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A Collection of Newfoundland Wills
Henry G. H. Gill


Will of Henry G. H. Gill
from Newfoundland will books volume 5 page 644 probate year 1892


 FiatLast Will and testament of Henry G.H. Gill
of St. John's Gentleman deceased
 Jas. I Little J??

This is the last will

Granted to
Geo. T. Rendell
and Frederick
J.W. Rendell
of St. John's
the Exor.
Sworn under
June 5: 1892

and testament of me Henry G.H. Gill of St. John's Gentleman. I bequeath the whole of my property real and personal to my Executor hereinafter named in trust for the following bequests and purposes. I devise that out of the Shares or interest in the Estate of the late Nicholas Gill now belonging to me there shall be paid to my brother Frederick Gill and annuity of two hundred dollars per annum during his life. I devise that subject to the said annuity and subject to the conditions as to death before attaining twenty one years hereinafter provided the whole of my share or interest in the said property and estate of the late Nicholas Gill (now being equal to one fourth of said estate) shall go to the five children of my nephew


Ernest Gill and Frederick son of my nephew Leander Gill in equal shares to each per capita. I devise that no division of the said property among the said legatees shall take place until the youngest survivor of them shall attain twenty one years, and in the meantime the yearly income shall be divided among them, the shares of the minors being applied to their support and education. In the event of the death of any of the said legatees before he or she shall attain twenty one years his or her share shall go to the survivors equally subject to the same conditions as to yearly income and survivorship. I bequeath fifty dollars to my servant Ann Hearn and twenty dollars to Mary Ward. The rest of my Estate (consisting as follows of money and investments to the amount of about nine thousand six hundred dollars) I bequeath to my sister Harriet Gill for her sole and absolute use and benefit In the event of the death of my said sister Harriet before my death I bequeath to Carrie? daughter of James Gill the sum of Four thousand dollars and to Elsa Gertrude Camp? daughter of Ida Mansfield? daughter of Adolphus Gill the sum of two thousand dollars and the residue I bequeath to the children of Ernest Gill and son of Leander Gill above named in equal shares and subject to the same contingencies and conditions as above provided in relation to the bequest of the Estate of Nicholas Gill. I appoint the Honourable George T. Rendell and Mr. Frederick J.W. Rendell Trustees and Executors of this my last will. Dated at St. John's this 5th day of April A,D. 1892. (Sgd) H.G.H. Gill Witnesses J. S. Winter.    A. H. Martin

I certify the foregoing to be a


correct copy of the last will and Testament of Henry G.H. Gill deceased.


Note: Transcribed from LDS microfilm 2070897. From Newfoundland will book vol 5 folio 644 probate 1892.

Henry Gilbert Hunt Gill was a son of Nicholas Gill and Elizabeth Mary Burton Gill.

Brother Frederick Gill was Frederick M. Gill.

Frederick son of nephew Leander Gill: Leander was Leander Nicholas Gill, son of brother Nicholas Gill who died in December 1849. Leander Nicholas Gill died in Tilt Cove, March 1892. He married Mary (Minnie) Emma Bradshaw Boyle. Frederick son of Leander was Frederick Danson Bradshaw Gill who later married Ida Burnham. They had a son F. Burnham Gill who later became Provincial Archivist for Newfoundland.

Nephew Ernest Gill - at this time father of Ernest is unknown.

Carrie daughter of James Gill is probably Caroline E Gill, daughter of brother James D Gill. James died in Brooklyn, New York in 1864. Caroline was named in her father's will.

Elsa Gertrude Camp? daughter of Ida Mansfield? daughter of Adolphus Gill. Adolphus William Hayman Gill was the son and first child of brother William Gill who married Eliza Danson, daughter of Thomas Elias Danson and Susanna Green Pike of Harbour Grace. Adolphus died in New York in 1875. Other descendant connections unknown at this time.

Witness AH Martin was probably Albert Hudson Martin, a book keeper who worked at W&G Rendell in 1890. He later set up Martin Brothers with his accountant brother William John Martin. There is no known relationship with the transcriber at this time.



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