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Miscellaneous Deeds, Grants, Petitions & Wills
James Carroll


James Carroll

Estate of James Carroll 1886
From LDS microfilm #2057237



To Wit.          } I do swear that I believe that James Carroll, late of St. John's in the Central District, Seaman, deceased, died without a Will; and that I will well and truly administer all and every the goods of the said deceased and pay his debts so far as his Goods will extend; and that I will exhibit a true, full and perfect Inventory of the said Goods of the deceased, and render a true account of my Administration into the Registry of the said Court, within six months from the date hereof, or when I shall be thereunto lawfully required; and that the whole of the Goods, Rights, Chattels, Assets, Credits and Effects of the said deceased which he died possessed of, within the jurisdiction of this Court, do not, according to the best of my knowledge, judgment and belief, amount to the value of Eight Hundred dollars.

Sworn before me, at St. John's, the 27th day of
September in the year of Our Lord One Thousand          Sarah her X mark Carroll
Eight Hundred and Eighty Six, having been read
over and explained.
O. Emerson
Commissioner of Affidavits.




Estate of James Carroll
late of St. John's
in the Central District,
Seaman, deceased.

Dated 27th Sep. 1886

Admin____ granted to
Sarah Carroll, Widow, of

Michael H. Berney
Francis Pippy

Estate sworn under $800.00



Supreme Court of Newfoundland

Be it Remembered, That on this 27th day of September in the Forty 50th Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady VICTORIA, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, and in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-six personally appeared Sarah Carroll of St. John's, Widow, Michael Berney of same place Gentleman and Francis Pippy of same place, Cooper, and did acknowledge themselves to be held and firmly bound to our said Lady the Queen, her Heirs and Successors, in the penal Sum of Sixteen hundred Dollars, to be had, made and levied on their Goods, Chattels and Effects, jointly and severally, if Default is made in any of the conditions following:--

NOW THE CONDITION OF THIS OBLIGATION IS SUCH, That if the above bounden Sarah Carroll as Administratrix of the Estate and Effects of James Carroll late of St. John's, Seaman, deceased do make, or cause to be made, a just, true, and perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods, Credits and Effects of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, possession, or knowledge of her the said Sarah Carroll as such Administratrix or to the hands or possession of any other person, or persons, for her and the same so made do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited, in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, at or before the 27th day of March next ensuing the date hereof; and the said Goods, Chattels, Credits and Effects, and all other the Goods, Chattels, Credits and Effects of the said deceased, at the time of his death, or which at any time afterwards shall come into the hands or possession of her the said Sarah Carroll or to the hands or possession of any other person or persons for her shall well and truly administer according to Law, and further shall make, or cause to be made, a just and true account of her said Administration, on or before the 27th day of September which will be in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-Six and afterwards from time to time as she shall be lawfully required. And all the rest, residue, and remainder of the said Goods, Chattels, Credits and Effects, which shall be found remaining upon the said Administration Account, the same being examined and allowed by the said Supreme Court of Newfoundland, shall and do pay and dispose of in due course of Administration, or in such a manner as the said Court shall direct; then this obligation to be void and of no effect, or else to be and remain in full force and virtue.

Signed and Sealed                                Sarah her X mark Carroll
in presence of, having been first
Read over and fully explained.            Michael Berney
O. Emerson                                         Francis Pippy




To the Honorable the Supreme Court of Newfoundland or one of the Honorable the Judges thereof

The Petition of Sarah Carol(sic) of St. John's, Widow

Humbly Sheweth

That James Carrol(sic) late of Saint John's, Seaman, died on the 12th day of July now last past, intestate and possessed of property of the probable value of two Hunderd Pounds.
That said deceased left him surviving a widow, your Petitioner, and two children, William and Anne, aged respectively fifteen months and three years.
That no administration of said Estate has been granted to any other person.
Petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Administration be granted to her           And as in duty bound she will ever pray.
          Dated at Saint John's this 6th day of August A.D. 1886.

Sarah X Carroll




Newfoundland }
St. John's SS     } Sarah Carroll of Saint John's in the island of Newfoundland aforesaid, Widow, the Petitioner named in the foregoing petition, maketh oath and saith that the several matters and things contained therein are correct and true to the best of this deponent's knowledge and belief.

Sworn before me at Saint John's          Sarah her X mark Carroll
aforesaid this 23rd day of August
A.D. 1886, having been first read
over and explained.
Geo. J. Adams



In the Matter
of the Petition
of Sarah Carroll
praying that Letters of
Administration of the
Estate of James Carroll be
granted to her.

Filed Sept 28/86

R. J. Pinsent




I hereby certify that the written notice has been duly posted in my office from the day of the date thereof to this day and that no caveat or other objections has been entered thereto.
          Saint John's, August __ A.D. 1886
          Geo. J. Adams
          A.C., S.C.




After three days, application will be made to the Supreme Court or to one of the Honorable the Judges thereof for letters of administration to the Estate of James Carroll, late of Saint John's, Seaman, deceased, to be granted to Sarah Carroll, widow of said deceased.

O.E.                    Saint John's, August 6th 1886
Aug 6/86            E. P. Morris,
                            Proctor for Sarah Carroll



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