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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Annesley Kenealy


Will of Annesley Kenealy
from Newfoundland will books volume 14 pages 33-36 probate year 1927

In re

I, Annesley Kenealy of No 5 Inverness Place W.2 in the county of London spinster hereby revoke all former wills and testamentary dispositions made by me and declare that this is my last will

  1. I appoint the Westminster Bank") to be EXECUTOR and Trustee of this my Will and I declare that the Bank may employ an agent to transact any business required to be done hereunder and shall be entitled to be allowed and paid all charges and expenses so incurred And further that the Bank shall be entitled to remuneration including the customary share of brokerage in accordance with the Banks scale of fees now in force free from duties and in priority to all other payments and I expressly desire and hereby direct that the Solicitors to be employed by the Bank in connection with my estate shall be Cutler & Allingham of 15 Duke Street St. James's S W I there being particular reasons why I desire the Bank not to employ any other firm The Bank may without being liable to account for any profit made thereby act as banker and transact any banking business on behalf of my estate on the same terms as would be made with a customer in the ordinary course of business
  2. I bequeath to my very dear sister Henrietta Maria Kenealy such of my family relics furniture pictures glass silver china and effects at present stored at Hanningtons Limited Brighton as she may within six months after my decease select and the residue thereof to fall into and form part of my residuary estate and be disposed of as hereinafter mentioned and it is my express wish and I so direct my said sister Henrietta Maria Kenealy that she will not at any time after my decease either during her lifetime or by will give or bequeath any of the selected articles to my brother Edward Kenealy or to his wife or descendants or to my sister Katherine Kenealy both of whom I exclude from any benefits under this my will owing to their unkindness to my dear mother and to me.
  3. I bequeath the following pecuniary and specific legacies free of legacy duty and all other duties payable upon or by reason of my death (a) to my said sister Henrietta Maria Kenealy the sum of one thousand pounds and all my wearing apparel watches trinkets and articles of personal decoration or ornament and jewellery practically all of such jewellery having been stolen from me by burglars at a London Hotel many years ago (b) To Doctor Robert Lionel Glass of 106 Inverness terrace W.2. four hundred of my ordinary shares in the Daily Mirror Company Limited and one hundred and twenty six pounds of my ordinary sharers in the Anglo Newfoundland Development Company Limited in recognition of his unremitting skill and kindness during my long illness ( c) to Miss E Catherine Lewis F.R.C.S. of the Royal Free Hospital and Harley Street W.I. my one hundred pounds Czechs Slovacian Bond in recognition of her surgical skill and kindness to me (d) To Miss Mary Collishe of 49 Inverness Terrace aforesaid the sum of twenty pounds.
  4. I devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever not hereby or by any codicil hereto otherwise specifically disposed of (including any real or personal property over which I may have any general power of appointment and including also any entailed property of which I have power to dispose of by will) to "The Bank" (hereinafter called "my residuary estate" Upon trust (subject as hereinafter provided) to sell call in and convert into money all such parts of my residuary estate as shall not consist of investments of the nature hereinafter authorised and I direct that notwithstanding the aforesaid trust for the sale and conversion of my residuary estate the Bank shall not during the lifetime of my said sister Henrietta Maria Kenealy sell such of my ordinary shares in the Daily Mirror Company Limited as or not hereinbefore specifically bequeathed without the consent in writing of my said sister Henrietta Maria Kenealy And as to the remainder of my residuary estate I declare that the Bank may postpone the sale calling in and conversion of the same for such period as they may in their absolute discretion deem fit and that pending such sale calling in and conversion the income (including the net rents and profits of real estate and chattels real after payment of rates taxes rent costs of insurance repairs and other outgoings properly attributable in the opinion of the Bank to income) of property actually producing income shall be applied as from my death as income.
  5. Out of the clear moneys to arise from such sale calling in and conversion as aforesaid the Bank shall pay or provide for my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and the said legacies and any duties payable on any legacy and subject thereto the Bank shall invest in manner hereinafter authorised the residue of the said clear moneys and stand in possession of such investments and such other investments which form part of my estate at the time of my death of all parts of my estate for the time being unsold (hereinafter called by residuary trust fund)
    (a) Upon trust to pay the income thereof to my said sister Henrietta Maria Kenealy during her life and after her death
    (b) Upon trust to pay the sum of one thousand five hundred pounds to the Royal Free Hospital Grays Inn Road (free of legacy duty) And I direct that such legacy shall be paid to the treasurer for the time being of the said Hospital to be applied by him for the endowment of a single bed ward in the said Hospital for the exclusive use of women writers and I desire that the said ward be designated "In memory of Elizabeth Kenealy the Mother of many writers" and I direct that the marble bust of my mother the said Elizabeth Kenealy at present in my possession shall be placed in a niche in this ward and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or other person properly authorised to give receipts shall be sufficient discharge for the said sum of one thousand five hundred pounds and effectually exonerate the Bank from seeing to the application thereof
    ( c) as to the remainder of my residuary trust fund I direct the Bank to hold the same Upon trust as to both capital and income for the Royal Literary Fund of Stationers Hall Stationers Hall Court E.C.4. to be applied by the said fund to provide grants and Pensions to necessitous women writers only such bequest to be known as "The Annesley Kenealy Bequest" And I direct that the receipt of the treasurer or other person properly authorised by the said Royal Literary Fund shall be a sufficient discharge for the same and effectually exonerate the Bank from seeing to the application thereof
    And I declare that if at my death the said shares in either of the above mentioned companies The Daily Mirror Company Limited and the Anglo Newfoundland Development Company Limited shall by virtue of any amalgamation reconstruction or rearrangement of capital of the said companies or sale of the companies business be represented by a different capital holding whether in the said companies or in any other company to which at my death I am entitled or possessed then the said bequests shall take effect as if they had been bequests of the capital holding or capital holdings which as the result of such amalgamation reconstructions or rearrangement of capital or sale took the place of such shares I desire that I may be buried in as simple a manner as possible on the Earth to Earth plan in accordance with the usual rites at the Cemetery at Christchurst where my sister Isabel lies and I empower the Bank to spend ten pounds in flowers for my funeral

IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this eighth day of June one thousand nine hundred and twenty six.    ANNESLEY KENEALY - Signed by the said Annesley Kenealy the testatrix as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses: -
Rose Sherman - 118 Graham Road Wimbledon Married.
Marie Nunney - 49 Inverness Terrace W.2. Spinster.

William F. Lloyd
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fiat May
23rd 1927.
Kent J.
May 23/27.
Estate sworn
at $2289.13



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