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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Richard Roach


Will of Richard Roach
from Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 462-463 probate year 1916

In re
      RICHARD ROACH          deceased.

      Topsail C.B. Newfoundland Mar 17th 1916.     This is the last will and testament of me Richard Roach (Blacksmith) of Topsail in the district of Harbour Main or Conception Bay    I give and devise and bequeath my personal and real estate on which I am now residing to my two sons Patrick and George     This said personal and real estate is to be equally divided between my two sons Patrick and George (The said estate was bought by me from Louis Browning Henry Allen estate at Topsail Water side) If my son George leaves home for any length of time say twenty years more or less his brother Patrick will work and look after George’s portion of property in same way as he is working his own.    Patrick is not to pay anything to George while he is away from the said property but on returning he is to give George a good horse and a good cow.
      Now my property at Spruce Hill or the property bought from Betsy DALay or formerly owned by Thomas Riaky. I divide and bequeath to my son George the portion south side and the portion on north side to my son Patrick and to be divided equally between them. The portion I bought from my son William is also to be equally divided between George and Patrick.    In like manner my property at Braces Hill is also to be equally divided between my sons Patrick and George
N.B. In reference to paragraph 1. - In order that the house in which I live may not cause any difficulty in the execution of the will I hereby give and bequeath the said house in which I live to my son Patrick.    When my son George builds a house Patrick my son is to assist him either in money or lumber or in labour or in any other equivalent way.    The value of the assistance thus rendered must be about half the value of the house above willed.    Until George builds a house I wish him to enjoy the hospitality of the old home.    The land on which my house is built; the land in front and the outhouses, not the barn, go with the house to Patrick.
In reference to my brother Patrick I express the wish that my sons shall never see him in want of a home.    My property at Mercers Pond Ridge on the north side is to be divided equally between my three sons William Patrick and George.    My share of the mineral property and land on Bell Island West End is also to be equally divided between my three sons Patrick, George and William also to my daughter Mary.    My sons Patrick and George are to provide for my daughter Mary until she becomes the age of twenty years and see she will be educated and looked after the same as at present.
      My sons Patrick and George are to pay twenty dollars to a priest to say Masses for the repose of my soul.    The said properties are not to be sold with the exception of mineral property and land on Bell Island within the period of twenty one years.    The said Patrick George and William may sell to each other at any time provided the rights of said Mary are secured.    I appoint Patrick and George guardians of their sister Mary.    I appoint John Parmiter of Topsail the executor to this will and declare this writing is my last will and testament.    In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand in year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixteen Richard Roach.    Signed by the said Richard Roach the testator in presence of us at the same time who in his presence and presence of each other subscribe our names as witness.     Richard Roach.    Witness P.R. Kelly.     A.A. Chisholm M.D. Mar. 17th 1916.

Charles H. Emerson
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the margin of this will)
Octr 25/16
Johnson J.
Novr 4/16
granted to
John Parmiter
Estate sworn
at $1900.00



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