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Miscellaneous Deeds, Grants, Petitions & Wills
George Gaden


Petition of Thomas Eppes Gaden concerning the Estate of George Gaden Probate year 1830, from the LDS microfilm Estate Files # 2056192

1830 Supreme Court

Gaden Estate -

Upon reading the Petition of Thomas Eppes Gaden and others this day professed[?]

It is ordered that Emma Gaden the administratrix to the Estate of the late George Gaden do appear before His Lordship the Chief Judge at Chambers on Saturday next the 16th instant to show cause why she should not be restrained by Injunction from the Honourable Court from receiving the rents of the said Estate, and why a Receiver ? should not be appointed.

By order of the Court
Chas. D. Archibald
Chief Sup Court
14th October 1830

To Mrs. Emma Gaden

To the Honourable the Judges of the Supreme Court

The Petition of the Undersigned Claimants to the Estate of the late George Gaden Humbly Showeth

That your Petitioners having by their attorney made application to the Administratrix for the several terms due them upon your Lordships decree of the 13th September are informed by her that she has nothing to pay the same except the rents of the lanors? Estate, and her share thereof.

That during the last four years, in which the settlement of the Estate has been pending the Rents have been received by the said son intratrix? And as no part thereof is now forbearing? Your Petitioners are desirous that some other person should be appointed

They therefore humbly pray that your Lordships will be pleased to grant an injunction against the said Administratrix receiving any more of the said Rents and that their attorney or such other person as your Lordships please may be appointed to receive the same subject to the [?] of your honourable Court.

Thomas Eppes Gaden      By their attorney
Garland Gaden                W. B. Rowe [?]
Benj Sweetland
     Husband of Tryphena Gaden

Robinson & Brooking         by their [?]
agents for the Estate of       Wm ? Henry
Geo [?] Gaden &
for the [?] of [?] Gaden
Gaden Estate

Memorial of Thos. Eppes Gaden & [?] for a [?]

[?] - [?] by the [?] of all parts that Robinson & Brooking be appointed to receive the rent of all the property of Geo Gaden now[???]

In the Supreme Court

Equity Side

In the Matter of George Gaden Estate
Saturday 16th October 1830

Upon reading the Petition of Thomas Eppes Gaden and other Heirs at law [?]intestate of the late George Gaden praying that the Administratrix may be restrained from receiving the Rents of the Estate and that a Person may be appointed, and Wm Rowe on the part of the Petitioners and JW Lilly on the part of the Administratrix attending & appointing [?]

It is ordered that Mess be henceforth Robinson & Brooking of Saint Johns be appointed Receivers [words written above line are indecipherable] to run [2 indecipherable lines here?] of the Estate of the said George Gaden that now our [?] whereafter may from time to time become [???]

and further propose that the Receiver ? ? ? the Premises.

And it is further ordered that the said Receiver or their Attorney shall from time to time as they or he shall be required report [?] and other [?] to this Humble ? Court.



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