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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Rev. William James Lockyer


Will of Rev. William James Lockyer
from Newfoundland will books volume 13 pages 61-65 probate year 1925

In re
      William James Lockyer    DECEASED.


This is my last will and testament, made after the death of my wife, May the first, one thousand nine hundred and twenty two.
My Life Insurance - one thousand dollars, in Confederation Life Association, Halifax, Nova Scotia, is made payable to Bishop White of Newfoundland. Out of this I ask him to pay

(1) All necessary expenses of having my body brought to Trinity (if I die away from it) and buried in the same grave in which my wife is buried.

(2) One hundred dollars to be paid to Mr David North of Hantsport, Nova Scotia, if alive. If not alive it is to be given to Queen’s College, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

(3) Five hundred dollars to the Rector and Wardens of St. Paul’s Church, Trinity, to provide an Oak Pulpit for that Church, in memory of me as a Priest, and of my wife, Elizabeth M. Lockyer, as my faithful fellow worker for thirty five years. Vide particulars on slip attached to this document, marked Pulpit.

(4) One hundred dollars to Mrs Isobel Demister of New Perlican, if alive. If not alive to be given to the Mortuary Chapel Fund of St. Paul’s, Trinity, to assist in keeping the building in good repairs, especially the interior - The principal and interest may be used, as necessity requires, till the whole amount is used.

(5) One hundred dollars to the Rector and Wardens of St. Paul’s in trust, to be spent under their supervision, so much a year, as found necessary to keep the Lockyer lot in the Cemetery, in decent condition. If found necessary, an amount not to exceed five dollars a year, may be taken from the principal for this purpose, and to supplement, the interest of the amount in the Bank.

(6) One hundred dollars to the Rector and Wardens of St. Paul’s Church (a) to pay freight and other expenses on Memorial Pulpit: (b) to pay for the brass plate and inscription to be placed on the Pulpit: (Vide memo: attached to this document, and marked “Pulpit”. Balance for sanctuary Carpet in St. Paul’s Church.

All monies found to my credit in the Royal Bank in Trinity, or the Bank of Montreal in Glace Bay, Cape Breton to be given to Bishop White, to be used by him in the best interests of St. Paul’s Church, Trinity: E.G.
(a) To keep the Church Clock in good condition.
(b) the Church yard gates painted every month of May.
( c) the front Church yard fence painted every two years, at least.

My watch and chain to be given to my nephew, George Lockyer, when he is eighteen years of age.

The gold cross on my watch chain to a Student at Queen’s College, to be selected by Bishop White.

My Stoles, Surplices, Cassocks, “Pocket” Font, Priest’s Private Communion Set; Books, and any other things not herein specified, that may be useful to a priest, to be given to Mr Gerald White, if ordained a priest.

My Fur Coat to be given to Bishop White for his own personal use.
All my other clothes of whatever kind, and not herein specified, to be given to Bishop White and to be given by him to any Divinity Student at Queen’s College, or any Lay Reader, or any priest of the Diocese, by whom they may be appreciated.

I appoint Bishop White as Sole Executor of this my last will and testament, and all expenses incurred by him in connection with the carrying out of my wishes, are to have first claims upon the money found to my credit in the Banks, before “the best interests of St. Paul’s Church, Trinity” (Vide Section marked B) are considered: And if any other things are found belonging to me, the Bishop may dispose of them (I mean anything not herein mentioned) just as he thinks best. Re Slab in the base of Mrs Lockyer’s headstone, see note attached to this document, and marked Headstone.

The piece of land adjoining Green’s Forge, and just bought by me from Neville Lockyer, I give and bequeath to St. Paul’s Church Trinity, to belong to it for ever, never to be sold (Vide deed of the same in my possession) unless I sell it before my death.

Signed, Sealed, and delivered by me.


In the presence of us and of each other.

Walter N. White. Trinity.
M. F. Channing. St. John’s (Royal Bank of Canada)
May 1st 1922.


Items of explanation

PULPIT       W. J. Lockyer

Pulpit to be ordered from England (Whippel & Co: or any other firm, at Bishop White’s suggestion)

Plan C as given on the slip encloses, is the plan for St. Paul’s, giving entrance from the back. They will get the Brass Plate made for it, so as to be the width of moulding on which it is to be placed.

The following is the inscription for the Plate:

To the glory of God     and in
memory of: Rev Canon Lockyer, L. Th:

X Years, a priest of Holy Church.
Also Elizabeth M. White, his beloved
wife and faithful fellow worker in the
parish work for 35 years. Both were
born in Trinity.

R. I. P.

(In margin - X add number of years from



A Slab is attached to front of the base of the Cross at Mrs Lockyer’s Grave - by a brass screw in the middle of the slab - Screw head covered with plaster.
Remove the Screw, and the Slab will then be free to take out. Send to St. John’s to Muir & Co: have the following inscription placed on it - Then replace it in the base of Cross - Embedded in cement, and then screwed to base as before. If Mr Granger is alive he will take it out as he put the screw there - yet any one can do it.


Also of her husband -
William Jas: Lockyer

-Pray for my soul -



Base of Stone

William Jas Lockyer.


Should my death result from injuries, such as are covered by Section E of Accident Policy No. A. 135246 (herewith enclosed) I give and bequeath the one thousand dollars (therein insured for) to St. Paul’s Church Trinity, to be placed in the Bank, and the interest to be used by the Church Wardens for the repairs of St. Paul’s Church - the principal never to be used for any purpose.


      E. B. Rankin
      Walter N. White
      Nov: 29th 1923.

William F. Lloyd
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat Jany 15/25
Horwood CJ.
Probate granted
to Rt Rev
William C.
Jany 20/25
Estate sworn
at $1855.41



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