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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Job Hamlyn


Will of Job Hamlyn
from Newfoundland will books volume 8 pages 235 to 237 probate year 1907

In re
      Job Hamlyn          deceased.

      In the name of God Amen I Job Hamlyn being of sound mind and memory though somewhat feeble in body do make this my last will and Testament. I desire, first of all, that my wife, should she survive me enjoy the use of my new House as long as she lives, to be therein maintained in all things necessary, by my four sons, James, Uriah, Daniel and George to the best of their power. Any of whom refusing or neglecting this duty, shall thereby forfeit all right and title to whatsoever property may hereinafter be bequeathed to him in his document; such share or shares to be then at the disposal of my aforesaid wife. I desire also, that should either of the four above mentioned sons die, and his widow remain unmarried, she shall be permitted to remain on the Room as during her husbands life, share the general work and be maintained by her children from their share of the general earnings. But if any such widow marry again, she shall quit the Room; and all title to share in properties or earnings shall descend directly to my own grandchildren and not to the children of any second marriage whatsoever, with these stipulations therefore
1. I give and bequeath all that land and property which came to me by the will of my late uncle William Ware, and through his widow, to my four aforesaid sons, James, Uriah, Daniel, and George; with all Houses and Buildings upon it to be held by them as follows:- James to have the house he now lives in with his own pigs house; Uriah to have the house he now lives in with his own pigs house Daniel and George to share the new House and to make a pigs house out of the linhay(?) taken from the stable. The stable itself, old workhouse, and store houses are to be owned and used by all alike on equal terms. The stage and Fishing Room under the Hill in the same way are to be the common property of all four, and my other two sons, Henry and Samuel, shall have liberty to use the Stage and Room after my decease, as hitherto but not their children after them The Garden by the Cow House shall be parted between James and Uriah, in such manner that James shall have that half which is next his own house and Uriah the half nearest Andrew’s house. The ground around my new house shall belong to Daniel and George; yet they may not hinder their brother from the use of the drying ground or from spreading nets there to dry. when necessary. All nets and such like property boats &c shall be used and worked by all four brothers together, and they shall share the profits equally among them. But any brother unwilling to do this may buy out his share and leave
2. The old Garden. I bequeath to my wife, for her sole use and benefit with power to leave it to whom she will
3. The Five acres (so called) by the Pond my four sons may share as they will.
4. That piece of Land and Gardens which lies between Long Point Road and Sleepy Cove Road, shall be divided into four equal portions or allotments, one for each of my aforesaid sons in order that each family may have its proper share, and there be no encroachment in time to come.
      In the desire to see all these matters properly arranged, I also appoint Mr. George Roberts and Mr. Richard Newman joint Executors of this my will directing them to hand over to my aforesaid wife any money (much or little) that may be found in my possession, or debts due to me. Signed, Sealed, and delivered in the presence of witnesses, this twentieth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety six    Job Hamlin witnesses Robert Temple     H.E. Temple

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Oct 26/06
March 20. 07
granted to
George Roberts
Estate sworn
at $740.00



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