which shall be paid him immediately also.
My Gold Watch, Gold Chain, seals, keys, &c. which I have lately and usually worn and used I give and bequeath unto Mr. Patrick Kough of the Town of Saint John's Builder, in token of the friendship and esteem I had for him and as a remembrance of me.
I give and bequeath unto my servant Mary Hannon, the sister of the aforesaid Andrew Hannon the sum of Twenty pounds sterling to be paid her immediately.
Thos. Scallon (LS) Saint John's Newfoundland, 25th May 1830.
We the undersigned were personally present and did hear this will or Codicil read in the presence and hearing of the Right Revd Thomas Scallon, to the whole of which he fully assented and signed his name, and affixed his seal, and also stated that he had himself previously read it, and further that this is his last will and testament.
Nicholas Herron, Catholic Priest.
John Rochford, M.D. M.R.C.S. London.
Edmond Doyle, Catholic Priest.

Certified Correct
D. M. Browning



Note: The wills in those will books are NOT actual wills. They are hand-written copies of a, "last will and testament," written by the court clerk, after the death of the testator, when the executor presented them to the court for probate. The court clerk didn't list the signatures at the bottom, he (or she) just put them in the book in whatever order they were in, on the original document, no spacing most of the time, no punctuation. The originals were kept by the executor.

We who have typed these wills, have made every effort to include all the errors that were on the microfilm, in order to avoid destroying the integrity of the originals, where ever they may be.

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