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Miscellaneous Deeds, Grants, Petitions & Wills
Flora, Alfred, Alexander and May McLachlan - children of Alexander McLachlan


Infant children of
Alexander McLachlan

Estate of Flora, Alfred, Alexander, and May McLachlan 1888
Infant children of Alexander McLachlan
From LDS microfilm #2057239


Supreme Court of Newfoundland

Be it Remembered That on this 29th day of December in the 52nd Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-eight personally appeared Alexander MacLachlan of Saint John's in the Central District of Newfoundland, Engineer, William I. Clouston of same place Tinsmith and Ambrose Churchill of same place Engineer, and did acknowledge themselves to be held and firmly bound to our said Lady the Queen, Her Heirs and Successors, in the penal Sum of four thousand eight hundred Dollars of good and lawful money of Newfoundland to be had, made and levied on his Goods, Chattels and Effects, jointly and severally, if Default is made in any of the conditions following :---

Now the Condition of this Obligation is such, that if the above bounden Alexander MacLachlan shall duly and faithfully act as Guardian of the Estate and Effects of Alfred Alexander, Flora and May MacLachlan, Minors under the age of twenty-one years, and shall and do pay and dispose of such Estate in such a manner as the said Court shall direct; then this obligation to be void and of no effect, or else to be and remain in full force and virtue.

Alex'r McLachlan

William J. Clouston

Signed and sealed                              Ambrose Churchill
in the presence of

Geo. I. Adams
Comm'r Affts




Estates of Flora, Alfred
Alexander and May MacLachlan
Infant children of
Alexander MacLachlan

Letters of Guardianship
granted to Alexander

Dated 29th Dec 1888

Sureties: Wm. I. Clouston
                  Ambrose Churchill

Bond for $4800.00



To the Honorable the Supreme Court or one of their Lordships the Judges thereof:

          The petition of Alexander McLachlan of Saint Johns in the Island of Newfoundland Engineer

Humbly Sheweth

          That Alfred Smith late of Cupids in the Island of Newfoundland aforesaid Planter recently died intestate being possessed of property within the jurisdiction of your Honorable Court to the probable value of Eighteen thousand dollars and leaving him surviving his widow Elizabeth Smith and the following children viz Azariah Smith Benjamin Smith and Anna Maria wife of Henry Dawe and the following children of deceased children viz Henrietta Smith daughter of John Smith deceased and three children of Drucilla deceased wife of your petitioner and daughter of the said Alfred Smith
          That Letters of administration to the estate of the said Alfred Smith deceased have since been granted to Elizabeth Smith his widow and that Your Petitioners children aforesaid namely Alfred Alexander McLachlan, Flora? McLachlan and May MacLachlan are entitled to a distributive share of the said Estate of the probable value of two thousand four hundred dollars to be equally divided between them.
          That the said children reside with your Petitioner at Saint John's aforesaid and are ??? ??? respectively aged

aged eleven and a half years, ten and a half and nine and a half years
          That no application for Letters of Guardianship to the Estate of the said children has heretofore been made to your Honorable Court.
          Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays that your Honorable Court or one of your Lordships the Judges thereof will be pleased to appoint him Guardian to the estate of his said children.
          And as in duty bound will ever pray
          At Saint Johns aforesaid this 27th day of December Anno Domini One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight.

Alex'r McLachlan



Newfoundland }
St Johns to wit } Alexander McLachlan of Saint Johns aforesaid Engineer the Petitioner named in the foregoing Petition maketh oath and saith that the several matters and things therein contained and set forth are correct and true.
Sworn before me at Saint Johns
aforesaid this twenty seventh                    Alex'r McLachlan
day of December AD 1888

          Geo. I. Adams
          Comm'r Affts



Supreme Court

In the matter of
the estate of Flora
McLachlan Alfred
Alexander McLachlan
May McLachlan Infants

(Official seal of Registrar's Office inserted
here, Dated Dec 28, 1888 St. Johns

The Petition of Alex'r
McLachlan praying to be
appointed Guardian



Supreme Court

In the matter of the Petition of Alexander McLachlan of St Johns Engineer ??? friend of the infant children of Petitioner praying for Letters of Guardianship to their estate.

          Upon reading the Petition of the said Alexander McLachlan and the Affidavit thereto annexed and upon hearing Mr. Horwood of Counsel herein for the aforesaid Petitioner I do order that the said Alexander McLachlan, upon giving ???rity, be appointed Guardian to the Estate of his children Flora McLachlan, Alfred Alexander McLachlan and May McLachlan during their minority.
          At Saint Johns this 28th day of December Anno Domini One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight.

J. J. Little
A.J. S.C.

E??? Mc??? of MrHorwood??
of Council? for Petitioner



Supreme Court

In the matter of the
Estate of Flora McLachlan
Alfred Alexander McLachlan
and May McLachlan,

(Official seal of Registrar's Office
St. Johns Newfoundland Dec 28, 1888)

The Petition of
Order of the Hon? Jn? Jnstice
Little appointing Alexander



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