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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Robert Mercer


Will of Robert Mercer from Newfoundland will books volume 14 pages 372-373 probate year 1928

In re       DECEASED.

I, Robert Mercer of St. John's in the electoral district of St. John's East, being of sound mind, memory and disposition hereby declare this to be my last will and testament.

  1. I hereby revoke all wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me.
  2. I appoint as executors of this my last will and testament my brother Esau Mercer and Eric Bavidge of St. John's and declare that these my Executors do also act as Trustees of my estate.
  3. I bequeath the following pecuniary legacies unto.
    (a) my brother Job Mercer the sum of Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000)
    (b) My brother Elijah Mercer the sum of Six thousand Dollars ($6,000)
    ( c) My brother Esau Mercer the sum of Six thousand dollars ($6,000)
    (d) Elijah Parsons the son of Jane Parsons the sum of Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000)
    (e) Mary Bavidge the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000)
    (f) Eric Bavidge the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500)
    (g) To the trustee of the Church of England Orphanage the sum of One thousand dollars. ($1,000)
    (h) To the Trustee of the Church of England Cathedral Tower fund the sum of One thousand dollars. ($1,000)
    ( i) To the Trustees of St. Matthews Church, Bay Roberts, the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500)
    (j) to the trustees of St. Thomas Church at St. John's the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500)
    (k) To Eric Mercer, son of Esau Mercer, the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000)
    (l) To William Mercer, Principal of the Salvation Army College at St. John's the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500)
    The legacies above referred to to Eric Mercer and William Mercer are conditioned on the legatees not having received from me after the making of this will the said sums of one thousand dollars ($1,000) and five hundred dollars ($500) respectively.
  4. I direct that my executors and trustees shall expend a sum not exceeding Two hundred dollars ($200) for a head stone for Margaret MacGilvray, for burial expenses of Sarah Jane Mercer a sum not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200), for a monument for my mother, father, brother and two sisters buried at Coley's point, a sum not exceeding ($600) for a casket, headstone and burial expenses for myself a sum not exceeding six hundred dollars ($600).
  5. I bequeath to Robert Parsons, son of Elijah Parsons, who I understand is named after me, my gold watch and chain.
  6. I direct my executors and trustees in their discretion pay the above legacies in so far as they are able to with the bonds now owned by me or they may sell same and together with other moneys pay the said legacies and expenses above referred to.
  7. In the event of any of my brothers predeceasing me I direct that the legacy given to either brother be divided amongst the children of the said deceased parent and if a brother dies leaving no children that his share become part of the residue of my estate and be divided as hereinafter specified.
  8. I direct that my executor Eric Bavidge be remunerated for his services in winding up the estate according to the scale of fees for said executors as allowed by the Court and that the legacies hereby granted to Esau Mercer be in lieu of Executors fees which might be due him.
  9. I direct further that after the legacies and expenses referred to above and any other expenses including death duties and probate fees and the executors fees to Eric Bavidge are paid that the sum of Two thousand dollars ($2,000) if available, be paid to my brother Esau Mercer in addition to the six thousand Dollars ($6,000) previously referred to in Paragraph 3, subsection ( c).
  10. The residue of my estate I direct is to be divided proportionately amongst my three brothers Elijah Mercer, Job Mercer, Esau Mercer.

SIGNED PUBLISHED AND DECLARED as and for his last will and testament by the said testator Robert Mercer in our presence present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses this 15th day of October A.D. one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight. The same having been read over to him and fully understood by the Testator.
Eric Jerrett
Robt Henderson

William F. Lloyd
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
W. J. Higgins
Nov. 15/28.
Probate granted
Esau Mercer
and Eric Bavidge
on the 15th day
of November A.D. 1928
Value of Estate



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