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Caplin Bay (Calvert)
Crown Grants prior to 1900


Name Date Issued Volume/Folio Boland John 1873-03-31 V-17 F-101 Boland John 1871-07-24 V-17 F-138 Boland Thomas 1871-04-14 V-17 F-125 Carter Robert 1851-02-26 V-2 F-78 Clancey John 1871-03-31 V-17 F-123 Clancey Walter 1869-12-28 V-94 F-108 Clancey Walter 1871-07-24 V-18 F-72 Cull Charles 1898-12-10 V-59 F-106 Devereux Catherine 1863-12-26 V-9 F-112 George Peter 1869-07-07 V-15 F-124 Getheral Stephen 1871-07-24 V-18 F-68 Gregory Peter 1871-07-24 V-18 F-61 Healey Geoffrey 1870-06-09 V-17 F-35 Kavanagh William 1866-06-09 V-12 F-41 Keefe Edward 1869-12-28 V-16 F-54 Kehoe Edward 1869-07-07 V-84 F-160 Kehoe John 1882-10-18 V-28 F-179 Kehoe Michael 1880-08-29 V-41 F-124 Kenny James 1870-01-17 V-17 F-65 Lock James 1869-12-11 V16 F-53 Lock James 1851-02-06 V-2 F-81 McBride John 1879-05-13 V-24 F-110 Power James 1871-07-24 V-18 F-30 Power Thomas 1890-07-03 V-41 F-11 Reddigan Richard 1869-05-01 V-15 F-72 Redigan Richard 1871-03-31 V-17 F-87 Rositer John 1889-12-18 V-37 F-86 Rositer William 1870-01-12 V-17 F-16 Rositer John 1870-01-12 V-17 F-17 Ryan Martin 1876-05-26 V-21 F-80 Ryan Mathias 1869-05-01 V-15 F-69 Ryan Patrick 1876-04-27 V-21 F-63 Sullivan Joseph 1861-06-29 V-8 F-34 Sullivan Joseph 1851-02-26 V-2 F-83 Toole Felix 1871-07-24 V-18 F-26 Toole Terance 1869-05-01 V-15 F-70 Walsh James 1870-01-14 V-17 F-5

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REVISED: February 2001 (Don Tate)

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